Friday, 10 April 2020

VIDEO PREMIRE: Dyatlove, "Fragile Fixation"

Vancouver, Canada’s Dyatlove are gearing up to release their self-titled debut EP on May 29th and ahead of that are revealing their single 'Fragile Fixation' digitally with an exclusive premiere of its music video 
Their sound is eclectic and diverse, at times morose and others bone crunchingly heavy. An EP that requires attention to take in, each song takes the listener on a ride with complex lyrical content aiming to grab attention. Check out the video for “Fragile Fixation” below

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Thursday, 9 April 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Depravation, “III:Odor Mortis”

By: Thomas Gonzales

Album Type: Full Length 
Date Released: 03/04/2020
Label: Lifeforce Records 

“III:Odor Mortis” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Casting Fear
2). Peitschenhieb
3). Misery
4). Beug Dich
5). Sickness
6). Amboss
7). Arrival
8). The Endless Night
9). Nothingness

The Review: 

M√ľnster, Germany extreme music “DIY-ers” Depravation join metal label Lifeforce Records for the release of their 3rd full album, “III:Odor Mortis”. Formed in 2011 Depravation are veterans of over 300 concerts across Europe, and multiple split collaborations spanning the musical stylings of Hardcore to Death Metal. They have sown success in the underground scene by sheer force of will, and the sweat from their collective brow; this relentless pursuit of aggressive song crafting, are translated into what may be their most brutal album to date. 

Free from the constraints of traditional Hardcore Punk and Crust, the framework for their latest release leans heavily on their Blackened Death influences. Full of aggressive blast beats, shrieking screams, and shredding riffs, “Odor Mortis” is a pulse pounding exercise in heavy music composition.  Amidst this slurry of genres, there are elements of Doom Metal and Grindcore, creating a sludgy and noxious soniscape, like moshing your way through a frozen field of viscera.  It is cold, brutal, and nasty.

It’s not all shredding riffs and pounding rhythms however, there are many “striking grooves and eerie melodies” throughout, which help to move the listener along a musical path. With “Sickness”, Depravation slow things down for a (mostly) instrumental track, accented only by a haunting denouncement of hatred spreading like a virus, choking out the light. The interlude is the only real break throughout the album, and it does a great job of setting off the final act. Concluding with pummeling drums, and mournfully distorted guitar parts, it gives way to probably the Blackest song on the record, “Amboss”. “Sickness” really feels like a transitional piece, as the latter part of the album is Blacker and Doom-ier than the more Hardcore start. It’s here that things seem to shift focus with the themes of the album.  Nothingness” closes things out a somber Doom piece embracing the reality that there is no purpose, “nothingness unfolds”. It is bleak, and such a fantastic way to wind things down after taking the listener on such a tumultuous journey.

“I: Praedictvm EP” (2012) & “II: Maledictvm” (2013) are almost a decade in the past, and when you listen to them now, you can hear all the pieces coming together. The elements have carried through each project, and Depravation has acquired various techniques from their collaborators, and blended them into the band you hear today. Touring with Hardcore and Black Metal groups alike, has clearly influenced their song writing and helped them to create something all their own. Pick up “III: Odor Mortis” today from Lifeforce Records, and while you’re at, blast your way through their previous works.

“III: Odor Mortis” is available HERE

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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Absolva, "Side By Side"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 17/04/2020
Label: Rocksector Records

“Side By Side” CD//DD track listing:

1. Advocate Your Fate
2. Burning Star
3. The Sky's Your Limit
4. Side By Side
5. Living A Lie
6. Legion
7. Eternal Soul
8. End Of Days
9. Heart Let's Go
10. From This World
11. 2 Minutes To Midnight (BONUS TRACK)
12. Heaven & Hell (BONUS TRACK)

The Review:

Absolva are a British metal band that combine a good dose of melody with the finest steel. They are a modern day heavy metal band- think Priest, Accept, Maiden, Saxon.... and then bring it up to 2020 via bands like Alter Bridge. If 2017's “Defiance” was a weighty affair, then “Side By Side” is a little slicker. Opener “Advocate Your Fate” is anthemic and driving in equal measure, “Burning Star” pulls the same trick at a faster tempo.

