Monday, 30 May 2011


Canadian Sludge/Post-Metallers ALASKAN are back with their brilliant 3rd release. "Adversity; Woe"

ALASKAN have been mentioned on this blog before with their brilliant previous release "The Weak And The Wounded".

Their new album "Adversity; Woe" has 7 songs and runs for a crushing and thrilling 39 minutes.

This is ALASKAN's best release so far. Their previous release was one of my fave releases of 2010. But this new release is so much better and more.

The guys have really upped their game since their last release. The guitar work is phenomenal from start to finish. And the drumming is brilliant as well.

You get 3 short songs and 4 epic tracks on the album. The short tracks are more of a break for the listener before the heavy sludge/post metal riffs kick in on each of the excellent lengthy tracks.

Gary (The Guitarist of ALASKAN) has stated in a recent interview from the excellent website American Aftermath what this album is about. As shown below:

"The album is called Adversity; Woe and is sort of a concept album. Each song deals with the idea of man forgetting the dangers of the products, machines or atmospheres we’ve created and tend to expect as an everyday normal occurrence. Such as working beneath the ground or flying in the sky. We don’t take our safety into consideration expecting the people who arrange these things for us to be responsible for our well being or safety."

The album really does have a beautiful structure around it. And is excellently written as well.

It's great to see a Sludge/Post-Metal Band go to great lengths in creating concepts around their work. To make the listener really think about what they are listening to.

I am not going to do a track by track review as I want the listener to discover this amazing album themselves. Get immersed in the world that ALASKAN have created with this outstanding release.

So if your already a fan of these guys then get downloading now. As you can get this on Bandcamp's pay anything you want type deal.

You can also buy this Album on LP from the following link.

This album has already started showing up on various blogspots. And its hard not to see why. It's a brilliant release from a group of outstanding musicians. Great work ALASKAN.

Check out the guys here:


Check out the first two tracks "Realisation" and "Congonhas" from their new album.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The United Sons Of Toil

The United Sons of Toil are a 3 Piece Hardcore Punk/Noise Rock Band from Madison, WI, USA.

The members are:

Russell Emerson Hall - guitar/vocals
Bill Borowski - bass/vocals
Jason Jensen - drums

The guys have released 3 outstanding albums so far.

2007 - Hope Is Not A Strategy
2008 - Until Lions Have Their Historians, Tales Of The Hunt Shall Always Glorify The Hunter
2011 - When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful

These guys are a politically driven band. And it shows in their music. Each album has a thought provoking message attached to them. And that is a good thing in my book. We need bands like The United Sons Of Toil to show or inform us of the different and political injustices in the world.

They play very loud and angry driven Punk Rock Music with a few Hardcore Overtones. 

They are a rare breed of band that their albums are better than the last. Especially their 2011 release - When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful. 

Their new album is their best yet. Raw, Loud, Angry and possibly the must truthful record of the year. A voice for people who don't have the choice as we do. Essentially one of the best releases you will hear this year.

I love the albums artwork for each album. It really sets the tone of each albums individuality and identity. Check each one out below.

I am not going to do a album by album review. All I am going to say is that you must own these records now. As they are essential releases for all music fans. A band that I have became a fan of in such a short space of time. Brilliant Releases by a Brilliant and Unique Band.

You can download all these releases on Bandcamp's Famous Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. Links for each album below:

Check out this brilliant band here:

Check Out the band performing "The Concept of the Urban Guerrilla" from their excellent new album.


MEADOWS are a 4 Piece Sludge/Doom/Stoner/Crust Metal Band from Sudbury, Suffolk, England.

The members are:

George Newnham
Chris Moore
Charlie Kilshaw
Jack Newnham

Charlie kindly sent me MEADOWS EP to review. And I glad that he did. His band's description had me sold before I even listened to the EP.

"We formed in 2010 from the ashes of various stoner rock and doom bands and this is our first release. It has been entirely DIY produced, We've recently been described as "sludge/grind/doom for fans of Napalm Death, Eyehategod, Grief and Converge"

Well does the epic description above do this EP justice. Well I must say. It fucking does with a big resounding YES.

Their S/T EP is on for 20 minutes and has 4 tracks. But what you get is Sludge/Doom/Grind/Stoner epic heavyness from start to finish.

The Head of Henry Grey gets things off to a loud and thumping head-banging start. With the distorted vocals coming thick and fast. Some excellent guitar riffs is the song's strongest asset. Loud and heavy is what you get on this track. And this EP never quietens down. Things only get louder!!!

Earthhorn (10,000 BC) carries on where the last song ended. More fast and furious guitar riffs with some excellent drumming. A 4.54 minute thrill ride journey into classic Doom/Sludge Territory. And with some cool crust punk overtones as well.

Plough is up next. Another storming track on the EP. This is my fave track on the EP. As it's got fast and furious Thrash Metal Type Guitar Riffs on this track.

The last track is - We Are The Last. A 4.53 minute blast that will have you pumping your fists in the air. As its got that great moshing pit vibe. This song would go down great with the Sludge Crowd in the live venues. With more of the same excellent loud and heavy instrument playing. This track brings the EP to a triumphant close.

MEADOWS are another UK Sludge/Doom band to look out for. As they do have something special on their hands with this release. Highly Recommended.

You can download this excellent release for free from their BandCamp Page.

So if your into Doom/Sludge Metal and want to try something a little bit different. Then I would strongly recommend you to download this excellent EP.

Check Out The Guys Here:


Here is an excellent Split Release from Doom/Stoner Sludge Rockers FISTER and Death/Doom Metallers THE LION'S DAUGHTER.

FISTER are a 3 Piece Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Saint Louis MO.

The members are:

Kenny Snarzyk
Kirk Gatterer
Marcus Newstead

THE LION'S DAUGHTER are a 3 Piece Death/Doom Metal Band from Saint Loius MO.

The members are:

Erik Ramsier - Drums
Rick Giordano - Guitars, Vocals
Jon Milles - Bass

Both of these bands have got together and released a brilliant and crushing record - "And Their Masters Bled For Days."

