Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wizard Smoke

Right Sludge Fans. Before I rush off to see the mighty Kyuss Lives at Nottingham Rock City tonight. I am going to do one article for the day.

And its the brilliant Wizard Smoke. Wizard Smoke is a 5 Piece Doom/Stoner/Sludge/Psych Metal Band from Atlanta Georgia.

The members are:

Handsome Dan
Maximum Cherry
Famous Dave
Dug Dawyer
Jizz'n James Halcrow

The guys released their first release in 2009 entitled Live Rock in Hell for free download from their official website. It got some brilliant reviews from all the Doom/Sludge fans. And its hard not to see why. 5 tracks that run for 28 mins in total. Showed the band's intent, purpose and huge talent from the start. Download it now!!!

Well in 2011 the guys have just released their brilliant new full length album The Speed Of Smoke for free download as well from the same website. And the guys have kindly offered it for free download in two versions. The 320K Version or the 192K Version. The Vinyl and Cassette Version will be released end of April 2011.

The Speed Of Smoke is a fucking amazing record. No doubt about that. Its loud, heavy, doomy, sludgy, psych and has some brilliant guitar solos.

The whole band play excellent Doom/Stoner/Sludge Metal music through out the albums 46 minute running time. There is only 6 songs on this album. And nearly all of the tracks run past the 6 or 7 minute mark.

The vocals are delivered in true doom metal style.

Track 3 of the album Weakling is a 8 minute journey into the unknown. My fave track on the entire album. As it goes through many styles of metal in just one song. Doom, Psych, Stoner and Sludge.

How the hell these guys are un-signed is beyond me. As this destroys all major league Doom Metal Records out there. If a label is out there. Sign these guys.

This is an album that is a contender for my Album Of The Year. Simply Brilliant Stuff. Along with other amazing bands already published on this blogspot.

Add these guys to the ever expanding list of must have albums to own this year. Just download both releases as its some of the best Doom/Stoner/Sludge music out there.

These guys are definitely ones to look out for if any future releases are like their extraordinary new full length album. Check them out on the links below:

Check out Deadwood from their new release The Speed Of Smoke.

Check out III from their first release Live Rock In Hell

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


BAULTA are a four piece Progressive/Post-Metal/Post-Rock Band from Finland.

The band consists of:

Matti - Guitar
Iiro - Guitar
Jami - Bass
Tom - Drums

Tom the Drummer kindly sent me a link to download the album. And I am glad he did.

They released their cracking new album "Deeply sorry to interrupt your megalomania" in January 2011. The guys have kindly released on free download from their BandCamp page.

And it's an excellent instrumental rock/metal album with influences from Post-Rock. Post-Metal and Progressive Metal.

The guys have some brilliant song titles on this album like "Baldwins Ugly Lamb" and the insane - "Be careful with that tomahawk, eugene."

The guys play in the same style as Pelican, Russian Circles and Red Sparowes with some progressive/alternative metal influences.

You never get bored with this album. It's a great album to chill out to. These guys are highly talented musicians who deserve all the praise that comes their way. Definitely Recommended.

Check out these guys here:

Check out the excellent track "Baldwins Ugly Lamb." from their new release.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Idol And The Whip

Idol and The Whip is a Stoner-Rock/Sludge Metal Band from Ann Arbor, MI, USA. They are a 4 Piece Band who formed in 2006.

The members are:

Adam Tatro - Drums
Chris Plumb - Guitar, Vocals
Nik Tycowski - Bass
Matt Gauntlett

Adam, Chris and Matt were ex-members of the sadly missed Post-Metal/Sludge Band - Supercontinent who released an excellent album in 2008 called Vaalbara. Who split up shortly after. Which is a shame as they were one of the best up and coming Post-Metal Bands at the time.

Well in 2007 the guys released their 2007 debut album - Revelator. An album that I frequently listen to.

Idol And The Whip play some cracking stoner/sludge rock-metal goodness.

Their debut album was a head-banging foot-stomping 52 Minute metal riot of a record.

Well 4 years later the guys are back with their brilliant and even better 2nd album - Heavy Sleeper. 

And the guys have kindly give people the choice of downloading a free version in 192 KPS MP3 Version. Or they can pay for a CD Quality Version from Bandcamp for the amazing price of $1. Yes thats right $1.

Well Heavy Sleeper is fucking amazing. No doubt about that. What you have is one of the best un-adulterated Stoner-Rock Metal Records of the year.

You get 12 tracks on for 36 minutes. And some amazing sludge/stoner metal songs that could easily find their way onto National Radio. Tracks like Grasscutter remind me of Torche jamming with High On Fire. 2.30 minutes of pure Stoner-Metal fury and some groovy sing-a-long lyrics.

The first song Future Eyes is only on for 90 seconds. But it sets up for what is to follow. Just amazing groovy sludge-rock metal tracks you and all your friends can headbang along to. Time and Time Again.

Other tracks such as Wasteland Battle Hymn, Broken Crown and Artery all show that this a highly talented band. Very tight. I cant fault the production one bit. The tracks all flow brilliantly from start to finish.

My fave track is Augur - A 5.33 minute stomper of a track. As its the best track to show you what these guys do best. Fast Guitar Riffs, Great Sludgy Guitar Solos with a bit of High On Fire influence showing. Which is no bad thing in my book.

This is the record that Foo Fighters should of made years ago and never did. You know when Dave Grohl proclaims this is going to be their heaviest shit yet. And it never is. Well this is the album to show Foo Fighters how to do a proper balls-to-the-wall Rock/Metal Album with singalong choruses.

If your into High On Fire, Baroness, Torche, Kylesa and The Sword then your going to love this. Definitely one of the best records of the year. Brilliant.

Official Website - Links to download Album on This Website. Just Do It. You Wont Be Sorry.

Check out the title track - Heavy Sleeper from Heavy Sleeper.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Billows are a five piece band from Baltimore, DC, MD who play loud and heavy. Slow grooves and dirty riffs.

Billows are:

Geoff Sherren - guitar
Bryan Proctor - guitar
Richard Carlton - vocals
JT Thomas - drums
John Braymer - bass

Billows play a dirty stripped down sludgy, stoner, doomy type of rock/metal music. According to their Facebook Profile the members have a diverse range of tastes in bands and musicians.

"Questioner, Admiral Browning, Confused Little Girl, Akris, Hull, East of the Wall, Voyage in Coma, The Escape Artist, APE!, Goes Cube, Torch Runner, and MORE!"

They released their new S/T release in Feb 2011. It consists for 3 amazing tracks and runs for about 33 minutes. 

The first track - Hindu Tabernacle is low down and dirty doom/sludgy monster of a track. Really sets you in the mood. The vocals by lead singer Richard has a lo-fi stripped approach which suits this record superbly.

Really adds to the grimy atmosphere the rest of the band are creating with some cracking doom/sludge metal riffs.

The Third Track - Whoregrinder ends off the record in great style. More of the same harsh doomy lo-fi vocals. With some great doom/sludge/stoner music provided by the rest of the band.

But the best thing about this release is the 2nd song. Appalachian Throne. A 21 minute masterpiece of epic doomy/sludge/stoner greatness.

This is stripped down sludge doom metal at some of its finest. You get some great thumping bass-lines and the drumming is loud, thick and heavy. Then the vocals get really down and dirty with some impressive death metal growling by Richard. Who then stretches his impressive vocal range all over the place. Death, Doom and Stoner over the course of this epic masterpiece.

Another great release to be found on Bandcamp on their famous Pay-As-You-Want Type Deals.

All in all a highly accomplished and excellent release from Billows. Highly Recommended.

Turn the lights out. Light up A Bong. Put the volume onto full blast and enjoy.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Shriner - S/T

Shriner are an 3-Piece Atmospheric Sludge/Doom/Post Metal Band from Landsville New Jersey.

The band consists of:

Ryan Blackman
Ryan Hannon
Andrew Tomkovich

They have recently released their cracking debut release S/T on Bandcamp on their famous Pay As You Want Type Deals.

Its another excellent release appearing on bandcamp. What you get is 3 songs of Ambient/Sludge/Doom Metal Goodness on for 34 minutes.

2 tracks are on for 13 mins and over. So you get two excellent epic tracks and a short 6 minute track. But equally excellent.

All I can find on this band is their Facebook Page and obviously their BandCamp Page.

Well the album is haunting, hypnotic, heavy with some excellent sludgy, post-metal guitar riffs. Download now. And get lost in the crashing distortion of music around you. Highly Recommended.

Vestiges - The Descent Of Man

Vestiges are an American Sludge/Doom/Post-Hardcore/Post-Metal/Black Metal whatever you want to call it type band. Who formed in 2010. They released their brilliant debut album The Descent of Man in 2010 to great acclaim on the web.

And its not hard to see why as its fucking brutal from the outset. What you get is 7 songs that go through the entire Sludge/Hardcore Genre with some excellent harsh highly pitched vocals. The album is on for 45 mins or so.

This band is definitely to look out for in the future. And if their future releases sound like this then I would say they have the potential to become your next favourite extreme metal band.

If your into Wolves In The Throne Room, ISIS, Fall Of Efrafa and Nachtmystium then you will love this album. Awesome release especially when its for free download as well.

Check these guys out at their excellent websites: Download their debut album from their MySpace, Bandcamp and official website.

Official Website

Check out "Vestiges - IV" from their excellent debut album - The Descent Of Man

Monday, 21 March 2011


Kurouma are a very cool Post-Metal/Experimental/Sludge Metal Band from Jyväskylä, Keski-Suomi, Finland.

The members are:

O. Pekonen (guitar)
J. Torro (guitar, vocals)
J.J.J. Koskinen (bass)
J. Pesonen (drums)

The guys personally emailed me asking to check their material out. As they have just released their new album "3" which is available for free download at:

And I am glad they did. As its another cool and excellent album from this highly talented band.

