Saturday, 30 July 2011


DIEBOMB are a 2 Piece Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Youngsville, NC

The members are

Creep Deadson

Their extensive Bio Should tell you all you need to know about this superb band. Best to read it from their website or Facebook page as its in-depth but a great read to see how these guys came about.

The guys are rather prolific and have released quite a few records. But Regenator emailed me and asked me to provide a link so people can download their superb album "Doom Music" for free.

So what your waiting for. Get downloading now.

As Doom Music is epic Sludge/Doom Metal music the way it should be played. Loud thrashing guitars and rums with some scary screaming Doom/Death Metal vocals. You get 10 tracks on for 40 mins or so.

It's a total blast from start to finish. These guys are extremely talented. And know how to create and write a great Doom/Death Metal Song.

Hard to believe that these guys are unsigned as they can give their major league counterparts a run for their money. No doubt. This is simply a great release everyone should own.

And if you like what you here. Go to their website and buy their previous releases. Their are plenty to choose from. So thanks to the guys for getting in touch with me. Otherwise I wouldn't of known about this brilliant band's existence.

So get downloading now!!!

Check The Guys Here:



WEED PRIEST are a Stoner/Sludge/Occult Doom Metal Band from Galway, Ireland.

The members are:

Adam Demon Lung - Guitars, Vocals
Ragas Sabbath - Bass
Adrian Z Goat - Drums

Their bio tells you all about this amazing band.

"The Priest was invoked by his 3 acolytes on October 31st of 2008. After six eons of deep slumber He now once again roams the plain of mortals preaching the sermon of doom this world is yet to wake up to."

Weed Priest play a superb blend of Stoner, Doom, Sludge Metal Music with a little bit of the Occult thrown in for brilliant evil measure.

The guys are offering all of their music for free download from their Facebook Page. What you get is 11 tracks on for 82 mins or so. And they are all brilliant tracks. There is even an amazing cover of KYUSS classic track - Molten Universe.

This is not an album but a brilliant individual collection of superb Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal tracks that no fan of those genres should be without.

All of the songs are epic. Some run past the 8 minute mark. Production is a bit raw and DIY on some of the tracks. But that adds to the track's atmosphere.

The guys are brilliant musicians as these guys sound like the they KICK ASS when playing live. And the tracks need to be played loud. And I mean VERY LOUD!!!

So get downloading now. You wont be sorry.

Check Out The Guys Here:


DEAD HEAD are a 4 Piece Psych/Stoner/Punk Rock Band.

The members are:

Wolf Mithrandir
Yianna Bekris
Anton Seder
Caroline Motley

Now this band is very mysterious. They don't have a website at the moment. Caroline got in touch with me and sent me a 23 minute rough cut Demo to listen to. And I am glad she did.

As its 23 mins of some excellent Psych/Stoner/Punk Sludge Based Rock Music from their forthcoming coming LP being released this winter. Which you can order from here when it will finally be released.

This is the band's description which they kindly sent me.

"Through the sodden dark nights and days of the Pacific Northwest forest black despondent sounds caress our consciousness, like night pressing down on our lives. Our thoughts all robbed by dimming light, the trees they whisper winters soul, our minds all a mist of autumns ghost. We ask you to come, alone for us to dream of you listening under our caress of agony."

And that is what their Demo sounds like which I got sent to listen to. Some crazy psych tunes from start to finish. Definitely a band to keep an eye. Hopefully the band will keep in touch when their new LP is finally out. As I will definitely be most interested to hear the finished product.

You can only contact the band by email.

Check Out the guys in aciton here and the following video below.


Far Plain are an Alternative/Grunge Metal Band from France. They have just released their new album - Human Forbidden.

They cite influences such as Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Black Stone Cherry, The Answer. And it shows on the album. The band do sound a lot like the above bands.

Their new album is 12 tracks and runs for 49 mins or so. The album is superbly produced from start to finish. But that's the only good thing I can say about the album.

Yeah the guitar work and vocals are really strong. But the album feels like you have heard this all before. I just didn't feel involved with it like I should of done.

Songs sound a bit repetitive and it felt I was listening to the same song over and over again.

I feel this album was a missed opportunity for all concerned. This album will give the band a whole set of new fans no doubt. But unfortunately I won't be one of them.

Check Out The Guys Here:


Tuesday, 26 July 2011


SUBSILENCE is a 4 Piece Death/Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Guildford, UK.

The members are:

Bertie - Drums
Ed - Guitar
Ana - Bass
Pete - Vocals

The band plays a superb blend of Sludge, Doom with old school Doom/Death Metal Vocals.

They have just released their debut album – Granite Planet. 60 mins of excellent Sludge/Doom greatness with grizzled old school Death Metal/Doom Metal Vocals.

Their music takes influences from the great Doom Metal Bands of old and new, Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Trouble, Cathedral and Electric Wizard. However, they add to their own great take on the genre.

The album is full of slow doom monolithic riffs along with the faster, heavier kind that make this an album such a standout from the rest of the Doom Metal Crowd. The band is not relying on one type of Doom Metal but mixing all the other elements to a highly original effect.

You get 9 songs on this great album. All heavy and full of brilliant Doom Metal Riffs that will have you head banging from start to finish.

The musicianship is superb throughout. All of the band are amazing musicians. Some of the guitar work is just a joy to listen to. Along with some of the best heavy pounding drumming I have heard this year.

Plus the band has an ace up it’s sleeve with the grizzled vocals of lead singer. His vocals are rootly firmed in old-school Death/Doom Metal singing which really adds to the album’s effect. His vocals are always clear but have a rather sinister edge to them. This is what you want with Doom Metal this bleak.

As this album can be bleak at times. So if you looking for something uplifting. This ain’t it. This is music to awake the dead to. And its even more better for it.

But SUBSILENCE do add a modern twist by bringing elements of Thrash and Prog Metal to their music. 3 epic tracks last past the 8-minute mark. These tracks are the best tracks on the album. As they take time to build up the atmosphere and when the Doom/Sludge Guitar lets rip it has you by the throat and wont let go until the final seconds.

I must give credit to the band for the running order of the songs as they all fit brilliantly together. Not one song doesn’t feel out of place. Everything feels just right. This album just works from the start.

Standout Tracks include – I am Megalodon, Gravity Well, Abandoned, Sidewinder and the amazing title tack Granite Planet.

Production is superb throughout the album. Everything is loud and clear which is what you want on a top-notch Sludge/Doom/Death Metal album.