Similarly, the title track is a catchy melodic beast with some power to it as well. The likes of “Living a Lie” and “Legion” offer up a little more metal and a little less hard rock. The performances are excellent throughout, with Karl Schram and Martin McNee forming a lock tight rhythm section for Chris Appleton to weave some magical and soaring guitar work over, ably assisted by Iced Earth member and brother Luke Appleton.

The Maiden influence comes in strong on “Eternal Soul” with some incendiary instrumental sections. You can clearly see that Absolva wear their influences on their sleeve (after all, three of them are Blaze Bayley's backing band) but are also forging forward with a hybrid of hard rock and heavy metal. “End of Days” is a very strong and catchy track down the back stretch with a  triplet time feel making it stand out.

“Heart Lets Go” is a serviceable album track, but not up to the strength of “From This World” which closes out the album. With ethereal acoustic work and a well delivered vocal, it's a very strong way to finish the record. As a bonus, the band have also covered “Two Minutes to Midnight” and “Heaven and Hell”. It's a bold move, being as both songs are absolute classics of the genre. The Maiden cover is the pick of the two, as “Heaven and Hell” has the tempo picked up just a tad which alters the dynamic of the track a little. That said, that's two strong bonus tracks for the fans so no complaints.

Where “Side By Side” will sit in Absolva's canon, I am not yet sure. It's certainly better than “Flames of Justice” and “Never A Good Day To Die” and I think stronger- but less heavy- than “Anthems To The Dead”. It's perhaps more finely crafted than “Defiance”, but with less adrenaline fuelled material. Time will tell where it sits, but one thing's for sure this is a release of the finest quality with a bright and live sounding production being the icing on an impressive cake. It's great to hear a young British metal band that can compete with the old guard and the Americans. A strong album. 

“Side by Side” is available HERE

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Monday, 6 April 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Testament, "Titans of Creation"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/04/2020
Label: Nuclear Blast

“Titans of Creation” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Children Of The Next Level
3. Dream Deceiver
4. Night Of The Witch
5. City Of Angels
6. Ishtars Gate
7. Symptoms
8. False Prophet
9. The Healers
10. Code Of Hammurabi
11. Curse Of Osiris
12. Catacombs

The Review:

Testament are back, four years after “Brotherhood of the Snake”. What kind of album do they have for us this time, well, it's a thrash record. The days of thrash/death/black/power/trad bands having to change up their sound to appease current trends is thankfully long gone. If Testament went through a rather fallow patch in the early to late 90s, there is no sense of such a thing here. In fact, the last three Testament albums (“Formation of Damnation” onwards) have all been uniformly good to great. For me, “Brotherhood of the Snake” is the pick of the last few albums, so let's delve into what is on offer from the bay area giants here...

“Children of the Next Level” kicks things off with all expected facets present and correct; it's technically flawless, well executed, almost epic in length and the band sounds great- if you look at the line up, it's no wonder. The production is also top notch; crystal clear and not too compressed. It's an aural pleasure for sure.

“WW III” follows up and is an absolute banger- speedy and hooky. From there the album proceeds through “Dream Deceiver” (riffy/groovy) and the excellent “Night of the Witch”- bringing a real old school thrash feel. It's one of the best tracks on the album and really encapsulates what Testament do best.

“City of Angels” is more than serviceable with its slower pace and menacing lyrics, while “Ishtars Gate” is also decent but doesn't quite catch fire. “Symptoms” benefits from Steve DiGiorgio's bass taking a more prominent spot but is a little sluggish for my taste. The mid album dip is exactly that, though. After the lull, there is the excellent “False Prophet” with its thrash styling and then the great “The Healers” which has a storming main riff and excellent changes throughout. Of course, Gene Hoglan is superb on every track, Alex Skolnick supplies virtuosic solos and Eric Peterson lays down some excellent riffage.