What you get is a 7 track release on for about 35 minutes. FISTER provides 3 of the longer tracks and THE LION'S DAUGHTER provides 4 of the shorter tracks.

This is an excellent EP. Both bands play some brilliant and brutal Stoner Riffs. FISTER play the more straight up Stoner/Sludge Music. While THE LION'S DAUGHTER play the more of heaviest of the two bands.

But both bands music provide the perfect compliment to each other. This is good as Stoner/Sludge/Doom Music gets. A brilliant listen from start to finish.

You can download this brilliant EP for free from the following links:

You can also buy this outstanding EP on vinyl from here: PISSFORK - An excellent online blogstore with more outstanding releases.

You can also download the band's other excellent releases for free from their BandCamp Pages.

Check Out Both Bands Here:



Check Out FISTER's Santabbath from their new EP. Awesome Stuff.

Check Out THE LION'S DAUGHTER "We Are Abomination" from the same EP. More Excellent Tunes.

Friday, 27 May 2011


PETRYCHOR is a one-man Ambient Black Metal Band.

They have released two excellent releases in 2010 and 2011.

2010 - Dryad - A 24 minute EP with 3 songs. Highly Recommended.
2011 - Effigies and Epitaphs - A 53 minute epic album with 6 amazing songs.

Effigies and Epitaphs is an amazing Ambient Black Metal Record. This has elements of Pysch, Folk, Post-Rock mixed in with some brilliant. brutal and atmospheric black metal music.

If your a fan of Wolves In The Throne Room or Nachtmystium then you will really dig these releases.

Hard to believe this is the work of one man. A hugely talented individual called Tad Piecka. Who is quite the one-man virtuoso. As he has many other side projects. Check out his website to see what other interesting projects he is involved in. He is also a member of the band "Beware To Society". Another excellent band to check out away from the Stoner/Sludge Scene.

But it's his black metal work that I am more a fan of. As this album is pure poetry at times. Especially the quieter instrumental parts. Its hard to believe you hear sounds like this on a Black Metal Album.

So get downloading both releases for free from Bandcamp. And check out his other work which you can download for free from his official website apart from "Beware To Society".

This is indeed one of the best if not the best black metal album I have hard this year. Awesome Stuff!!!

Check out PETRYCHOR here:

Official Website

Check out the 13 minute epic - "Of Grandest Majesties" from the awesome new album "Effigies and Epitaphs".


LEAFMULCH are a 3 Piece Stoner Rock/Metal Band from Cheltenham, UK.

The members are:

Stephan Carter - Bass
James Crozier - Guitar
Darren Anthony - Drums

Their bio states:

"Leafmulch are a new three piece stoner rock band from Cheltenham in the UK. We are trying to build our fanbase through gigs and we have just finished recording the first single off our upcoming as of yet untitled demo, which is attached. Influences range from Electric Wizard, to Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin and many more great stoner bands. The single was completely DIY recorded and as such, isn't studio quality but hopefully working hard we can get our name out there."

The guys have kindly provided their debut single "I'm Dead" for free download from their SoundCloud Page.

What you get is 4 mins of great Stoner Rock Vibes. If this shows what these guys can do then their demo could be something special. Its loud and heavy in the best possible Stoner/Rock Way. So get downloading and show your support to this talented band.

Highly Recommended.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Los Disidentes del Sucio Motel - Album Review

Los Disidentes del Sucio Motel are a 5 Piece Stoner/Rock/Fuzz Band from France. 

The members are:

Francky "The Ice Screamer" Maverick - Guitar/Vocals
Bobby "The Big Bear" Maverick - Bass/Vocals
Johnny "The Devil John" Maverick - Guitar
Billy "The Mad Guy" Maverick - Drums
Sonny "The Magic Finger" Mc Cormick - Keyboard/Vocals

The guys have been together since 2005 and have released a few EP's and compilations. They released their debut full length album in 2010. - Soundtrack From The Motion Picture

As you can see from the cool and insane album cover this is going to be a wild ride. And believe me it is.

The album has 12 tracks and is on for over an hour.

These guys take inspiration and play homage to the following bands: KYUSS, Monster Magnet, Dozer and QOTSA. These guys are loud for Stoner/Rock band with high doses of Fuzz Rock thrown into the mix.

This album is one of the most refreshing Stoner Rock Debut Albums I have heard in a long, long time.

Tracks like "Sir Dany Jack", "All Alone" and "Chapter II: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold" prove that these guys mean business. Plus they have a cool tongue in cheek sense of humour to the tracks as well.

These guys play fast and furious Rock 'N' Roll Stoner Fuzz from the start. As the title says this is a soundtrack to an album to a movie that doesnt exist. But I wish it did. As I love this album.

The album is full of excellent songs. There is not one bad song on this excellent release. The production is excellent as well. The guitar playing is loud, fast, fun and so damn catchy. The vocals are cool through out especially on my fave track on the album "A Beauty Among The Crowd". 

These guys do take influence from Stoner Rock Bands past and present but they put their own mark on it. These guys are accomplished musicians and this album shows you why.

This feels like a concept album about a Road Journey into the American Desert which introduces a few dodgy characters along the way. This album feels similar in structure to the QOTSA 2002 Classic - Songs For The Deaf.

It has that same sort of vibe. Episodic songs that build upto a great end. Well it should with the title of Soundtrack From The Motion Picture.

I havent had much fun or admired a Stoner-Rock-Fuzz album since Truckfighters - Mania.

This is an outstanding album for people to listen to by themselves or with a group of mates. As you will be singing the lyrics in no time. Awesome stuff.

This is my album of the summer that I will be listening to time and time again.

My brother is a big fan of this album as well. His short review sums it up perfectly. "Absolutely Brilliant. Nuff Said."

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check out the guys performing "Somewhere Else To Drive".

Also check out the guys performing "We Rock The World" their own unique spin on a Charity Classic Song.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


DRAWBRIDGEMAN are a Stoner/Rock/Doom/Metal Band from Barnet, UK with ex members of AORTA.

DRAWBRIDGEMAN play Stoner/Doom Metal Music that is reminiscent of their 70’s and 80’s counterparts but with a much needed modern twist.

