Saturday, 26 February 2011

Band To Check Out - Tona

Well since I started this blog many moons ago. Well last week actually. I got a follower of it straight away.

A friend called TONA. Intrigued by my new friend and I checked their link. And I discovered it was an actual band called TONA. The name rang a bell as I had seen their albums on other blogspots.

And I was pretty sure I had downloaded the album ages ago and listened to it a few times and really enjoyed. But I lost my last MP3 Player and lost most of the stuff I had on it. And TONA was one of them.

TONA are a Serbian Stoner/Rock/Metal/Punk Band. And a really good one as well.

They have released one album 1000 in 2008. This album can be downloaded for free at their official blogspot

And I have been listening to it again the past few days along with the awesome Ocean Towers and even more awesome Signo Rojo.

I was going to do a review of their debut album. But they have a whole load of great reviews on their MySpace Account. A few I have posted below from it.

"...THIS IS A BEAST OF AN ALBUM, quite clearly one of those that fits into the category of music that has to be played fucking loud to be properly appreciated. Just as Johann Cruyff pioneered the concept of total football, TONA are exponents of TOTAL ROCK. Every instrument attacks, with vocals used rhythmically to intensify the hit. Yes, of course it's a macho thing (they're Serbian, for fuck's sake!), a slightly masochistic kick for those who love a bit of visceral aural punishment. And what kind of indie-pop wanker doesn't? HIGHLY RECOMENDED!" (Frothing Spleen)

"These guys may be coming from Serbia, but that does not stop them from being a truly great band, which, with the right feedback, could become as big as the next one. The band will be loved by many for its musical broadness I certainly hope they will retain the diverse approach which only adds to their value. I think it is ONE OF THIS YEARS BEST DEBUTS." (

And I agree with all of the albums. Highly Recommended and Worth Checking Out.

Another video to check them out on.

Hollow Leg

Hollow Leg are a two man sludge-doom-metal-stoner rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. This two-man band consisting of Guitarist/vocalist Brent and Drummer Tim have released their first album 2010's "Instinct" on their Official Bandcamp Page.

You can download a copy of the album on the very popular Bandcamp Name Your Price facility where you choose on what to pay for it. Even $0 dollars gets you a free copy of this awesome album.

They play in the style of Black Cobra, Baroness and High On Fire. Don't let them being a duo put you off from listening to this great album. As they blow must four piece or five piece bands out of the water.

A great way to spend over 50 mins in any part of the day. Enjoy the Riffs!!!

Here is a video to check them out on. And a link to their MySpace Site.


Deterior is a one-man post metal/sludge/post rock band. The guy behind the band is a hugely talented individual called Andrew Arnold.

And under the name Deterior he has released 3 Full Lengths and 2 EP's.

Full Lengths

2008 - AntiMoument
2009 - Cleanse
2010 - Primitive Circuitry


2007 - World
2008 - Lifting Of The Veil

All for free downloads are available from here. I have been a fan of Deterior for the last few years. His releases get better and better.

Andrew Arnold also has musical other projects as well. Which he releases from his own Garage Monkey Productions Label/Blogspot. The other releases music are genres such as the Noise Genre and Grindcore. From his official website:

But I am more of a fan of his Experimental/Post-Metal/Sludge work with Deterior as that is my sort of sound.

You can download all of Deterior's music from this website:

Definitely worth checking out if your into ISIS, Neurosis, Cult of Luna and TOOL.

Here is a video for "A Grey Cell" from his brilliant 3rd and latest release "Primitive Circuitry"

Ocean Towers

Ocean Towers are a very groovy Psychadelic-Stoner Rock/Metal Band from Nova Scotia Canada.

They have just released their first album for free download at Bandcamp. Chapter 1.

The album is 5 tracks at 26 mins long. And is a great release indeed. Some cracking guitar riffs. Especially when its free. Highly Recommended for all the Fuzzed Up Stoners Out There

Here is a taster what these guys can do. For Fans of Truckfighters, Dozer, Kyuss.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Omega Massif

Omega Massif are my last picks of the day. Awesome instrumental music in the vein of Pelican.

Brief Bio from page.

"Omega Massif is an instrumental post-metal band from Würzburg, Germany and were formed in 2005 by Andreas Schmittfull (guitar), Michael Melchers (guitar), Boris Bilic (bass guitar) and Christof Rath (drums). They recorded their demo “Kalt” in 2005 and began playing shows with bands like Knut, Taint and Tephra among others.

In 2007, Omega Massif released their first full-length album “Geisterstadt” (which means “Ghost Town” in German). The album weaves a tale of ancient abandoned silver mines, treks through deep mountain tunnels, and forsaken boom towns illustrated through Omega Massif’s massive instrumental post-metal."

Facebook Link
Bandcamp Link

You can download their 2007 full length album Geisterstadt for free either from Bandcamp or the Official Denovali Artist Page.. Highly Recommended.

Or you can buy a physical copy here: Official Artist Page

Album Review - Signo Rojo

Signo Rojo are an unsigned Swedish Sludge Rock/Metal Band with Post-Metal influences. Who started in late 2009. I had seen their music shown on Youtube and Bandcamp and it had me hooked.

So I checked their website and I noticed the following:

"The promo album is still up for grabs for anyone who just sends an email recommending SIGNO ROJO to someone (a promoter, blog, radioshow, a cajun man or your uncle for example) and fowards the same mail to;, see the myspace blog for more info"

They have just released their debut promo album for streaming on their Bandcamp page and Myspace Site.

So I sent an email to them asking for a copy and I would post a review of it. And Jonas one of the band members sent me a link straight away. So KUDOS for the very quick service.

This album is epic, heavy, pulsating music from start to finish. And I mean that. Proper Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal goodness. Jonas vocals has a gruffed earthly feel to them that compliment the fast and furious guitar riffs that appear on the album.

Jonas vocals remind me of Scott Kelly when Neurosis started the whole Post Metal genre. The entire band are playing some of the best and strongest guitar riffs you will hear on a debut record.

Opening Track - Lashing The Hellespont sets the rest of the tone of this outstanding debut album. With some great Stoner/Doom Rock and Metal vibes thrown in for good measure.

The Second Track - The Beast Beneath starts off slowly and then gets louder and heavier as time goes on. Then Jonas kicks things off with that impressive growl of his.

If you miss the heavyness of early Mastodon then I recommend The Beast Beneath. Bone Crunching Stuff.

The album just keeps getting better and better when tracks like These Machines Used To Kill and The Calling  pummel you into submission. 

Dying Sun is another heavy hitter. And worth checking out for the album alone. 

But then Signo Rojo have an ace up their sleeves with their last song. The 8.43 minute epic - Apotheosis

This is the best track on the album. It hits so many styles in its whole running time. Doom, Psych, Stoner, Sludge. I played this track on repeat for about 30 mins as I was that impressed with it.

So definitely a brilliant album to track down. I don't know what it is with the Swedes as all of their Metal Bands seem to be the best in their genre. Truckfighters, Opeth, In-Flames, Grand Magus, Cult Of Luna, Meshuggah and my other new faves Ghost.

Well you get my point. Its hard to believe these guys are not signed yet. As on this evidence they deserve to be. When this album gets a proper physical release then I will be first in line to buy myself a copy.

Simply Awesome. Email the Band and get yourself a copy of this amazing debut album.

Here is a Video of "The Calling" to check them out on.

Pet Slimmers Of The Year

Pet Slimmers Of The Year are from Peterborough, England. And like Black Sea they are an Alternative / Ambient / Metal Band. But they play mostly instrumental music. These guys come highly recommended by myself. Listen to their stuff all of the time.

They have released 2 EP's as well mostly to critical acclaim. Check out the following video from their 2009 self-titled release - Pet Slimmers Of The Year.

Here is their MySpace Site

You can download their EP's from the following links.

2009 - Pet Slimmers Of The Year
2010 - And The Sky Fell

Both of these releases are located on The Internet Archive website on Lost Children Net Label. They house other releases as well. Worth Checking Out.

Black Sea

Black Sea are a Brazilian Post-Metal/Sludge/Rock/Ambient Experimental Band.

You can check this brilliant band out on the following links:
Official Website

They have released 2 EP's so far for free download:

2009's - It's All About Our Silence

2010's - Somethings Cannot Be Mirrored

Both are on about 35 mins or so. And are both excellent EP's in their own right. Highly Recommended.

For Fans of ISIS, Cult of Luna and Neurosis. Check them out!!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Crawl Back In

Crawl Back In are a Sludge/Hardcore/Punk Metal Band from Sweden. Their bio from their Myspace site is shown below:

"In the city of Malmö in the south of Sweden in the summer of 2007, the five members of CRAWL BACK IN gathered in a tiny stuffy practice room for the first time. Intent on making a beautiful distorted racket, practices began in earnest. Ideas flowed and songs were written and as time as marched on, said ideas flourished and CRAWL BACK IN realised the true sound that they were meant to create. Something monstrous and beautiful at the same time, while not sludge or hardcore or metal, but an amalgamation of all three while retaining the CRAWL BACK IN sound. Guitars build giant glacial riffs which both squash the breath in your lungs and still have delicate melody interwoven, these are pushed along by a throbbing bass which rumbles and threatens to suffocate all in its path, the drums pound along with equal ferocity, not unlike a suckerpunch to the breadbasket. All the while the vocals rant and rage sermons of a poetic, depressive nature."

