Tuesday, 16 August 2011


STOCK OPTIONS are a 3 Piece Instrumental Stoner/Doom/Hardcore Rock Band from Milwaukee, WI

The 3 members are:

Kevin DeMars: guitar
Martin Defatte: bass
Mark Sheppard: drums 
STOCK OPTIONS have an experienced pedigree between all 3 members. Check what all the guys have been involved in past and present reading their official bio here.

So you know STOCK OPTIONS are the real deal. And believe me they are.

They play a superb blend of Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, and Hardcore with hints of Sludge and Post-Metal music.

Some people have called their style a mixture of Black Sabbath jamming with Russian Circles. But the guys are more than that. They bring their own unique take on the world of Instrumental Rock/Metal.

They have released their brilliant new S/T new album. You get 7 cracking tracks on for 33 mins or so.

The guys are all accomplished and brilliant musicians and they can really hold a tune among the best in Rock/Metal music.

Their new album is a work of brilliant riffs played against the backdrop of Doom/Hardcore/Sludge music. They have been called Post-Hardcore but I think they are more into the realm of Doom/Sludge Metal. As things do get loud from time to time.

All of the tracks are on for 5 or 6 minutes so you get plenty of terrific Doom/Sludge based riffs from all concerned.

Especially on tracks like “Up With The Sun”, “Rum Soaked Crooks” and “Blood and Fireworks”.

Yes the Black Sabbath and Russian Circles influences are there but they do add other aspects of the rock/metal genre into their music. Some great Psychedelic overtones on “Mass Acres”.

The guys hit through a lot of genres on this great release. It really is hard to pigeon hole them. I would call them Alternative Sludge Rockers as they don’t stick to one overall genre but a great influx of many. To create something you don’t hear quite so often.

And that is something hard to do. To add more than genre but still stand out from the crowd with their own original take on the genre.

The guitar and drum work on this release is simply a joy to listen to. More like a duel at times to see who can be the loudest and heaviest of the trio.

Production is superb. All the notes are expertly played. These guys know when to throw the hammer down and crank up the volume all the way up so your head-banging along until the dying seconds of each song.

“Silver Hooves” is my favourite song on the album. Starts really slow, quiet and majestic. Takes it time to build up into a loud wall of thrilling Sludge/Doom Rock Music.

These guys can give any top notch Instrumental Sludge/Doom Metal Band a run for their money. These guys could be amazing touring partners for PELICAN and RUSSIAN CIRCLES.

Both playing in the same field of Instrumental Sludge/Rock Music but STOCK OPTIONS really do add their own originality into proceedings.

I cant rate this superb album highly enough. I have to thank bassist Marty for emailing me this fantastic album. I can’t get enough of it. 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for amazing Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal albums. And these guys can be added into that list. As this is simply an essential release everyone should own.

An awesome album. Highly Recommended!!!

You can own this superb album from BandCamp’s famous pay anything you want type deal. So get checking/downloading now. And let the guys know what your think.

Check out these superb Sludge Rockers here.


Check the band playing my fave track "Silver Hooves" live. Awesome and epic.

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JHall said...

Good find! Thanks to your post I checked out their site found out that they're playing in my town next month.

I dig their sound. Reminds me a lot of Pelican, but they throw in some very stoner-y riffage that makes them stand out.