Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Wheelfall are a 4 Piece Doom/Stoner Metal Band from France.

The members are:

Niko Elbow - Drums
Niko El Moche - Bass
Cactus Daniel's - Guitar
Wayne Furter - Guitar & vocals

Wheelfall play an intense blend of Doom/Stoner Metal. Taking influence from the great Doom/Stoner Metal bands of past and present. But adding a cool Sci-Fi Twist on their superb 2010 release – “From The Blazing Sky At Dusk”.

8 songs on for a brilliant and impressive 31 mins or so. Full of great Doom/Stoner Metal Riffs about an Alien Invasion and humanity’s attempt to fight back.

So if you are into Fast Paced Doom/Stoner-Metal then this release is for you. Throw in some impressive drumming and superb vocals and you have a winner from the start.

Superbly produced and played by all band members. This is one EP everyone should check out.

This was posted quite a bit on other blogspots in 2010. Just that I missed it. Don’t know how as this EP just plain flat out rocks from start to finish.

You can download this awesome release from the band’s soundcloud page. (Word of Warning. Every file is a WAV file and totals in 300MB overall filesize.)

If your into KYUSS, FU Manchu, Orange Goblin and many other great Stoner Rock bands. Then these guys will definitely be for you.

Highly Recommended.

Check Out The Guys Here

BandCamp – Where you can download or check out 3 songs here.

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