DRAWBRIDGEMAN have released one of the best Stoner/Doom Debut Releases this year. Their S/T Release is 6 songs long and runs for a storming head-banging time of 38 mins.

What you get is cool Stoner/Doom Metal Grooves with great grizzled vocals.

5 songs are on around the 5 or 6 minute mark. With the last track on for an epic 9.51 mins.

Things get off to a great start with “Angry River”. Loud, Stoner Guitar is the backbone of this song. Some excellent guitar riffs tell you know that you’re listening to something special. The vocals are powerfully done and have a rather gruff exterior to them. Along with some thumping and heavy hitting drumming. This is a top notch track.

The next track “Contemplation” needs to be listened loud as you can. As it has another loud, fast and heavy Stoner/Doom Metal Riff right from the start. This is a 6.43 minute beast of a track. This has one of the coolest guitar riffs I have heard this year. The vocals are outstanding on this track.

The remaining 4 tracks that make this album such a brilliant release from a highly talented band. Tracks like “Sign”, “Waste Of Life” leave a lasting impression on the listener. As they are both full of hard hitting Stoner/Doom Guitar Riffs of the highest order. Along with some excellent vocals to boot as well.

The last two tracks on the album are probably the best tracks on the album. “Until I Drown” is a 5 minute stormer of a track that any Stoner Metal Band would be proud to have in their back catalogue. Even more great guitar riffs show these guys mean business and they won’t let go of your senses until the track is over.

And the band’s final track is the best track of the album. A 9.51 minute epic called “Gargantuan”. And it’s an apt title. As this song is epic as they come. This is the type of track you would be head-banging with your mates seeing these guys in action. Loud, Fast and Heavy Guitars dominate this track all the way through. With the vocals coming in when they are actually needed.

The band clearly takes influence from hard rocking Stoner/Doom Metal Bands Past and Present but make it their own brilliant sound.

Everything about this album is brilliant. Production, Musicianship and the Vocals. These guys could become your new fave Stoner/Doom Metal Band.

If your into KYUSS, Monster Magnet, Sabbath then you need this album in your record collection. As it’s one of the best releases I have heard in the Stoner/Doom Metal Genre this year along with AVER and NORSKA.

It’s great to see another up-and-coming UK Stoner Metal Band making their mark. And I hope this album gives them all the fame and attention they deserve.

All in all a brilliant album from a band that I will be keeping an eye on in the future.

Definitely Recommended.

You can get this amazing release from BandCamp's pay anything you want type deal. Even 0. So what you waiting for. Get downloading this excellent album.

Check out the Guys Here:


Caulfield are a Sludge/Doom/Hardcore/Crust/Black Metal Band from Sacramento; USA.

I have seen their stuff reviewed on various blogspots and magazines but I never took any notice. But I wish I had.

As I have missed out on some of the best music in that Genre of Music they currently play.

The guys released their new record S/T or Untitled as its called in 2010 which is available to download from BandCamp or their BlogSpot Page for free

You can download their previous releases for free from here from their Blogspot Page as well

These guys play the same sort of music as ISIS and Wolves In The Throne Room with Hardcore Crust Punk Sludge Overtones.

Their 2010 "Untitled" is simply astonishing. You get 5 tracks on for 25 mins. Don't let the short running time put you off. This is a pulsating and brutal onslaught from the start.

The first track “The Calm” is anything but. It is only on for 1.45 minutes but it shows you what these guys can do. A great short start to the album.

The next track “Those Who Deny” is the highlight of this excellent release. An 11.43 epic track that starts off slowly but quickly descends into brutal chaos. Parts Sludge, Doom, and Hardcore but with an eerie ambient tone in the background. Wait till the 2:30 minute mark until everything explodes into a loud burst of Sludge/Hardcore greatness.

3rtd Track Interlude is just that. A Short Interlude of heavy guitars and powerful drumming that quickly goes into the next track. This is an outstanding track as it shows what these guys can do in a short space of time.

The 4th track – “Set Fire To The Heavens” is a 6 minute blast of pure Sludge/Hardcore Fury with heavy drumming and fast intricate guitar work. With some great vocals added to the mix. Imagine Wolves In The Throne Room doing Speed Metal and this is what they would sound like especially from the 1st minute of the track. This track does go from slow to fast, fast to slow then back to fast for the last 90 seconds or so. Amazing track, which showcases the band’s overall talent for Noise and Destruction.

The 5th Track is called “Holy Storm” which ends things nicely. And by nicely I mean more hardcore/sludge/black-metal carnage. With some excellent guitar and drumming work.

An awesome release from a talented bunch of guys. Definitely download this release. You wont regret it.

Download all of their stuff from their blogspot.

If your into THOU, ISIS, Wolves In The Throne Room and other like minded bands then you will find much to admire here.

Check Out The Guys Here:

MySpace - Links available there to download previous releases.

Check the guys playing "Leeches" from their 2009 Live Cassette Release/Demo Release. Available to download from their BlogSpot or MySpace Page.


XII BOAR are a 3 Piece Southern/Doom/Stoner Metal band from North East Hampshire in the UK.

The members are:

Tommy Hardrocks - Guitar & Vocals
Adam Thomas - Bass & Backing Vocals
Dave Wilbraham - Drums

I must thank Dave the Drummer from XII BOAR for emailing their new EP.

I have seen XII BOAR’s Debut EP “XII” on nearly every blogspot going to great acclaim. This is another band that I haven’t checked out before.

Apologies to XII BOAR as their debut EP is a fantastic release that is a wake up call to the world of Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal.

Check out the already brilliant reviews they have received from the music press on their excellent website.

“XII Boar took all of about ten seconds to become my favourite, new band.”
“Their debut four track demo is an absolute gem. The talent on display both in song writing and 
ability is really impressive. ”

Stuart Patterson - Subba-Cultcha 


“Self-proclaimed UK stoner metal kings, XII Boar certainly know how to kick out a groove or six. There's more than a smidgen of Kylesa friendly sludge in here too - never a bad thing, right?”


"A band which crushes like a charge by a wild angry bison..."