If your into ISIS, Cult of Luna you will love these guys as they play the same type of sludge/post-metal goodness. But they have put their own stamp on the genre to be different from the Post-Metal Sludge Crowd.

What you get is 5 outstanding tracks on for about 37 mins. 

If you head over to their Last.FM Page you can download their other excellent albums. Untitled and Untitled II

But No 3 is the best of the bunch. As you can see how these guys started out from their first album upto their excellent new album. All highly recommended.

You can check out these guys here:

Check Out "The End" performed live from Untitled 2. 

Saturday, 19 March 2011

White Wolves - White Wolves EP

White Wolves are a 3 piece instrumental post-metal sludge band from COLUMBUS, Ohio, United States.

White Wolves are:

Chris Thompson - Guitar
Chris Burnsides - Drums
Jack Huston - Bass

White Wolves came about "On St. Patty's day 2010, 3 musicians gathered in Deleware OH to lay down some chunky sludgtastic metal. The rest will be history very shortly, at least on the cosmic scale. Prepare yourselves for White Wolves."

And they do indeed play some fantastic sludgtastic metal. They play the same type of instrumental sludge/post-metal music as PELICAN with a hint of Mastodon type riffs.

They have released their excellent self titled EP on Bandcamp for pay as much as you want type deal. Even $0 if need be.

The S/T EP has 6 songs that runs for 30 mins in total. And it is one of the best EP's on Bandcamp I have came across in recent times. Especially for it being their debut release.

Kinslayer gets the EP off to a great start with a cracking sludge riff. And it never stops for the next 6 minutes. This has all of the classic sludge/post-metal goodnesse we love these bands for. Epic, Doomy guitar riffs. The bass guitar comes out really nice and heavy on this track.

Then the tracks just keep getting better and better especially the third track "Branch Davidian". A very creepy sludgy instrumental track. Worth the download of the EP alone. My fave track of the EP.

The EP ends on a high with the awesomely titled "Arcturus". A 5.30 minute mammoth track that puts the sludge grooves on nice and thick.

All in all a fantastic release from this great up and coming band. Another excellent band to look out for.

Highly Recommended. Check out their Bandcamp profile on the links below for this excellent band.

These guys deserve to be big!!!


413 - Path To Hocma

413 it the project of multi-talented instrumentalist David Pisabarro.  Read his biography from his excellent website here. Tells you all you need to know about this talented individual.

I had seen this album posted on other websites all over the web. Some great reviews were being published on the web. So I decided to download a free copy of the album Path To Hocma from 413's official website.

Well this isn't your normal sludge/post-metal/hardcore metal album. Its a different beast all together. You have Psych, Folk, Sludge, Post Rock and Post Metal along with Progressive Guitar riffs. And a few ambient tracks in the background as well. I would say this is Avant-Garde Experimental Sludge.

I will be truthful I didn't like this album at first. Mainly because the genres of metal were all over the place and the songs don't play together in the traditional sense of a Metal Album.

I listened to it a few times but I still wasn't feeling it. I downloaded this album in Mid February and was only listening to it on certain occasions. Then I don't know what it was.

Over the last week or so I have been listening to it over and over again. And now I think its a brilliant album. I got the overall feel of the album this time. All the songs started to make sense. I was starting to be enthralled by the creativity of this album.

The album does go through many genres of metal. Post-Metal, Ambient, Sludge, Psych and Doom. It is very experimental but once you get into it you will be glad your listening to all of the great songs on the album.

The song The Rise Of The Real Man is my fave track on this album. It shows the different styles the album goes through that David does so brilliantly.

The production is excellent on this release. I cant fault it one bit. Remember David did everything on this album and I mean everything. He is a very talented musician and producer.

I will be waiting for future releases from 413 after this outstanding album.

It might take you a few listens to get into it. But once you do you will be glad that you did. If you fancy listening to something different then download this outstanding release. Highly Recommended.

Check out the video for The Rise Of The Real Man from Path To Hocma

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Consciousness Removal Project

Consciousness Removal Project have been posted all over the internet. And its not hard to see why. The following description from their LastFM Page should explain everything you need to know.

"Consciousness Removal Project (CRP) is a one-man project of Antti Loponen from Tampere, Finland. In 2004, struck by boredom, plugged into inspiring guitar effects, he started writing instrumental songs with a certain kind of atmosphere between ambient, post-rock and instrumental rock. Eventually the sound evolved into a more metallic direction, and vocals were added.

With the aid of modern technology, Antti Loponen has been able to perform everything by himself on the recordings. In 2007, a live collective featuring of a few good friends was established in order to perform CRP songs live. The following year the first gigs were played, including a performance at the Paljassaare Rock Festival in Tallinn, Estonia.