This is 60 minutes of some of the best Doom/Death Metal music I have had the pleasure to hear this year. And is another outstanding example of Doom/Sludge Metal Music being firmly alive in the UK underground scene.

These guys have just released the best UK Sludge/Doom Metal album of 2011. No question about it. These guys have the potential to be the UK’s leading light in the Sludge/Doom Realm. Granite Planet only re-affirms my belief.

I hope the Sludge/Doom Metal World wises up to this fact and give the band a listen. As this is Sludge/Doom Metal music of the highest order.

A Classic Album in the making.

You can own this release from Bandcamp for as low as £1. Believe me this album is worth 10 times that. Or even 100 times. It’s simply that outstanding. You can order the CD from their BandCamp page as well. So get ordering now!!!

Check Out The Guys Here:


Check Out The Band Performing the superb title track "Granite Planet" from their brilliant new album.


MAKE are a 3 Piece Psych/Progressive Sludge Metal Band from Chapel Hill, NC, USA

The members are:

Scott Endres
Spencer Lee
Matt Stevenson

The band have released two outstanding EP’s for free download from BandCamp.

2010 – EP 1 – 4 Tracks on for 32 mins

2011 – Live at WXDU – 3 tracks on for 20 mins

EP 1 was recorded when the band was a 4 piece but unfortunately a member has left since then. But the guys have wisely decided to carry on as a trio. And have released a Live EP for fans to hear their new material.

Let me say that I should of picked up on this band ages ago. As EP 1 is a brilliant release. 32 mins of brilliant Psych/Sludge/Post-Metal music that had me astonished to what I was listening to. Especially with the vocals. One-minute Sludge/Post-metal vocals. And next vocals you would hear from a 60’s/70’s Psych Rock Band. Not a Progressive Sludge Metal Band.

These guys remind me of the awesome Blue Aside. But more louder and angrier. The bands have a lot in common. Mixing Progressive Sludge Music with Psych Rock Music with outstanding vocals to match.

EP 1 is simply epic in scope from start to finish. All of the tracks are simply outstanding. Especially the first track Android and the 11.53 epic “White Light/Desert Throne”.

Everything is loud, clear and heavy as anything. The musicianship is simply superb. Great guitars, Drums and sublime vocals.

So if you want to hear something different in the Sludge/Post-metal realm then this release is it. Quite simply a brilliant release to be checked out.

Well since the release of EP 1 the guys are a now a 3 piece as they have lost a member. But they have treated fans old and new to what their new material will sound like.

Live At WXDU has just been released. And what you get is 3 tracks on for 20 mins in length. The sound is a bit DIY but adds to the overall feel and effect of the Live environment.

The guys have upped their game on the new songs especially with the guitar work. Riffs are heavier and more Sludgier than before. The vocals are more grizzled and heavier than their previous release. This is no bad thing. OK I missed the vocals changing different styles from their previous release but this could be due to the guys now being a 3-piece band.

The band sound brilliant live. They have that ferocious primal instinct that band’s need on stage. Especially in the Sludge/Post-Metal Genre.

This Live EP really does show that this band has real Stage Presence in the Live Arena. They guys play thick and fast from start to finish. Never pausing for breath until the short EP is over.

But by then the job is already done. You have just listened to a band coming into its own existence as a hugely talented 3 piece. A great Live EP. Raw round the edges that is how I like my Live Releases. Not professional produced by any means. Just a band doing what it does best. Playing LIVE and showing fans and newcomers alike that MAKE are very much a band to look out for.

Download both brilliant releases. EP 1 for their brilliant professional studio output. Live at WXDU shows you what these guys sound in the live environment and what is in store for future releases. As the guys are recording their debut full-length album.

Well if it is anything like these two releases, I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

If you are into ISIS, Mastodon, Baroness, and Blue Aside then you will really adore these guys like I did. They play the same epic Sludge/Post-Metal Music we all know and love but make it their own great style.

Simply two brilliant releases that you should check out now. 52 mins of great music.

Check Out The Guys Here:



Häshcut are a 4 Piece Psych/Stoner/Sludge Rock Band from Cäen/Ävränches/Hérouville Säint-Cläir/Douvres-lä-Delivrände.

The members are:

Räf : Lead Guitar / vocals
Päul : Keyboards / organ / bass
Tiphäine : Drums
Xäv : Guitar

I have to thank the excellent Soda Shop for recommending these guys in their weekly BandCamp Recommendations updates.

Häshcut are a superb Psych/Stoner Rock Band with traces of Sludge Rock/Metal Music fusing through their music.

They have released their new release, which is 4 tracks and runs for 33 mins or so.

Just a brilliant Psych/Stoner/Sludge Rock-Metal album everyone should be checking out. If it’s good for Soda Shop then it’s good enough for this blogspot.

I have listened to this on a regular basis since last week. And I have to tell you it gets better with each listen.

Check Out The Epic 13 minute track "Lead". Full of Psych/Stoner/Sludge great riffs. Add some top notch drumming and singing then you have one outstanding release that the band should be rightly proud of.

Just download this brilliant album now for free from BandCamp or Mediafire and you will have one of the best Psych-Stoner Releases of the year.

If your into Earthless, L’Ira Del Baccano then you will seriously really enjoy what is on show here. Just another outstanding release to be had with some outstanding Sludge Rock guitar riffs blended in with the Psych Stoner Riffs.

I cant recommend this release highly enough. Simply outstanding.

Check Out The Guys Here:


LYCUS are a 4 Piece Sludge Metal Band from San Francisco, USA

The Members Are.


The band have just released their new record “Demo 2011” available for free download from BandCamp. 3 songs and 25 mins in length.

This has been popping up on Blogspots all over the place the past couple of months or so. And its hard not to see why. 3 epic tracks of Down-Tuned Psych-Sludge Metal to really awaken the senses with some finely tuned low-driven vocals.

If your into Slow Driven Bleak Down-Tuned Sludge Metal then these guys are for you.

This is another amazing release to be checked out by everyone. So get checking now.

The guitars are thick, loud and extremely heavy with pounding drumming as well. The vocals have a bleak driven edge to them with an Old-School Doom/Death style to them. Just adds to the Demo’s sense of bleakness and despair.

I must praise the bass player as well. As the bass comes in really nice and thick especially on the 2nd track “Among The Ruins”. An 8 minute gem of a track. This is my fave track on the EP. Bleak vocals, slow-tuned guitars, pounding drumming and an understated bass track driving things through to it’s final conclusion.

A superb release that everyone should check out now!!! So Get Downloading Now!!!

