Friday, 29 April 2011


I WANT YOU DEAD is a Hardcore Band from Greece. I cant find much other info from the band. Just their MySpace Page.

They released their album "We Are The Legions Of Scum" in late 2010 for free download from their MySpce Page and BandCamp Page.

What you get is 9 pulsating bruising hardcore tracks on for a total of 25.20 mins. Dont let the short album time put you off. As this is an epic beast of an album.

Yes it is Hardcore but it does has lashings of Doom, Drone and Death Metal in to the mix. To make for a pulsating experience. This is the Stoner/Doom equivalent of being beaten to submission by a boxing heavyweight champ.

Its epic from the 1st second right up until the last. Check out tracks "A Million Funerals" and "I Am Decay". Brutal stuff.

Check out the guys here:


Check the track "My Words Like Knives" from their new album.

Bull Dyke Rodeo

Bull Dyke Rodeo are a Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Platteville, Wisconsin, US.

According to their MySpace Page the members are:

Werner - Too much fuzz
Cody - Too much gear
Jeagle - Too much booze
Piranha - Too much (great tag team)

Their Bio from their MySpace Page should tell you everything you need to know.

"Scumbags. A blue sky. A jungle. Emerging from the Midwest, 80’s sci-fi movies, and obscene levels of volume, BULL DYKE RODEO have been penning doom rock hymns since the release of 2005’s tech-sludge The Murphy EP. A full length Robocop-themed album showed up two years later in the form of Jailbreak. Recorded at their own zlobStudios and featuring five tracks of hazy, pummeling time-signature grooves (“Bitches Leave,” “State of the Art Bang-Bang”), Sabbath-by-way-of-Kyuss structures and riffs (“Scumbags See the Judge on Monday Morning”), and stoner metal post-rock (“Directive 4,” “Love Theme From Delta City”), the instrumentalJailbreak made way for the band’s masterpiece: bull dyke rodeo II: dykefuge.

Also recorded at the illustrious zlobStudios, 2009’s bdrII found the band calling on yet another Paul Verhoeven film for inspiration—the monstrous Total Recall. In addition to calling on the power of Arnold, the band embraced their inner Thin Lizzy, letting the twin leads of Werner and Cody Sand to run amok and strike at will, on anything from the scorching, hook-laden “See You At the Party, Richter” to the sprawling doom epic “Sue Me, Dickhead.” Proving himself to be as versatile as he is solid, drummer Kurt Urbain goes from tender to terror in the gigantic closing track “Three Breasted Ballad” and even gets a little funky on the bouncing, catchy fuzz-anthem “Pyramid Mine.” Perhaps the track “Blue Sky On Mars” is a representation of the album itself: space, ADDoom thrash, and—above all else—density.

BULL DYKE RODEO are currently working on their third album, tentatively about the film Predator, and an EP of up-tempo boogie-metal about the movie Kingpin."

Well you can download their 2 brilliant albums "Jailbreak" and "II: DykeFuge" for free from their Last.Fm Page.

Dyke Fuge is a concept album based on the Arnie Classic "Total Recall". Check out the album cover below:

And check out the album cover for "Jailbreak".

What you get from both albums is crunching doom/sludge guitar riffs with some excellent grizzled vocals. Both are excellent albums to own. Even though it might seem like a silly concept for both albums to be themed on Sci-fi classics. You cant deny they guys are talented and have some amazing songs behind them.

My personal fave is DykeFuge. As its got some cracking songs on it which you will be head-banging along to in time at all.

Cant wait for their future releases based on Predator and Kingpin. Will be freaking awesome.

Check out the guys here:

Last.Fm Page - Where you download both albums for free

Check Out The Guys performing "Three Breasted Ballad" from II: DykeFuge.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I have to thank Gigi from the next band Spjral for sending me an email for their excellent new album.

Spjral are a 3 Piece Experimental / Post-Metal / Progressive band from Italy.

Members are:

Noemi Marino
Gigi Cimmino
Francesco Grazios

They have just released their excellent new release 2010's Pisces which can be bought on Bandcamp for a mere 1 Euro.

They play a Progressive/Experimental/Post-Metal type of Music. Not the heaviest of Post-Metal Music but it is driven by some excellent Sludgy guitar riffs.

Pisces consists of 5 tracks which runs on for a very reasonable and hugely enjoyable 35 minutes.

Tracks like "Pnevma" and "Strings Ray Through Eclipse" show what these guys can do. Intense drumming and with some excellent guitar riffs from the start.

These guys know when to crank up the Sludge Aspect of the songs. You get some wonderful Post-Rock type music before the inevitable sludge riffs kicks in to get you head-banging to your hearts content.

The other tracks "The Womb" and "Rise Of Machina" get things louder and it stays that way until the final 10:38 minute epic track "Lightdrome". Which is the best track on this excellent release.

Ambient Passages, Sludgy Guitars with intense bass and drums to add to the eerie atmosphere.

You can hear a few influences on this release like Between The Buried And Me for one. Which is quite refreshing in the Sludge/Post-Metal Genre.

So if you want to hear something different then I highly recommend this. Excellent!!!

Cant wait to hear from more from these guys in the future.

The guys have kindly sent me a link on where you can download this excellent release for free. Click on this link and it will take you to their Internet Archive Page. Right Click on the Songs and download as normal.

Check out the band here:

Check out the band here performing the excellent "Rise of Machina" from Pisces.

Grey Host

Grey Host are a 3 piece Instrumental Atmospheric Sludge/Post Metal Band from CINCINNATI, Ohio, United States.

The members are:

John - Vocals / Guitars
Jason- Guitars
Zac - Drums / Programming

Checking out the band's influences on their MySpace Page should tell you what to expect.  A long list which includes BORIS, ISIS, Wolves In The Throne Room, Neurosis and Sleep. Some of the big hitters of Sludge/Post Metal Music.

The guys have just released their new release 1-11 Demo Session for free download on BandCamp.

What you get is 5 crushing atmospheric sludge post metal excellent tracks running for 49 mins.

If your a fan of the above bands but in the same vein as Pelican and Russian Circles then you will find much to love on this excellent release.

Some really excellent long out driven sludge riffing guitar licks. With some excellent bass playing and heavy, slow drumming in the background.

Check out tracks "Wizard Sleeve" and "Dunhill" for proof this band's amazing talent.

If this is really a demo session that will lead onto greater and better things well I cant wait as this is epic stuff.

Get downloading now. Fantastic release.

Check out the guys here:

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Consciousness Removal Project

I have done an article about the next band before on this blogspot. Please Click Here to find out more.

CRP main head member and all round virtuoso is Antti Loponen who does Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion on the new album.

He has added members to the Group since 2007 who are now called "Consciousness Removal Live Collective"

Arttu Kimmel - Gtr
Jani Lehtinen - Keys
Ville Kaila - Bass
Artturi Mäkinen - Drs

Artturi and Ville also play in the excellent Stoner/Doom/Rock/Metal The Fërtility Cült previously mentioned here on this blogspot as well. Another brilliant band from Finland.

Well Consciousness Removal Project (CRP) never to rest on their laurels have just released their outstanding and epic new album - The Last Season.

CRP were supposed to release their new album on May 23rd 2011. But hence my surprise when I checked my Facebook account on Friday and noticed that CRP had posted they were releasing their new album a month early. Mainly due to an oversight of the album being released early online a month ahead of schedule.

So CRP decide to still go ahead with the release and released it early. Well since I a massive fan of their earlier releases I downloaded with high expectations.

CRP are an Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Finland. They have never put out a bad release. And every release have always been better than the last one. You can download all of their albums for free from their BandCamp Page.

Right lets get down to it - The Last Season is just epic and beautifully performed from the word go. 5 tracks all on for a total of 40 mins.

Track 1 - "Soil Sacrifice" is just amazing. No doubt about it. An 11 minute epic. What you expect from a brilliant start to such an outstanding Post-Metal Album. Crunching Guitars, Loud Vocals, Powerful drumming all which combine to such a wonderful effect. Quiet and Loud passages blend in with some great Keyboard/Synth Work. Listen out for the wonderful Cello and Violin Work. Really adds to the atmosphere of the song.

Track 2 - "Moraine" is another 9.00 min beast of a track. Starts off with some crunching sludgy guitar riffs which Antti then soon start in the background. This track really does have some masterful guitar riffs which then build up to a huge sound of amazing instrumental work.

Track 3 - "Negative Photosynthesis" is the shortest track at 2.19 mins on the album. More an Ambient Interlude before the other two songs come back to normal Heavy Sludge/Post-Metal Greatness. This is a very nice sombre track with a nice cool guitar track playing in the background. Just a breather to catch your breath before the final two epic tracks.

I am not going to spoil the other two tracks for you. I will give you a brief overview. You need to discover the brilliant last two tracks yourself. (Unless you check out the Video for "Kyoto" on the bottom of this article of course.)

"Kyoto" an 10.13 stormer of a track. Which is also my fave track on the album. And things end brilliantly with the last track - "The Last Season" which runs for 7.58 mins.

The production on this album is magnificent. I cant fault this one bit. All of the instrumental work is amazing from the band itself. And it's many guest musicians.

It's such a refreshing change to hear a Sludge/Post Metal band bringing in some wonderful instruments like Cello and Violin. As they really add to the overall feel and structure of the album.

This is CRP's best album by far. Nothing comes close in their previous releases. Not to say their other releases are not worth checking out. Far From it. It's just that CRP have came on leaps and bounds from their previous album "Do You Ever Think It's The End Of The World?"

Everything just fits on this release. An album that can be called a masterpiece of Sludge/Post-Metal Music. I have been listening to this non-stop since I downloaded it.

With ISIS sadly gone and Neurosis not releasing any new material soon. CRP along with V.Y.G.R are my favourite Post-Metal Band currently going.

I hope this album brings them the success they truly deserve. Hopefully International Fame will beckon.

Amazing. End Of.

Check out The Guys Here:

Official Website

Check out my Fave Track "Kyoto" from "The Last Season"


ALONZO are a 3 piece Stoner Rock/Metal Band who are are from Sweden.

The members are:

Lord Pembry Hextall: Stratocaster, Sunn & Vocals
Linkenstein: Jazz Bass & Sunn
Nicke Orelh ade urso: Tama & Paiste

The have released two excellent albums - 2009's S/T Release and 2010's Salmonidae. Both of which can be downloaded for free from their MySpace Site.

This is the only site that I can find for them. I cant find any other info on this excellent band.