At twelve tracks (one is a short album closing instrumental), the album is two tracks too long- that's a rather mean spirited criticism as you get more for your money- it could have been edited down to ten mostly-killers. “Code of Hammurabi” is again decent thrash, but “Code of Osiris” is much better, proceeding at a speedy clip with Chuck Billy and Hoglan really coming to the fore. Billy remains the most versatile thrash vocalist and therefore arguably the best in the genre- it's a discussion for another day, but there are few that can match his vocals in any form of the metal styles he chooses to deliver in. By the time “Catacombs” closed the record with two minutes of vocal-less atmosphere, I was a happy Testament fan.

In summary this is a good to great thrash record. It's up there with “Dark Roots of Earth” and “Formation of Damnation” and for me just a point behind “Brotherhood of the Snake”. The great tracks are really, really great. The mid album dip is at the very least still decent. Many bands would be proud of having a whole record of tracks like “Code of Hammurabi”, but Testament are a band capable of “Curse of Osiris” or “WW III”! Testament remain one of the greatest thrash bands of all time and they have put out another very credible entry into their discography here.

“Titans of Creation” is available HERE

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ALBUM REVIEW: Beggar, "Compelled to Repeat"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/04/2020
Label: APF Records

Compelled to Repeat” CD//CS//DD//LP track listing:

1). Blood Moon
2). Anaesthete
3). The Cadaver Speaks
4). Black Cloud
5). Trepanned Head Stares at the Sun
6). Custody of the Eyes
7). Tenantless The Graves
8). Matryoshka Brain
9). Compelled to Repeat

The Review:

With groove laden riffs and demonic aggression, London four piece Beggar provide us with the soundtrack to the most fun apocalypse imaginable. A doom-laden slop that can be danced to all night, “Compelled to Repeat” is a party record for the rest of us.

Low tuned guitars and walls of distortion, a godless howl soaring high above an unforgiving back beat. It sounds familiar, doesn't it?  But just like discovering that your grandmother's cookies contain the same butter, flour, eggs and sugar as everyone else's, we realize that the raw ingredients make up only the basis for the thing we love so much.

So what is it, exactly?  Well, reader, I would have to say that just like the heaping spoonful of love that your dear gram tossed into her cookie dough, the answer lies much deeper than the genre standards presented here. I think the success of this one lies within the band itself and the good time that just can't be hidden by the grimy sludge piled on top of it.

Every riff on this album drips with swagger. There is a persistent groove to every fuzzed out, doomsday invoking riff. This is an all that just wants to keep you moving, regardless of the end times presented by the musical narrative.  You just can't help but feel the beat. It might be apocalyptic, but it's a really good time.

I for one have absolutely no problem with this. There will doubtless be purists who disagree with me, either shouting from their podiums that fun had no place in the doom and gloom that they have come to love, or even flat out denying the good times present in these delightful grooves. That's ok. Everyone has an opinion.  This is mine. 

With its fuzz drenched riffs, chest caving beats and chaotically screeched vocals providing imagery of fire and brimstone raining down on a world gone wrong, punchy grooves provide a medium for us all to dance ourselves out the door.

Beggar's Compelled to Repeat” is the feel-good hit of the biblical revelation, and I compel you top give it a listen.

“Compelled to Repeat” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Friday, 3 April 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Homecoming, "LP01"

By: Peter Morsellino 

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 01/12/2019
Label: Independent

“LP01” CD//DD track listing:

1). Planeswalker
2). Rivers of Crystal
3). Interlude
4). Return
5). Five

The Review:

I'm not one to stand up and shout against the oppression of genre based music in metal. Genres serve their purpose, allowing us to neatly organize and place artists we'll want to listen to together tidily. Sometimes it's nice for things to fit well into a box. Still though, there is something to be said for those few artists that truly cannot be labeled. A band so diverse in its offerings that it simply cannot fit neatly into any of those boxes. Homecoming place themselves firmly into this category.

