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Awake In Sleep are a 5 Piece Sludge/Post Metal Band from France.

The members are:

Guitar, vocals - Andrey Kalinovsky
Guitar, back vocals - Jérémie Godet
Guitar - François Clézio
Bass, back vocals - David Roger
Drums - Maxime Guerreiro

Awake In Sleep have just released their new S/T EP. The EP has 4 tracks and runs for around 31 minutes.

The shortest track is on for 5.20 minutes while the longest is a 10.32 minute epic track.

Awake In Sleep play a great blend of Sludge/Post Metal music. If your into PELCIAN, ISIS, CULT OF LUNA and NEUROSIS then these guys play the same sort of excellent hard hitting Post-Metal music.

This is loud from the word go. First track – “A Place To Die” is on for 7.50 minutes, hits the ground running, and doesn’t stop until the last perfect note is played. A perfect blend of Hardcore/Clean Vocals and intricate Sludge/Post-Metal Drumming and superior Guitar Riffs. A very heavy and atmospheric track that sets the EP’s atmosphere perfectly.

2nd Track – “Cold Waves” is a 5.20 minute slow-burner of track. Starts off really slowly with excellent drumming and a mid-paced guitar riff. Really gives the track a rather eerie and hollow earthly feel. But things do get loud later into the song to outstanding effect. Another standout track on this excellent EP.

3rd Track – “A Shrine For The Sleepness” is on for 7:15 mins. This is a great song that shows Awake In Sleep’s experimental side. Full of excellent drumming and cool distorted guitar effects in parts of the song. Before the heavy and delicately slow played guitar riffs come into play and never let go until the very end. Some great Hardcore/Clean vocals adds to the tracks excellent experimental nature.

The last track is the longest on this awesome EP. “Flowing Seasons” is on for 10:32 minutes. And is the standout track of the album. It is full of loud and heavy Sludge/Post-Metal riffs we all come to expect from a top notch Sludge/Post-Metal band. Awake In Sleep are no exception. Starts off rather quietly and then the Post-Metal carnage begins around the 2 minute mark and never lets go of the listener’s attention. Play this song extremely loud and headbang to it’s final moments.

A great EP from a hugely talented band that deserve all the success that comes their way.

The production is excellent on this release. All instruments are played superbly and not one note is out of place.

So if your looking for an excellent Sludge/Post-Metal release to immerse yourself in. Then this release comes highly recommended. Brilliant stuff.

You can download this excellent EP for free from their BandCamp Page.

Check Out The Guys Here:

BORRACHO - Splitting Sky Review

BORRACHO are a 4 Peice Stoner/Doom Metal Band from DC Rock City.

The members are:

Noah - Vocals and Guitar
Steve - Lead Guitar
Tim - Bass
Mario - Drums

BORRACHO play a groovy fuzzed up hybrid of Stoner/Doom Metal. These guys worship at the Church of Almighty Stoner/Doom greatness where the riff is king.

The guys have just released their superb new album “Splitting Sky”. You get 8 tracks on for 57 mins in length.

This is hands-down the Stoner Metal Album release of 2011. See the brilliant reviews it is getting all over the place and be prepared to be amazed.

You want fuzzed drenched Stoner Metal Guitar Riffs, Sublime Stoner/Doom Metal Vocals and badass drumming. Well look no further than Splitting Sky.

This album is going to be a classic of the genre. No question about it.

Things start with a quick Stoner/Rock Instrumental blast of song – “Redemption”. 1.36 mins of awesome Stoner Metal riffs, which really sets up the mood of the album. A great start.

Next up is the 3.21 minute “Concentric Circles”. Full of desert sun-drenched riffs and some really cool lyrics as well. Makes you feel like you are head-banging with these guys in the Californian desert itself at a legendary generator party that KYUSS were famous for back in the day.

The next song is the “7.37” minute epic – “BloodSucker”. Another song full of great Stoner-Metal guitar riffs with even more great lyrics as well. A rather creepy and haunting song done Stoner-Metal Style. The vocals really do have an earthly feel to them even when singing the more risqué lyrics. But all done in the best possible way and taste.

By now this album should have you sold that you are listening to something special and is destined for classic status in the realm of Stoner Metal.

The next track “Grab The Reins” is an 11 minute plus epic, which starts with a really cool bass guitar beat that draws you in until the other members come in to play. Thick riff and after thick sublime guitar riff just go through the entire track. Things do start off slowly before getting into a really cool pace with short outbursts of pure rock fury tinged with Stoner Metal greatness. Check out the guitar riffs around the 3.30 and 4.00 minute mark. Some real talent on show here folks. And we have not got to the half way mark yet. This track just throws up surprise after surprise. Definitely a major highlight to show what these awesome musicians can do.

4 tracks down and 4 tracks to go. Can this album get any better? – In one short answer. YES!!!

By now I was seriously loving this album. This reminded me of listening to KYUSS for the first time back in 2000. (I was a late listener to the Stoner-Metal Genre.) – By that this is a band really worth taking notice of before they really hit the big time in the Stoner Metal Genre. These guys have the same sort of hard working and likeability vibe that KYUSS had. Or now has in KYUSS LIVES. BORRACHO would make great touring partners for KYUSS LIVES. No question about that.

The 2nd half of the album is even better than the first half.

Tracks like the 8.23 minute epic “All In Play” shows these guys know how to play the epic tracks. These guys are masters at it in my opinion with playing on long tracks like this. Just full of more great Stoner Rock/Metal Vibes. Check out the guitar riffs around the 6 minute mark. Sit back and prepared to be amazed.

The remaining 3 tracks are lengthy tracks as well. Especially the last 11.37 minute epic track “Plunge/Return” which is also my favourite on this outstanding album.

Track No 6 – “Never Get It Right” starts off with a really cool and subdued guitar riff with some intricate guitar playing. This is BORRACHO’s lighter/mobile phone in the air song before the normal business of Heavy Stoner Riff plays through. This even has a nice Stoner Take on a well known Metallica riff. Possibly showing homage to one of their heroes perhaps. But it does indeed work. Some more sublime vocals on show here. Another outstanding track that shows these guys actually Did Get It Right.

The next track “Grinder” is seriously a pure Stoner/Boogie Rock song from the word go. Full of fast riffs and excellent pounding drumming. A 6.34 minute blast from start to finish that anyone can head-bang to. Even if you’re a Stoner Fan or not.

And now the last track “Plunge/Return” is an 11:37 minute monster. This is seriously one of the best Stoner-Metal tracks I have had the pleasure to hear this year. Full of more amazing Stoner-Metal riffs with more hard hitting drumming.

The production is outstanding on this album. Crisp, clear, expertly played and loud from start to finish.

BORRACHO have released an album they should rightly be proud of.

These guys will be your Favourite new Stoner Metal Band. As this is now my favourite Stoner-Metal Album of 2011. I can’t wait to see what these guys do next. This will be the album that their future work will be compared against.

A Classic In the Making and definitely a landmark album in Stoner-Metal. An album that every Metal Fan should own if you’re a Stoner Metal Fan or not.

You can buy the album here. To order the CD contact Mario at this address.

Check Out the Guys Here:


Ice Dragon are a 4 Piece Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band from USA

The guys have been on this blogspot before with their last excellent album "The Burl, The Earth, The Aether".

That album got me raving about them. You can still download their last album for free from their BandCamp Page.

Well the guys are back with their latest excellent album “The Sorrowful Sun”, which has been getting excellent reviews all over the place.

And its hard not to see why. You get 9 tracks which runs for about 39 mins. If you like their previous album then you will seriously dig this excellent release.

It’s full of the same down-tuned psychedelic Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal that the last album had. But they have turned it up a notch. Especially on tracks like “Flowers” and “Mistress Death”. Both excellent epic Sludge/Doom Metal tracks with lashings of huge cool psych vibes.

These guys take inspiration from the might Sabbath, KYUSS and other classic Doom/Stoner Metal Bands but they play their own unique sound.

Ice Dragon do show their mellow side on songs such as “Light Years” a short excellent acoustic psych rock song. Brings back memories of 60’s/70’s Hard Rock Bands experimenting with psychedelic sounds. Great track.

Another short track is “Dusk” – 59 seconds of cool acoustic guitars. More of a breather before the next epic Stoner Metal track kicks in.

“Interspecies Communication”. – A 6.33 epic that has great slow down-tuned Doom Metal Music with excellent haunting vocals. With great guitars driving the song along helped by some epic drumming in the background as well. Play this track at loud levels to get the full effect. Before the song fades away into the background.

The excellent tracks keep on coming – “Poseidon’s Grasp”, “White Tusks”. Ending with sublime “Near Sun, On Earth”. A slow driven and cool psychedelic rock song with a cracking guitar solo playing in the background. This very haunting track shows the band’s more creative and experimental side. This sounds like the song was recorded live in an old abandoned church. Very atmospheric. Great end to a brilliant album.

This album is definitely more experimental than their previous album – “The Burl, The Earth, The Aether” – Which is a good thing as it shows that this band is not afraid to take risks with their music.

They are constantly revolving with each release. The album might be shorter than their previous album but by no means is it less powerful. Far from it. This is as powerful as their previous release.

Full of great Stoner/Doom Riffs and great singing. Another outstanding album from these hugely talented rockers.

Production is top notch. Every note can be heard brilliantly especially on the beautiful psychedelic mellow parts. Check out their debut album which is available on free download. And if you like what you hear. Get buying this album now!!!

You can buy this release from here.

Check Out The Guys Here.



Destroy Judas is a 5 Piece Sludge/Post-Metal/Crust/Doom Band From Long beach, Orange County, USA.

The members are:

Seth Matthew Baker (guitar, vocals)
Nicolas Joseph Bernardi (drums, percussion, samples)
Steven Thomas Burda (guitar, vocals)
Daniel Patrick Kaufman (guitar, vocals)
Steven Michael Nelson (bass, vocals)

DESTROY JUDAS play a great blend of Sludge/Doom/Crust/Hardcore/Post-Metal Music.

Destroy Judas released their new album “Wake” in Feb 2011. “Wake” has 4 tracks which runs near 50 mins that means you have 4 epic lengthy tracks.

The titled track “Wake” is on for a brilliant and lengthy 18 mins or so. Full of amazing Sludge Metal Riffs and hardcore vocals that send chills down your spine. Just an amazing track to an outstanding release.

Next Up is “To The Sea”. A 6.37 minute stormer of a track, which reminds me of early ISIS and later NEUROSIS. Some great Hardcore/Sludge Metal Vocals with impressive musicianship by all involved. Another outstanding track with elements of Doom and Crust blended into the atmosphere.

3rd Track – “Seek The End” is a 10.05 minute epic of a track. This has outstanding drumming and Sludge/Post-Metal Guitar riffs from the start. This track really gets you into the mood of the album. Great lyrics, great singing and excellent production values just means this album should have you hooked by now. This song is just beautifully written and played by all concerned. A great example of how they switch from one genre to the next but still held together in the realm of Sludge/Post-Metal Music.

The last track “Drown” is the 2nd longest track on the album at 14:15 mins. And in my opinion the best track on the album. Things start off really slowly with some chilling and quiet guitar riffs with slow pounding drumming. Before things get back to normal with crushing loud Sludge/Post-Metal guitars around the 7 minute mark. And doesn’t let rip to the final seconds of this outstanding release. Throw in some great Hardcore Grizzled vocals and this is the standout track of this epic and amazing album. Excellent work guys.

This album really does have the perfect blend of Crust, Doom, Hardcore and Sludge/Post-Metal.

Top-notch production values, which shows that Destroy Judas are a band that can be mentioned in the same way as ISIS and NEUROSIS
You can download this excellent album from Bandcamp’s famous pay anything you want type deal.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check out the amazing title track "Wake" from their outstanding new album.


ÖfÖ AM are an 3 Piece Instrumental Stoner/Sludge Metal Band from Montpellier, France

The members are

Tony Broke : Guitar
Nico Beatnik : Drums
Kryïss ÖfÖ : Bass

ÖfÖ AM play a cool hybrid of Stoner/Sludge Instrumental Music but set to a creepy story. Check Out The Album Cover. This does not look like a normal Stoner/Sludge Instrumental Cover. Looks like something out of a Thrash/Grindcore album cover.

This is what really intrigued me about this outstanding release. Their new album “The Beast Within” has 10 excellent tracks, runs for a brisk and cool 30 minutes.

Imagine if Karma To Burn did a score for an underground “B” horror movie. This is what the result will be.