To date CRAWL BACK IN has recorded a self released 3 track demo entitled "With Fractured Lips You Cursed Me Goodbye", a 10" vinyl release on HIDDEN SKILL RECORDS entitled "Hang All Hope From The Nearest Tree" and a CD split with Russian band EVOLET."

Here is a link to download all 3 great releases.

Crawl Back In play slow, sludgy/doomish/hardcore-punk. Highly Recommended.

Thou - Band To Check Out

Thou are an American Sludge/Drone/Doom Metal Band who have released 3 albums and numerous EP's and split releases with other bands.

This band is one the hardest working in the Metal Scene today. They have signed to numerous record labels to release their music. But they also let fans release all of their music for free off their official website.

You can download all of their music from here where there is a live link.

The only release you cant download is Thou's 2010 Brilliant new album SUMMIT. But you can download all of their other classic releases.

Thou play long, slow crushing sludgy droning doom songs. Their songs wont cheer you up but they will make you feel you have been hit by a 1000 Ton Truck. But in a good way.

I recommend downloading their 2007 album - Tyrant and 2008 album - Peasant.

And if you like anything else. Download some of their numerous EP's.

Check out their page on The Metal Archives to see how many releases they have had in the past few years. Highly Impressive.

The Re-Stoned

The Re-Stoned are a Russian Instrumental Fuzz/Psych/Stoner Rock Band.

They have released 1 EP - Return to the reptiles EP (2009), 1 Album - 2010 - Revealed Gravitation. And 1 free live album released in late 2010 - Vermel (2010) Live

Revealed Gravitation is an awesome album. But you will have to buy that yourself to check how good it really is.

The Re-Stoned play the same sort of music as Karma To Burn, Kyuss, The Atomic Bitchwax all thrown together with some Classic 70's Rock thrown in as well.

Download the free live album from their MySpace site: Or use this link to download it.

Highly Recommended.

Fields Of Locust

Well since ISIS sadly called it quits last year the post-metal scene lost one its true originals. Their have been a lot of other bands trying to take over their mantle. Most have sadly failed.

But this is where Greece's Field of Locust come in. Fields Of Locust are a sludge/post-metal/experimental band.

Fields of Locust Line-Up:

Michalis on guitars and vocals
Ilias on guitars 
Thanos on bass 
Nikos on drums

They released their self released debut album Subtopia in 2010 to critical acclaim on the web.  Check this video for further proof of one Greece's best undiscovered bands:

You can download their album from their official blogspot site from the link here:

You can also buy their album from their official blogspot as well. For the sum of 3 Euros.

The album is immense from start to finish. One of the best free releases on the internet if your into ISIS, CULT OF LUNA and PELICAN.


Monday, 21 February 2011

Gholas - Band To Check Out

Band to Check Out. Bio From Their Website:
Gholas are a four piece band spread across the state of New Jersey. Some of us used to play in bands together and this project came about both as an evolution of those projects, and from a renewed desire to work together. If we had a mission statement it would around being as loud and obnoxious as possible.

In the later part of 2008 we self-released our debut EP “Here I Am, Here Is Infinity” on a single-sided LP. The three songs were all thematically related to the works and philosophies of Philip K Dick. Since then, we have been writing material for and upcoming and as-yet-untitled LP, which we are hoping to record before the end of 2009.

Well since this bio was released Gholas released their cracking new album in Late 2010. Entitled: Загадка

'Загадка' is Gholas' first self released full-length. A conceptual album, inspired by sci-fi books, the songs on this record are all about the "2001" series. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate,OLD, Phantomsmasher,..)

Gholas have released a Free EP and Free Live Album to download from their Bandcamp site.

Both highly recommended. Their debut album is an awesome release. If you want something challenging to listen then I highly recommend it.

Adrift For Days - The Lunar Maria

Adrift For Days are a Ambient / Down-tempo / Psychedelic band from Sydney, Australia.

They released their debut album - The Lunar Maria for Free Download late last year.