With tonal notes falling in every far corner of the musical spectrum,”LP-01” is certain to have something for everyone.  These three folks come together in what can only be described as perfect harmony.  Mixing elements of Stoner Rock and Technical Death Metal from members previous projects, Homecoming is an interesting little experiment in the collision of musical worlds. 

Guitars reach from tripped out acid riffs to full on metal mayhem with sneaky hints of jazzy melodies and chicken picked twang strewn throughout for good measure. Drums are masterfully crafted throughout these five tracks, fluidly shifting from destructive blast beats to swinging grooves.  A highlight of the album for sure, this is one of the most talented and eclectic drummers I've heard in a very long time.  A very musical bass sits comfortably in the mix, admirably holding down the low end and providing a very solid ground for the rest of the band to stand on.

Opening track “Planeswalker” offers up some beautiful diversity,  serving as the perfect thesis for what is to come.  With rocking riffs and soaring vocal melodies, this one is sure to satisfy any desert rocker while providing without pigeon holding itself into any one category.  Harder hitting while still well rounded is “Rivers of Crystal”, really showcasing the eclectic grooves in the drum work.  An instrumental interlude comes next, offering what I will only describe as the single greatest track in the long and inconsistent history if songs named “Interlude”. “Return” leans a bit heavier into desert rock, though with a band this diverse that is an admittedly trivial classification. Putting the vocal range on display, “Return” let's every member really spread out, to wonderful effect. The album closes out with the perfect conclusion in “Five”. An all-out jam with heavy riffs, Pink Floyd style leads and a sound that plays hopscotch with genre boundaries.

The debut album from this French trio offers up a taste of what I'm sure will be an amazing career. With such a wide array of sonic variations presented on “LP-01”, I honestly cannot imagine what will come next from Homecoming, but I sure can't wait to find out.

“LP01” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

ALBUM REVIEW: Garganjua, "Toward the Sun"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 17/01/2020
Label: Holy Roar Records

“Toward the Sun” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Transcending
2). The New Sun
3). Mire
4). Transcendence
5). Light Bearer
6). Controlling Waves
7). To Ascend (Awakening)

The Review:

The true mark of an album of substantial creativity is the listeners ability to interpret it and form their own connection with it.  Garganjua's epic “Toward the Sun” provides a perfect example of one of those albums. While I cannot say for certain what the group was leaning into in creating this piece, it's floating highs and crushing lows certainly create a narrative that simply begs to be interpreted. In my opinion, this is an album about darkness, and how it can swallow us whole.  More so, it's an album about the light that peeks through that darkness, and how we can grab on to it.

Introductory track “Transcending” offers up a beautiful overture for the listening experience ahead. Solemn guitars create a dreamy atmosphere while an ominous voice over introduces the bleak tone of the album.  The New Sun” continues down this path, offering glimpses of darkness with fleeting moments of light.  Anger consumes the deep sadness presented in the music before falling back into its persistent melancholy. 
Like angels intermingling with demons, this hard soft dynamic provides the centerpiece of the album. Beautifully melancholic melodies intertwine with crushing low tuned doom riffs.  Light, ethereal vocals float gently atop the crushing sludge.  All of this comes together seamlessly, painting a bleak portrait of the depressive mind.

Transcendence and transformation play a major thematic role over the course of “Toward the Sun”.  This is played to perfection in the penultimate track, “Controlling Waves”. With a much more triumphant tone than the preceding pieces, Garganjua sheds its darkness with a newfound fervor that carries into the beautiful closer, “To Ascend (Awakening)”.

“Toward the Sun” is an emotional onslaught of beauty and despair that begs to be interpreted. Give this one a listen and give it your full attention.  Garganjua want to show you something within yourself, and if you let them, you just might learn something.

“Toward the Sun” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook