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Here is BEVAR SEA's live full set at Impending Doom II on Sept 25th 2011.

And it's a brilliant 45 minute set to amaze and enjoy. Fucking Awesome Work Guys.

Cant wait for the debut full length. These guys have been mentioned here before. So get checking them out now.


ZONDERHOOF are a 4 Piece Instrumental Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band located in South Wales.

The members are:

Max Von Beek
Didier Baja
Otto Kraal
Porl Omsk

ZONDERHOOF have been together since 2005 and have released the following:

2006 – Demo
2007 – S/T EP
2011 – Hakken! (Debut Full Length)

Zonderhoof play brutal Instrumental Sludge/Doom Metal Music. These guys have been compared to Pelican, Russian Circles and Karma To Burn in the past. But I think it is wrong to compare them next to those bands. As they are not Post-Metal or Post-Rock. Nor are they full on Stoner Metal though their music incorporates some of the genre’s traits.

These guys are their own band. They do a mixture of Sludge, Stoner and Doom Metal music but in their own superb way.

These guys got a lot of praise in 2007/08 when they released their self-titled EP. A 33-minute brutal blast of Instrumental Sludge/Stoner Metal music, which contained some of the heaviest and impressive Sludge/Stoner Riffs, I heard that year.

Well the guys are back with their best work to date with HAKKEN!. A 7 song epic beast of an album and on for an amazing 53 mins or so.

I got my free copy of the album with Terrorizer Magazine Issue 214 in Sept 2011. As the band have given Terrorizer permission to give away free copies with Special Issues of Issue 214.

Well Sept 9th 2011 came upon us and HAKKEN! was released to the world. Well mainly the UK (who bought it in WH Smith) and other parts of Europe who subscribe to Terrorizer.

I listened to this album 3 times in a row when it came out. It is one of those albums that gets better with each listen.

The other night I was asked by Didier of the band to review his album as I left a couple of comments on their Facebook page on how amazing their album is. I was honoured to do this so here I am reviewing HAKKEN!

Well what can I say about HAKKEN!  It’s in my top 3 albums of the year. Next to V.Y.G.R’s Hypersleep and Mastodon’s The Hunter. Followed closely by Borracho, EggNogg and Threefold Law.

It’s full of heavy pulsating and brutal riffs. The album kicks off with the classic and 8 min epic “Smoking Ears and Screaming Teeth.”

This track sets out what happens next on the remaining 6 tracks. Brutal Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that feel like they are being played by a Sledgehammer. Throw in some brilliant intense drumming. This track will have you begging for more. Even though there are no vocals, you can really hear the anger coming through on this track. Impressive Stuff.

And it does get better and heavier. Next up is “Hogslayer”. A 5-minute blast of Pure Stoner/Sludge Rock Fury. More brutal pulsating riffs coming through loud and angry than before through the speakers. Listen to the awesome riff around the 1:35 minute mark where the guys sort of throw in a traditional Stoner Metal riff. But that doesn’t long as normal business of heavy pounding riffs kick in again.

What you notice about the album is the impressive song titles, which are all, listed below along with the running times.

1. Smoking Ears Screaming Teeth 07:53
2. Hogslayer 05:02
3. Frostbitten Trigger Finger 05:59
4. Bring Me the Head of the Shark God 06:05
5. Swords Were No Match for the Plague of Flesh Eating Pigs 10:18
6. Bowback vs Locked Breech 09:54
7. 50gms Will Blow Your Mind 08:11

These guys deserve extra credit for their original titles. How the heck they come up with them only Zonderhoof will now. Nor do I want to know as it would take away the added effect of the album.

“Frostbitten” is up next and is another winner. This will probably be people’s most fave track on the album as it’s their most conventional Stoner/Sludge Metal Song. Full of straight up Stoner/Sludge Metal riffs with the odd cool Thrash Metal overtone. This would make a brilliant single for the band to release if they ever get the chance.

“Bring Me The Head Of The Shark God” is another winning track off this superb album. You should now be immersed into Zonderhoof territory by now. Heavy Sludge Based Original Stoner Metal riffs that any other well known Stoner/Sludge Metal band would be proud to call their own.

So what the band doesn’t have a vocalist. When the music is this great they don’t need one. Their music does all the talking that is required. They say less is more. And in the case of Zonderhoof this is absolutely right.

