Sunday, 3 July 2011


IDEOSPHERE are a 3 Piece Progressive/Psychedelic/Space-Rock band from Asbury Park, NJ, USA.

The members are:

Guitar/Vocals: Donald Demon
Bass/Vocals: Eggie
Drums: Sexy McTexas

Their Facebook Bio should tell you all you need to know.

"Ideosphere's music invokes a hybrid of killer 70's psychedelic classic/progressive rock that fuses the monstrous riffs of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath with moving melodies that recall Led Zeppelin and Porcupine Tree. There is an undercurrent of progressive space rock in the mix, taking cues from Pink Floyd and Radiohead anchored in a modern hard rock foundation. The music remains atmospheric yet energetic while providing a sound that is truly all their own, unlike so many cookie-cutter artists today.

Ideosphere delivers heavy and tasty eclectic rock as a guitar driven three-piece. The band has been a local New Jersey staple since 2002 and continues to be a steady draw, even while offering their unique brand of adventurous experimentation.

Ideosphere, formerly known as Cheap Sedated Hams, released an EP in 2007, Rotten Pigs Make Rotten Noises (EP), which gained solid reviews and was a bold evolution from their 2002 debut release Cerebral Jams. The songs on the included demo disc “Ichabod The Idiot” and “Trash” have been featured extensively on play lists of tri-state area radio stations such as WMCX NJ, WNTI NJ, WLFR NJ and WXPN in Philadelphia."

They released their debut album "Black Hole Transmissions" in 2010. I have to thank the excellent wesbite Doommantia for putting me onto these guys.

Black Hole Transmission is 7 tracks and runs for about 45 mins or so. 

The guys play an excellent blend of Prog-Rock, Psych Rock and Space Rock but mix in some really cool vibes of Doom and Stoner music in loud outbursts of their music.
This is one album worth listening to time and time again. As you will miss the odd guitar riff here and there. I know I did and I have listened to it a few times. This is a very multi-layered release and has a lot of things going on across a whole range of genres.

The musicianship is outstanding on this release. All of the members are amazing musicians. With some really great vocals as well. Things do get loud from time to time especially on the last amazing 8.50 minute track "Herman!".

This is probably some of the finest Space Rock/Psych riffs you will hear this year. Even though the album came out in 2010.

The production is excellent on this release. So a great release by a really cool band. Even the artwork is cool which will show you what type of trip is awaiting for you. Highly recommended.

You can own this excellent release on BandCamp's famous pay anything you want type deal. Even $0. So get downloading now. And be prepared to have your mind taken to another galaxy.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check out the awesome "Fantasma" from their excellent debut album.


Sarpadeon said...

I'm gonna allow myself a little ego here and say, I feel elated that THE Sludgelord actually took note of something I wrote:) Is that possible please?:))))

The Sludgelord said...

Hi there. Yeah your excellent review put me onto this great band. Had me sold before i listened to it. I always credit websites for putting me onto bands. Only right. Credit where its due. Love the website you write for. One of my daily fixes. Keep up the excellent work.