Because of the DIY nature of CRP, all material has always been available for download for free at high quality. There are two early instrumental albums, but the eponymous CRP album from 2008 feels more like a debut at this point. A three-song mini-album called ‘852’ was released online in 2009. The latest full-length is called ‘Do You Ever Think It’s The End Of The World?’ - once again downloadable for free . For older material, use or"

Antti Loponen is one highly talented individual. All I can say is - If the above doesn't convince you to download all of his material as its entirely free. Its also a brilliant addition to anyone's record collection.

Check out the video for Hibernation from their latest brilliant new album.

You can find all of his links below. Highly Recommended.

Hand Of Fatima

From the same record label on Bandcamp comes an album by another Spanish band called Hand of Fatima.

Hand of Fatima are an Instrumental Ambient / Progressive / Rock / Metal Band from Cadiz, Spain. They play some doomy based Ambient Progressive Metal Music. They follow the same winning formula of Rock/Music as Pelican, Neurosis, Red Sparowes and Russian Circles.

They released their debut album Obake in 2009 to acclaim as well. I bought this album originally in 2009 and thought it was an excellent piece of work. I had not listened to it for a while but recently I have been and forgot what a cracking album it is.

So if your into instrumental music. Download and listen to this. You wont be disappointed. Another great free release on Bandcamp. And check out all of the other great releases from Nooirax producciones. Some other great bands to check out.


Check out Tatari from their debut album - Obake

Aathma - The Call of Shivá

Aathma are a 3 Peice Spanish Stoner/Metal/Rock, Doom Metal who formed in 2007. They released their debut album The Call of Shivá which has now been released for free download on Bandcamp by Nooriax Records.

And its an excellent 54 Minute Album with some fantastic Sludge/Doom/Stoner/Metal Tracks. Some great guitar riffs and drumming work by all involved.

Juan - Vocals, guitar
Ricky - Drums
Dani - Bass

Juan's vocals are impressive as well. They have an earthly feel about them. Reminiscent of Scott Kelly of Neurosis.

Highly Recommended by The Sludgelord.

Check them out here.

Check Out the awesome video for "Voice" from their excellent debut album.

Band To Check Out - LAVAGOAT

Hi Guys. Sorry No Download Links.

Just a link to check out a very cool Doom/Death Metal Band.

LavaGoat are a stoner/doom/metal band from Saskatoon SK. Canada. Lavagoat has been together for over 3 years, and their debut self titled album came out July 2010 to some pretty cool reviews.

Highly Recommended. Check them out here:

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

LENTO Are Back!!!

Lento are an Italian Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band who formed in 2004.

The current members are:

Giuseppe Caputo - Guitar
Lorenzo Stecconi - Guitar
Donato Loia - Guitar
Emanuele Massa - Bass
Federico Colella - Drums and live samples

In 2007 they released their briliant debut album "Earthen" to critical acclaim. They went on tour and shared the stage with such brilliant acts as Baroness, Pelican, Torche, Nomeansno, Amenra, Liars, Zu, Ufomammut.

Since then they have been touring constantly and writing their new album ICON which is now finally available. ICON has just been released for free download. They are on a new record label. The awesome Denovali Records.

The CD/LP Version of the album will be released in late March 2011.

I have had the album for a few days and its fucking awesome. Brilliant Atmospheric Sludge Metal with some crunching toned down guitars.

The album consists of 10 tracks and is on for 38 Minutes. But after listening to it you feel it was on for twice longer. You will be aiming for the repeat button to hear this amazing album over and over again.

This has been getting some great reviews on the net. And rightly so. Its a great achievement by this talented band to release an album that is even better than their last album. Highly Recommended.

Check out "HYMEN" from their brilliant new album ICON

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Diesto is a Progressive/Stoner/Doom/Noise/Rock Metal band from Portland Oregon, USA.

Their official website describes them as "Portlands Heaviest Band". Well they are sure indeed heavy.

Diesto consists of:

Chris Dunn - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Bassett - Guitar, Vocals
Captain John (LORD JOHOVA) - Bass
The DEVON!!! - Drums

They have released 4 releases

2004 - Doomtown
2006 - Outland
2007 - Isle of Marauder
2009 - High As The Sun

I havent heard Outland EP but I have heard all of their other albums. And each release gets better and better. This is a band who progress each and every time they release something.

Diesto play a progressive/doom/fuzz/stoner/noise-rock metal type music. It also incorporates elements of Sludge Metal and Post-Metal to great effect.

My fave album is their latest release High As The Sun. As it shows brilliantly what these guys can do. Making brilliant Progressive-Stoner-Rock-Fuzz-Metal music.

You can download Isle of Marauder and Doomtown for free from their official website:

And they guys have kindly put their latest release High As The Sun on Bandcamp's Famous Pay As Much As You Want Type Deal.

Go and get all 3 albums and prepare to be blown away.

Check out the title track from High As The Sun.

Check out the guys here.


Kuato is a post-rock/post-metal/doom/instrumental rock band from Halifax NS, Canada.