Check Out The Guys Here:


Check Out the Sublime "Among The Ruins" from their outstanding new record.


WAR BRIDES is a 4 Piece Hardcore Punk/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Chicago IL, USA.

The members are:

Tristan: Vocals
Grant: Guitar
Justin: Bass
Richie: Drums

WAR BRIDES play an intense blend of Hardcore Punk, Stoner, and Sludge Metal Music.

They have just released their new superb EP – “Terminus” – A 4 track EP that runs for 20 mins or so. And it’s a serious blast of straight fast up-tempo Hardcore-Punk/Stoner/Sludge Metal Music.

The riffs are loud, heavy, angry and very fast from the word go. Add superb hard-hitting drumming and excellent intensive hardcore vocals to match the angry guitar riffs on show.

If you want an excellent quick sharp shock to the senses then look no further. This is heavy music from the get go from a hugely talented band who blend their genres of music to superb effect.

Production is superb on this excellent EP. Everything is loud and clear from the word go.

All of the songs are heavy, loud and fast. All played by a band that wants to beat the listener into submission. And these guys succeed on every level. Quite simply a superior assault on the senses. An EP that everybody should be checking out from a hugely talented band to keep an eye out for.

Available for free download from their BandCamp Page. So get downloading now!!!

Check Out The Guys Here:


Friday, 22 July 2011


SaaR are a 5 Piece Instrumental Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Paris, France.

The members are:

Mounir: Drums
Ju: Guitar
Yann: Guitar
Aurélien : Bass
Seb : Guitar

The band play in the same realm of music as PELICAN and RUSSIAN CIRCLES. So if your into those bands you will dig this truly outstanding talented band.

The band have just released their superb S/T album for pay anything you want download from BandCamp.

You get 3 tracks on for 33 mins or so. So you know there are a couple of epic tracks in store. And they are.

This is one Post-Metal album you should own. Definitely for people who love epic Sludge/Post-Metal songs. This is the album for you to check out now.

Tracks are all expertly played and production is outstanding on this superb release. Simply brilliant.

Some of the guitar work is just phenomenal on this release. Especially on the first track – “Fight For Your Life.” A 7 minute fast paced epic which really does feel you are indeed fighting for your life. Or at least gasping for breath. Some of the finest and fastest Post-Metal Guitar work I have heard in a long while.

2nd Track – Dark Person is on for another epic 10 mins or so. Another colossal track to shoe-gaze/head-bang to.

The 3rd Track – Black And White is the best track on the album. A 14 minute epic beast of a track. Haunting, Melodic, Loud. Everything you expect from a top class Instrumental/Sludge Post Metal Band. This is quite simply an amazing track of the genre. Definitely worth the download alone.

SaaR are another band to add to the growing list of Sludge/Post-Metal Bands to keep an eye out on. Simply outstanding work from all involved.

Check Out The Guys Here:



BUFFALO THEORY MTL are a 5 Piece Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The members are:

Anton Parr - vocals
Pat Gordon - guitar
Yannick Pilon – guitar & vocals
Gary Lyons – bass
Brian Craig - drums

Their bio should tell you what to expect.

"Influenced by such bands as Black Sabbath, Down, Clutch, and other original rock/metal bands from the 1980’s & 1990’s, BUFFALO THEORY MTL plays its own genre of music that might be described as stoner metal."

If your a fan of the above bands then get checking the band's Facebook Page and Reverbnation Page to see how great these guys are. This is some seriously great Stoner Metal of the highest order. Fast and furious Stoner-Metal Guitar Riffs from start to finish.

When these guys release an EP of some sort they actually do have the songs to back their immense talent up. Based on the songs I have heard so far. So if you like what you hear let the guys know from their Facebook Page. Another excellent band to keep an eye out for.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check out their excellent song "A Thousand Times".

Spirits Of The Dead - The Great God Pan Review

Spirits Of The Dead are a Stoner/Doom/Prog Rock and Metal Band who released their amazing Self Titled release back in 2009. The album was released to great acclaim all over the place.

And it was hard not to see why. The guys did bring something rather unique to the table. Influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Hawkwind and other legendary 70’s Hard Rock Bands. But these guys brought some cool Stoner and Folk Influences to their music as well. All seemingly blended into a brilliant kaleidoscope of Psych Stoner/Doom Metal Sounds.

Well the guys are back with their new release – “The Great God Pan”.

This is pretty much of the same as the last time but the riffs are more refined and heavier than before.

The Great God Pan is 6 tracks and on for a mesmerizing and hypnotic 34 mins.

This is pretty much of the same as the last time but the riffs are more refined and heavier than before. If you’re a fan of their previous work then you will seriously enjoy their latest outstanding release.

Imagine if Led Zep went on one far too trip too many and this would be the end result. The guitar riffs are simply brilliant to listen to over and over again.

The first track – Mighty Mountain is a hypnotic blend of Stoner, Doom, Prog Rock vibes. With excellent singing and full of superb, psych stoner riffs. A great start to the album.

Next Up is “Leaves Of Last Year” Another outstanding Doom/Folk/Stoner track. Full of weird and wonderful lyrics with a cool guitar beat driving the track through. Some superb intricate guitar work being played here.

“Pure As the Lotus” is the next song to take you into the original and warped mind of Spirits Of The Dead. More weird and wonderful lyrics with more of the same pulsating Stoner/Doom/Prog Rock Riffs.

You can get the picture that this album is slightly different from other Stoner/Doom Rock Bands. These guys do score high on originality for their outstanding lyrics. This throws the listener back to the 70’s but with a modern Stoner Metal Riff that kicks in every minute or so. This is my fave track on the album.

The next track is the title track from this superb album. Starts off rather quietly with some haunting vocals with acoustic instruments driving the song nicely along. An excellent guitar solo around the 1:30 minute mark kicks in playing with a sombre piano until the dying moments. A rather laid back track compared to the other louder tracks. This track shows the band knows how to write an excellent laid-back mid-tempo song that takes to much simpler times.

Next up is “Casting The Runes”. Another highlight of this great album. 4.07 mins of distorted vocals before the heavy guitars kick in around 1.45 mins in. This is probably the album’s most straight forward Stoner/Doom Rock Song. Just pure rock fury with crushing guitars and heavy drumming. A very hypnotic track from start to finish.

The last track is Goldberry. The album’s epic track which runs at 7.51 mins. Things start off rather quietly with more ambient and acoustic guitars aided by earthly hollow vocals. But things do get heavier around the 3 minute mark to the dying seconds. All of the previous songs feel like they have been blended together to make this excellent track. Simply a superb song to finish off such a truly superb album.

Some people might think this is a band out of place with the 70’s rock influences shining through out. But that makes them so special. They blend modern Stoner/Doom Influences into their music as well. It might take you a few listens to hear it but its most definitely there.

Production is superb. Everything is loud and clear. A superb release from a band that is truly much alive!!!.

Check Out The Guys Here:


This is a track from their debut album but it shows what these guys are masters at.

HURON - Mary Celeste Review

HURON have just released their 2nd full-length album “Mary Celeste” 2 years after their highly acclaimed debut album. These UK Sludge Rockers have had praise from pretty much everyone in the UK music scene.

Now the guys are back with their much-anticipated 2nd album “Mary Celeste” which has just came out to buy from all good stockists and the band’s website.

What you get is 10 tracks on for 46 mins or so. The guys style is a mixture of the best Southern Metal/Sludge Metal Bands out there – CROWBAR, CORROSSION OF CONFORMITY and DOWN. With a hint of PANTERA and old style, Thrash Metal bands blended into a great big Stoner/Sludge/Southern Metal Melting Pot.

Mary Celeste is an epic beast of an album from one of the UK’s best up and coming Southern Metal/Sludge Metal Bands.

The riffs are loud, heavy and fast at all times. Ferocious drumming with top-notch vocals to drive you through this muscular slab of UK Southern/Stoner Metal greatness.

The album never gets boring and doesn’t stop until the last note has been played.

If you’re a fan of the bands mentioned above then you will certainly dig this superb release. OK these guys don’t add anything new or groundbreaking to the genre but you have to admit they know how to write a top-notch tune. Which you can headbang to or relax drinking a few bottles of beer to with your close pals.

Full of l great head-banging moments and Southern Metal Guitar riffs on nearly all of the songs. The guys do show their slow and tender side on “Eternal Sea Pt 1“ which is a really cool stripped back 5:51 minute epic of an awesome acoustic track.

Wait until you hear the epic “Eternal Sea Pt 2”. Heavier and angrier than it’s laid back counterpart.

Other standout tracks to check out are: “Blood In Blood Out”, “Branded”, and “SerpentSwine”

However, my two fave tracks are the title track – “Mary Celeste” and “Eternal Sea Pt 2”. Both of these tracks show what these guys are about. Full of hard hitting Southern/Stoner Metal Riffs and powerful vocals that adds to the album’s effect long after you have finished listening to it.

This is one of the strongest Stoner-Metal/Southern Metal releases to come out from the underground UK scene in years.

It was like these guys were brought up in the NOLA territories instead of the UK. If your sick of waiting for the next Down album to be released then check out these guys. You won’t be disappointed.

Mary Celeste is full of great songs, great riffs and is an album you need to get your hands on now.

Check Out The Guys Here:


Check Out the amazing title track from Mary Celeste.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


THE CATALYST are a Stoner/Noise/Grunge/Hardcore/Sludge/Punk Band from Richmond, VA.

The members are:

Eric Smith (guitar/vocals)
Michael Backus (bass/vocals)
Jamie Faulstich (guitar/drums)
Kevin Broderick (drums)

Their extensive bio should tell you what these guys do and where they came from:

"The Catalyst formed in the irritable bowels of Fairfax, Virginia in the winter of 2002. We moved to Richmond in the summer of 2005, started playing with our current lineup, realized all of our songs were terrible and wrote new ones. Since then, we have toured the US three times, Europe twice, the Eastern Seaboard more times than we can remember, and released the following records on the following labels:"

A Hospital Visit EP (2004, McCarthyism Records)
Freak Out The Squares DEMO (2005, Robotic Empire)
Two Thousand and Six Six Six SPLIT LP with Mass Movement of the Moth (2006, Electric Human Project/Perpetual Motion Machine)
Marianas Trench EP (2007, Perpetual Motion Machine/No Signal Press)
Split 7" with Brainworms (2007, Rorschach Records)
Marianas Trench +9 CD (2008, Perpetual Motion Machine)
Swallow Your Teeth LP (2009, Perpetual Motion Machine/Sons of Vesta)

These guys have been around a while and have released some amazing albums. I have been a fan of these guys since 2008. They play some really fucked up Stoner/Sludge/Punk/Noise/Hardcore Metal Music really fast and very angry as well. They are masters at the genre's they superbly mix together on all of their releases.

Well you can now download their two awesome albums for free from BandCamp.

2008 - Marianas Trench +9 - 13 songs at 42 mins.

This superb album is made up from their previous 3 released EP's.

"Marianas Trench" EP
Tracks 1-4
Originally released on one-sided LP by Perpetual Motion Machine and No Signal Press in April, 2007.
Recorded January 2007 by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Studios, Richmond VA.

"Two Thousand and Six Six Six" split LP with Mass Movement of The Moth
Tracks 5-10
Originally released on CD and LP by Perpetual Motion Machine and Electric Human Project on June 6th, 2006.
Recorded April 2006 by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage Studios, Richmond VA.

Split 7" with Brainworms
Tracks 11-13
Originally released by Rorschach Records in July, 2007.
Recorded in May 2007 by Allen Bergendahl at Viking Studios in Glen Allen, VA.

2009 - Swallow Your Teeth - 11 songs at 39 mins or so.

The band's best work yet. Heavy, Loud and superbly played from start to finish. You need to own these brilliant releases now. Just two works of brilliant Hardcore/Noise/Sludge/Stoner or whatever you want to call it metal.

These guys could become one of your fave new bands.

Download both of these amazing releases from the band's BandCamp Page. Both available for free download. So get downloading now. Highly Recommended!!!

If you want to physically own both of these outstanding releases then you can buy them both here from the excellent The Perpetual Motion Machine Record Label.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out The awesome "42012" from "Swallow Your Teeth".


OAK PANTHEON are a 2 Piece Post-Metal/Black Metal Band from Minneapolis, MN, USA.

The members are:

Sami Sati
Tanner Swenson

The band have just released their new EP called "The Void". And this is a top notch release by the band.

The guys play a great mixture of Post-Metal, Black Metal all mixed together in an unforgettable eerie atmosphere. If your fans of Wolves In The Throne Room then you will love these guys as I sure did.

The Void is 5 tracks long and runs for 30 mins or so. But it's a haunting, crushing and pulsatingly loud 30 mins that will have you enthralled from start to finish.