Lyrical content would spoil the brutal and eerie atmosphere that the guys are trying to present.

If you think things couldn’t get any better. Well you’re wrong. The next two tracks “Swords” and “Bowback” are my fave parts of the album.

Both epic and full of heavy crushing Doom Laiden Stoner/Sludge Metal riffs. These songs have a cool and mysterious hypnotic feel to them. It’s as if they are telling you a story by crushing and heavy pounding guitar & drum work.

This is the best 20 mins of music you will hear this year in the realm of Sludge/Doom/Stoner Instrumental Music.

“Swords” you will have on instant repeat as there are riffs you would have missed first time round. Play this track as safely and loudly as you can. This track is meant to be played loud. The drumming and bass work is simply astonishing on this track alone. Check out the cool ambient vocal effects around the 7 minute mark. Really adds to the songs overall effect.

“Bowback” is probably my fave track on the album. It might not be the heaviest track but it does have some of the best riffs on there, which are quite reserved at times. But then the ferocious angry riffs kick in with another nod to Thrash Metal. Simply another awesome track from these talented Sludge Rockers.

Last but by no means least is the 8 min epic “50gms Will Blow Your Mind”. Well since this album has already blown the listener’s mind with the superb and classic riffs on show. This song ends things brilliantly. With passionate loud sludge and stoner metal riffs from start to finish. A fitting end to a brilliant outstanding album.

Well this is probably the most in-depth review I have done. But I think it’s worth it for such a brilliant album. Superbly produced and put together. This album highlights what a brilliant band Zonderhoof actually are. And one you need to check out now. Amazing.

If you want to get this masterpiece then head down to your local WH Smith store before October 8th 2011 and pick up your copy. If not you can order from iTunes or from Amazon.

Quite simply a brilliant album and true standout in the realm of Stoner/Sludge Metal.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Check Out The Official Video for the awesome "HOGSLAYER".


Brachiosauride are a 4 Piece Sludge/Stoner/Psych/Grind/Thrash Whatever Genre Band.

Brachiosauride are a band who incorporate a whole range of genres as stated on their website.

I have to thank the excellent blogspot StonerHeadLetGrooveYourBrainsTonight for bringing me the attention to these crazy and excellent rockers.

They have just released their superb new album – “Excavations” – A 10 song 37 minute blast of pure Metal Heaviness.

Check out their official explanation about this brilliant concept record.

"Excavations" is the first studio album by Progressive Sludge band Brachiosauride, it’s a ten-song concept record, following a surreal storyline in which the main character enters a parallel universe in order to reach the ultimate passage between time and eternity. Entering the universe, he finds himself in an apocalyptic void called Mount Vein, where everything is almost insane, following the mountain he finds the underworld lurked, it brings back the absolute pain and is probably the most doom section of the journey. With an inadvertent universal shift, the path turns into a space time paradox, struggling with time’s arrow he enters the ultimate ground of surrealism, with a cut between Aleister Crowley and Salvador Dali’s ideologies the black sun rises, it’s the dawn of our hero, he’s been teleported to his early lifetime, obsessed with the dogs of war, religion and politics he finds his way back to the universe, but one and also important mistake is enough to take him to the darkest abysses of Edgar Allen Poe, trapped in the abyss, redefining that bleak classic, he has failed once again, with depression surrounding him, he gets lost in the mortal forest. That’s where the hypnotism of the birds brings him back to life, And yes as the spiritualism goes, H.P. Lovecraft is not far from it, time for a universal gap to the Lovecraft classic “The Crawling Chaos”, with the final space Armageddon done, our hero enters the final phase of his voyage, the cosmic path of eternity, attaining the ultimate prowess, he has just started the first stage of the adventure."

This album will seriously blow your mind. Very Experimental nature with all of the genre-mashup, which it does so well. Check from the band's official website bio about their influences:

"Influenced by 50s Blues, 60s Psych, 70s Prog, 80s Doom, Thrash and Hardcore Punk, 90s Sludge, Noise, Grindcore, Stoner, Mathcore and Experimental acts, Brachiosauride play a fusion brand of Progressive Sludge that gives the listener a unique experience; with creating a sonic texture of each song’s concept, both musically and vocally. Our first studio release is a concept album called “Excavations” including 10 songs that run over 37 minutes of mega mind blowing riffage, release in September 2011."

This album will probably confuse you the first time you listen to it. But give it repeat listenings and you will find much to enjoy here amongst the bleakness of some of the tracks.

These guys do deserve credit for doing something different with their music. Slow Riffs, Fast Riffs with some splendid harsh metal vocals all the way through.

This album really does go through a whole load of genres that you would think that don’t go together. But to do this within 37 minutes is something special.

Superbly Produced with a great DIY Feel to it. You have to play this superb album the way it’s meant to be played. Which is LOUD!!! LOUD!!! LOUD!!!

I will admit I didn’t like this album at all first time I listened to it. I thought it was a weird album put together just for the fun of it. But after about 4 repeat listening it started to grow on me. And then I got it.

Everything just fitted together and then I started loving every twisted minute of it. And in no time you will as well

All of the tracks are simply a work of twisted genius. What is even better you can download this brilliant and original album for free from the Band’s Official Website from a whole range of places. So check the links there.

I can’t wait to see what these guys do for their next release as they have converted me from a non-believer to a true fan.

Highly Recommended for all you Experimental Metallers and Stoners out there.

Check Out These Talented Rockers Here:


Check Out The Superb "Cosmic Path Of Eternity".


Curse The Son are a 3 Piece Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Camden, Connecticut.

The members are

Ron Vanacore - Guitars & Vocals
Michael Petrucci - Drums
Cheech - Bass

Curse The Son play excellent stripped back Stoner/Doom Metal Music. Taking influence from bands past and present. Mainly Black Sabbath and other superb bands of the genre.

They have released their superb new album “Klonopain”. A 7 song 48 minute epic blast of Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal goodness.

So if you’re a fan of Black Sabbath then this album is for you. As they are a main influence on this superb album. But the guys do add modern Stoner-Metal/Grunge Rock Riffs here and there to spice things up a bit.

Production is superb. Everything is played loudly and clearly. Full of heavy pounding drumming and awesome guitar work. The vocals are excellent as well.

These guys do let their music do the talking especially on the 12 minute epic title track “Klonopain”. Quite simply a brilliant track, which shows what, these guys do so well. Playing epic riff after epic riff, which will have you begging for more.

Check out tracks like “Y?”, “Anullus Of Zin” and “Globus Hystericus”. More great tracks to check out on this superb album.

My fave track is “Pulostar Bringer” as these guys blend Stoner/Doom Metal with Grunge to superb effect. A great hybrid of Alice In Chains jamming with Black Sabbath. Awesome stuff.

So if you’re in the mood for some brilliant Retro-Stoner Metal then these guys are for you. Kick Back, put your stereo on full blast and enjoy the great Stoner/Doom Metal Riffs on show.

If these guys were around in the 70’s then they would have ruled the scene along with the other great Doom/Stoner Metal bands of the time. They are that great.

You can download this brilliant release on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Check These Great Doom Rockers Here:


Here is my fave song “Pulostar Bringer" played loud. Epic and fucking heavy. Enjoy.


MOONS are a 4 Piece Stoner/Grunge/Post-Metal band from Boston.

The members are


These guys were originally featured on the amazing Heavy Planet Stoner Rock website and their description of their music got me hooked. 

"Moons formed in Boston in 2010 when a bunch of metal and hardcore kids got together and started stargazing. Their debut 12" Stasis (out now, available at Bandcamp) is a crunchy, fuzzed-out space voyage, drawing inspiration from Hum, Failure, and Helmet as much as it does from Isis, Pelican, and deadbluesky. Moons will be in and out of the galaxy supporting Stasis."

 So I took a chance on these guys. And I glad that I did.

As these guys just flat out rock. Parts Stoner, Parts Grunge and parts Post Metal. All equally brilliant.

Their new EP “Stasis“ is simply brilliant. 4 songs on for 27 mins or so. You will be totally amazed how these guys blend different genres together into something you haven’t heard of before.

The EP has a great Sci-Fi theme. 1st Track “Jupiter Dive” really sets the mood. Great atmospheric guitars with heavy pounding drumming and excellent singing with shades of Maynard James Keenan to them.

But wait till you hear the second track “Clouds Of Venus”. A 9:20 minute epic. This track is where MOONS really start to show their true talent. Blending Stoner and Grunge Riffs against a superb Ambient/Post-Metal effect around the 4 minute mark.

This is the standout track on this excellent EP. You will have this song on repeat for multiple listenings.

The other two tricks “Astrogirrl” and “Cavalcade Of Stars” follow in the same brilliant path as “Clouds Of Venus”. Grunge, Stoner Metal mixed with Ambient/Post-Metal riffs.

These guys are talented musicians and are quite original in blending the genres of music in the way they have.

The EP is superbly produced from start to finish. Simply a brilliant EP for everyone to check out.

You can download this release from BandCamp on pay anything type deal. And it is highly recommended that you do.

Check Out These Superb Cosmic Rockers Here:



One of my fave Sludge-Punk Rockers have latest news as well. They have been previously been mentioned on here before.

I called their latest album "When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful" -

"Their new album is their best yet. Raw, Loud, Angry and possibly the must truthful record of the year. A voice for people who don't have the choice as we do. Essentially one of the best releases you will hear this year."

And I still stand by that in the realm of Sludge Metal/Hardcore Punk Music.

Anyway here is what the guys have been upto lately.

Tour Aftermath

This summer, The Sons joined our Croatian comrades Joe 4 for a 3-week European tour. We flew to Paris on Monday June 13 and then on to Zagreb where we started a string of 16 shows in 19 days in 8 countries. It was an amazing experience, despite losing money and playing to some pretty slim crowds. But we did connect with some enthusiastic fans, ate some fantastic food, and played some great shows. Exhaustive documentation: blog,videos, or photos.

Remix ProjectIn the wake of the European tour and the subsequent hiatus, we’ve begun work on a remix project. All band members are pitching in but we’re inviting some friends to lend a hand as well. While we’re encouraging participants to produce tracks in dub, glitch, breakbeat, industrial, or ambient styles, we won’t say no to a dance remix or a dubstep track. The primary focus is on songs from Revolution, but all three records will be represented. We plan on releasing this project as a free download as well as super-limited edition, deluxe CD in early 2012. Listen to Kyoto Deathmarch (Maelstrom Mix).

Revolution LP40 copies left.

We returned from Europe with just 10 copies. Phratry Records has 30 copies. Gorgeous red vinyl with a 12-page booklet and download card. Don't sleep on this.

Split 7"Only 3 copies left!
We sold most of these German-only splits while we were on tour. The pressing plant messed up nearly half of the initial pressing and it is unclear whether it will be repressed. Get yours now.

Genocide TeeNow via mailorder.

The now-classic red genocide USoT t-shirt is now available on-line. It's not tour dates; it's a litany of man's inhumanity to man. 20+ left (1 each of S and XXL). Grab one now.

Adrift For Days Latest News.

Hi all Sludge Rockers. Latest from brilliant Aussie Drone/Doom/Sludge Metallers - Adrift For Days. And other cool Aussie Doom Greatness.

"Doompals and dronebrethren, I come bearing news of doom:

Adrift for Days are heading back into the studio in a little over 3 weeks to record the follow-up to our acclaimed debut The Lunar Maria.

We're spending a lot more time in the studio this time around - which of course means a lot more money for the studio, and a lot less money for our stash of psychedelics and psychoactives.

As you all likely know, playing in an underground band costs a lot of money. A LOT of money - even more if you have a taste for vintage amps like we do. You're usually lucky to cover your basic costs when you go on tour. We have definitely not made back the money we spent on recording, mixing, mastering and printing The Lunar Maria - but thats not the point. We do this because we love it, because we're compelled to, and becauase we think its important enough to spend our time, energy and money on.

So thats why we're asking for your support. 

Anyone who donates to our recording fund through our Bandcamp site will get to hear an exclusive new track before anyone else. Seriously, every single dollar counts.

Here's how you can donate:

Go to our Bandcamp site:
Click "buy now - name your price"
Enter anything above $0 and we'll send you a copy of a new, exclusive track from our 2nd album
Thanks for supporting us. We're hoping to finally get some merch and t-shirts ready for early 2011, so keep an eye out.

We expect our 2nd album will be out early 2012.

Love and drone,

- Lachlan R. Doomsdale.

AVAILABLE NOW: Battle Pope's Pantless Carnage EP - A hyper-sexualised sermon of sludged-out swing/grind for fans of Log, Captain Cleanoff and Blood Duster.