They have released 2 EP's to major acclaim on the web. As these guys rule on both EP's. 2010's EP and 2011's Winter

If your a fan of Russian Circles or Pelican then download these excellent EP's for free off the following websites:

EP: acadianembassy or Bandcamp
Winter: acadianembassy or Bandcamp

These guys are being tipped for big things. No wonder with these two excellent releases. Highly Recommended.

Turn the volume up loud and chill out to Kuato!!!

As Kuato from Total Recall says - "OPEN YOUR MIND" - Great advice to discover this great band.

Check out Pet Pet Seminary from 2011 release - Winter

Check out the guys from the following websites:

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Osedax - Delayed Response Review

First of all I would like to thank Mike the bassist from The Osedax for emailing me a copy of their new album.

The Osedax are a Stoner/Doom/Sludge/Hardcore Metal Band from McLean, Virginia, USA. The band came together in 2008 is made up of:

Guitarist Scott Coldwell
Bassist Mike Horn
Vocalist Josh Albright 
Drummer Kevin Grevey

Scott and Mike used to be members of The MOD Flanders Conspiracy. Mike also used to be in Avant-Garde Metallers Psyopus. So you know this band is going to be super-talented. And They are.

The Osedax released their debut album Delayed Response in 2010. Since Mike kindly give me a copy I am going to review it for the guys.

Their bio describes them as a Stoner/Doom/Sludge Metal Band. But they are so much more. As they also bring some brilliant Black Metal/Hardcore Screaming Vocals to the mix courtesy of Josh. There are no clear vocals just Josh's harsh pummeling tones on every song. It feels like he is hitting your ears with a hammer.

This is down, dirty sludgy metal the way its supposed to be played if your caught inside a hurricane. The mood can be very bleak at times. But thats what makes this album so fucking great.

The band pummels you into submission into taking notice. And they do that from the very first song. The Purging. This sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The album is on for 58 minutes and has 8 tracks on it. Each track is on average for 7 mins.

My fave track is song 4 - Intermittance. 7.45 mins of pure filthy sludge greatness with some cracking progressive guitar solos thrown in as well.

There are no light-hearted anthems here. Just brutal onslaught after brutal onslaught.

These guys are making a name on their local metal scene in the US. And its not hard to see why. Parts Stoner,  Doom, Sludge, Post-Metal and element of Black Metal. What the best up and coming sludge bands should have.

I have been listening to this album for the past 3 days now. And it gets better and better with each listen.

OK I might be going mental again with my review. But when its this good. I don't give a FUCK!!!

Amazing Debut Full Length.

What is even better. Mike and the Guys have kindly agreed for me to post a link so all you fellow sludge meisters can download this amazing album for free. So thanks to these brilliant guys.

The Osedax - Delayed Response - Download This Brilliant Album Now!!!

You can check these guys at the following websites:

Reverb Nation Page
Official Website

Check them out live here:

[ The Construct ] - TITAN

[ The Construct ] are a Down Tempo, Progressive Metal band from Manchester, UK. They take influences from ISIS, Cult of Luna, Deftones and Meshuggah according to their MySpace page.

Rory Vallely - Guitar
Alastair Shelley - Drums
Alex Creamer - Vocals
Darren Jones - Guitar
Ant Hurlock - Bass

I read a few negative reviews of this album. But I am wiling to give any new band a listen. Especially anyone offering theirs for free. And listing Deftones and ISIS as influences.

But after hearing their fantastic debut album I was wondering if the reviewers of this album were listening to the same album. As its another cracking album out there to be found on the web. I can hear their progressive, down tempo elements but I can hear elements of Stoner, Doom and Sludge as well.

The album had me head-banging from start to finish. These guys are hugely talented to stand out from the rest of the Sludge/Post-Metal crowd. And since they are British as well. It shows Britain can produce quality Prog-Metal/Sludge Metal Bands. And these guys are amongst the best they are.

Britain has lost so many quality Sludge/Stoner/Doom Bands of late. It is great to see there is still hope out there.

Since they are working for on Album No 2. I for one cant wait to hear any future material.

Standout Tracks are The Last and Reflections. Both show what these guys can do when they mix prog-metal with Sludge/Post Metal influences.

The album is available for free download from their Bandcamp site. It has 4 tracks and is on for 35 minutes or so. Excellent Album!!!!


I would post a YouTube Clip but I cant seem to find one. But just download. Highly Recommended.


THORUN are a Instrumental Stoner-Sludge Band from Wales.

Their bio from their official website explains how the band got together.