Production is excellent. Instruments and vocals are loud and clear. This is really hard to believe that this is a 2 man band as it feels like more people are playing on this outstanding release. Songs last from 7 mins to 8 mins with the shortest being on for 2 mins or so.

Just another outstanding release to be had by this hugely talented band. Definitely a highlight in the Post-Metal/Black Metal Scene.

You can download this brilliant release from the guys BandCamp page on their famous pay anything you want type deal. You wont be sorry. This is just absolutely brilliant from start to finish.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out the awesome "In the Dead of Winter Night" from their outstanding new EP.

Tunguska Mammoth

Tunguska Mammoth is a 4 Piece Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Montréal, QC, Canada.

The members are:

Maxime Bellerose: Vocals & Guitar
Pierre-Hugues Rondeau: Drum
Mathieu Savage: Guitar
Paolo Di Stefano: Bass

Their bio gives you a great description what they do so brilliantly.

"With the growing desire to play their own music not fit for their cover band, GPS, Maxime Bellerose (ex-Lacrimae Mortalium), Paolo Di Stefano and Mathieu Savage decided to get together with drummer Pierre-Hugues Rondeau (ex-Hope&Horror), to try and fill this void. After a few rehearsals jamming on Melodic Metal riffs, the sound naturally progressed towards wahat Tunguska Mammoth is now: a combination of the energy of Metal and Hardcore mixed with Stoner groove and progressive rock’s intensity. Their first EP intitled “First Chapters”, corded in their own rehearsal studio, serves as an introduction for the band’s forthcoming concept album. Tunguska Mammoth has played its first notes and wants to be heard."

The guys kindly sent me a copy of their first EP to check out. And it's a great EP to showcase the band's talent.

First Chapters is only 3 songs long and is on for 14 minutes or so. But it's a brilliant action packed Stoner/Sludge Ride from start to finish.

Parts Mastodon, Baroness and High On Fire all done in their unique style and ferocious way.

Production is superb. Everything is loud and clear. These guys know how to play their instruments and they play it with the best of the Stoner/Sludge Metal; bands out there.

If this is a trailer for their forthcoming debut full length album then put your orders in now as the 3 songs on show are absolute monsters from start to finish. These guys are highly recommended and I for one cant wait to see what unleash with their forthcoming debut album. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

You can download this brilliant albeit short release on BandCamp's famous pay anything you want type deal. So get downloading now!!!

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out The Awesome "Dark Age" from their excellent new EP.

Monday, 18 July 2011


OYABUN are a 4 Piece Stoner/Hard Rock Band from France.

The members are:

Fabrice Dercourt : vocals
Olivier Blanc : guitar
Joël Riffard : bass
Boris Senon : drums

They play a great blend of Stoner/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Hybrid type of Metal Music.

They have released their new release GODS AND DOGS in late 2010. What you get is 7 tracks of some of the finest Stoner/Blues/Hard Rock riffs you will hear this year.

You get 7 tracks on for 33 mins or so. And it's one of the most good rocking albums I have heard this year.

There is not one bad track on this excellent album. Production is excellent. And all of the instruments are played loud and clear. Excellent vocals, great drumming and excellent guitar riffs make this album an all out winner. Top notch Stoner/Blues/Hard Rock with a hint of Heavy Metal to get the senses running.

Check out the awesome album cover. You know your in for a great time with a great cover like that.

Check out Doommantia's excellent review to convince you otherwise. I agree with every word said.

You can download this excellent release for free from their BandCamp Page. So get downloading now.

Check Out The Guys Here:



INFAME are a 3 Piece Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Antofagasta, Chile.

The Members are:

Diego Aguilar - vocals, drums
Iohan Montoya - vocals, guitars
Matias Leon - bass

Matias emailed me to let people know what his band actually do. They play some really cool and excellent Sludge/Doom Metal Music. Very Heavy, Slow and Loud as Fuck!!!

Matias has asked me to provide a link to their ReverbBNation so you can check all these heavy tunes for yourself. And I think you should. Some excellent Sludge/Doom Metal Tunes to check out.

There are 3 songs in their ReverbNation site, taken from their 1st promo, plus another song from a rehearsal session.

Check Out The Guys Here:


SWAMP WITCH are a 4 Piece Sludge/Doom Metal band from Oakland, Visalia USA.

The members are:


Jiimmy emailed me asking for his band to be included as they will be releasing their first official release next month. And they wanted people to get a taste of their first song.

The song is called "Novem" and can be listened to here on their SoundCloud Page. What you get is 5 minutes of some excellent Sludge/Doom Metal Music which really sets the mood. Loud Sludgy Guitars with some excellent harsh Doom/Death Metal Vocals.

This is a really strong effort by this talented band. If their other songs are like this then their new release will be one heavy release that I will definitely be checking out.

So get checking them out. And let the guys know what you think about them on their Facebook Page. They will appreciate any feedback. My verdict that its a great song from a talented band to keep an eye on.

Check Out The Guys Here:

MOVEN.S - Band To Check Out

Today's 1st article is to check out a really cool Alt Metal band Moven.S from France.

The members are:

Vocals- Shay
Guitar - Agon
Bass - Shannen
Drums - Thew

They play a real cool blend of Alternative and Industrial Metal. Full of loud guitars flicking through different genres and some great vocals by Shay make this one band to definitely check out.

They have one S/T EP available to buy. Links from their MySpace Page.

Check out their websites and listen to a really cool upcoming Metal Band to keep an eye on.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


HYDROMEDUSA are a 5 Piece Stoner/Doom/Sludge Rock Band from Adelaide, South Australia.

The Members are:

Troy - vocals
Ben Ben - Guitar
Joe - Guitar
Dieter - Bass
Tom - Drums

HYDROMEDUSA are an amazing Stoner/Sludge/Doom Rock band who have just released their debut S/T album for free download from their BandCamp Page.

I found these guys due to another brilliant Aussie Stoner/Doom Band - Adrift For Days (who have appeared twice on this blog. So check them out again) sending the following Facebook Message.

"Our Adeladian stoner-pals Hydromedusa have been nice enough to let you download their debut album for free. Check it out - seriously rocking stoner for fans of Church of Misery, Looking Glass, Blood Duster and the like. Dig it. ♥ O)))"

Well I was intrigued as their description had me hooked. So I went to their BandCamp page and downloaded their debut album. And all I can say I was blown away by their awesome debut album.

What you get is 6 tracks on for 50 mins or so. These guys play some wicked Stoner/Sludge Doom Riffs with a cool Psych vibe running through most of the tracks.

The production is excellent on this release. All of the songs are loud and perfectly clear. You can hear every note played.