A Bio of the band is here:

"Adrift for Days are a Sydney-based psychedelic stoner/doom band, formed to entertain our love for down-tempo music; blues, psychedelia, post-rock, drone, doom, sludge, stoner rock, ambience (etc).

Our debut album "The Lunar Maria" is 71-minutes of smoked out, psychedelic drone fuzz which was was released on August 5th, 2010, and was inspired by such groups as Neurosis, Electric Wizard, Dax Riggs, Weedeater, Alice in Chains, Down, Om, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Recording took place at The Brain Studios with additional recording, mixing and mastering completed by Tim Carr at 301 Studios."

You can download it from the folllowing link: BandCamp Page

And select how much you want to pay for it. Even $0 AUS Dollars when it asks you to download.  If your feeling generous then buy some of the guys merch from their myspace site:

It's another brilliant free album which is getting some great reviews from online reviewers. Highly Recommended if your fans of Neurosis, ISIS and bands of that nature.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hesper Payne

Well here is another band to check out from my neck of the woods. Bio shown below:

Hesper Payne are a death doom band from Newcastle upon Tyne on the north-east coast of England.

Hesper take their lyrical inspiration from the works of H.P. lovecraft and northern english mythology and folklore, weaving elements of both together to create a unique world of their own.

Formed in 2004 by Vocalist / Guitarist Brooke Johnson and Bassist Ian Fenwick, Hesper have released a number of well received demos, EP’s and in June 2010 their debut album.

Current line up:

Ant Smith - drums
Alexandra Durning – Keyboards and assorted instruments
Jon Sands – Guitars
Ian Fenwick – Bass
Brooke Johnson – Guitar / vocals

I have all of their Albums and EPS. And its all great stuff. Especially for free. So get downloading and start listening. Highly Recommended.

Here is a link to their website. Where it will tell you where to download all their music from.


Snailface is another highly recommended band where you can download their music for free. Their official description is below:

"Snailface flew to Earth in early 2009 on a four headed, robot dragon with an airbrushed mural on the side depicting a gnome receiving oral pleasure from a panda. They quickly set up their base camp in an underwater laboratory in the San Francisco bay.

When not recording music or getting high, they hunt sharks for raping. All Sharks are set free afterward, physically unharmed but emotionally scarred

What' even more impressive is that Snailface and Kowloon Walled City are one in the same people. This is just a side project of Kowloon Walled City.

But completely different styles. Where KWC is more about sludge and grime. Snailface is more about the Stoner Metal genre but while lovingly poking fun at it with a massive bong pipe.

They have released two great albums. Titled Snailface and II. Both can be downloaded for free from their website:

Here is a video of them in their only live gig so far:

Snailface's 2nd album features narratioin throughout the entire album from Victor Miller. You know the Victor Miller who created the characters of Jason Voorhees and his mother from the original Friday The 13th. As his son Ian MIller is the bassist for both bands. Enjoy!!!!

Band to Check Out - Kowloon Walled City

Kowloon Walled City is a Sludge Metal Band from San Francisco, California. They play really down, dirty sludge, noise-metal. But they do put some pretty cool grooves into their music as well.

KWC have been going since 2007. And they have released 1 EP - Turk Street, 1 Album - Gambling On The Richter Scale and 1 Split Album - Lose, Lose, Lose. All to great acclaim.

You download all there albums for free off their official website: And all of their albums are great. Highly recommended.

Here is a video to check them all out on.

Free Album To Download - L'Ira Del Baccano

L'Ira Del Baccano are a Instrumental Psychedelic Doom Metal band from Italy who have released 1 album for free download from their website. Mainly Si Non Sedes Is - A free album of 56 minutes of doomdelic instrumental rock. Very Heavy, Space Rock with lashing of psych doom.

Download it from their official website here: 

Check these guys live in the following video.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sorry For Nothing - Psycho Monster Resurrection

Well here is my other review for Sorry For Nothing's 2011 Outstanding Album - Psycho Monster Resurrection.

Here is the album cover that should tell you what to expect:

You are probably expecting a depressing album especially with the monster's hand clutching a bloody knife. Well you dont. What you get is one of the best Stoner/Doom album releases of 2011.

This album is in one word - AWESOME. I have only had the album for a couple of weeks and I am already into double figures listening to it.

As with the debut album the album is self financed by the SFN guys themselves. This is pure Stoner/Doom/Rock and Metal Fury all put into one impressive package.

Loud and heavy as anything I have heard in recent years especially in the Stoner Genre. The SFN guys even include some great guitar solos that remind me of Early Metallica and Thin Lizzy.