"Thorun was born (prematurely) in early 2010 as two well-travelled, axe wielding Caerphilly idiots decided to “start a new band” after the fall of Cardiff based noise makers Circa Regna Tonat left Jonny without a creative home. With phase one complete Keeran and Jonny set out to find a rhythm section. After some over zealous forum posting and a bit of begging they found Mike and Neal ‘Chest’ and thus the two piece became a four. The band agreed on one thing….”it has to be slow, loud and a bit like Electric Wizard but without the vocals cause we don’t have a singer!” Things moved quickly as ideas turned in to riffs, riffs in to songs and songs in to more songs until the band had enough material to record a 5 track EP/Demo that they decided to give away over the magical intermaweb as a free download. Thorun are now playing live shows at a crap hole near you!:"

THORUN did release a 5 demo free album on Bandcamp in Dec 2010. And it was an awesome release for such a great new band on the scene. Especially "Buried Under 15 Tonnes or Rubble" - How you feel after listening to this awesome EP.

Then THORUN did something unusual. They re-released their debut EP and called it Reprise - Where they had enhanced some of the original tracks. And they added a whole new track. And released it for free as well. I prefer the new version as it sounds slightly better. Plus the new song really adds to the mix.

I have both releases and recommend them both highly. Awesome Stoner-Sludge Goodness. Check out my fave THORUN track below.

Official Website
Facebook page

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Forge Of Clouds

This post is for a free and brilliant release by a band called of Forge Of Clouds. A post-metal/sludge band from Poland who have released their debut album for free download through bandcamp:

For Fans of ISIS, Baroness and Mastodon

A brilliant release and one of the best releases of 2011 so far alongside Signo Rojo, Sorry For Nothing and Colossus.

Check Out Their Track "Queen On The Garbage Throne" from their debut album

ENOS - Chapter 1

ENOS are a British Psych/Prog/Stoner/Space/Doom Metal Band founded on an entirely original concept.

Their MySpace explains how the band got together.

"Formed in 2008 by Chris Rizzanski and Sparky Rogers after the split of their previous band, Dollar Sent. The line up was completed by George ‘Bungle’ Cobbold, previously of Killing Mode and Locust Resin, and Sean Cox."

But ENOS the band is named after the first chimpanzee sent into space in 1962. So ENOS the Band have done a fantastic concept album around it. I will let the bands myspace description explain all.

"On Wednesday the 29th of November 1961 at 15:08, after several delays, NASA launched what was to be their final test flight. On board Mercury-Atlas 5 was Enos, a temperamental five year old chimpanzee. This was to be a full dress rehearsal for John Glenn’s historic flight just three months later.

The pressure was on at Cape Canaveral, the US was losing the space race. The Soviet’s had succeeded in getting the first satellite into Earth’s orbit four years earlier, and in the seven months since Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space another Russian, Gherman Titov, had safely returned from orbit.

Questions were being asked about the worth of this increasingly expensive and dangerous obsession with space. If NASA and America were to save face and regain some of the ground they had lost to the Russians nothing could go wrong with this mission. It was with this in mind that they launched the most highly trained chimp in the American Air Force into the history books.

Enos returned to Earth after completing two orbits and travelling 50,892 miles. The whole mission had lasted just 3 hours, 20 minutes and 59 seconds.

On his return Enos was a changed chimp. This once surly and mean spirited chimpanzee apparently jumped for joy, ran excitedly around the deck of the recovery ship and merrily shook the hands of the researchers. Many who met him after his return commented that it was like meeting a different chimp. This is his story . . ."

The album itself is a bit strange indeed. But in a very good sludgy/doom/metal way. There are 5 tracks in total and the album runs for 35 mins in length.

Its such a great album around a cracking premise to it. You can hear elements of Monster Magnet, Mastodon in the album. And the guys have kindly released if for free download. So another brilliant release.

You can download the albums here.

But what stands these guys apart is they have issued a free comic book to download to accompany the album as well. You can download both packages here together here.

Here is the track "Launch" from their crazy and excellent first album.

Free Live Music from The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.

And this great website hosts links to download band's live gigs from. All for free and with the bands permission.

There are over 89,000 items to be downloaded from. But for our doom/sludge/stoner rock and metal purposes I  have picked out bands that should be of interest.

I should point out the recordings come in different sound formats and vary in quality. Some are excellent and some are good but all still listenable.

Karma To Burn - Over 40 Shows to Choose From. 
Pelican - Over 20 Shows to Choose From
Red Sparrowes - Over 20 Shows to Choose From
Year Long Disaster - OK not a Stoner/Doom Band as such but all members of K2B are now involved. 

Other bands on there are Tenacious D, RoseHill Drive are worth checking out as well.

Moanaa - EP

Moanaa are a 5 piece Experimental / Metal / Psychedelic band from Poland. Who released their debut S/T EP for free in 2010.

The members of Moanaa are:

Maciej Proficz - vocal
Łukasz Kursa - guitar
Michał Pilik - guitar
Damian Olearczyk - bass
Marcel Łękawa - drums

The EP consists of 3 tracks and is on for about 30 mins. It consists of two excellent tracks on for over 10 minutes and a 6 minute track. All of the tracks show what these guys can do in the Post-Metal/Sludge Genre.

Another cracking release from Poland. Like their fellow countrymen Forge Of Clouds.

Their websites are here:


Download now!!!