There are 4 short tracks and 2 epic long tracks. One is one for 11:26 mins "Caps Of Tea" and the other is one for 23:28 mins "Pemulwuy".

This track can only be called the band's masterpiece. As it's a brilliant example of the bands talent. The song draws you in straight away and never lets go. Just brilliant musicianship from everyone involved.

This is one of 2011's best undiscovered band's and album releases.

I don't know what is happening in Australia at the moment. As the best Stoner/Doom/Sludge releases I have heard this year have came from the land of Down Under. AVER, ADRIFT FOR DAYS, THE MATADOR, HAWKMOTH and JUDD MADDEN.

There must be something in the air in Australia to have so many outstanding acts giving their music away for free and in the Stoner/Doom/Sludge Realm. 

Well you can now add HYDROMEDUSA to the above list. As they have created something special with their outstanding S/T debut album which you can download for free from their BandCamp Page.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out The Epic 23 minute song "Pemulwuy" and if this doesn't convince you to download their brilliant debut album and then nothing will!!!

So Get Downloading Now!!!

(Thanks to RibsOut blogspot for uploading this video. Another excellent blogspot to check out.")


PROJETO TRATOR are a 2 Man Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Brazil.

The Members are:

Paulo Thompson (Guitars & Vocal)
Thiago Padilha (Drums)

I have to thank the guys themselves for sending me their two awesome EP's for free Download.

Their bio should tell you what you need to know.

"Two and a half years after the release of the EP ”A Bombástica Barafunda do Batizado” in 2007, the paulistan duo, Projeto Trator, releases another bomb, while finishing touches on their first full album, the EP “O Caldo Vai Azedar”.

Rubber riffs, truants, bad mood, gambling, black coffee, cool people, youngsters wrath and grindhouse movies, all of these come together to form this petard, with the guttural appearances of Clayton Freres (Umbilichaos) and Dom Orione (Superduo), also featuring the magisterial art of Fernando Chamarelli on the cover.

Four songs written by the band itself, produced on the studio Papiris (SP), couting on Caio Monfort e Mr. Batata for technical support. If you like that fat peace of greasy bacon on the last corner of the tavern window and young and noisy music, guarantee yours as soon as possible, before the broth sour completely. "

Both of their EP's are on the short side (12 mins and 14 mins) but they are both full full of amazing Sludge/Stoner/Doom Guitar riffs with amazing drumming. It's to the band's talent that you think there are more than two people on both releases. And the EP's feel like there on twice as long.

If your into KYUSS. Melvins, Monster Magnet and EYEHATEGOD then you will love this band as I seriously did.

Production is very DIY but adds to both EP's effect and atmosphere. Plus the guys are great musicians and really know how to put out excellent Stoner/Sludge/Doom Riffs and hard hitting Sludge/Doom Drum Beats.

This is one band that you should all be seriously checking out.

Download both of their excellent EP's here/

A Bombástica Barafunda do Batizado" (2007)

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out the new video "Fazer Nada" which is a compilation of more than 20 shows between 2008 and 2011.


GRAND SELMER are a 4 Piece Alternative/Post-Grunge//Fuzz/Stoner Rock Band From Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, Sw.

The Members are:

Jonatan Dencker – Vocals, Guitar
Pontus Robertson – Vocals, Drums
Hannes Waernelius – Bass, Vocals
Fredrik Wessberg – Guitar, Vocals

Their bio should tell you what you need to know about these guys:

"Them motherfuckers they want your blood?

That was the question the band Grand Selmer asked when they woke up one early morning in December 2009 in a shitty apartment in Berlin. After a while they came to the conclusion it was not a question but a statement and decided to record an album instead…

After half a year with Currywurst, Weiβbier and touring throughout Germany they went back to their roots in Gothenburg, Sweden. They started to perfect the ideas and influences they collected in the past year to record the album “Though Day of Relief”.

With three EP-records released, produced by Per Ståhlberg (Division of Laura Lee) and artist Kristian Anttila it was time for an full length album.
With producer Kalle Lilja (Långfinger) Grand Selmer recorded “Tough Day of Relief” the eleven track trip signed:

Jonatan Dencker – Vocals, Guitar
Pontus Robertson – Vocals, Drums
Hannes Waernelius – Bass, Vocals
Fredrik Wessberg – Guitar, Vocals

Guest Artists:
Per Ståhlberg (DOLL), Tony Jelencovich (Transport Leauge, M.A.N, Icon in Me), Birger Löfman (Destiny, Fretless, Magnus Rosén) and Kalle Lilja (Långfinger).

With one foot in pounding riff groove and the other foot in psychedelic rock, Grand Selmer is a band that will blow you mind and give you chills up your spine. The perfect hybrid between 70s (Black Sabbath, Cream, ZZ Top) and 90s rock (Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu)"

The guys have just released their excellent debut album. You get 11 tracks on for a groovy 47 mins or so.

If you like the blend of bands mentioned above then you will find much to enjoy in their debut album. It's like a fuzzed up Stoner Rock Trip into the past as they take influence from the bands that I love and grew up with.

Production is a bit raw in places but that adds to the overall charm and effect of this excellent album.

Standout Tracks include "You Never Listen", "Mark F" and the 8.30 minute epic "Brothén".

The guys are all excellent musicians as the album is full of Stoner/Post-Grunge Riffs that you can seriously head-bang to. The songs get straight to the point and you wont wait for long for the next huge Stoner/Post-Grunge Riff.

Imagine an angrier version of Foo Fighters doing a Stoner album and that is how you would describe the band's sound. And to me that is no bad thing. Your in for one hell of a ride.

This is definitely one album worth checking out.

Check The Guys Here:

LastFM Page

Check Out All of their videos Here on their YouTube Channel

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


You have seen my review for SLEESTAK's brilliant new album "THE FALL OF ALTRUSIA". Well the guys have decided to offer their previous album "SKYLON EXPRESS" for free download.

SKYLON EXPRESS is an amazing album in it's own right. Full of excellent Stoner/Psych/Sludge Metal Greatness.

Check the link from their blogspot.

If you want to support these guys then buy some merch. As these are some some of the coolest guys around.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


NECRO DEATHMORT are a 2 Piece Dub/Insdustrial/Electronica/Drone/Doom Metal Band from the UK.

The members are:

AJ Cookson
Matthew Rozeik

The band have released two amazing albums.

2009 - This Beat Is Necrotronic
2011 - Music of Bleak Origin

If you think I have gone nuts posting an Industrial/Dub-Step/Electronica Band. Check out who is involved in the project and what they have been involved with.