They even sample a couple of famous music tracks within their music by blending awesome Stoner/Sludge Guitars into the mix. One of them is a sample of a very famous British Spy that will leave you Shaken and Stirred.

Standout Tracks include “Ultra Magnet”, “Lasserre Baltz”, “Carburetor Dung” and “Goodbye Charles”. All of the tracks are cool and totally unique to each other.

These guys do play the same sort of great Instrumental Music as KARMA TO BURN but they have enough original fast and hard hitting Stoner/Sludge Metal riffs to stand out from the crowd.

This is seriously a great release the guys should be proud of. The production is excellent. And all of the songs are played at a fast and furious pace that will leave the listener begging for more tracks when it finishes.

All of the band members are excellent musicians and this album does have a great story to tell even for an instrumental album. Like I said before the highlights are looking out for the famous samples of music mixed in with excellent Stoner Metal Guitar Riffs.

A great album that can be listened to time and time again. And you won’t get bored with it. Simply another outstanding release to be had. Get this album now.

You can download this excellent release for free from their BandCamp Page. Highly Recommended.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out the awesome track "Carburetor Dung" from their outstanding album.


FLOCK OF CROWS is a one-man Drone/Doom/Dark Ambient/Harsh Ambient/Experimental.Metal band from Savannah, GA - USA.

This one man talented virtuoso is Tim Roberts. Who writes, records, produces and plays everything.

You can download all of his excellent material here for free. Some amazing music on offer here which will take you a while to go through.

So if your into the Drone Aspect of Metal then you will find much to enjoy here. And its really cool of Tim to give his material all away for free.

If you like what you hear let Tim know and he will greatly appreciate all comments.

Check out Flock of Crows here:


Tuesday, 28 June 2011


THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE are a 5 Piece Black Metal/Grindcore/Sludge/Post-Metal Experimental Band from Basque Country / Euskal Herria.

The members are:

Allian (Guitar)
Txomin (Guitar)
Mikel (Drums)
Thomas (Bass)
Jerom (Vocals)

The guys have released 2 records so far.

2010 - The First Fall - 6 Songs - Around 15 mins in length.
2011 - Fools Will Crush The Crown - 11 Songs - 28.32 mins in length.

THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE play some pretty amazing hardcore blend of Sludge, Post-Metal, Grindcore with a dash of Black Metal influence running through out their music.

Especially on their debut album "Fools Will Crush The Crown". A total hardcore sludge blast of pure rock/metal fury brilliance from the start to the dying seconds.

I am not going to do a track by track review. As this album needs to be heard by yourself. This album is just simply amazing. Non-stop anarchic Sludge/Grindcore Guitars with amazing Hardcore vocals.

Dont let the short running time of the album put you off. This album has more guitar riffs and head-banging tunes on most albums twice it's length. This is pure epic music that needs to be heard by everybody. Highly impressive.

Their debut release is also well worth downloading as well. Just download both releases as these guys are going to be massive in a few years time.

You can download both releases for free from BandCamp. So do it now!!!

You can also download there amazing debut album on ThroatRuiner Records BandCamp page as well. Which also holds a Mediafire link as well. ThroatRuiner Records are seriously one of the best labels out there.  Nearly all of their releases are available for free download. So get checking other releases they have.

But anyway like I have stated before this album is immense. You wont regret checking these guys out. Just a brilliant release from start to finish.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check out "Tightening" from their excellent 2010 release "The Last Fall".


HEAD OF THE TAURUS are a 4 Piece Sludge/Post Metal Band from Germany.

The members are:

Henner - Guitar
Christoph - Guitar
Thomas - Bass
Tim - Drums

HEAD OF THE TAURUS have been together since 2008 and have released 4 releases since then. Check out their excellent BandCamp Page.

It has links where you can listen to and buy all their releases. You can download their "Compilation (2008-2009) for free and their newest release "Demo 2011" for free as well. 

"Demo 2011" is the guys best release yet. Fully recorded live. 3 tracks on for 34 minutes or so. Not one note out of place. Just brilliantly played live.

HEAD OF THE TAURUS play some epic, loud and heavy Sludge/Post-Metal Music in the style of ISIS, PELICAN and NEUROSIS. So if your fans of those bands then you will seriously dig these guys just as much.

"Demo 2011" production is immense. Loud, Clear and heavy as the way Sludge/Post-Metal should be.

3 Excellent tracks that you will be hitting the repeat button for. Especially the 13:37 minute epic "Impact".

All releases highly recommended. So get downloading now.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Sunday, 26 June 2011


NAISIAN are a 4 Piece Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Sheffield, England.

The members are:

Adam Zejma- Vox/Guitar/Synth
Jordan Garlick - Drums
Michael Aitken - Bass/Vox
James Borrowdale - Guitar/Vox

NAISIAN play a great blend of Post-Rock, Sludge and Post-Metal music and make their own unique mark in the world of Sludge/Post-Metal Music.

I have heard these guys before last year from other blogspots. Mainly with their previous EP's which they released. They both showed a band with huge potential but missing that something extra.

Well I must say they guys have truly came of age and delivered an epic monster of an album - Mammalian.

Mammalian is their 2011 debut album. It has 5 tracks and runs for a perfect 40 mins or so.

Mammalian is just pure brilliance from start to finish. Amazing guitars and vocals which make this a standout entry in 2011's Post-Metal/Sludge Metal scene. Got some amazing Post-Rock passages with huge crushing Sludge Metal Guitar riffs.

The first track "Fletcher-Munson" really sets the scene. A 5.21 min belter of a track. Loud, Heavy with some great Sludge Metal vocals.

2nd Track - "Bellicist" starts off really quietly with some cool Post-Rock guitar riffs but then progresses into a loud wall of Sludge/Post-Metal Greatness. Another great track on this album.

3rd Track - "Take Me To the Mountain Dew Mountain" is a 7.29 epic of a track. Starts off really quiet again with some cool delicate Post-Rock Guitars before the Sludge Guitars kick in with the amazing vocals. A really  heavenly and hypnotic track. This track reminds me of ISIS at their most creative best.

4th Track - "Mammalian" is the 2nd longest track at 9.02 minutes and probably the more experimental track on this excellent album. This is just pure brilliance from a band at top of their game. It has the post-metal guitars, excellent drumming, post-rock scenes of ambient noise effects. Before the latter half of the song goes into Experimental Ambient Metal Territory to great affect which really adds to the song's atmosphere.

The last track "I am Eustache Dauger" is the longest track at 11.18 mins in length. Definitely my fave track. As it takes what you heard on previous tracks and blends them into something special. Sludgy Guitars, Post-Rock Effects with heavy pounding drumming. With some truly haunting vocals. This track is a brilliant end to a brilliant album.

The production is outstanding. Everything is loud, clear and crisp. You can hear every note played and every word sung with such emotion and conviction.

This has to be one of my favourite Post-Metal/Sludge album releases this year. NAISIAN are truly an exceptional band in the Sludge/Post-Metal Genre.

To me NAISIAN are the best UK Post-Metal/Sludge band around at the moment. Just purely brilliant.

You can own this amazing album on BandCamp's pay-anything-you-want type deal. So what you waiting for. Get downloading now!!!

Check Out The Guys Below:

Check Out the guys playing "Mammalian" live earlier in 2011 on their home turf of Sheffield.


LORD GREEN are a 3 Piece Punk/Thrash/Stoner/Sludge Metal band from Quad Cities, IL, USA.

The members are:


LORD GREEN play a great blend of Punk/Sludge/Thrash who are getting great praise on the web. And its hard not to see why. Hugely talented band who released their album "Last Demo" to great acclaim over the blogspots and metal websites.

What you get is 8 tracks on for 30 mins or so. All of the tracks are brilliantly played. And are seriously heavy from start to finish.

The guys play with a great DIY PUNK attitude which really adds to the release. But make no doubts these guys are serious on what they do. Playing balls-to-the-wall Sludge/Stoner/Punk/Thrash Metal music.

The production on the release is excellent. I cant fault it one bit. The vocals are great as well. They have the right blend of Punk/Hardcore and Stoner/Sludge Metal vibes. The guitar playing is great as well for a 3 piece band. Makes you feel there are more members playing on the album.

Standout Tracks include "Losing The Race", "We're Fucked" and "Higher Than God". The standout track is "Dropping Out" a 7.28 minute epic of a track. Blends the best of the genres these guys play: Stoner, Thrash, Punk and Sludge. Really heavy and brilliantly played.

Just another excellent release to be had. You can download this excellent release for free.

Cant wait to see what else these guys put out in the future. Great Stuff Guys.

Check Out The Guys Here:


Check Out "Higher Than God" from their awesome new album.


NÔGT are a 4 Piece Death Metal/Progressive/Doom/Thrash/Sludge Metal band from Germany.

The members are:

Niklas (vocals),
Silas (guitar, vocals),
Thore (bass),
Tobias (drums, vocals)

NÔGT play so many genres that you might think that it doesnt work. But on their excellent release it does. Everything all fits into place brilliantly. Their 2011 debut album "... and the best that we once liberated" does this superbly. Goes from genre to the next or mixes them to excellent release. Its heavy stuff from these talented guys.

What you get is 6 tracks on for 30 mins or so. The album consists of the usual 3 or 4 minute length tracks but does feature a lengthy 6.14 minute track and the amazing 11.57 minute epic. "Bloody Heart"

If you like your metal seriously heavy from the start then this release is for you. The album contains exellent harsh death metal vocals, crunching guitars and heavy drumming that all combine to great effect.

This took me a few listens to get into. But once you do you will find much to enjoy here. Especially the switching and blending of genres the guys fit into one great package. An excellent release which is really a surprise since they have only been going since 2010.

A band with a bright future indeed. You can download this excellent release from their BandCamp Page.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out "Bloody Heart" from their new album.


Wreck & Reference are an Electronic Doom/Drone Experimental Metal Band.

They released their Debut EP - "Black Cassette" earlier this year to great acclaim on the web. The CD Version of the album has an extra track where you can buy from their BandCamp Page.

What you get is 6 tracks which is on for 24 mins or so. The EP is a blast from start to finish. It's dark, gloomy but heavy as fuck. The EP is very lo-fi but that is the point and this really adds to the listener's journey into the dark unknown.

This is as Experimental as it gets. This are no guitars on this release. Everything is done by synthesizers and other ambient noises and effects. Don't let this put you off as this is a breathtaking release with huge noises and riffs all the way through.

There are no long epic songs. Just short sharp Doom/Drone Metal Tracks that gets the job done of making the listener taking note. Definitely one of the most original releases this year. Highly Recommended.

You need to discover this excellent release by yourself.

The production is excellent. Done in the best DIY way as it was recorded to on tape. So everything you hear has an earthly doomish feel on it.

Check Out The Guys Here:


Check out "Evening Redness" from their outstanding debut EP - "Black Cassette"

Thursday, 23 June 2011


EDEN TO ASHES are a 5 Piece Experimental Death Metal/Doom/Sludge Metal band from Nijmegen, Holland.

The members are:

Wilmar Timmerman - Guitar, Vocals
Joran De Block - Guitar, Vocals
Theo Naessens - Guitar
Omar Kleiss - Bass, Vocals
Mink Koops - Drums

Their Facebook Bio tells you what these guys are about:

"Eden to Ashes is a new Dutch metal band based in Nijmegen. They combine devastating metal with atmospheric and experimental overtones. The band released its first demo and played its first gig on the 13th of May and is looking forward to more live performances.

Eden to Ashes was formed in the beginning of 2010 by Joran de Block, Omar Kleiss and Wilmar Timmerman of Heaven Denies. Their purpose was to create a unique and more progressive sound, as well as more developed artistic songwriting. They quickly found two new members, Mink Koops (Fluisteraars) on drums and Theo Naessens playing additional guitars.

The combined force of three guitars, bass, drums and three vocalists enables them to delve deep into a broad spectrum of musical possibilities. The band tries to steer away from musical conventions and develop a sound based around death metal, but expanding into many different musical areas. Primary influences include artists such as Gojira, Devin Townsend, Behemoth and Neurosis. Their songs cover a wide range of lyrical themes such as societal problems, philosophy and entheogenic experiences. “When the decision was made to pull the plug on Heaven Denies, we all felt the need to create something different and new, without the burden of genres and conventions” Omar Kleiss, bass player and co-founder of the band, explains. “I think we have written some great material and we are getting close to the sound we have been looking for since the start of our band.”

The five members comprising Eden to Ashes look to the future with great enthusiasm: “This project is an accumulation of our perspectives and expressions. We all feel the product of this process has got great potential."

These guys play a really cool blend of Doom/Sludge/Death-Metal music to great effect. And it works all the way through their brilliant debut release.

Their new S/T EP has just been released for free download on BandCamp. What you get is 5 tracks on for a brilliantly heavy and brutal 25.42 mins.

If your a fan of the artists mentioned in their bio then these guys really do sound like a seriously brutal cocktail of the above bands. This is heavy from the word go with some great drumming and excellent guitar riffs. Throw in some classic Death Metal vocals and you have a winning EP from start to finish.

The production is excellent on this EP. Everything is loud, heavy, brutal and clear. So you can headbang to your heart's content.

Another great release for everyone to check out. No matter what type of Metal your into. Brililant!!!

Check Out standout Tracks - "The Black Stain" and "Beyond Duality". Both amazing tracks with heavy, fast and furious guitars with a heavy pounding drum beat with some top-class death-metal vocals.

Check Out The Guys Here:



DOMOVOYD are a a 4 Piece Psych/Stoner/Doom/Sludge Metlal Band from Finland.

The member are:

Oskar Tunderberg - vocals, guitar
Niko Lehdontie - guitar, effects
Dmitry Melet - bass
Axel Solimeis - drums

These guys were previously known as POTBELLY who did release an excellent Promo album in 2010. Which can be listened to here from their BandCamp Page.

Their Facebook bio should give you a history of this great band.

"Domovoyd was born in spring of 2010 by four young men, full of will to create fuzzy'n'buzzy noises. By mashing together the elements of doom, sludge, stoner, grunge and psychedelia Domovoyd has created their own sound and own style of making music with simple crushing riffs and spacey effects.

Domovoyd's music is about worlds in our consciousness, such like our own reality, different kinds of spiritual levels or even mythological dimensions. People, beings and occult events are central in the lyrics. In earthly ways told, the lyrical content is much about occultism, apocalypse and psychedelia, greatly influenced by great men such as Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.

In October 2010, Domovoyd released their first promo album which includes 4 tracks. Promo album was released under the previous name of the band; 'Potbelly'.

In May 2011, Domovoyd released their first EP called 'Mythonaut' which includes 6 tracks. Mythonaut is about mythological journey through one's mind."

Domovoyd play some really cool messed up Psych/Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal Band. And I mean messed up in a great way. These guys also mix grunge and krautrock to awesome effect on their new release.

Mythonaut is 6 tracks and runs for a mind bending 44 minutes. Not really an EP but more a full length journey into the Human Psyche.

This EP really does have it all. Epic loud doom-laiden tracks with awesome Sludge/Stoner riffs going all the way through. With some excellent Doom/Sludge vocals thrown in as well.

The EP also has some really trippy voice over sounds which really add to the atmosphere.

This is a must have release for everyone to own in their record collection. These guys have a really big future ahead of them.

I cant compare them to anything else in the Stoner/Doom/Sludge Metal Scene. And that for me makes them so damn original.

Awesome Stuff. Check Out the epic tracks "Summoning (Part 1)" and "Summoning (Part 2)" which will really take you places you havent been to before.

You can download this excellent release for free from BandCamp.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out the 13 minute epic "Summoning (Part Two) from their excellent new album "Mythonaut".


BANDITO are a 5 Piece Hard Rock/Stoner Rock/Metal Band from Nijmegen, Holland.

The members are:

Jord - Vocals
Tommy - Guitar
Nik - Guitar
Erwin - Bass
Rolf - Drums

These guys are a cool Hard Rocking Stoner Riffing monster of a band. I will let their bio do the talking.

"Bandito is a hard-rock quintet hailing from Nijmegen, Holland. The band combines the Stoner-groove of Kyuss with the Hard-rock-punch of Down, while creaming it with a smooth layer of Atomic Bitchwax. Despite their short existence they have already played some major festivals like ‘Huntenpop’ and ‘de Affaire’. They’ve also won several band competitions.
In 2009 Bandito released their first EP which got a lot of positive feedback. With this EP they’ve toured throughout the Netherlands. Now it’s time for a new release and a refreshed Bandito. Their second release is set for the 12th March 2011. This 10” piece of vinyl is bound to take the band to the next level, play outside their home country. This will give Bandito the opportunity to do what they do best… play live!"

That description really does describe what BANDITO is all about. They have release two awesome EP's for free download on their BandCamp Page.

2009 - EP 2009 - 4 Tracks - 17.38 mins

2011 - II - 4 Tracks - 17.23 mins

Both of these EP's are superb entries in the realm of Stoner Rock/Hard Rock Music. Yeah they are both short but they are both full of excellent Stoner Rock/Metal Riffs. With some excellent vocals as well.

If your into KYUSS, Monster Magnet, Karma To Burn then you will seriously dig these guys.

Definitely worth checking out and highly recommended.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Official - Has loads of other links to check out as well.

Check Out "Trent Boyett" from their excellent debut EP.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

THOT - New Release

THOT have emailed me advising people of their latest and newest release. I will let the guys themselves do the talking.

"Dear Vegetal Noise Lovers,

Summer is coming, and in order to celebrate its rise, here's a brand new single called The Shy Summer. 
I hope you will like it and that you will post it massively on your facebook pages, twitter or anywhere you want!

This song (the first one ever written for the album Obscured by the Wind, but kept as a bonus song in the 13 tracks edition) is now part of a new Ep called Fig.5: The sun catcher and is a following to the Vegetal Noise Music Story. It will be available on 21th of June, on free download or pay what you want, including remixes by me but also by Coloned Up and Mister Down (dubstep duet from Brussels), and acoustic version. A limited physical package including new t-shirt and cd with bonus song will be also available on our store and at gigs.

Our next gig is at United Islands Festival (Prague, Czech Republic) on 25th of June.

Thank you for your support, I wish you an exciting summer."

This is a very cool single. And when the EP is released on their Bandcamp Page I highly recommend downloading it. Especially if its anything like their previous excellent release mentioned here previously.


ADRIFT FOR DAYS have been mentioned here before on this blogspot. They released an amazing album called The Lunar Maria in 2010 which you can download for free from their BandCamp Page.

If you haven't done this yet. Why not. As its seriously one of the best and most original Sludge/Post-Metal releases out there. Got some serious cool Fuzzed Out Vibes. So if you havent get downloading now. Its 71 of out there Sludge/Post-Metal Greatness.

Well the guys are back with a cool 22 minute live release called "Live At The Pony". You get two tracks one is on for 4.37 minutes. And the other one is a 17.16 minute epic. Both from the brilliant debut album but played live.

You can download this for free at the following BandCamp page.

OK the quality is not the best but this shows these guys are extremely loud and brilliant when playing live.

Still worth downloading for the epic "Along The Moon River" being played live. Simply an amazing song. I would love to see these guys live. Australia really does have some excellent Sludge/Post Metal bands coming through. These guys, AVER, HAWKMOTH and THE MATADOR. All bands who have been mentioned here before.

Anyway get downloading now. And check out their debut album as well. Let the guys know what you think from the links below as they will really appreciate it.


Check Out the full length amazing track "Along The Moon River" featured on both of their excellent releases.

Sanchez, the Devil & the Hierophant

Sanchez, the Devil & the Hierophant are a 5 Piece Experimental/Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Utrect, The Netherlands.

The members are:

Miguel Murgia - Vocals, beats & keys
Elroy Mosterd - Drums
Jakko Kemper - Guitar, vocals & keys
Marco Walma - Guitar
Seline Weert - Bass

These guys formed in 2006 and have released 2 amazing releases so far for free download from their BandCamp Page.

2010 - Neon Skeleton - 6 Tracks - 58 mins.
2011- Demo 2011 - 4 Tracks - 20 mins

These guys play some really awesome and cool Experimental Sludge/Post-Metal Music. Both of these albums  should be downloaded now.

They show some highly original ideas with their music. It's their ambient sound ideas that make them stand out from the rest of the Post-Metal Crowd. Both of these albums are highly recommended if your into experimental music.

Their music does go from Slow and Quiet to Loud and Heavy in a matter of seconds. They do write some epic tracks as well. Especially on the first album. Check out the 11 minute epic "Iscariot" and the 13 minute plus epic "March Of The Neon Skeletons". Both amazing songs that show what these guys can do.

The 4 song demo was released to show people what the guys are upto. Mainly recording their new full length album to released by end of 2011. Well I cant wait until they do. As these guys have made me a fan of their music by their previous releases.

So if your into really cool Experimental Post-Metal Music then get downloading now. You wont regret it.

Check Out The Guys Here.

Check Out the track "Catharsis" from their excellent debut album.


LION'S PAW are a 4 Piece Sludge/Post Metal Band from Denver, Colorado.

The members are:

Adam Ocho

The guys have just released their debut Demo release for free from BandCamp.

These guys play excellent Instrumental Post-Metal/Sludge Music. They play the same sort of music as ISIS, Pelican and Russian Circles.

The Demo Release has 4 tracks and runs for 24.21 minutes. And it's another excellent release to be had if your fans of the above bands.

These guys are seriously brilliant musicians. The drumming is amazing on this release. Really draws you into the album's atmosphere. Also the guitar playing is excellent as well. This is some seriously heavy Post-Metal music.

The best song is "Troglodyte". An 8.28 minute epic of a song. Multi-Layered as well from start to finish.

The other 3 songs are excellent as well. Each under the 5 min or 6 minute mark. Definitely one to download and headbang to if you need a quick jolt of Sludge/Post-Metal brilliance.

Check the guys here.


NESSERIA are a 4 Piece Hardcore/Black Metal/Grindcore Metal Band who formed in 2004 in France.

The members are:

Ben : guitar
Greg : drums
Jérôme : guitar
Julien : basse, vocals
Adrien : vocals

Their Facbook Bio should tell you what you need to know:

"Beginning in 2004, Nesseria ‘s members work with passion to create their own uncompromising extreme music, keeping intensity and energy as their only prerogatives. Nesseria always considered live performance as their main goal and form, to count today more than 250 shows in all Europe, Canada and Japan. One Album and 4 splits testify their continual sonic mutation, the will to keep questioning their sound. Nesseria is more eager than ever to express its rage and disgust through creation and dedication."

They released their excellent debut S/T release in 2009. You can choose your selection of downloads from their bandcamp page. All for free if need be. There is even a direct free download link here:

What you get is 10 songs on for a crushing and brutally heavy 34 minutes. If your a fan of dark crusted punk sludge metal then you will find much to enjoy here. This is an excellent release.

Great hardcore vocals, crunching sludgy guitar solos and some amazing drumming make this album a winner from start to finish. Highly recommended.

The album cover gives you a pretty fine picture on what to expect on this mesmerising album. Dark, depressing but filled with amazing hardcore sludge metal riffs.

These guys mix their genres to superb effect. One second grindcore, the next Black Metal then moving onto some fine sludge metal guitar riffs.

Check out this excellent band here:

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Most readers of this blog will know by now that the legendary Sludge Swamp has ceased to be. As Cheeto and the gang are moving to a proper website soon.

But it will be the blog version that us Sludge Fans will remember it for.

In Four Short years it became in my opinion the most influential blog for Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal Music. The site was adored by Fans and Bands alike. Though probably not by record companies. But the Swamp generated masses of free publicity for bands concerned.

They introduced all of us to some pretty cool and brilliant bands. Including myself. These guys introduced me to Baroness, Nachtmystium and THOU to name but a few. Which I can only thank them for.

The Swamp made me start this blogspot. To find some truly brilliant undiscovered band. Heck I even "borrowed" a few bands from their own website. But I always give credit to them for pointing them out.

I am seriously going to miss these guys on blogger. And the whole blogging world of Sludge Metal has lost a great and powerful friend. Plus the 5.48 million visits they have had is simply amazing.

But as we know Sludge Swamp will be reborn with their highly anticipated website which I will be following on a daily basis. So all I want to so say is Thanks to Cheeto, Mari and the rest of the gang. Even though I don't know all of your names. But you have done a phenomenal job over the years.

And Good Luck with the new website. I will definitely be back following in all things Swamp related.

And also thanks to Mari for mentioning me in one of the last ever posts on the swamp. This is definitely an honour for me.


THOT are a 5 Piece Industrial/Noise/Post-Rock Band from Brussels, Belgium.