The album kicks off with Wolfman. A 3.5 minute song that sets off the ablum from the start. There are no slow slushy ballad tracks. That isnt SFN's style. They just get straight to the point. Mainly to rock out.

The album then cranks up another gear with Shed My Skin. Just another great stoner/doom metal track that SFN have made their own.

Other tracks such as Dig Me Up, 16oz and Messiah Test show each members individual talents that bring Sorry For Nothing as one awesome collective unit.

My fave track on this album is Blind. A 6.5 minute track with an awesome guitar solo in the middle.

The guitar, bass and drumming all play along together which is a good thing in the Stoner/Doom Genre. As most recent bands I have listened to have bands competing against each other to see who can play the loudest and heaviest. Not here. They all have an equal part to play.

Rob's Vocals are impressive as ever. His guitar playing is just brilliant on this release. Stu's bass playing is another highlight as well. It actually drives the music along. And the drumming by John is great as well. John is probably the best drummer I have seen on the local rock scene. He is an absolute madman when you see him live. Full of Fury. Its so good to hear that this has been carried over to the album.

Sorry For Nothing deserve all the success they can get with this release. As its my fave album released this year. No doubt.

This release is miles better than their previous release. I am not dissing their previous release. Far From it. Reverse Evolution is a great album in its own right. But this one is so much better as SFN have progressed into better musicians. And it shows.

Buy this brilliant album from the following link for lowly fantastic price of £7.

Sorry For Nothing - Reverse Evolution

Well as stated previous post regarding Sorry For Nothing. Here is a review of their 2007 Debut Album - Reverse Evolution.

Sorry For Nothing are Stoner/Doom/Southern Rock Band from The North East Of England. The members are Stu on Bass, Rob on Vox and Guitar and John on Drums.

This album is a cracking listen from start to finish. 12 songs all clocking in at 42 mins. The album has elements of all the best music in the Stoner/Doom Genres and mostly in the Southern Rock/Metal Genre.

SFN are massive fans of Clutch, Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and Motorhead. And you hear their influences shining through their music.

S.M.S kicks off the album in rather quiet fashion. But 22 seconds it kicks off big time. And this never lets go throughout the entire album. The Somgs come fast and furious with songs like Fire Down Below, Knots and Swallow Your Soul.

My personal faves are Power Overthrown and Salty Dog.

The vocals are thick and dirty. The lead guitar and bass guitar licks come thick and fast. The bass lines are heavy as hell. The drumming in immense on this album. You can feel every hit that John hits on the drums.

All of these guys are excellent musicians. Throughout their 10 year career they have played with some pretty cool and well known bands. A Hundred Reasons, The Misfits, The Answer, FU Manchu and Truckfighters.

I was at the gig when SFN opened for FU Manchu. And they blew them off the stage. Even the crowd in attendance thought so as well. So they are an excellent live act as well.

This album was entirely self financed by the band themselves. Highly Recommended.

You can buy the album for an unbelievable low price of £5 here.

Check out the guys website:

Friday, 18 February 2011

Band To Check Out - Sorry For Nothing

Here is a video to check from a local band in my neck of the woods. Sorry For Nothing. We are both from the North East of England. As I will be reviewing both of their albums over the next couple of days.

2007 - Reverse Evolution and 2011 - Psycho Monster Resurrection.

Check their Website: SFN Website - For Fans of Clutch, Sabbath, Motorhead.

A video of Sorry For Nothing in concert:

Free Album To Download - KOLOSS

KOLOSS - Free Awesome Album. Everything you need to know is here on their website.

Bandcamp Link to download their brilliant new album End Of The Chayot.

Download this excellent album. For Fans of ISIS, Baroness and Neurosis. You cant really argue and its free. Awesome Stuff.

Here is a video from KOLOSS to show you what these guys can do.

Band To Check Out - Ghost

Ghost are a Swedish Black Metal/Progressive/Power Pop Band. According to their MySpace Website

Ghost released their debut album Opus Eponymous in 2010. It has been getting some rave reviews from the music press. But also some negative press due to it being to retro and nothing new.

Personally I think this is a brilliant album. The following review should tell you all you should need to know from Sputnik Music. Give it a few listens if you do buy it. As its an amazing album. Here is my fave track Ritual performed live. Enjoy!!!

Free Album Download - Tuber

Tuber are an awesome Greek Stoner Instrumental Rock Band. They have recently released their debut EP to great acclaim. You can download it:from:

Their Website: Tuber Myspace

Or Their Bandcamp Site: Tuber Bandcamp Site

For Fans of Karma To Burn. Highly Recommended.