Matthew Rozeik is a composer from London, England. He started composing for film in 1999, and his - mostly electronica, post-metal, and ambient music - has had releases on labels including Awkward Silence Recordings, Static Caravan, and Highpoint Lowlife. In 2007 he wrote original music for the film In the Hands of the Gods, as well as gaining exposure from Mary Anne Hobbs and The Wire. He was also involved with the filming and sound on the Melvins/Fantômas Big Band DVD, Live From London 2006, and is also in the thrashing-bastard loud Astrohenge.

AJ Cookson, also from London, doesn't like to stick with one specific genre; indeed, his own grudgey live electronic productions, the heavyness of his Medes project, the drum'und'bass'und'rawk of Sol Invicto (which features Stephen Carpenter of Deftones) and the Big Black stylings of The Montauk Projekt come across like a ADD-riddled delinquent's last mixtape. If you wonder why This Beat Is Necrotronic and Music of Bleak Origin are so wide in ambition and scope, there's your answer.

OK their music might be based in Industrial/Dub/Electronica but it has huge amounts of Doom/Drone music as well. Plus they play heavy as fuck loud music as well.

Their 2009 album "This Beat Is Necrotronic" was critically acclaimed all over the place. And it is such an outstanding album which you can buy/own from BandCamp or from Distraction Records.

But the guys are back with their 2011 masterpiece "Music Of Bleak Origin" - The band and the lovely people at Distraction Records have kindly offered to give this album away for free download here. Just click on the "Download Music of Bleak Origin for FREE here!" to get your free copy. Or Click Here for the actual download link.

This album is louder, heavier and more experimental than their previous album. And its a superb listen from start to finish. Sometimes not an easy listen with all of the other genres being mixed together. But such a rewarding listen if you stick with it.

Production is excellent from start to finish. All of genres of Dub/Electronica/Industrial all do blend well with the heavy outbursts of Doom/Drone Music that kick in on each superb track.

This is a release that needs to be listened time and time again to capture the full effect. A sublime effort from these talented individuals. This is Experimental Metal at it's most finest and most rawest as well.

Highly Recommended. So get downloading now!!!

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check out "Temple Of Juno" from their outstanding new album "Music Of Bleak Origin".

SLEESTAK - The Fall Of Altrusia Album Review

SLEESTAK are a 4 Piece Pysch/Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

These guys extensive bio should tell you what these guys are about.

"Formed in late 2003 with former members of Sixinch, Atomic Number 9, and Planet Delirium, Sleestak have become one of the midwest's most unique bands, gaining fans in the region and abroad with their metal/psychedelic fused doom rock. Sometimes labeled a "metal jam band", the band often delve into the bluesy realms of improvisation and embrace free-flowing instrumentals, taking the music into epic mind-altering depths. Through live demos and bootlegs over the past couple years, Sleestak have garnered radio play, media praise, and positive comparisons to Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Monster Magnet, Isis, Colour Haze, The Melvins, Ten Years After, and other groups that thrive on experimentation, originality, and heaviness"

They released their debut release "Skylon Express" in 2010 to great acclaim. I knew them from 2008 or so from various demo's and live shows that I came across. I bought Skylon Express in 2010 and still remains one of my fave releases. Full of brilliant Stoner based Psych Doom Metal songs with a Jam Band mentality.

Well the guys are back with their more superb latest offering "The Fall Of Altrusia".

The Fall Of Altrusia is a 50 minute 7-Part One Song Colossus Masterpiece. That's all I can say. This album is fucking monumental. One of the most astonishing releases of 2011 so far.

You get 7 parts to one song that all blend perfectly with each other. This is an album with a superb story to tell. Concept Metal at it's most original and finest. I am going to borrow the description from Doommantia's excellent review as they described it so brilliantly. And I cant put it better myself.

"The track-listing is split into chapters on the albums artwork and that is fitting as these songs do seem like pieces of a much bigger concept both structurally and thematically. The title of the album relates to the ancestors and descendants of Modern Sleestak known as the Altrusians, Sleestak being these green humanoid creatures with both reptilian and insectoid features."

My own thoughts on the album that this is indeed epic stuff. It transcends so many genres. Stoner, Psych, Doom, Sludge and Post-Metal into one perfect Metal song.

The musicianship is extraordinary on this release. How the guys thought of the different riffs to fit into each other. One minute Psych, the next Stoner then Doom Riffs come out of nowhere.

The vocals are outstanding. Going through many different growls, grunts and ambient based vocals in a Sludgy /Psych based way.

The production is amazing on this superb album. I cant fault this one bit.

These guys last release was simply outstanding. But this is in a different league altogether. These guys have made their defining work of their careers.. I don't know if these guys can ever top this release. It's perfect in every way. I hope they will make top this but it will be very hard to beat.

If you imagine ISIS, Monster Magnet, Pink Floyd, Mastodon and Black Sabbath forming a Supergroup for one album only then this would be the end result. It is simply sublime but all in the original way that only SLEESTAK can pull off.

This album just sent chills up my spine every time I have listened to it. And I have listened to it non-stop in the last couple of days.

I can't recommend this brilliant album enough. SLEESTAK deserve as much fame and fortune they can get with this extraordinary release. A truly defining moment of Sludge/Doom Metal Music has arrived.

This is one of the best records I have heard this year. Along with Borracho, VYGR and FUCKED UP. Genre-defining moments of their respective genres.

You need to own this release now. You wont be sorry. Simply amazing. No doubt!!!

What you can do with this release is download a 27 minute live edit of this track from here: But read the MySpace Blogspot entry here for the full effect as it has a cool video to go with this. 

This live track is a brilliant edit but doesn't match the original vision of this extraordinary and amazing album. You are missing over 23 minutes of the final product.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Official - You can buy the album from their official website.

Check Out "Enik's Lament" from their 2010 album "Skylon Express".


ABISMO are a Psych/Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Santiago, Chile.

Well since Alejandro Ossandon from ABISMO recommended SANGRIA. It's only fair that his own band should be mentioned as well. As they have released their awesome "Promo 2011" and is also available for free download from BandCamp or The Internet Archive.

What you get is 3 tracks on for 20 mins or so. Which are all extremely heavy from the word go. This is indeed an excellent release as well.

Full of amazing Sludge/Doom Riffs with a great Psych influence. Slow-burning at times but when things get going they seriously get going indeed.

Production is excellent on this release that its another brilliant release people should own. So what your waiting for. Get downloading now.