The members are:

Grégoire Fray : Guitar/Vocal/Keyboard
Gil de Chevigné : Drums /Electronics
Phyl Gillès : Piano / Keyboards
Julien Forthomme : Bass guitar
Arielle Moens : Live visuals

I have to thank Grégoire for emailing about his excellent band and their new album. So Thanks Grégoire.

THOT are a bit different from other bands that I have posted on this blog. This isn't Sludge, Doom or Hardcore but a rather cool and amazing hybrid of Industrial, Noise, Electronic and Post Rock brilliance.

They have released various releases over the years all available for free on their superb BandCamp Page.

But now the guys have released their first full length release "Obscured By The Wind" in March 2011. What you get is 10 tracks which runs for 45 mins or so. Some of these tracks have been released before by the band. But dont let that put you off.

Just because this isn't Sludge or Doom Music dont let this put you off. This is extremely loud and heavy at times. These guys call themselves Post-Industrial Music and say they are influenced by NIN, Radiohead and QOTSA. And I can hear their influences on this excellent album.

This really does have a cool industrial feel running through each of the excellent and sublime tracks.

This album is breathtaking to listen to. So many sounds go through each song. Especially through tracks such as "Take a bow and run", "Spellbound Fields" and "Solid Insecure Flower". All haunting melodies that will invade your soul.

THOT are amazing musicians and it clearly shows on this excellent release. The production and instrument playing is superb from start to finish. I cant fault this one bit. This is one of the unexpected and best releases I have heard this year.

Full of great industrial guitar riffs with some cool ambient noise effects that come out of nowhere. A highly impressive album by a band to clearly look out for. No matter what genre your in. 

If your into NIN then you will clearly dig these guys. THOT describe themselves as "Vegetal Noise Music". But I would call them heavy, atmospheric Industrial Post-Rock Pioneers. Simply outstanding.

Now if you need more proof that these guys are worth checking out. How about this following review from a little known Sludge/Post-Metal band that followers of this blog will be a fan of.

"Quite impressive, very well produced and intense" (Magnus Lindberg, Culf of Luna)

And that is enough of a recommendation for me.

Check these guys here:

Check the video for "Moved Hills" from their amazing new album.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Remember my Post about Black Majesty the other week. Well the guys have had to change their name. This has came from the guys Facebook Page:

"Just to give everyone a head's up. We are having to change our band name to avoid any potential issues down the line. The new name we have chosen is Battle Path. This page will be changed in the coming days to reflect that. The album art and bandcamp page will also be changed as well. We are rather happy with our new moniker, and we wanted to make everyone aware. Thanks for all your support!"

Well I think they have chosen a better name. As it really suits their brilliant and epic music. Anyway here is the original article with new amendments. I have deleted the other article so people can now see this one.

Battle Path is a 5 Piece Black-Metal/Doom/Ambient/Sludge Metal band from USA.

The members are:


The band plays a brutal blast of Sludge/Post Metal mixing elements of Black-Metal, Doom and Ambient Music to outstanding effect.

They released their brilliant debut album “Storm and Stress” in June 2011. This has 8 tracks and runs for a hard hitting 54 minutes. And this is a brutal listen from start to finish.

If your into ISIS, Wolves In the Throne Room, Neurosis and Sunn O))) then you will find much to admire here. As these guys are clearly influenced by these bands. This works to the bands advantage.

As they play an excellent blend of Sludge, Black Metal, Doom and Ambient Music with the structure of the best Post-Metal riffs you will hear in a long while.

This album has been hitting blogspots all over the web and it clearly shows why. These guys mean business from the word go.

The first track “The Cost Of Being Two” is an epic 12.35 minute beast of a song. You get long crunching guitar riffs with slow heavy pounding drumming as well. Some great vocals as well make this one heck of an eerie track. This is what Sludge/Post Metal is all about – Hard hitting riffs, crunching vocals, which builds to a loud and heavy finish.

The 2nd track “Litany of The Fallen Gods” is a two minute ambient track, which is a haunting and eerie short interlude before the normal business of pounding the listener into submission starts again.

And this happens with the 3rd Track – “Damn the Skyline”. Another lengthy track into the unknown. Slow Guitar riffs open the track before a loud wall of sound comes crashing down. This reminds me of Neurosis jamming with Wolves In The Throne Room. This has an excellent bass line running through the track, which really adds to the overall feel of the track. The instrumental work is just amazing on this track. Especially the guitars. Just – WOW.

We get another short track so we can catch our breath again. Another eerie short track called “In The Shadow Of The Citadel” – This track really sends chills up the spine. Very atmospheric for a short track.

The next track “Age Of Delusion” is an 8.36 minute journey into the dark side of your imagination. Haunting Vocals mixed with more excellent sludgy guitar riffs driven along with more powerful heavy hitting drumming. This track would be excellent to head-bang to live. As it has that mosh-pit vibe where you crazy with your fellow metallers.

Things slow down again with the next ambient track. “Forest Of Illusion.” A track that Wolves In The Throne Room would be proud to have in their collection. Its short. Yes but again it has loads of atmosphere attached.

The next track is my fave track on the album and it’s the longest at 13 mins plus in length. “A Thousand Years” starts rather quietly. Then things get rather loud a few minutes into the track. Thunderous drumming and fast paced and angry guitars. This song never lets go until the very last second. And by then your simply amazed by amount of talent playing on this excellent album.

The last track “Aeon” end things with another excellent short ambient atmospheric track.

This album will leave you breathless. An absolute corker of an album, which everybody should own.

If your into ISIS, Wolves In The Throne Room, Neurosis then get downloading. As you can download this excellent album for free on bandcamp’s famous pay as you want type deal.

Phenomenal Work by a new band to look out for.

Check The Guys Here.



CULTURA TRES are a 4 Piece Doom-Metal/Psych/Sludge/Rock Band from Venezuela.

The members are:

Alejandro Londono - vocals, guitar
Juan Manuel de Ferrari - guitar, backing vocals
Alonso Milano - bass, backing vocals
David Abbink - drums

I am going to let their Facebook Bio tell you all you need to know:

"Now hailed as the national rock/sludge pride of Venezuela, Cultura Tres came from far. With the first EP "Seis" (2007) the band already outgrew the South American continent. But only after releasing debut album "La Cura" in October 2008, the band started to get noticed worldwide. During the preceding year of rigorous composing, Cultura Tres incorporated many influences into their sound, ranging from sludge to doom metal and from death metal to classic rock.