Check out the awesome song "Alright" from the EP. Highly Recommended.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Black Science - Cosmodemonic & Beyond

Black Science is a psychedelic metal band from Seattle. They released their Debut album Cosmodemonic & Beyond in 2010.


This album just needs to be heard. Part Psych, Part Doom, Part Metal but all mixed in with some wonderful Space Rock groovyness.

Parts Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind all jamming together in the vastness of space.

You can get their debut album on Bandcamp's famous pay-what-you-want type deals. Even 0.

I recommend you getting this album. As its a unique album to listen to and chill out to. Some cracking loud guitars thrown into the mix.

Enjoy their video for Resurrection Ship from their debut album.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Colossus - Spiritual Myiasis Review

No Free Download here unfortunately. Just a review of a very promising EP from a very cool Swedish Progressive/Stoner/Hardcore/Metal Band called Colossus.

They are going to release their new EP - Spiritual Myiasis very soon.

They released a previous EP The Mechanical Engineering of Living Machines in 2010. Another great EP which can be downloaded for free.

Colossus consists of:

Niklas Eriksson | Strings & Vocals
Thomas Norstedt | Drums
David Axman | Bass

Niklas kindly sent me a link for me to review a copy of their debut EP - Spiritual Myiasis. 3 Songs and 18 mins in Total. So here it is.

The EP just blew me away. It mixes a whole myriad of different styles into one original vibe. Part Progressive Metal mixed with elements of Stoner, Doom, Sludge and Hardcore.

Think of your favourite metal acts from different genres such as TOOL, Opeth, Kyuss, Neurosis and Mastodon. And it works for the full 3 songs.

1st Track - Parasite opens with a Thrash Metal Riff but then goes into Progressive Metal Territory. Niklas's Vocals are into the Harsher Side of Metal Territory. But still very clear with a great aggressive tone. The other guys play their part as well. Some awesome drumming and bass playing. This is the shortest track at 4.22 mins.

2nd Track - The Gnawing is an amazing progressive doom/stoner 7.30 min epic of song. I cant believe there is 3 guys playing on this track. As this sounds like a 5 piece band other than a 3 piece band. Niklas's vocals stays in the hardcore genre. Shows you what a truly talented singer he is. The guitar playing is even better than the last song. And the drums remind me of Mastodon. The bass is also very heavy that adds to the mix. Another top notch song.

3rd Track - Eternal Return is my fave of this EP. Very low-tuned Sludgy Doom Laden Guitar Riffs which reminds me of Baroness and Mastodon. With some cool like TOOL overtones. Wait till the 3 min mark when it goes through a few genres. Prog-Metal, Stoner and Doom with apparent ease. Definitely the highlight track of this great EP.

As their name suggests Colossus deserve to be that. They deliver heavy pulse-pounding guitar riffs that deserve to be heard as much to a wider audience as possible.

Along with Signo Rojo's Self Titled Debut Album and Sorry For Nothing's Psycho Monster Resurrection that this will be in my top picks of the year. Even if its on for 3 songs. 

I think this EP as calling card to the world of metal to sit up and take notice. Their next Superstars could be here. I cant wait to hear for their full length release.

Their websites are below:

Here is a video of their great first track Parasite. Enjoy:

Talbot - EOS

Talbot are a 2 man Down-tempo / Experimental / Psychedelic Metal band from Estonia.

They mix Post-Metal/Sludge/Doom/Psych Metal into one big melting pot and play it in their own cool way.

A brief history from the band's website.

"Talbot, the doom-duo from Tallinn, Estonia, were first formed back in the 2003, but real activity started in August 2008.

A month of rehearsals resulted with duo's first show which was quite soon followed by debut EP "Tundra" (October '08). Self released, DIY CD-R.
In spring 2009 "Tundra" was re-released as a limited edition CD-R (100 copies) with two additional tracks via ConSouling Sounds.

After doing some more shows in and out Estonia, Talbot went to their first European tour in May '09 - Tour De Solara 2009. Followed by "Sarkasms Open-Air 2009" in Latvia and Estonia's biggest indie-festival "Plink-Plonk" + more gigs in Estonia & Finland and then it was time to make some fresh material.

2010 started with releasing the new album "EOS" and band went to their second European tour for promoting the album: Tour De Horizon 2010.

In October it was followed by Russian minitour "Tour De Samovar 2010" and then gigging rest of the month around east-Europe under the name of "Tour De Fall 2010".
Came back, spent one day at home and off they went again to spend most of the November by conquering Australia - "Tour De Wombat 2011".

Album "EOS" has been nominated for the Best Metal album of 2010 at Estonian Music Awards."

These guys have been getting massive acclaim on the web and from magazines. And they have been playing shows all over their native Estonia, Europe and Australia.

And these guys do everything self-funded. A True DIY Band.

Their official website is here. Where you can download their brilliant 2010 Debut album EOS. And 2008 EP Tundra. Both for free. Do it as they are both awesome releases.

If your into Sludge, Doom, Post-Metal. Download these fantastic releases. Highly Recommended.

Check out Observer X from their awesome 2010 release - EOS.

Sleepbringer - Compendium

Sleepbringer are a Four Piece Sludge/Doom/Metal Band. All I can find out about them was they were born out of the ashes of Heroes Laid To Rest.

They released their brilliant 2010 debut album Compendium for free download from their BandCamp site.

Here is their MySpace Site.

The album is on for about 63 minutes and comprises of 8 crushing doom-laden sludge evil goodness. These guys play a mixture of styles in the Doom/Sludge/Hardcore scene. So if your a fan of Neurosis, EyeHateGod, Crowbar and Down. Your in for a fucking treat.

A great album that needs to be listened to time and time again.

Check out the video that show what they can do.

Alaskan - Creepy Sludge/Post Metal Goodness

Alaskan are a 3 Man Atmospheric/Down Tempo/Sludge/Post Metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The members are:

Scotty - Drums
Gary - Guitar and vocals
Cory - Bass and vocals

They have released a S/T EP and 2010's album The Weak And The Wounded.

The Weak and The Wounded is on for 30 mins or so with 4 tracks on it. And its very creepy especially when it uses samples from 2001 cult horror movie Session 9 to great affect.

The album uses these excerpts wisely and it really adds to the atmosphere that band creats some chilling sludge/post-metal ambient landscapes that truly immerse the listener into the album.

Only a certain number of copies were made onto tape. The album was Recorded and mastered by Topon Das of Fuck the Facts. So very high production values indeed.

You can download this creepy and sludgy masterpiece for free from their Bandcamp Site. As its another pay what you want deal Bancamp is famous for. Their official MySpace site is here.

Check a video for Blundgeon from the same release.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

KOLOSS - Free Album To Download

Hey People. Just had a shout out from KOLOSS asking me to get people checking their cracking debut album. End Of The Chayot. Previous Article that I wrote is Here.

KOLOSS are a Progressive Doom Experimental Sludge Post-Metal Band. So if your into ISIS, Mastodon, Baroness, Neurosis. You will really dig these guys.

Download it as its free as well. Great release for a debut album from these talented individuals.

Another album that is getting repeat plays on my MP3 Player.

Download it from their Bandcamp Site.

Signo Rojo - How to Get A Copy of Their Debut Album

Signo Rojo are offering people the chance to own one of 2011's best undiscovered albums.

Check my review that I did last week for the album.

Read the following from their MySpace Page.

"Hi all!

We have just uploaded the new promoalbum on our myspace in it's enterity! We hope you will enjoy it and here's how you can get a FREE downloadable copy of that promoalbum.

What you need to do is easy as pie, you just have to send one email, ONE email and that's it!

What kind of email you ask? We'll thats sort of up to you.
In a nutshell what we want you to do is this:

You send an email to a promotional outlet, a music-blog, a radiostation, a magazine, a promoter, a label, a tourbooker/venue (if you have a musicblog/page of your own or if you invite a bunch of friends to our facebook fanpage we'll count that too) ANYTHING you can think of that may find our music interesting and forward the same email ( please, no penis-enlargment suggestions though. We get enough of those as it is) and then you'll recieve one free digital download of the new promoalbum to do with as you wish.

Good deal huh?

This way we'll get help promoting the band and you get free shit, if that isn't a win-win situation i don't know what is.

And please, BE CREATIVE! You don't have to limit yourself to the suggestions we gave earlier, do something completely out of left field if you want. Go nuts! If there are some stand-outs among the contributions those contributers may get some other free goodies on top of the album.

Well, there it is. Now go forth and promote! And we hope you enjoy our music!

/Signo Rojo"


The Fërtility Cült

The Fërtility Cült are a Stoner/Doom/Rock/Metal band from Finland.


Kailasha - Bass, vocals
Kimmel - Guitar
Ryhänen - Tenor sax, baritone sax
Mäkinen - Drums

The band worships at the Holy Riff Church of Classic Stoner Rock/Metal Bands - Kyuss, Sleep, Monster Magnet and Electric Wizard. And Yes that is right. They have a Sax Player in their mix.

This adds to the mix in a big way. They released their debut album "Eschatology" in 2010. Its free to download from the Bandcamp site. And its another cracking album. Highly Recommended.

You can check them on their official MySpace and Facebook pages.

Another video to check them out on their own YouTube Channel:

Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight

Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight are an experimental/sludge/doom/blues/rock Metal band from the UK.

They released their debut album Movin On in Oct 2009. It met with critical acclaim across the web. And its a 10 song 52 minute journey into the unknown.

As their names suggests your into one very trippy hell of a ride. Psych, Doom, Stoner and Blues along with riffs that remind of early Sabbath and Mastodon. Another cracking album to download for free.

Here is the song "Southern" from their debut album to check them out on.

You can also download another Trippy Wicked album for free. The Acoustic Release - The Bleak. Another great release from this original and unique band.