Both of their albums are Stoner Rock/Metal Music of the highest order.

If your into KYUSS, Monster Magnet, Blue Cheer and Clutch then you will find great enjoyment in the band's two excellent albums.

Their 2009 S/T Release has 5 songs and is on for 33 mins. While 2010's "Salmonidae" has 7 songs and is on for 44 minutes. 

Both releases have excellent Stoner Rock/Metal Psych Desert Based Guitar Riffs. And the production is excellent on both albums. Highly recommended. 

Links to download the albums are here: 2009 - S/T and 2010 - Salmonidae


RENO are a 4 Piece Hardcore/Grindcore/Southern Rock/Metal Band from  Brussels, Belgium, formed in 2009.

The members are:

David Frere: Vocals
Hp Desrosiers: Bass
Julien Dufrane: Guitars
David Delander : Drums

They released their debut album "The Year of Love" around Sept/Oct 2010 which can be downloaded for free from their BandCamp Page.

The album features 11 blistering tracks and the album is on for a mere 26 mins in length. But don't let that put you off.

As RENO pack a lot of hard-hitting southern rock/metal grooves amongst the grizzled singing of vocalist David. He sings his heart out here on this excellent debut release.

Songs last between 1.30 mins to 3.00 mins. But they do carry a 5.33 minute epic on the album. The last track "Luce" - Some great guitar work and excellent drumming is the highlight of the album.

The instrumental work is excellent through out. Fast, Furious, Heavy and Relentless. Plus the added extra of David's crushing vocals make this album a winner.

This band reminds me of Converge and Cancer Bats in a lot of ways. But with the extra added Grindcore influences. 

So if you like Grindcore, Hardcore with a dashes of Southern Stoner Rock/Metal then RENO is for you.

Another excellent release which adds something different to the Hardcore/Southern Rock/Metal Scene.

Highly Recommended. Check out the guys here.

Check out "Candidates Facing Bombs" from the excellent "The Year Of Love"

Friday, 22 April 2011


BATILLUS are a 4 piece Brooklyn, New York Doom/Sludge Metal Band that formed in 2007. There were originally an Instrumental Band but soon added vocals and Synth in 2009.

The members are: G. Peterson, W. Stabenau, F. Kainer, G. Summers

They have released 3 EP's, 1 Split Release with Hallowed Butchery and they have just released their brilliant debut album "Furnace" earlier this week.

You can download their 3 EP's from Bandcamp on their famous pay as anything you want.

Batillus (Jan 2009)

I have all of the above EP's and everyone one of them is outstanding.

The guys have finally released their brilliant debut album "Furnace" on the brilliant Seventh Rule Recordings on April 2011. You can also download this masterpiece from Bandcamp as well on the pay as anything you want.

Now lets get down to it. Furnace is fucking epic. No question about it. A doomy, sludge monster of a record. You get 6 tracks on for about 45 minutes.

1. ...And The World Is As Night To Them 08:53
2. Deadweight 05:39
3. Uncreator 03:39
4. The Division 08:21
5. What Heart 07:44
6. Mautaam 10:07

The first track "...And The World Is As Night To Them" gets things off to a thumping start. Dirty Sludgy guitar riffs that start off really slow. Then soon picks into a bombastic sound of crunching thick Doomy guitar riffs. The vocals are bleak which really adds to the atmosphere. A great start to the album.

Track 2 "Deadweight" reminds me of Old School Doom Metal bands with their eerie guitars and vocals. And the pacing never lets up. Some excellent guitar playing. Long, Slow and very crushingly powerful.

"Uncreator" is the shortest track on the album but by no means the quietest either. This song just blasts out onto your speakers/headphones loud as possible. More fantastic low-tuned doom/sludge guitar riffs and some  excellent synths playing in the background. Really adds to the overall creepy effect.

The other tracks are just as excellent if not better than the previous 3. Especially "Mautaam". A 10 minute epic beast of a song. Long crushing doom/sludge guitar riffs with a hint of Black Metal vocals.

The production is excellent on this release which is not surprising since it was recorded by one of my fave producers at the moment. Mr Sanford Parker (MINSK Bassist). Who has produced work for Nachtmystium, Pelican, Unearthly Trance amongst others.

You need this band in your life. As they are one of the best bands out there in the Doom/Sludge World. They have not put a bad release out yet. And Furnace is their best release so far.

Furnace is another album which will definitely make my Top 10 List of 2011.

So if your into Electric Wizard, Ramesses, Neurosis then you will love these guys. 

Furnace just fucking rocks. Plain and Simple. An absolute Must Have. Download or Donate Here.

Check out the guys here.

Check out the guys epic track - "Mautaam" from their amazing new album - "Furnace".

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Arms of Ra

Arms of Ra are a 4 Piece Sludge/Ambient/Post-Metal Band from Paris, France.

The members on this EP are:

Mathieu - Chant & Synthé
Pierre - Batterie
Pierre Alain - Basse
Simon - Guitare
Heddy Omer - Guitare

Unfortunately Heddy is no longer with the band. But he did write the original outline for Taxidermie and The color of my name.

Arms of Ra play in the same style of music such as Cult Of Luna, Baroness, ISIS and Neurosis with some cracking Mastodon type heavy guitar riffs.

They released their awesome S/T EP in late 2009/early 2010. So this has been out for a while. But it has just recently caught my attention due to the excellent EP cover.

The EP consists of 3 excellent lengthy tracks which runs for about 25 epic minutes.

1. Taxidermie 07:11
2. Pyramids 07:55
3. The color of my name 09:43

Taxidermie gets things off to a great start. And it each track gets better and better. Plus louder and louder as well. Some excellent guitar and drumming on this track. Plus some fantastic vocals on this as well which really adds to the mix.

Pyramids is up next. Which starts off with some cracking Sludge/Post-Metal Guitars. Play this track loud and start head-banging as best as you can. Epic Stuff. The Bass is a constant force on this track. Very loud and very powerful. Reminds of early ISIS and Cult Of Luna which is no bad thing in my book. Awesome track.

And to the best track on this excellent EP - The Color Of My Name. Almost 10 mins in length and definitely the highlight of this EP. Loud, Fast and Furious Instrumental Work by all of the band. With some inspired singing by Mathieu.

Another highly recommended Sludge/Post-Metal which anyone needs in their record/MP3 Collection. 

You can dowload this awesome release for free from their BandCamp Page.

Check out the guys here:

Major Kong

Major Kong are a 3 piece Instrumental Stoner/Doom Metal Band From Poland.

Their MySpace Account Bio should raise your interest in this band and tell you who they are:

"Major Kong is a band from Lublin, Poland. Formed in 12.2010, the group was founded by three members of Fifty Foot Woman. Under a new name they play instrumental doom metal."

The Members are:

Dominik Stachyra - bass
Michał Skuła - guitar
Paweł Zmarlak - drums

I have heard Fifty Foot Woman's previous releases and they are indeed highly recommended if you hunt them down.

But this is about their new brilliant side project. Major Kong. And its a brilliant Instrumental Stoner/Doom Metal Band.

Parts Karma To Burn, Parts Church Of Misery but 100% freaking awesome.

They have just released their debut EP - Orogenesis for free download from BandCamp.

You get 4 tracks on for 23 mins in total. And its some of the best instrumental Stoner/Doom tracks I have heard this year.

Imagine Church Of Misery jamming with Karma To Burn and you have what is on offer here.

Crunching Doom/Stoner Guitar Riffs with some Church of Misery type background vocals. All to excellent effect.

The best track on the album is the last track which is the title track of this excellent release - "Orogenesis". 7.53 minutes of epic Doom/Stoner Riffs that any Doom/Stoner band will be proud of.

Here is hoping that they release more material under Major Kong. As they have a very bright future indeed.

Check out the guys here:

Check out the title track "Orogenesis" from their excellent EP.


Motheaten are a 3 Piece Doom/Sludge/Post Metal Band from Denver.

The members are:

Trevor Beuthel
Jesse Kemp
Josh Bowen

They released their S/T release in March 2011 on their BandCamp Page. Its available on BandCamp's famous pay anything you want type deal.

You get 5 tracks which run altogether for 33 minutes. 

The production is excellent on this release. And the band conjure up some pretty epic ambient background sounds when playing their instruments really loud.

If your into Pelican/Russian Circles then get downloading as this is an epic slab of heavy instrumental sludge/post-metal greatness. Highly Recommended.

Check out the first track "5" from their BandCamp page. Shows you what these guys can really do.

Check out the guys here:

Monday, 18 April 2011

Ethereal Riffian

Ethereal Riffian is a psychedelic, stoner, rock, doom metal band from Kiev, Ukraine.

They have just released their excellent debut EP - Shaman's Visions.

What you get is 5 tracks which run for about 30 mins. 3 of tracks are 8 min plus epics. So your in for a Psychedelic Sludgy Ride into the Western Vortex. As it gets very Spacey too.

The EP is up for free Download on BandCamp. I downloaded it on the excellent EP Cover alone. As it intrigued me from the word go.

You get some Neurosis Type Vibes on this release. With some brilliant Stoner Guitar Riffs as well. 

If your into Neurosis, OM, Adrift For Days then you will dig this excellent release. The production on this is top notch. All of the instrument playing is superb.

So get downloading now. Relax, Sit Back and go on a journey into the unknown with the Shaman's Visions. Awesome stuff.

Check out the guys here:

Check out "Part III Yax Imix Che (The Path)" from the awesome debut EP. 9 mins of epic greatness.

Mühr - Shepherd/Blood

Mühr are a 4 Piece Psychedelic/Sludge/Doom Metal band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The members are:

Bass, vocals: ZA
Guitar: IJV
Guitar: GW
Drums: HH

Their Facebook description describes their music perfectly.

"Amsterdam's Mühr presents their first release, Shepherd/Blood E.P. Recorded by Menno Bakker and Jevin de Groot in the winter of 2010, the vinyl-only release consists of 2 tracks, each covering a side.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, Mühr combines heavy doom riffs with psychedelic soundwaves and surprisingly clean vocals, taking the listener on a hypnotic ride through the green fields of Holland, the dry plains of the California desert and the icy glacials of the North."

They released their debut EP "Shepherd/Blood" in Dec 2010 to a lot of acclaim on the web. And it deserves it. You get 2 tracks each on for about 12 mins in length. And both of these tracks are epic.

Loud, Intense, Quiet, Hypnotic are just some of the words on how to describe this excellent release.