Important magazines in Europe and Japan praised “La Cura” for its dark and original music, and Metal Hammer magazine even selected Cultura Tres as the month's global discovery. The release tour took the band for 18 months across Europe, South America and to the first well-received shows in Japan. During that period the band also released three video clips that gained them a world-wide cult following in the underground doom & sludge scene (for example being featured band on Doom Metal Alliance, and

In the summer of 2010 the members locked themselves up in the studio to prepare the second album: “El Mal del Bien”. The result is - in the band members’ own words - “an album with a single clear direction”. Cultura Tres delves deeper into the dark atmospheric vein that already showed itself at moments in debut album La Cura. The daring album opener “Propiedad de Dios” sets the mood: it sounds like the soundtrack of a tragic cult movie. The songs that follow evoke the witchery, slavery, oppression and religious madness that influence the South American continent to this day. Being a concept album adds another dimension to the individual songs. A patient listener will be dragged into a hallucinating trip around the insane world the album paints.

Interestingly, the band has chosen to cover what might well be the first doom track in South America: “Holy Graveyard” (1992) by Epitafio. Alejandro Londoño, having been a member of this band in the past, has now fully closed the circle. Cultura Tres is living proof that the genre of doom/sludge was not dead in South America but merely dormant. Now it has woken again, not only speaking Spanish, but more importantly, with its own face.

El Mal del Bien will be released on vinyl in March 2011, with a tour that will hit Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Europe and Japan. Don't miss this chance to hear the new sound of South American sludge

Well you can now dowlnload their brilliant album "El Mal del Bien" from BandCamp on their famous pay anything you want type deal.

And I recommend you downloading this epic album now. I have heard these guys previous releases but I must say they have this new release is their best work yet. Nothing comes close to this amazing album.

Full of brilliant Sludge-Metal Guitar Riffs. And some excellent singing as well. This is indeed some top-notch Doom/Sludge Metal music from our hugely talented South American cousins. So get downloading now.

If you need more convincing then the Digital Version of the Album has 4 extra tracks not included on the Vinyl release. This includes over 24 minutes of extra music. 

Just two words some this excellent release. FUCKING EPIC.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out "Propiedad de Dios" from their outstanding new release.


Grandloom are a 3 Piece Stoner/Psych/Jam/Heavy Rock band from Cottbus, Germany.

The members are:

Hans: Bass
Rischi: Drums
Tom - Guitar

Grandloom play the same sort of music as Karma To Burn, Clutch, Fu Manchu and Monster Magnet.

The guys have just released their brilliant debut album "Sunburst" earlier this year to great acclaim on the web. But I am not posting their awesome debut album as you will have to buy that one for yourselves.

But you can download a brilliant live concert for free from their MySpace Ste from 2009. Called "Live At Bautzener Tor." - Download Here:

What you get is 10 tracks on for over 100 mins. This has been recorded live and the quality is excellent. Definitely one of the best live albums in the Stoner Rock Genre in recent years.

The instruments are played heavy from the word go. You will seriously be head-banging from start to finish with this excellent live album. Simply a must have for any Stoner Rock/Live Music fan so you can listen to this time and time again.

These guys play heavy stoner rock music at its best. So I recommend you download this awesome free live release. And if you like what you hear. Go and buy their outstanding debut album as well.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out the epic track "Earthvalley" from this excellent live album. This is the 15 minute cut of the 19.48 original.


Brandband are a 3 Piece Stoner/Instrumental/Rock Band from Moscow, Russia.

Brandband play some cool Instrumental Stoner Rock with a few Blues/Doom Influences thrown in for great measure.

The guys have been going since 2006 and have released two excellent albums so far.

2008 - S/T Debut Album - 7 Songs + 3 Bonus Tracks -54 mins
2011 - Alice, Bob and Blackhole - 8 Songs and 51 mins.

Both of these albums are excellent entries in the Stoner Rock Genre. The S/T album has singing on it. While the new album is purely instrumental. But both full of brilliant, head-banging Stoner Rock Riffs. These guys have the potential to be one of your fave new Stoner Rock Bands.

You can download these excellent albums for free from their official website here: So what your waiting for get downloading now!!!

If your into Karma To Burn, KYUSS, Clutch, The Re-Stoned then you will definitely love these guys work. Awesome tunes to chill out to.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Official Website

Check Out "Sleep" from their superb S/T debut album.

Check Out "Hey Smoker" from their 2011 release "Alice, Bob and Blackhole"

Saturday, 11 June 2011


HAWKMOTH are a 4 Piece Instrumental Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Sydney, Australia.

The members are:

Aaron Steed (Bass)
Andy Griggs (Guitar)
Heath Blows (Guitar)
Mark Vossen (Drums)

These guys play the same type of music as Pelican, ISIS, Russian Circles and Neurosis.

They released their S/T Album in Feb 2011. What you get is 8 songs on for 34 mins. And it's a cracking release from a hugely talented bunch of guys.

These guys play some truly first class Sludge/Post-Metal Riffs and mix in a few Stoner Rock riffs along the way. Something that I enjoyed immensely.

Tracks "Host" and "III" are two epic Sludge Metal Anthems to listen to time and time again. Both on for 7.39 and 6.46 mins respectively. They are full of thick metal riffs that remind you to the early days of Sludge/Post Metal.

But these guys are also talented at writing shorter epic tracks as well. As tracks like "Lachesis" and "Celestial Navigation" truly prove. Both full of the same thick sludgy guitar riffs as their epic track counterparts but done on a much quicker level. This is no easy task in the Sludge/Post-Metal genre but HAWKMOTH pull this off with ease.

So another brilliant Sludge/Post-Metal album to own now. You can download this excellent release for free from their BandCamp Page. 

But I don't know for how long as their Facebook page says only for a few days. So if you want this release now I will get downloading now before it goes back up to full price. If you have missed this offer then buy it anyway and support a top notch Aussie band.

Australia really does have a great upcoming Stoner/Sludge/Post-Metal Scene especially with bands like Adrift For Days and AVER already been mentioned on this blogspot. Now we can add HAWKMOTH to the ever impressive list of excellent Sludge Metallers coming from the land of Down Under. Top Notch Stuff.

Check Out The Guys here: