Tuesday, 27 September 2011


THE HEDONS are a 3 Piece Hard-Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Indianapolis, IN and Lafayette, IN.

The members are:

Jace Epple - Drums
Jeff Kaleth - Guitar
Ryan Strawsma - Bass

Jeff emailed about his talented band’s new EP as he produced The Heavy Co superb EP which was featured on here last week.

THE HEDONS play fast-paced Hard-Rock/Stoner Metal Music that does stand out from the Hard-Rock/Stoner-Metal Crowd.

Their new EP “Earth On My Nerves” is available to buy from their BandCamp Page. It’s a 5 song 21 minute fast-paced ride into the realm of Stoner Metal.

Superbly produced and played from start to finish. This band is hugely talented musicians. Full of catchy riffs and vocals make this EP another winner in the Stoner Metal genre.

This EP has been getting a lot of high praise from other blogspots and it’s hard not to see why. This is a band with a bright future ahead of them.

Standout Tracks include “Atomic Blue”, “Swimming The Witch” and “Helluva Ride”. All top-notch tracks that any Stoner Metal band would be proud to call their own.

So if you have some spare time check out these hugely talented rockers. You will be mightily surprised in what you hear. These guys do have the potential to have a great career in Stoner Metal. Let’s hope their debut full length is great as this.

Highly Recommended and the EP is definitely worth the purchase alone for the tracks mentioned above.

Check These Guys Here:

Check the awesome "Swimming The Witch" performed live.

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