Friday, 10 June 2011


AMAROK are 4 Piece Down-Tempo/Sludge/Doom Drone Metal Band from Chico, California, USA.

The members are:

Brandon - Bass/Vocals
Kenny - Guitar/Vocals
Zeke - Drums
Jeremy - Guitar/Vocals

The Mighty Sludge Swamp have already featured this excellent band yesterday. Looks like we are both downloading the same excellent albums at the right time. And they beat me too it by a day. I did promise in the Swamp's comments box I will post a review on Saturday. But Fuck It. I am doing it one day early as this is an amazing release.

Well AMAROK play slow driven dirty fueled Doom/Drone/Sludge Metal. They play the same sort of music as THOU and other bands mentioned in the Swamp's article.

The guys have just released their S/T EP on a variety of formats. The CD/Tape versions have 3 songs entitled I, II and III. The Vinyl Version on Orca Wolf Records has songs I and II only. And this is what is available for free download. You can listen to song III on their MySpace Page or buy the CD/Tape Versions which will be available shortly.

So I am reviewing the Digital Vinyl Version which is for free download on the website.

What you get is two epic tracks. I which runs for 12.36 mins and II which runs for 16:32.

Both tracks are long, drawn out, doom driven, sludge filled and drone based masterpieces of the genre. This is an essential download for everyone. So get downloading now.

These guys have only been going since 2010 and they have accomplished a whole lot in such a short space of time. Look at the bands they have toured with: Weedeater, Thou, Samothrace, Cough, Zoroaster, Dark Castle, Red Fang, Rosetta.

Now those are some of the best Doom/Sludge Metal Bands one the scene at the moment. And these guys should rightly be mentioned in the same breath of these bands.

The musicianship is outstanding on both tracks. These guys are seriously super talented at what they do. The production is top notch as well. Not one note is out of place. Plus you have some of the harshest and chilling doom laiden vocals I heard this year. These guys can sing some pretty cool and nasty harsh vocals. This really adds to the EP's atmosphere and ambience.

2011 is turning into a brilliant year for outstanding albums in the Doom/Sludge Genre. And this release will be a part of the years best releases.

What's even more these guys have splits with the following bands. Cough, H.C. Minds and HELL. As mentioned in the Swamp's article yesterday.

These could be the next breakout stars of the Doom/Sludge Genre. Fucking Outstanding Release.

Check Out The Guys Here.

Check Out The Guys playing a new track called "IV" live. If this gets released on either of the forthcoming splits. I am definitely sold already. Another masterpiece from these guys.

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