This has been mentioned on the Legendary Sludge Swamp before. Cant believe I missed this amazing release first time round. Never mind. Better late than never. Don't make the same mistake that I did. Get downloading now!!!

Check Out The Guys Here:


Check Out The Guys Playing "Neurosis Religiosa" live from their outstanding release.


SANGRIA are a 3 Piece Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Santiago, Chile.

The Members are:

Osvaldo Frías
Pablo Benavides
Carlos Frías

I have to thank Mari from Sludge Swamp Facebook Page and  Alejandro Ossandon from Abismo and blog Mentes Podridas for pointing me out to these guys. Much appreciated.

These guys deserve as much publicity as they should get as they are an amazing band. They are giving their 2009 "Renaces de La Miseria" release for free from BandCamp or Internet Archive. And its 7 tracks on for 27 mins or so. But feels twice as long.

This is such a superb release that the guys are giving away for free. And it's such a steal everyone should be downloading this release right now.

If your into Sludge/Doom Metal music with Drone influences then you will love this. It's heavy from the start and wont let you go until the final seconds of this outstanding release.

I can't recommend this release highly. And you know if the mighty Swamp has posted it. It is highly recommended. Fucking awesome stuff.

Check Out The Band Here.

Check Out "Visceral" from their outstanding 2009 release. Awesome Stuff.


BEGOTTEN are a 3 Piece Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Oakland, USA.

The members are:

Lawrence Kessler - Vocals
Mike Sims - Guitar
Nick Soelter - Bass
Ben Richardson - Drums

I know I said 3 piece but the vocalist looks like he is not with these guys anymore according to their Facebook and MySpace Page. This is from their BandCamp Page. But am happy to be corrected.

These guys play some excellent Low-Tuned Psych Doom/Stoner/Sludge Music in the tradition of Electric Wizard, YOB and Ramesses.

The guys have just released their excellent DEMO 2011 release for Download from their Bandcamp on their famous Pay as You Want Type Deal.

This is a seriously excellent release. These guys are extremely talented. As this is some seriously heavy music that they play. Some times fast and sometimes slow based low-tuned Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Music.

The Demo is only 3 tracks long and is on for 26 mins or so. All epic long tracks all expertly played.

If your fans of the bands mentioned above then you will find much to love here. I sure did. Awesome stuff guys.

Check out the epic 10 minute track "Red Sky". Another Superb Band to keep an eye on.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out the original Demo for "Red Sky" without any vocals. Awesome Stuff.


VIATICUM are a 4 Piece Psych/Space Rock/Jam Rock Band from Zurich, Switzerland.

The members are:

Michael Holer (guitar)
Orso el Bueno (bass, vocals)
Pascuale di Molli (guitar, vocals)
Bastian "ashen-faced" Weird (drums)

They have just released their excellent EP - Trip Me Tender.

5 tracks on for a mindbending 46 mins or so. This is seriously one Space Trip you will want to take over and over again.

These guys play some very Spacy/Psych/Jam Based Rock. These guys call it Kosmikrock. And its hard not to see why. This is Space Rock at its finest.

The musicianship is amazing on this release. Things do get heavy from time to time but also very melodic in a Psych Space Rock kinda way. Definitely recommended. So get downloading this superb release now for free from their BandCamp Page. And be prepared to take a trip into Space with these talented Swiss Space Travellers. 

Check Out the 11.23 minute epic "Building For Destruction". As it will blow your mind.

Simply Superb!!!

Check Out The Guys Here:

Friday, 8 July 2011


APOTHEOSIS are a 2 Man Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Toledo, Ohio, USA.

The members are:

Nick Shallcross - guitar/vocals
Mark Reynolds - drums/vocals

APOTHEOSIS are a self described Old School Doom Metal Band. They have some excellent Sludge Metal guitar riffs as well. Plus the most bleakest vocals you will hear this year.

Here is APOTHEOSIS full history which should explain what they are and how they came about.

"Mark and Nick were introduced in 1992 and within an hour were writing music together. For the next 9 years they wrote and recorded several albums worth of material as the band Tomorrow, which played a melodic sort of prog-doom. Hindered by a lack of musicians that were willing and able, their vision remained largely unrealized and they took a break from 2001to 2008 while Nick lived in DC. Immediately after returning the two started working together again, and within a short amount of time Apotheosis was born.

The idea was this: to take all of the old material they had written, strip out all of the nonsense, and let the power that had always been buried come through. Away with the complex arrangements for multiple guitars, vocal melodies and harmonies, extra band members, shredding solos, lyrics, and other luxuries. No longer encumbered by the at times overly cerebral nature of metal, the songs were able to breathe.

Being satisfied as a two piece also opened a lot of avenues for the band. There became much more room for improvisation, not only in riffs themselves but in arrangements as well. This gave birth to their distinct style of vocals, which is almost entirely improvised. This allows the energy to be what is felt at the moment, rather than trying to modify their emotions to fit the song. The entire structure is only loosely arranged, giving freedom to the tremendous energy that can come from spontaneous metal.

Focused on what makes music truly heavy, Apotheosis has shucked all of the fancy-pants crap and made a torturous soundtrack for planning your own funeral."

The guys have just released their amazing debut album "HUSK" on free download from BandCamp.

HUSK is 5 tracks long and is on for 31 mins or so. This is slow, down-tuned, stripped, old school Doom/Sludge Metal Music how the original icons (Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Trouble) used to play their music.

No gimmicks. Just long drawn out Sludge/Doom Metal Music that sends chills down your spine. This is one of the loudest and bleakest doom/sludge releases I have had the pleasure to hear this year.

These guys play the same epic bleak Doom/Sludge tracks as THOU. There are no fast riffs here just Doom/Sludge great riffs played Old-School.

The title tracks are simply entitled 1 to 5 for the five amazing tracks on show.

The production is simply superb on this release. You can hear each and every bleak note played brilliantly by this hugely talented two man band. You feel there are more members to this band as they build a huge wall of noise on every track.

How come these guys are unsigned is beyond me. This album shows one of the most accomplished Doom/Sludge Metal acts I have heard in a long while.

If your into down-tuned Sludge/Doom Metal then these guys are the band for you. I can't rate this release more highly enough. I have been listening it on a regular basis since I downloaded it earlier this week.

Full of excellent and epic pounding drumming and sublime guitar playing. And the most bleakest vocals you can imagine. This is what Doom/Sludge Metal is all about. Fucking Amazing Record. Get downloading now if you have the guts too!!!

Check out this Excellent band here: