Thursday, 3 November 2011


Soon We'll All Be Ghosts Cover Art

SAN ANGELUS are a 4 Piece Alt Rock/Post-Hardcore Rock Band From Los Angeles and Vancouver.

The members are:

Kim Kinakin-Vocals, Guitars
Jason Craig-Bass
Larry Herweg-Drums
Mark Von Holcomb-Guitars

SAN ANGELUS are a supergroup of sorts featuring members of Pelican, Ă†GES, Undertow and Sparkmarker.

Well their bio should tell you what you need to know.

"San Angelus was born at a These Arms Are Snakes show in LA, 10/17/08. Kim Kinakin (ex-Sparkmarker) and Mark Holcomb (ex-Shift & Undertow) met Larry Herweg (Pelican). Kim then recruited Jason Craig (ex-Sparkmarker) on bass. 08/09,the 4 members arrived in Seattle, practiced for the 1st time as a 4-piece. Only 2 rehearsals and into the studio they went, laying the bed-tracks for their first recording."

And that first recording is here - "Soon We'll All Be Ghosts". A 12 song 37 minute masterclass in post-hardcore rock music.

With the talent involved you know this is going to be something special. And you know what it is. This is pure epic emotional rock music on a grand scale.

Loud anthemic riffs from the start on this superb album.

This album demands the listener's full attention as it's full of top-notch songs that will have the listener begging for more. You will be listening to this album time and time again. Its simply a superb piece of work by some of the most passionate musicians in the business.

If your a fan of the members other bands then your going to love this as it has riffs belonging to each of the band members more famous projects. (I am a massive Pelican fan and I recognised some Pelican Riffage going on.)

But this album stands on it's own right as one of the best debut releases in the Alt Rock/Post-Hardcore scene of 2011.

Superbly produced and played by all involved. This is an album everyone should be checking out now.

What is even better is the guys have released this album on BandCamp Pay anything you want type deal.

As their Facebook Page says "So our 12 song full length is finally done and available thru bandcamp! Its up for "name you're own price", which can be free if you want. We self released it, so any $ you give helps us recoup! Please grab it, share it, and spread the word! Hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you all think!"

Well you know what I think. It's a top notch album that everyone should be checking out. So go and spread the word now!!!.

Highly Recommended!!!

Check Out The Guys Here:

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