Mari - Doomed To be Stoned In A Sludge Swamp 


Now all I can really add is that you get 4 excellent tracks on for a total of 17 minutes.

These tracks are all loud, heavy, and fast and brilliantly played by all involved. With some excellent singing and you have an essential release to own in your collection.

These guys have an exciting future ahead of them. I cant wait to hear their proper debut full length release. Especially after this great EP.

You can download this album from a wide range of places. Just follow the links from their excellent website:

Check the Guys Here:

Check out the guys track "Beg, Borrow, Steal" from their new EP.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


NORSKA are a 4 Piece Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Oregon, Portland USA.

The members are:

Jim Lowder
Dustin Rieseberg
Aaron Rieseberg
Jason Oswald

Aaron is also the bassist with Doom Legends "YOB" - One of my personal faves over the years and definitely worth checking out.

Anyway NORSKA play Down-Tuned Doom/Sludge Metal at its most raw and brutal. If your fans of YOB, High On Fire, Weedeater, Ramessess and Electric Wizard then you will dig their new S/T release.

The S/T release features 5 tracks and is on for an outstanding and brutal 40 mins. Tracks range from 5 mins upto 13 mins in length.

The tracklisting is:

1. Amnesia - 05:40
2. Nobody One Knows - 06:16 
3. They Mostly Come at Night -13:02
4. Cholera - 05:24
5. Two Coins for the Ferryman - 09:41

I am not going to give a track by track review as I wouldn't do this outstanding release any justice. You will have to check this out for yourself.

But there is not one bad track here. All of them are outstanding. These guys know how to play Doom/Sludge Metal at its most heaviest along with the finest riffs. Check out "They Mostly Come At Night" - A 13 minute epic of doom-laiden sludge riffs. Awesome track!!!

The tracks are all masterpieces of the genre. And you will be listening to the album over and over again like I have since I downloaded the album last week.

This is just an outstanding release that you should own. No doubt about it!!!

Definitely one of the best debut releases in the Doom/Sludge Metal World. Just an amazing album.

Highly Recommended to everyone!!!

You can own this brilliant release from BandCamp's pay-as-you-want type deal. Even 0.

Check out the guys here:

Check out the 13 minute epic "They Mostly Come At Night" from their outstanding S/T new release.


LYBRIA are a Alternative/Progressive/Space Rock Band from Illinois USA. Who play very loud music with Grunge and Alt Metal influences.

LYBRIA released their debut EP "Cycles" in 2010.

The EP is on for 5 songs and runs for a storming 27 minutes. This is an excellent release. The longest track "Debris" is on for 7.51 mins and is very epic indeed.

The production on this EP is excellent. The members are excellent musicians as well.

1st Track - "Emergency Room" gets things off to a thunderous start with some great guitar riffs and heavy hitting drumming. This is Space Rock at some of it's finest.

2nd Track - "Wells" starts quietly then kicks in with a heavy guitar riff that reminds me of early Cave In material. A hugely entertaining start to this excellent EP.

3rd Track - "So Far From Lonely" carries on with the heavy and dreamy space guitar riffs. The vocals are outstanding on this track. Very mellow and powerful at the same time. Heavy guitars and drumming which add to an already eerie atmospheric atmosphere.

The last two tracks "Johnny" and "Debris" are the best tracks on this EP. Both on for 5.44 mins and 7.51 mins respectively.

"Johnny" is the heaviest track on the EP and there are fast and furious guitar riffs from the start. You get a mixture of sounds from different genres - Space, Grunge, Prog Rock all done superbly into one outstanding song.

The last track "Debris" is the best track on the album. As its epic in length and in scope as well. Loud, Quiet, Hypnotic and with some excellent outstanding haunting vocals.

An excellent release which you need to own in your collection. You can download this amazing release from BandCamp on their famous pay-as-you-want type deals. Even 0.

This EP makes you feel you are seeing the end of the world. Just a hugely entertaining and excellent release. These guiys are definitely one to watch for the future.

So get downloading now!!!!

Check out the guys here:

Official Website

Check out the guys playing "Debris" Live.


At The Graves are a 2 Man Sludge Metal Band from Arnold, Maryland - USA

The members are:

Ben Price: Guitar/Vocals/Drums
Andy Schmidt: Bass

They have released 2 EP's for free Download from BandCamp

Each EP is on for 28 mins and are both excellent additions to the Sludge/Metal World.

At the Graves play Down-Tempo Sludge Doom-Metal music the way it should be played. There are some excellent guitar riffs with some excellent drumming to boot as well.

The vocals are very harsh and add to the overall atmosphere of both EP's.

If your want your Sludge Music thick, heavy, slow-pounding and very loud then these guys come highly recommended.

Excellent releases that show these guys have real talent from the start. Definitely one to look out for.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hungry For Hands are a 5 Piece Instrumental Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band from Kiev.

The members are:

Alexey - saxophone
Dmitriy - guitar
Vladimir - drums
Evgeniy - bass
Pavel - guitar

They released their new EP "I Was Hungry For Hands" in April 2011. What you get is 4 tracks on for 33 minutes. Two tracks run under the 4 minute mark and the other two are 2 amazing epic 12 minute plus tracks.

The band plays Instrumental Atmospheric Sludge/Post Metal Music. You get some great sludge based guitar riffs with a cool saxophone playing in the background which reallys adds to the atmosphere of the entire record.

This EP goes from loud, heavy to almost quiet hypnotic music in places with most of the songs ending on a loud wall of sludge/post-metal guitars.

Tracks "Sarah" and "Five" are the real standouts on this excellent EP as they are the 2 epic tracks that a great Sludge/Post Metal release should have.

If your into CULT OF LUNA, ISIS, PELICAN and the other great Sludge/Post-Metal bands then you will definitely dig this. The saxophone playing makes this another standout in the Sludge/Post-Metal world.

Highly Recommended.

You can download this from the following BandCamp Page on the pay as you want type deal.

Or you can download this from the band's official SoundCloud Page. (The EP is in one long track and has not been split into relevant individual tracks like BandCamp Page.)

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out The Guys Playing the epic track "Five" from their new release.


WEYE are a 3 Piece Progressive Instrumental Math Rock Band from Gurnee, IL - USA.

The members are:

Jared Wright - Guitar
Kevin Stephens - Bass
Grant Gosizk - Drums

Their bio from MySpace tells you what these guys do:

"There is no shortage of instrumental bands in today's indie scene. Unfortunately, the majority of them have subscribed to the single note 'movements' washed out with delay. Weye is not one of those bands. This Chicago trio brings the power of Pelican, with the finesse of Piglet. The excitement of Battles, but the clever songwriting of Minus the Bear. Dynamic tapping riffs, seemingly endless looping pedals, monster bass lines, and caffeinated drums almost reminds the listener of classic Don Cab. Their unique, fun sound can be heard throughout the midwest as they support their debut EP, Friends, Family, & Others."

They released their debut EP "Friends, Family, & Others" in late 2010. What you get is 7 tracks on for 33 mins or so.

So if your into Pelican and Russian Circles then you will find much to enjoy here. Highly Recommended to stand out from the rest of the Instrumental Rock Crowd.

This has got some great guitar riffs and great drumming as well. This might be a bit different from the usual Sludgelord Blogspot recommendations but its such a damn fine release I had to recommend it.

You can download this release from BandCamp's famous pay as you want deal.

You can check the guys here:

Check out the guys playing "Great Hall (Song 9)" live from their excellent EP.

Big Jesus

Big Jesus are a 5 Piece Alternative/Sludge/Stoner Rock Band from Atlanta, USA.

The members are:

C.J. Ridings - Bass
Johnny Dang - Guitar
Josh Hunter - Guitar/Vocals
Spencer Ussery - Vocals/Guitar
Zach Richards - Drums

Big Jesus play a mixture of some cool Stoner/Sludge Rock Metal Music. Parts Kyuss and Parts Cave In mixed in with some pretty cool grungy guitars.

The guys have just released their Debut S/T EP for free download on BandCamp. What you get is 4 songs on for a total of 13 minutes. And its some of the best thumping 13 minutes since Torche's last EP - Songs For Singles.

The tracks range from 2 mints to 3.30 mins. What you get is sharp, short and cracking sludgy guitar riffs all the way through. These guys do sound like early Cave In especially with the vocals. Which is no bad thing in my book as they are one of my fave bands.

This is a hugely enjoyable EP which I have listened to for the past few days. The production on this EP is excellent along with some excellent instrument playing. Which is no surprise considering who is involved with this project.

The members of the band are from the following groups.

Irreversible - Post-Metal/Sludge Rockers who released their excellent 2nd album "Light" for free download as well in 2009. Definitely worth checking out as its a great release. You can download "Light" from here

Gray Ghost - Hardcore/Sludge Metallers where you can release all of their material free of charge from their own blogspot: And all highly recommended.

O'Brother - Post Hardcore Rockers who are making quite a name for themselves. Check their BandCamp Page for more info and sounds.

All 3 bands are worth checking out. As I have recently done this week.

Anyway back to Big Jesus. This EP is a rocking statement to the world of Sludge/Metal Music that a new band has arrived and this is to show you what we can do.

A great release which shows we could be in for something special when they release their debut full length.

Check Out The Guys Here.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Matador

The Matador are a 5 Piece Progressive/Doom/Post-Metal Band from South East Queensland, Australia.

The Matador released their new EP "'Descent Into The Maelstrom" in April 2011. You get 5 tracks on for about 30 minutes. And this is another up and coming band to look out for.

Their Facebook Description tells you all you need to know.

"The Matador are a 5 piece progressive post-metal outfit from South East Queensland, Australia. They cast themselves apart from the mainstream of Australian heavy music by creating a sound that ranges from down-tempo, complex ambient arrangements to epic, driving walls of earth-crushingly slabs of sludge. With influences ranging from Cult Of Luna, Isis, Thrice and Deftones to Radiohead, Interpol and The National, 

The Matador have consciously avoided the cliché of breakdowns, blast beats and death growls that currently saturate the heavy music scene. The debut EP 'Descent Into The Maelstrom' was released worldwide on April 21, and with this release and plans to tour Australia to promote it, The Matador are aiming to bring something fresh and exciting to the heavy music scene in 2011. As a live act The Matador are building a strong reputation as a force to be reckoned with, with comments such as ‘The band utilises experimental melodic sections which help create a landscape of atmosphere, and serve as progression to a later chaotic climax of sounds…’ ( and ‘their sound reveals many harmonic layers buried within the post-metal exterior. It’s bleak yet hypnotic, desolate yet enchanting’ (timeoff street press) only beginning to describe the experience that is The Matador live."

If your into the bands mentioned above then you will find much to enjoy here as its another epic EP to check out. Crunching Guitar Riffs, Hard Hitting Drumming make this EP another winner in the Post-Metal Genre.

Another exciting Australian Band to look out for along with AVER and Adrift For Days.

So if you want an excellent Progressive/Sludge/Post-Metal to head-bang to then get downloading from their BandCamp Page as its on the pay-anything-you-want type deal. Highly Recommended.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Facebook - Their Facebook Info Page has loads of other links to check the guys out at.

Undersmile - A Sea Of Dead Snakes EP Review

Undersmile are a 4 Piece Sludge/Doom Female Fronted Metal Band from Oxford.

The members are:

Tom McKibbin on Drums,
Olly Corona-Brown on Bass
Hel Sterne on Vocals and Lead Guitars
Taz Corona-Brown on Vocals and Guitars.

Undersmile released their new EP - A Sea of Dead Snakes in 2010 and this is what I am going to review.

The EP is 5 tracks long and is on for around 37 mins in length.

You get one short track at 2 mins and the other 4 tracks are epic tracks ranging from 7 mins to 10 mins in length.

Undersmile play a low tuned Sludge/Doom Hybrid of Metal Music with early grunge aspects. Now I havent heard many female fronted Sludge/Doom Metal Bands but Hel and Taz are majorly talented guitarists and vocalists. Plus I must not leave out Olly and Tom on bass and drums respectively as they are excellent musicians as well.

