Sunday, 26 June 2011


NAISIAN are a 4 Piece Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Sheffield, England.

The members are:

Adam Zejma- Vox/Guitar/Synth
Jordan Garlick - Drums
Michael Aitken - Bass/Vox
James Borrowdale - Guitar/Vox

NAISIAN play a great blend of Post-Rock, Sludge and Post-Metal music and make their own unique mark in the world of Sludge/Post-Metal Music.

I have heard these guys before last year from other blogspots. Mainly with their previous EP's which they released. They both showed a band with huge potential but missing that something extra.

Well I must say they guys have truly came of age and delivered an epic monster of an album - Mammalian.

Mammalian is their 2011 debut album. It has 5 tracks and runs for a perfect 40 mins or so.

Mammalian is just pure brilliance from start to finish. Amazing guitars and vocals which make this a standout entry in 2011's Post-Metal/Sludge Metal scene. Got some amazing Post-Rock passages with huge crushing Sludge Metal Guitar riffs.

The first track "Fletcher-Munson" really sets the scene. A 5.21 min belter of a track. Loud, Heavy with some great Sludge Metal vocals.

2nd Track - "Bellicist" starts off really quietly with some cool Post-Rock guitar riffs but then progresses into a loud wall of Sludge/Post-Metal Greatness. Another great track on this album.

3rd Track - "Take Me To the Mountain Dew Mountain" is a 7.29 epic of a track. Starts off really quiet again with some cool delicate Post-Rock Guitars before the Sludge Guitars kick in with the amazing vocals. A really  heavenly and hypnotic track. This track reminds me of ISIS at their most creative best.

4th Track - "Mammalian" is the 2nd longest track at 9.02 minutes and probably the more experimental track on this excellent album. This is just pure brilliance from a band at top of their game. It has the post-metal guitars, excellent drumming, post-rock scenes of ambient noise effects. Before the latter half of the song goes into Experimental Ambient Metal Territory to great affect which really adds to the song's atmosphere.

The last track "I am Eustache Dauger" is the longest track at 11.18 mins in length. Definitely my fave track. As it takes what you heard on previous tracks and blends them into something special. Sludgy Guitars, Post-Rock Effects with heavy pounding drumming. With some truly haunting vocals. This track is a brilliant end to a brilliant album.

The production is outstanding. Everything is loud, clear and crisp. You can hear every note played and every word sung with such emotion and conviction.

This has to be one of my favourite Post-Metal/Sludge album releases this year. NAISIAN are truly an exceptional band in the Sludge/Post-Metal Genre.

To me NAISIAN are the best UK Post-Metal/Sludge band around at the moment. Just purely brilliant.

You can own this amazing album on BandCamp's pay-anything-you-want type deal. So what you waiting for. Get downloading now!!!

Check Out The Guys Below:

Check Out the guys playing "Mammalian" live earlier in 2011 on their home turf of Sheffield.


Olmoyenebro said...

First, please put the comments in pop, that's less annoying. And put that anonymous can write comments. Thank you.

Second, listen to this: megachurch - megachurch 2: Judgement Day (2011). It is a band doing a Metal Stoner great, very light and fun. Listen and tell me that you think.

P. S. add your page to favorites. :D

The Sludgelord said...

Hi There.

Right Anonymous can now write comments. Thought I already had that ticked. Oversight on my behalf.

I will check out MegaChurch 2. Thanks for the heads up dude.