If your a fan of heavy, guitar, spacey long psych riffs then get downloading. As its available on BandCamp's famous pay anything you want type deal. You can even buy this epic EP on Vinyl from their BandCamp page.

Put your headphones on, press play and just enjoy the hypnotic ride. Excellent release. Perfect for those pre-summer blues.

Check out the guys here:

Check out the guys awesome track "Shepherd" from their outstanding EP.

Friday, 15 April 2011

MYOSIS and J - Schism of Precepts (Split Album)

First of all I must thank Asad of MYOSIS for posting me this brilliant split album from his own band MYOSIS and J a one man Singaporean Funeral Sludge Doom Metal band.

MYOSIS are a duo Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Pakistan.

Members are:

Agha Majid - vocals
Asadullah Qureshi - guitar, drums

These guys side of the split is up first. And they play slow, loud and dirty Doom/Sludge Music. The way its supposed to be played.

You get 3 excellent tracks on for about 4 mins each. If your a fan of Ramesses and Electric Wizard then you will love these guys.

As they play the same type of down-tempo Sludge Doom Metal. You do get the odd great guitar riff especially on "Apostate of My Own Soul" - Epic Sludgy Riffs to get your teeth into.

The other tracks "The Uncaring Strokes of the Master" and "Cultivating the Tao" are just as bone-crushingly good. Shame there is only 3 songs as I was really getting into my groove with this slow-burning monster.

Check out the MYOSIS on their Facebook page:

Next up for J. J is a one man Singaporean Funeral Sludge Doom Metal Band. On his side of the album you get 3 long Sludge Funeral Doom Metal Tracks on for 22 minutes in total. And its epic, creepy and very slow moving. Just what you expect with what his Biography says on Facebook.

"From humble beginnings as a bedroom guitarist, J eventually progressed beyond music making and assembled his own home studio. Releasing a few covers in 2008, J gained sufficient experience to finally record, mix and produce his first demo, Apotropaic, in 2009. Heavily influenced by funeral doom and sludge such as YOB, Colosseum, The Funeral Orchestra, Esoteric etc, J sets out to enshroud Singapore and Asia within a nebulous cloud of funeral depression."

All 3 tracks are outstanding. Especially "Sounding the Death Toll of God".

An awesome end to an awesome split. Check Out J from the following links:


What is even more you can download this excellent split album for free release from the following link. Or you can listen to the whole thing from this link

So get downloading now and give these guys your support.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Signo Rojo - Debut Album - Get Downloading

As Regular Readers might know I am a massive fan of Swedish Sludge Rockers - Signo Rojo who released their brilliant debut album earlier this year.

Check out previous articles here and here

As you can see I think this is one of the best releases already this year. And this album is not hard to see why. Its awesome and loud as anything you may currently here.

The guys have just released their album on BandCamp's famous Pay As You Want type deal. Even $0 if need be.

So what you waiting for. Get downloading one of 2011 best kept secrets. This release has been getting excellent reviews on the web. So join in on the fun. And get listening to Signo Rojo.

Check Out The Guys Here.


Check out the guys performing "The Calling" from their excellent debut release.


OKER are a Post-Metal/Hardcore Band from Portland, United States.

I cant find much information about this band. Only that there are five members in the band. They have just released their amazing debut S/T album which is available for free download on Bandcamp.

What you get is 9 tracks of Post-Metal/Hardcore Goodness which runs for 45 mins in total.

You get some excellent epic tracks like "III" and "Zakouma". And some great 4 and 5 minute tracks like "Dumpoch" and "A mountain, a silhouette".

Some excellent guitar riffs through out the album which shows another talented band making their mark on the Post-Metal/Sludge World. Get downloading now.

L:ike I said the only link I could find was the Bandcamp one. But they do have a YouTube Video to check out. This is song "II" from their excellent self titled release.

Reserve de Marche

Reserve de Marche are a 3 piece Instrumental Russian Post-Rock/Post Metal Band.

The members are:

Alexander Alekseyev - Guitars
Dmitry Pomogayev - Drums
Andrey Bagdasarov - Bass

Reserve de Marche play music in the similar style of Pelican and Russian Circles.

The guys have just released their 2011 Demo for free download on Bandcamp, They say on their bandcamp page that "Four tracks in anticipation for the debut album. Non-mastered."

Well by going on this evidence we have something special to look forward to. As these guys are super-talented and the EP is an excellent 30 minute epic release.

So if your into Pelican and Russian Circles where the music can be quiet one minute and heavy the next. Then get downloading now. As its another brilliant release waiting to be discovered.

Check out the guys here:

Official Website - Check out all of their links on this website. As they have loads to choose from.

Check out the guys here performing "Wood Of The Maniac" from their awesome EP.

Check out the guys doing a brilliant cover of the Russian Circles Classic - Harper Lewis

Monday, 11 April 2011


TREEHORN are a Stoner/Post Hardcore/Blues Sludge Rock Band from Italy.

The guys play a blend of Stoner/Post-Hardcore Blues Sludge Rock music with subtle hints of Mastodon here and there. Which a lot of websites and blogspots are saying.

They released their new album "Hearth" in 2011 for free download from here: They did release an album in 2008 called Anime which I havent heard. But after hearing this amazing new album that is about to change.

What you get on "Hearth" is 8 storming tracks running in for a brilliant 40 minutes.

01. Stockholm
02. Taurus not bull
03. Wakin life
04. Senescence
05. Aluminium
06. Freeway to the sun
07. Apostolic
08. Black mirror

These guys are super talented. They are getting some major praise on the web. And this album shows why.

I have been playing this album non-stop since I downloaded in on Friday. This is another album where the production is top notch and there is not one weak track on this album. The time just flies by.

Listen to Senescence to see how these guys can rock with the best bands in the business. Its a 7.30 minute stormer of a track. You want an album with Blues, Stoner, Sludge, Doom massive Riffs. Then look no further than this amazing album.

Other outstanding tracks include Stockholm, Taurus Not Bull and Freeway To The Sun.

Loud, epic, sludge rock greatness. I cant praise this album highly enough. Its that great.

A contender for one of my top 10 albums of the year.

Get downloading now.

You can check these guys here.



ORTEGA are a four piece Psychedelic/Sludge/Progressive/Doom Metal Band from Holland.

The members are:

Richard Postma - Vocals/guitar
Alex Loots - Guitar
Sven Jurgens - Drums
Frank de Boer - Bass

ORTEGA released their debut album - 1634 in 2010. And its free for download from Bandcamp.

1634 is a 7 track and 43 minute monster epic of an album. If your into Mastodon, Baroness, ISIS and Neurosis then you will really dig this excellent album.

They have taken the basic elements from the best Sludge/Post-Metal acts out there and have made it their own unique style.

I cannot fault this album one bit. The production is excellent. The guitar playing is immense and the vocals really add to the eerie tone of the album. Throw in excellent drumming and a thumping bass line. And you have an outstanding release from another exciting up and coming Post-Metal band.

1634 reminds me of Mastodon's 2004 classic album Leviathan. As both of the albums both deal with Water as major inspiration for their respective albums.

You can really feel the overall tone and effect on this album. As tracks like "Into The Waves" and "Shipwrecked" make you feel your right into the action of the music. And that is a very hard thing to do. To get you emotionally involved.

But these guys do this superbly. Other stand out tracks include "Octagon" and "Chaser".

The best track on the album is the final track - The epic 8 minute "The Oracle". Delivers what you expect from an outstanding Sludge/Post Metal track. Haunting, Hypnotic and amazing guitar riffs that ISIS/Mastodon would be proud of.

Get downloading now. As this is a beast of an album. Outstanding.

Check out the guys here:

Check out "The Siren" from the excellent album "1634".


YAMA is a four piece Stoner Metal Band from Tilburg/Utrecht - Netherlands.

The members are:

Alex Schenkels (Vox, bluesharp)
Elmer van Engelenburg (Drums)
Sjoerd Albers (Guitars)
Peter Taverne (Bass)

YAMA play a very cool fuzzed out, stripped down Stoner Metal sound with Grunge overtones. They have just released their 2011 Debut Demo on Bandcamp for free download.

And its an excellent release. What you get is 3 tracks on for 19 minutes which shows off the potential of this hugely talented band.

Brilliant guitar riffs and excellent vocals through out this brilliant release. Imagine Alice In Chains jamming with Baroness and Kyuss and this is what you get. Awesome Stoner/Grunge/Metal Goodness.

Highly Recommended.

There is not one bad track on this EP. All excellent tracks in their own right. Cant wait for any future releases from YAMA. One of the strongest EP's released this year.

You can check out the guys here:


Get downloading now!!!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dala Sun

Dala Sun is a Greek 3 Piece Stoner/ Psychedelic/ Doom-Rock/ DIY Rock Band.

The Members are:

Harris : Guitar-Vocals
Tolas : Bass
Andreas : Drums

These guys play and worship at the Church of Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu and all the other great Stoner Rock Bands past and present.

I will post an article from their MySpace site which explains what they do and stand for.

"Dala Sun play/distribute/share their music, standing on the DIY anticommercial underground music scene and is opposed to their music being broadcasted by major commercial Radio-Stations and being selled by record super-stores and music labels. The band stands against playing live in music clubs with entrance fee, security guys and overpriced alcohol, choosing the ethics of the anticommercial self-organized form of entertainment in autonomous social places, music collectives and squats."

These guys released their amazing debut album Sala Dun in 2010 for free download from the following websites and Download Links:

The Crawling Roach Blogspot
4shared Album Download
Mediafire Album Download

The album itself is 8 tracks at 43 mins in length of brilliant sun drenched stoner/doom/fuzz rock music. If your into Kyuss, Monster Magnet then you will love these guys. As its a fantastic awesome release getting some great coverage on the web. And its hard not to see why.

So get downloading and check out the guys here:

Check them out on "Drunk" from their brilliant new album.

Bison Machine

Bison Machine is a 4 Piece Psychedelic Sludge/Stoner Doom Rock Metal Band from Hamtramck, MI from the USA.

The members are:

John deVries- guitar
Breck Crandell- drums
Jim deVries- vox
Anthony Franchina- bass

They play some fantastic stoner/doom/sludge music that is vast in its desert set landscape.

Imagine if Sergio Leone was still alive and he delivered a modern day blood thirsty western. And he needed an out there soundtrack. Well these guys music would definitely be the soundtrack. As their debut EP - Clad In Plowshares And The Blood Of Yetis 

As it feels like its a soundtrack for an unmade western. And its awesome stuff.

You get 4 tracks with a running time of 30 minutes. Each track is on for over 6.30 minutes.

Distributor Of Pain is an epic slice of Sludge Greatness. Loud Guitars, Heavy Pounding Drumming and a thumping bass line really adds to the eerie atmosphere. My fave thing about the EP is Jim's vocals. Very Powerful which draw you in from the start.

Virgin Rapist is another stormer of a track with a cracking guitar solo in the middle.

Russian Bear continues this excellent EP to new heights. Stripped back Sludge/Doom that will draw you in only for it to throw you back out in the very depths of Loud Doom Music. Some excellent Slide Guitar playing on this track.

The Last Track - Seed Of The Night is an 8.30 minute slow burning monster of a track. Slow, Melodic, Powerful and very hypnotic. Stripped Down, Americana Sludge that should be played really really loud.

This is a brilliant debut release from a highly original band whose future work I really look forward to.

The only other band these guys remind me of is Across Tundras. As they both play similar types of western landscape sludge/doom music.

I hope these guys find as much fame and success as Across Tundras. As they really deserved to be heard by a much of an audience as possible.

You can dowload this brilliant release for free from Bandcamp.

Check out the guys here:

Check out the guys here performing a track from their excellent debut release.

Wizard Eye

Wizard is a 3 Piece Band from from Philadelphia, USA.

The members are:

dave - bass/vocals
erik - guitar/vocals/theremin
rich - drums/percussion

They play a blend of stoner, sludgy, spaced out fuzz, doom, heavy rock hybrid of metal. Parts Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Down all going through a psychedelic wave of Spaced Out Greatness.

They released their debut album - Orbital Rites in 2010. And its a fucking awesome beast of an album. Another type of "How the Fuck are these Guys not signed" is beyond me scenario.

As this album is epic. Lashings of stoner, sludge, psych, doom all played through if the band were stuck in a permanent timewarp in the 70's jamming with the Classic Bands of the time.

What you get is 9 awesome tunes of for 39 minutes. This is one very spaced out trippy sludge/doom masterpiece.

Tracks like Say No More, C.O.C, Psychonaut and The Dying Earth need to be played loud as possible. As the album takes you into an unknown journey of the vastness of Space.

Imagine if Monster Magnet and Mastodon starting doing one heck of a weird Jam Session featuring tracks from both TAB and Crack The Skye. Well I think the results would sound like this.

This amazing album is for free download on Bandcamp - What you waiting for. Get downloading Space Sludge Cadets.

Check out the guys here:


Check out "Say No More" from their brilliant new album.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Voodoo Mule

I was contacted by a friend of the following band. And thanks to HellFucker for sending me the link to the following band.

"Voodoo Mule is a new stoner rock trio from Slovenia, inspired by bands/artists like Melvins, Jimi Hendrix, Sleep, Kyuss, Electric Wizard... They are just starting up and already played their first gigs"

A Few days ago they supported Swedish legendary doom masters Count Raven in Ljubljana"

The members are:

Jernej - guitar & vox
Matej - bass
Fabijan - drums

Well the fact they supported one of the most legendary Doom Metal Bands in the business got my attention already. So I downloaded the 3 Song EP the guys have allowed me to post.

And I must say I am highly impressed with their 16 minute 3-song EP. Even though on the short side. You get two blistering 6 minute tracks and one excellent 4 minute track.

Lettuce Storm is my fave track off this demo. As its a 6.33 minute down-tempo, sludge, stoner, doom-metal track that should have you head-banging from start to finish.

Next track is Powder Boy. A 4.12 minute blast of a track. Shortest of the three but by no means the quietest either. Some great drumming and guitar playing on this track. With a thick heavy bass line in the background as well.

Last track is Tophat Black which is another 6:04 minute Doom Metal blast of a track.

You can tell these guys play their influences close to their chest. And this is no bad thing when its this good. The Demo is a bit rough but that adds to the overall feel of this excellent EP.

Highly Recommended. And another band I will be keeping an eye out for future releases. 

Check out the following video of this talented band. Awesome stuff.

You can download their EP here which was kindly given to me by the band. So Thanks Guys. Much Appreciated.

Check out the guys here:


Karysun are a 2 Man Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Caen, Lower Normandy in France. Who formed in 2006. The members are:

Marc Euvrie - Vocals, Guitar
Nicolas Bazire - Drums

The guys have released the following albums and split releases.

Interceptor Full-length, 2008
Karysun / Year of No Light Split, 2009
Lords / Karysun Split album, 2009
Until the End Full-length, 2010

So you can see they have released some split albums with some heavy hitters in Year of No Light and Lords.

The guys have just released their incredible 2008 debut album "Interceptor" for free download from Bandcamp. And its a brilliant 37 minute thrill ride. I originally bought this album in 2009 so I can highly recommend this brilliant album.

If your into fast Sludge/Doom/Rock and Roll Stripped Down Metal then get downloading. 

If you like what you hear buy their even better 2nd album. Until The End.

For Fans of Baroness, Kyuss, Truckfighters and Kylesa.

Check out "Good Time Destruction" from their excellent debut album.

Check out the guys here:


Evil Bebos

Evil Bebos are an amazing Five Piece Atmospheric Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal Band from Murfreesboro, TN USA.

Members are:

Chris Click - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Rob McKinney - Guitar, Vocals
Devin Lamp - Synthesizer, Keyboards
Corey Taylor - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Ehlinger - Drums

Evil Bebos have released 1 EP and 2 Full Length Albums.

The Dead Language Full-length, 2008
Nausea EP, 2008
The Stranger Full-length, 2011

They play the same sort of atmospheric music of ISIS, Neurosis and Cult of Luna. But they put their unique stamp on the Post-Metal Scene to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

You can buy their excellent Debut Album - The Dead Language for little as $1 on Bandcamp. And its a fantastic album for such a small price. Highly Recommended.

What is even better is their 2nd album - The Stranger which is on Bandcamp's famous pay as anything you want type deal. Even $0 if need be.

This is one of the best Sludge/Post-Metal releases of the year. And you must own it now.

These guys along with V.Y.G.R. are the best up and coming Post-Metal/Sludge Bands out there. Incredibly talented and very heavy. Play as loud as you can. And be amazed at these guys talents.

Check out the following video "Cronus" from The Dead Language.

You can also buy the LP and CD's from the respective Bandcamp Pages. Highly Recommended!!!

Check out the guys here:


Saturday, 2 April 2011


Lands is a 5 Piece Post-Metal/Experimental Band from Reigate England.

The members are:

Alex Hooton (vocals)
Phil Bashford (Guitar)
Steve Gush Richards (Guitar)
Stew Gush (Bass)
Steve Mathews (Drums)

Their Facebook Info explains who they are and what they do.

"LANDS is a Post Rock/Metal band that formed in late Autumn 2010 in Reigate, Surrey.

Consisting of guitarists Phil Bashford (Fony) and Steve Richards (Fony), bassist Stu Gush (Broken Union and Bottlenex), drummer Steve Matthews (Android Angel and Back In The Day) and vocalist Alex Hooton (Earned In Blood)."

With the talent involved you know this is going to be something special. And it is.

The guys have released their debut EP Subtitles for free download. And all you have to do is register your email here:

Then you will get a free copy of the EP. Download as its excellent.

If your into Pelican, ISIS, Cult Of Luna you will love this. So get downloading as you get 5 tracks on for 28 mintues. 4 tracks are on for 6 minutes and one for a 2 minutes. But the majority of the tracks are in the best Post-Metal/Sludge Tradition. Loud, Quiet and then Heavy as anything.

If this is a statement from an up and coming British Post-Metal band well I am sold. Awesome stuff.

With bands like Lands and The Construct. I am a little bit more optimistic about the British Sludge/Post-Metal scene.

Check the guys out here.

Check out "I" from their new awesome release Subtitles.

Sorry For Nothing Live Gig Review

Well on Thursday I proudly announced I would be seeing Kyuss Lives on Thursday night. Unfortunately I didn't go to the gig. Thanks to Train Problems affecting the area where I live. Everywhere was overbooked and we couldnt get down to Nottingham to see them.

So instead I decided to see Sorry For Nothing at Trillians Rock Bar in Newcastle instead who were performing on Thursday night as well. I hadnt seen these guys perform for a while. But am massive fans of their music. Especially their awesome new album. Psycho Monster Resurrection. You can read my previous articles on this blogspot here and here.

Well the SFN guys came onto Trillians stage about 9:40pm and delivered a brilliant powerhouse 40 minute 9 song set.

The guys exploded on the stage straight away with Wolfman. And they got the crowd in attendance pumped up with their own unique brand of Stoner/Doom/Sludge Rock.

Rob (Lead Singer/Guitarist) was in fine form tonight. Growled, grizzly vocals with a sort of possessed stage presence not seen in most singers. His guitar playing was top-notch tonight. Not one mistake made. Well I didn't spot any but I was a bit drunk by then.

The band then went straight into Hammerblow. This set the gig into overdrive. As the bass lines got louder courtesy of Stu's excellent playing. Watching Rob and Stu play on stage together is something that needs to be seen. As these guys don't stay in the same spot for less than 5 seconds.

Trillians Stage is a very small stage. But Rob and Stu made it look like a football pitch with all of the movement on the stage. This really added to the atmosphere.

The songs kept on coming brilliantly with Electric Blood and then an old SFN Classic - Knots from their debut album.

Holding this band together is John (The Drummer) who is also Rob's brother. In my opinion John is the best drummer in the North East Unsigned Scene. And tonight he showed why. As he was hitting the drums what felt like with a hammer. Loud, Fast and Furiously Loud.

Well the whole band was playing brilliant tonight. To the small crowd in attendance which was a shame as these guys deserve as much as attention as everyone else.

The band then exploded with Messiah Test from their new album. This song is an excellent track live. And its hard not to see why. Cracking guitar solos and Rob's near high pitched vocals that could shatter glass if he went any higher.

We then got two of my fave SFN tracks. Big Top and Blind. Both excellent Stoner/Doom Tracks in their own right. Especially Blind. As that is my fave track from the new album. It was great to finally hear it played live.

SFN then ended this great gig with Witchfinder and Swallow.

The guys got a great reception and send off from the crowd in attendance made of old fans and new. On this performance its hard not see why Sorry For Nothing are the best band in the North East of England.

With the day starting so badly for me with the trains messing up Kyuss Lives Gig. Thanks to Rob, Stu and John for picking me up with an excellent gig which will last in the memory for a while.