These guys influences are wide and varied from Harvey Milk to The Melvins. I can hear influences from Electric Wizard and Ramesses as well. But they make it their own unique style.

You get low tuned slow epic guitar riffs on certain tracks. And on other tracks they play Fast Guitar Riffs that other Sludge/Doom Bands would be proud of.

Take the first track "Instrumental" which is exactly that. A 2 minute opus with crushing guitar riffs that show you what type of listen your in for. Some great guitar riffs with some excellent drumming to beat.

2nd Track - "Cutters Way" is a 7:36 minute epic that had me head-banging from the start. Some crunching dirty sludge guitar riffs draw you right in. With some haunting vocals by Hel and Taz. Their vocals are simply awesome on this track. This track shows that these ladies can rock and shout with the best of them. Great Stuff. The whole band play their heart out on this track.

Next up is "Teutonic Dyselxia" another epic track on for a pulse pounding 10 mins in length. This is sludge at its most stripped down. The drumming starts off slowly along with a thumping guitar and bass line which sets the eerie mood. This is my fave track on the EP. The vocals are raw, painful and brilliantly sang by Hel and Taz. This is one of my fave Doom Metal Tracks of the year. As it does what all doom tracks should do. Scare the heck out of you. This is the sense of pain and despair played out into your headphones. This is a slow excellent down-tempo track that all good Sludge/Doom Metal Bands should have.

4th Song is "Crab People" another 8 minute monster of a track. A bit like the previous track for the first 4 minutes then it kicks in with a fast and furious riff which comes out of nowhere with some excellent drumming. I also most praise Olly on bass as he keeps things thumping over with a loud and down tuned display right to the end of this stormer of a track.

Last by no means least is "Spore" another 8:47 minute epic track. If you think this band is going to lighten up then think again. The mood stays down, dirty and low tuned just like the previous excellent tracks. If you want something light then this is not it. Amongst the loud noise is some excellent drumming by Tom and another loud furious guitar riff. Lots of reverb on this track which really adds to the sense of despair the track is painting. I can really imagine head-banging to this track if I was seeing this band live.

This EP is just simply fucking amazing from start to finish. I have listened to this low-tuned dirty sludge riffage epic of an EP continuously for the past couple of days. And each listen I find something else to enjoy that I missed the previous listen.

This EP puts most full lengths to shame. The production on this EP is excellent and for their first major release this comes highly recommended. The entire band are all excellent musicians who play their part superbly. The guitar riffs on both normal and bass are superb throughout. The drumming is outstanding as well. But my fave part of the album are the vocals by Hel and Taz. Beautiful, Haunting and Painful at the same time.

Another excellent Sludge/Doom Band from the UK to keep an eye. Especially since the band are releasing their debut album "Narwhal" in August 2011. If its anything like this then we are all in for a major treat. Definitely will be buying it when it comes out.

You can own this excellent release for the following prices and links:

Digital Album from BandCamp for £2
Limited Edition CD from BandCamp for £4

You can check the guys here:

Check Out The Band Playing my fave track "Teutonic Dyselxia" live.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Hi Readers - I still have 19 free download codes for the awesome album by SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT. Previously Reviewed Here: The guys kindly sent me the codes themselves and they are a great bunch of guys as well.

All you need to do to own this superb album is to email me at and I will email you the download code to download it for yourselves.

So what are you waiting for. Get emailing me NOW!!!


This next band Fields of Locust has featured on Sludgelord before. But I am highlighting them again as I have recently been contacted by the band themselves for people to check their music out.

Fields Of Locust are a sludge/post-metal/experimental band from Greece.

Fields of Locust Line-Up:

Michalis on guitars and vocals
Ilias on guitars
Thanos on bass
Nikos on drums

You can dowload their amazing new album "Subtopia" for free as well from the following link.

You can also buy this excellent album from here for the price of 4 Euros.

My initial review was rather short. But I recommend you download this excellent album. You get 5 tracks on for an epic 57 nmins.

If your into ISIS, Cult Of Luna, Pelican and Neurosis. Then you will find much to enjoy here.

As it was one of 2010's best undiscovered gems on the web. You wont be sorry. Definitely one of the best post-metal bands to keep an eye on.

Check out the guys here:

Official Blogspot

Check the video for "FOG" from their excellent new album "Subtopia"


UMOR is a 4 Piece loud and heavy atmospheric rock/metal band with stoner and doom influences, based in Zagreb, Croatia.

The members are:

Sanjin - Drums
Goran - Vocals
Tonci - Bass
Branimir - Guitar

The following description is taken from their Facebook Page.

"Umor is a loud and heavy atmospheric rock/metal band with stoner and doom influences, based in Zagreb, Croatia.

The band was officially formed in 2007, but the members have been playing in the same lineup long before that.

Their current label is self founded DIY collective called Sonic Doom Records, which published their Split CD with Cojones (2008) and a Self Titled EP (2009). They are currently recording their first full length album, which is to be released in on May 6th 2011."

These guys are super-talented. I first heard of them in 2008 with their excellent split release with Cojones. 

Since then they have released an excellent S/T EP in 2009 which is 5 tracks long and on for 38 mins in length.

What you get is long drawn out Sludgy Epic Guitar Riffs with a lot of Post-Metal, Doom and Stoner influences with excellent vocals courtesy of Goran.

A highly recommended release which you will be hitting for the repeat button. A heavy pounding and pulsating release.

Now in 2011 the guys are back with their brilliant epic full length - Pralayaah. The album is 5 tracks and on for a brilliant 1hr and 2 mins. So this is an epic album in scope and nature.

Track 1 - "Vile" is on for a lengthy epic 12.41 minutes. Its starts off with some impressive sludgy guitar riffs and pounding drumming. This track is slow-burning sludgy, post-metal at its most finest.

Track 2 - "One" is the shortest of the tracks at around 6 mins but by no means the quietest. Some great spacey guitar riffs here with loud sludgy riffs as well.

Track 3- "Mountains Of The Wolf" keeps things as they were before. A lush quiet ambient backdrop with some impressive drumming and a nice sombre guitar riff. Until the loud guitar riffs kick in after about 2.30 mins. This does have a very eerie voice-over talking along with Goran's haunting vocals accompanying the track. A very chilling and haunting track indeed.

Track 4 - "Exposure" and Track 5 - "Silent Key - The Sign" are the real joys here on this album. Both epic tracks on for 17 mins and 18 mins respectively. Both of these tracks are masterpieces of the Atmospheric Sludge Metal Genre. 

You get slow, epic drawn out guitar riffs that stay quiet in parts and burst into loud sounds of anger which astound you with the amount of talent involved with this band. Two awesome tracks to end such a brilliant and outstanding album. Awesome album by an awesome band.

If your into ISIS, Nero Tower, Neurosis and Cult Of Luna then you will really dig these guys.

You can get these awesome releases from their official BandCamp Page on their famous pay as you want type deals. So what your waiting for. Get downloading:

Links to the BandCamp Pages and download links below:

Check out the guys here:

Check out "Mountains Of The Wolf" from their outstanding new album "Pralayaah"

Desert Storm - Forked Tongues Review

First of all I must point out there is no free download with this. Apologies. But a review for a rather cool British Stoner/Doom Metal Band - Desert Storm.

Desert Storm are a 5 piece Stoner/Rock/Psych/Doom Metal Band.

Members are:

Chris White: Guitar
Ryan Cole: Guitar
Chris Benoist: Bass
Elliot Cole: Drums
Matt Ryan: Vocals

They have released 2 EP's and 1 Full Length - Forked Tongues which I am reviewing now.

Forked Tongues is 9 tracks long and on for a blistering 39 mins. 

The band is influenced by a lot of Stoner/Doom/Southern Metal Bands - Down, Clutch and KYUSS. And it shows on this album.

Opening Track - Cosmic Drips shows that this band love things all Stoner and Southern Rock. As it's 3.52 mins of pure Stoner Riffs with highly impressive singing with some cool sultry female vocals. This track gets things off to a flying start.

2nd Track - Ol' Town starts with a cool Stoner Rock Type Groove. With some laid back vocals. Some really laid back guitar riffs which are not the most heaviest but do have some catchy hooks with more laid back vocals. And some more cool sultry vocals give this a really Bluesy Stoner Rock Song. Strong Stuff.

3rd Track - South We Roll is where the album takes off. Some impressive guitars from the start that remind me of Clutch and Down. With the usual trademark of Stoner/Blue-Metal Vocals coming into strong effect. A real head-bang of a track.

The album tracks keep getting better especially with Smokes 'n' Liquor. Which reminds me of Clutch at their most blusiest dirtiest Stoner period of music. Matt's vocals really hit some low pitch tones. Like he has been signing in an old NOLA Pub/Bar all his life.

Tracks like The Jackal and Forked Tongues make this a hugely entertaining listen so far. You can really imagine yourself seeing this band on stage and headbanging to the Southern Metal Guitar Riffs.

Track No 7 - The Void was my biggest surprise on this album. As Matt's vocals have been reminiscent of Neil Fallon and Phil Anselmo but this track starts out like Flynn Gower of much missed Aussie Prog-Rockers COG. I thought it was him. But KUDOS to Matt for his high range of different vocals. This track is my fave track on the entire album. Some great riffs and excellent drumming along with Matt's vocals make this the standout track on this album.

Track 8 - Connected is the acoustic track on this excellent album. Some amazing acoustic guitar work here with Matt's earthly hollow vocals. Reminds me of Down in many ways. This song takes you away to a far away land. As its a rather dreamy ballad that only Stoner/Southern Metal bands that can pull off. 

Track 9 - Pocketwatch brings things to a close. Starts off with a really quiet blues guitar riff. and then gets back into normal loud territory. Slow burning with angry bursts of excellent Stoner Guitar Riffs.

This album got a lot of praise heaped on it when it was released but it also got it's fair share of haters as well.

Yes the album does take influence and sound a bit like from Clutch, Down and other Southern/Doom Metal Bands. But they do it in such a brilliant way. Who cares.

The instruments are played superbly by everyone concerned. And the vocals are top notch.

Bottom line is Desert Storm make some brilliant Stoner/Doom/Southern Metal Music. An album's purpose is to entertain and Forked Tongues does this brilliantly.

These guys have toured with Orange Goblin and TAINT (Sadly Missed) - And those two bands are two of my fave underground Stoner Metal Bands.

If the UK needs a cool Stoner Metal Scene again then I think this band deserves all their success they can get. 

Forked Tongues might not win awards for originality but it's a classic balls-to-the-wall Stoner/Doom Metal Album in my opinion. Highly Recommended.

Check out the guys performing "Ol' Town" live from Forked Tongues.

Thursday, 12 May 2011


SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT are a 4 Piece Southern Metal Band from Germany who formed in 2006.

The members are:

Sascha - Guitar
Marcel - Drums
Timo - Bass
David - Singer

SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT play Southern Metal that its meant to be played. Loud, Dirty, Mean with Loud as Fuck Sludgy Guitar Riffs. Along with some proper Sludge Metal Vocals.

The band take influences from EYEHATEGOD, Down, Pantera and Crowbar when making their music. But they add their own things with some cracking Thrash Metal Guitars and the odd Death Metal vocal here and there.

They released their debut album "Confrontation" in Summer 2010. And its a pure sludge riot of an album. If you love the above bands work then you will love this. Proper Southern Metal done brilliantly. 

You get 10 tracks and the album runs for a brisk and brutal 40 minutes.

The First Track "Coronis" throws the listener right at the deep end. No bullshitting about. It's heavy from the word go. Cracking Sludge/Southern Metal riffs with Dave's Grizzled Vocals.

"Darkness" and "Fuck em All" keeps the band pummeling the listener into submission. And by now you will be. Just some cracking guitar riffs that remind you of the good ole days of Southern Metal. Where Southern Metal was just Southern Metal without other genre's coming into play.

"In Southern Flames" keeps this great album guitar riffs coming thick and fast. And Fast I mean FAST. This is one of the heaviest tracks on the album. So put volume on loud and headbang furiously.

Mistake and Snake Eyes follow the same winning formula to hard-hitting effect. Sludgy Guitar Riffs with heavy pounding drumming along with Dave's impressive growl of vocals.

Undying and Storm Of The South are the pure hard hitting anthems of the album. Ones you can headbang along with your friends to. More excellent guitar riffs with more impressive drumming.

Stoned reminds me of PANTERA and DOWN. Which is no bad thing in my book. As they are two of the finest bands in the Metal Genre. This has got some great Thrash Guitar Riffs to look out for.

The last track "Driven By The Moon" is the best track on the album. A 6.58 minute epic of track. Starts off slow and quiet then kicks in with the Southern Metal Riffs later on only to finish on a beautiful quiet guitar riff.

Their debut release "Confrontation" is an excellent release. It shows as a statement what these guys can do. Which is making loud, fast and furious guitar riffs with some excellent Southern Metal vibes. Highly Recommended.

And SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT are a nice bunch of guys as well.

They have provided me with 20 BandCamp Download Codes for people to own this excellent album. All you need to do is email me your email address at and I will email you a code to download this excellent album.

Like I said it is only for the first 20 people. So better get emailing soon. If you are one of the lucky ones contact the band at the links below and let them know what you think. As they would really appreciate it.

Links For The Band Here:


I must thank Burdt from AVER for emailing his bands amazing new album.

AVER are a 4 Piece Stoner/Psych/Doom Rock/Metal Band from Sydney Australia.

The members are:

Luke: Lunar Fiddle
Jed: Earth Tremors
Chris: Tribal Rhythms
Burdt - Guitar/Vocals

They play an amazing blend of Stoner, Psych, Doom with lashings of heavy Space Rock.

The email that was sent to me had this following description for their new debut S/T album " which had me sold.

"Lock up your daughters! because AVER will be at her friend's house party screaming obscenities, hogging the stereo, breaking laws and vomiting in the swimming pool. Having just self-released their first album in April 2011, These unsigned 21-year-olds from Sydney, Australia have started out with a bang. Sounding like a radioactiveMudhoney took acid, smoked meth and played a gig underwater, this is Space/Stoner/Grunge for the thinking man, featuring didgeridoo, djembe and a scream that could strip paint. A style that defies genres. Spacey as shit, Heavy as fuck, No bullshit and No surrender. Get the headphones out for this one."

And I agree with every word and then some!!!

Their debut album is quite simply one of the best debut records I have heard in years. You get 8 tracks on for 48 mins. This is one hell of a seriously heavy, spacey, trippy, psych journey into the Metal Vortex.

Imagine if Alice In Chains and Kyuss flew a NASA Space Shuttle to the moon and played a massive jam/band practice session.. This is what you would get.

Anti-Matter gets things off to a flyer with a space guitar riff Monster Magnet would be proud of. 6 mins of pure Stoner Space Genius. Some highly original lyrics as well.

Second Track Jacob is even more heavier when the heavy loud distorted guitars come in. This is a great start to the his excellent album. 5 mins of pure rock fury.

Third Track - Acid Rain starts with a didgeridoo (which is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia at least 1,500 years ago - Info for our Non-Aussie Readers. Also made famous by Rolf Harris. Another Aussie Icon.) - Right enough of the history lesson folks. But when the ambient stuff ends - Normal business returns with some more excellent guitar. Riffs. This is my fave track on this album. Burdt's vocals take such an earthly feel here before going into the stratosphere.

Other tracks Real Eyes, Retreat To Space (This might start off slow and quiet. But wait to the 4.05 min mark). These tracks show these guys are excellent musicians in their own right. By now I was totally loving this new album. Even before it was finished. And it normally takes me a few listens to love albums such as this.

As we all know all bands have their "Lighters or Mobiles in the Air while you chill out type song". And AVER are no different. But there track is an amazing laid back journey into the unknown. That track is Decay - A 5.46 minute track of pure stoner groove-chillness epic of brilliance. There are some excellent guitar work and great drumming here on this track.

The last two tracks Stoneage Wasteland and Phantom Limb. Phantom Limb highlights what I love about Stoner/Psych Genre - Intricate Guitar Work, Quiet then heavy as fuck with amazing riffs. With lyrics that make you think instead of the usual fare.

The last tack Phantom Limb is a 6.32 melodic stoner semi-acoustic beast of an anthem. Burdt's vocals are such a soothing influence on this track. Some great acoustic work here.

As you can tell I think this album is a brilliant album by such a talented bunch of guys. Everything is top notch here - Vocals, Guitars and Drumming. I cant fault the production one bit. The guys have done a great job here producing this excellent album themselves.

What is even more nice you can own this brilliant album for free courtesy of the band. Download it here and own one of the best Stoner Rock Releases of 2011. Simply Awesome Stuff.

Check Out The Guys Here;

Check out the guys track Acid Rain from their amazing S/T Debut Album.

And a track that they performed live to show they have a real sense of humour.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Taste The Void

Taste The Void are a 4 Piece Post-Metal/Hardcore Metal Band from Nantes.

The members are:

Aloïs Masson - Drums
Marco Agnan - Bass
Aristide H.Prévert - Guitar
Valentin Lurthy - Guitar/Vocals

I have to thank the band themselves for emailing me to post the two tracks for free download they have kindly provided to us.

Taste The Void play Post-Metal Music with some excellent Sludge and Post-Hardcore influences. Imagine Parts ISIS, Mastodon, TOOL and Deftones. And you would get the music that Taste The Void play.

They released their new EP/Maxi Single "In Search For Light" for Free Download . What you get is two epic tracks on for about 8 mins each. You get excellent hardcore vocals from Valentin which is what you expect from a heavy sounding and talented bunch of musicians.

You get some loud, sludgy, fantastic guitar Post-Metal Riffs. With some even more impressive drumming.

Even though the EP is on for 16 mins I had this on repeat for about a dozen times since I downloaded it the other day. If this is a calling card for this hugely talented band then I cant wait to see what they release either on a longer EP or a proper full length.

Awesome Stuff. Highly Recommended Release here folks. So get downloading from the free link the band has kindly given us.

Check Out The Guys here:

Facebook - You can download the EP for free from their Facebook Page as Well.