AVAILABLE NOW: Adrift for Days The Lunar Maria - 71 minutes of smoked-out psychedelic dronefuzz for fans of Earth, Electric Wizard, Boris and Om.

AusGrind - Australian underground grindcore, punk, doom and DIY culture.
Art As Catharsis Records - promoting Australia's vibrant underground music scene.
65 Degrees Music Café - printing merch and selling underground Australian music.

♫ Adrift for Days:
♫ Serious Beak:
♫ Battle Pope:
♫ Dyke Destroyer:

Upcoming Shows:

16/10 - Sandringham Hotel: Cough (USA), Boonhorse (ACT), Arrowhead, Adrift for Days, Birdmouth, Lomera.
21/10 - Hermann's Bar: Lo! album launch w/ We Lost the Sea, The Matador (QLD), Adrift for Days.
11/11 - Black Wire Records: DEAD (VIC), Cyberne (JAP), Battle Pope, Video Nasty.
26/11 - Lansdowne Hotel: Serious Beak album launch w/ Pirate and Dumbsaint.
03/12 - Sandringham Hotel: Space Bong (SA), Looking Glass (ACT), Adrift for Days, Hydromedusa (SA).
04/12 - Black Wire Records: Space Bong (SA), Hydromedusa (SA), Video Nasty."

Check These Cool Sludge Rockers Out. As their album "The Lunar Maria" is fucking insane and wholly brilliant.

Respect Guys!!! - I cant wait for your new album. Anything like your debut it will be epic!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Kosmograd are a 4 Piece Ambient/Post-Hardcore/Sludge/Post-Metal band from Toronto, Canada.

The members are:


Kosmograd play an intense blend of Post-Hardcore/Sludge Metal music with superb Ambient/Post-Metal riffs thrown in for superb measure.

I have to thank the awesome band EyesWithoutAFace for telling me about these guys via my Facebook Page as I would never knew of their existence. So Thanks for the tip guys. (Plus EyesWithoutAFace have been featured on here before and are an excellent band in their own right.)

All I can say about Kosmograd is – WOW, WOW and WOW.

These guys take influence from a whole range of bands from different genres and mix them all up to superb devastating effect.

Their new S/T album is a 5 song 38 minute epic of heavy sounding monolithic riffs which blends Sludge, Hardcore, Ambient, Post-Rock and Post-Metal to brutal and amazing effect. Throw in superb Hardcore vocals and this album is an absolute beast of an album.

You get 4 epic songs that run past the 7-minute mark and a short 4-minute track that acts as a breather before the heavy pounding riffs kick in a gain.

Check out the epic and jaw-droppingly brilliant tracks - The 9 min epic “This Weather For Hangmen” and the 11.40-minute epic “The Owl”.

Vocals show up superbly now and again especially on “Hard Six”. Another top-notch 9-minute epic song for the listener to rock out to time and time again.

Let’s just face it. All of the tracks are simply amazing and are superbly played and produced. But it’s “This Weather For Hangmen” and “The Owl” where the bands talent and vision shine through. Highlighting some fine haunting Sludge/Post-Metal Riffs to head-bang to.

All of the members are hugely talented and all play their part in delivering a top-notch release. This is an album that anyone would be proud to have in their record collection. And one should be listened to time and time again.

I can’t recommend this album highly enough. Just an outstanding entry into the world of Sludge/Post-Metal Music. Full of heavy pounding great riffs aided along by sublime vocals. Simply brilliant.

You can own this brilliant release from BandCamp’s pay anything you want type deal. So what you waiting for get downloading now.

Check Out This Awesome Band Here:


Here is the awesome song "The Owl" played live with a cool intro from a classic TV Sci-Fi Series.


BitterChupChupWeLose are a Hardcore/Stoner/Sludge Metal Band from France

BitterChupChupWeLose play fast-tempo Hardcore/Stoner/Sludge Metal music with a great DIY Punk Vibe. Some of the songs have a great pop edge to them as well.

These guys are influenced by Torche and Baroness as they play the same type of fast-paced tempo Sludge/Stoner Metal songs.

So if you want to hear something a bit different to the Sludge Metal genre but still have the same great superb Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs then you can’t go wrong here. These guys are superb musicians who know how to play a top-notch Stoner Metal riff aided by some damn fine Hardcore/Stoner Metal vocals.

The guys have released two EP’s that you can download from BandCamp for free. Both superb releases that I can’t fault one bit.

2010 - S/T 12”
2011 - S/T 10” and MediaFire

Production is superb on both releases and is both full of top-notch Sludge/Stoner Metal songs to check out time and time again. Both releases are full of action-packed songs to listen to time and time again.

So if you’re a big fan of Torche then check these guys out. As these releases are simply superb. Highly Recommended.

Check The Guys Out Here


Check Out "Imperfection Is The New Perfection" from their superb S/T 10" Release.


Seas Of Stone are a 4 Piece Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Dresden

The members are

Henning Ebermann - Drums
Martin Paul - Guitar
Michael Paul - Bass
Jakob Ritter - Guitar

Seas Of Stones play intense Sludge/Post-Metal music with a great Atmospheric edge. So if you’re into ISIS, Mastodon, Neurosis and Cult Of Luna then you will definitely need to check these guys out.

As they play the same top-notch blend of Sludge and Post Metal to brutal effect.

Highly effective Sludge/Post-Metal riffs shine through out their music aided along by Top-Notch Hardcore based vocals. This one band needs checking out.

Sea Of Stones have released two superb releases so far.

2009 – Chakrun & Sea Of Stones EP Split – An awesome EP that needs to be checked out. (Chakrun part of the EP is great as well in its own right as well)

2011 – Sea Of Stones – A 3 song 30 minute EP full of brutal Sludge/Post-Metal Riffs.

Their new 2011 S/T EP is simply superb. Brilliantly produced and full of top notch Sludge/Post-Metal Riffs that builds upon their great 1st release.

The vocals and riffs are heavier than their previous release. Full of heavy and brutal pounding riffs for the listener to get stuck into. Highly recommended from the word go.

Both EP's are on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal and they are both outstanding releases to check out.

These guys have shown with both releases that they are a band to definitely keep an eye out for. And hopefully their full-length release could be something special.

Check Out These Talented Sludge Rockers Here:



THE HEDONS are a 3 Piece Hard-Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Indianapolis, IN and Lafayette, IN.

The members are:

Jace Epple - Drums
Jeff Kaleth - Guitar
Ryan Strawsma - Bass

Jeff emailed about his talented band’s new EP as he produced The Heavy Co superb EP which was featured on here last week.

THE HEDONS play fast-paced Hard-Rock/Stoner Metal Music that does stand out from the Hard-Rock/Stoner-Metal Crowd.

Their new EP “Earth On My Nerves” is available to buy from their BandCamp Page. It’s a 5 song 21 minute fast-paced ride into the realm of Stoner Metal.

Superbly produced and played from start to finish. This band is hugely talented musicians. Full of catchy riffs and vocals make this EP another winner in the Stoner Metal genre.

This EP has been getting a lot of high praise from other blogspots and it’s hard not to see why. This is a band with a bright future ahead of them.

Standout Tracks include “Atomic Blue”, “Swimming The Witch” and “Helluva Ride”. All top-notch tracks that any Stoner Metal band would be proud to call their own.

So if you have some spare time check out these hugely talented rockers. You will be mightily surprised in what you hear. These guys do have the potential to have a great career in Stoner Metal. Let’s hope their debut full length is great as this.

Highly Recommended and the EP is definitely worth the purchase alone for the tracks mentioned above.

Check These Guys Here:

Check the awesome "Swimming The Witch" performed live.


SADGIQACEA are a 2 Piece Psych/Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Philadelphia

Evan emailed me to check their band out. So I did and believe me these guys are something special to listen to. These guys play amazing brutal Psych/Sludge/Doom Metal music.

They have been getting a lot of praise on various webs and blogs. I should have checked out these guys sooner as they play music from the bands that I love past and present in the Sludge/Doom Metal genre but add their own great psych vibe into proceedings.

They have released a few releases in their time. All available to check out on their excellent BandCamp Page. Some of the music is free and some you have to pay for.

SUBMERGED IN MANICHEA – Pay Anything You Want Downloadt
INNATE ENIGMA – Pay Anything You Want Download
Ominous Black​/​Sadgiqacea Split – Pay Anything You Want Download

All of their music is superb. Loud, Brutal and Heavy from the start with a great Psych Vibe to their music.

Their Split Releases probably showcases their best material to date. Full of heavy Sludge/Doom Riffs to shatter the senses with. Another great release from this hugely talented Sludge Metal band.

All of their music is brilliantly produced and everyone involved are hugely talented musicians.

It’s only a matter of time before Sasdicque release their debut full length record to impress me and the rest of the Sludge Metal world with. Their EP’s show that these guys have the riffs, the passion and the talent in doing this. And I for one can’t wait to see what they deliver on the big stage.

Highly Recommended.

Check Out The Guys Here:



Threefold Law, Cleveland’s doom pioneers and winner of the Soda Shop March Bandness competition announces the launch of their new mobile website and Revenant app for the Droid. Go to or scan the QR code from any mobile device and get automatically routed to a customized version of the full website with streaming music, live performances, and album reviews.

In addition, Threefold Law presents the “Revenant” app for Droid users. With an intuitive interface and clean design, stream the entire album, read the story, and more. Users of the iPhone, Blackberry, or any handheld device can access Revenant through the mobile site.

Enjoy all of the enhancements, free of charge.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


ALL THE EMPIRES OF THE WORLD are a 3 Piece Experimental Sludge/Post-Rock/Post-Metal band from Nottingham, England.

The members are:
Mark: Guitar
Damon: Guitar
Josh: Not Guitar

ALL THE EMPIRES OF THE WORLD are arguably one of the most original Sludge/Post Metal Bands I have heard this year. Mixing Sludge, Post-Rock, Ambient and Post Metal music to devastating effect. This band will blow your mind especially on how they mix all their genres together into something special.

These guys are probably my most favourite discovery this year. I haven’t heard of these guys before but I wish I had.

These guys are seriously hard to compare against other bands. Part ISIS, Pelican, Neurosis and other great Sludge/Post Metal bands. But that only tells a small part of this amazing band’s music.

Plus information about them is very thin on the ground. I can only find a LastFM Page, MySpace and BandCamp page for this truly outstanding band.

They have released 3 releases so for. 2 Albums and 1 EP. All available for free download and all everybody should be checking out. The following timeline could be wrong for the first two releases. But best I can do with the info that I have.

2009 – Blessings – 7 Songs – 52 mins. – Download Here
2009 – Last Rites – 4 Songs – 25 mins – Download Here
2011 – Return – 4 Songs – 41 mins – BandCamp Page

(Check out the awesome website Records On Ribs to find more brilliant artists as well which the first two amazing records are free to download from Other great artists to check out in other genres as well.)

All of these amazing releases are free to download from their respective links. I implore you all to download them all. You will be astonished how brilliant they are.

These guys music is simply amazing. Brutal, Quiet, Loud, Dense, Heavy and utterly original are just some words to describe the bands music.

These guys should be much bigger as this is some of the best music I have heard this year. 70% instrumental and the other 30% of their music has vocals.

All of their music is simply astonishing to listen to. There is not one bad track at all. You will be astounded how the guys perfectly blend quiet ambient post-rock passages with brutal onslaughts of Sludge/Post-Metal music the next.

Believe me on some of the tracks start rather beautifully in superb quiet post-rock fashion. But wait till the Sludge/Post-Metal riffs kick in to pulverize the senses.

I am not going to do an album-by-album review or song-by-song review. But trust me this is some of the best post-metal music I have heard over the last couple of years. You need to download these brilliant releases now and spread the word of this truly outstanding and talented band.

I have heard these releases about 5 times each in the last week alone .And I still get blown away every time I listen to them. I can’t put into words how highly I rate these brilliant Sludge/Post-Metallers. Simply amazing and the best band discovery I have made this year. No doubt!!!.

Highly recommended.

Check Out The Guys Here:

LastFm - You can downlaod the first two releases from her as well. So get downloading now.

Check out the brilliant "Prophet Part II" from their magnificent and brilliant mesmerizing 2009 album "Blessings".


Alkahest are a 5 Piece Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal Band from Brooklyn. USA.

The members are:

Jon - Guitars
Nikhil - Guitars
Rajah - Drums
Adam - Bass
El Dickler - Vocals

Alkahest play some fucking amazing down-tempo psych based Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal to devastating effect. These guys play the same sort of great Sludge/Post-Metal music that ISIS, Cult Of Luna, Neurosis and Mouth Of The Architect have made their own.

These guys add their own great psych based vibe to proceedings.

Their new album “Milk & Morphine” is a 5 song 54 minute epic slab of Sludge/Post-Metal greatness.

The average length of a song on this amazing album is 10 mins or so. So you get 5 brilliant epic tracks to get stuck in to.

So if you want Loud, heavy and down-tempo intense Psych based Sludge/Post-Metal riffs with superb distorted tortured vocals. Then this album is for you.

Tracks like “Milk & Morphine” and “Labrador” just need to played time and time again with the volume turned up. Pure Sludge/Post-Metal perfection. Both full of great slow driven Sludge/Post-Metal riffs with a haunting underlying theme to them. Add intense superb drumming then this album is definitely a winner on all counts.

This is another album I have been listening constantly over the past week or so. There is so much to admire. The superb musicianship on show and the sublime vocals really do make this a standout in the Sludge/Post-Metal world.

Superbly produced throughout. Every note is played clear, heavy and loud. The way a great Sludge/Post-Metal album should be played. This album will definitely end up in my Top 10 albums of 2011. It’s seriously that great.

This is one album that everyone should be checking out. Highly Recommended.

You can download this release from BandCamp’s pay anything you want type deal. So get downloading now. You won’t regret it.
Check The Guys Here:


Check out these fantastic Sludge Rockers Below. Simply Awesome.

FALLEN FATE - The Virus Has Spread Review

FALLEN FATE is a 4 Piece Thrash Metal Band from North East England (My Neck Of The Woods).

The members are

Lee Skinner | Guitars & Vocals
Piers Donno-Fuller | Guitars
John Wright | Drums
Peter Hodgson | Bass

FALLEN FATE play intense style of good old Thrash Metal the way it was meant to be played. Taking influence from classic Thrash Metal Bands past and present they add their own brutal mix of superb technical metal.

These guys have been getting a lot of praise in the Thrash Metal circle. And with the guys on tour with British Thrash Heavyweights “Onslaught” and Irish Thrash Upstarts “Gama Bomb”. They have just released their superb new album – “The Virus Has Spread”.

Their new album “THE VIRUS HAS SPREAD” is 12 hard-hitting tracks on for 50 mins or so. The album has some of the best thrash riffs the UK has to offer. These guys are part of the new breed of UK Thrash Metal with bands such as Malefice, Sylosis and EVILE are flying the flag for.

This album is pure thrash brutality from the word go. These guys are superbly talented in their field. And vocalist has some of the best Thrash/Death Metal screams I have heard in a long while.

If you like, your Thrash Metal played loud, heavy and fast then, these guys are for you. I will admit FALLEN FATE do not bring anything new or original to the genre. But you do not need to in Thrash Metal. You just need loud, heavy fast pounding riffs with FALLEN FATE have in spades.

But this album is still a brilliant listen of heavy pounding and thrash metal riffs. Standout tracks include the epic title track, Victims Aren’t We All, In Ruin and Origin of Sin. Well all of the tracks are simply superb to listen to.

There are no “lighter in the air” songs that some veteran Thrash Metal bands put in from time to time. This is just good old fashioned Thrash Metal Songs the way they are meant to be played. As I said before. LOUD, HEAVY and FAST as anything you will hear this year.

Production is superb on the band’s first release. The album cover gives you a great impression on what to expect. If you want something nice and light. This aint it. This is a dark brooding monster of an album.

Quite simply a brilliant release in the world of UK Thrash Metal. I hope this album opens many doors for these talented metallers as they deserve as much fame they can get. This album is a stepping-stone to hopefully a great band with a long career ahead of them.

Highly recommended and one of the best debut thrash metal albums I have heard this year.

Check Out These Guys Here:

They Yearn For What They Fear

They Yearn For What They Fear are a 2 Piece Collective Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal Band from.

The members are

Brandon C. - Bass and Vocals
Corey S. - Drums 

<(:Collective members:)> 

Nick - Guitar
Boone - Keys
Phil- Guitar

The Yearn For What They Fear bio should tell you what to expect this from this hugely talented and wonderful band.

"Around since 2005ish, They Yearn For What They Fear started as a wall-of-noise grind unit, and while they can definitely still tap into all the rage of speed, they've become incredibly dynamic in their sound and tone while never sacrificing heaviness or their own brand of apocalyptic psychedelia. They are hard at work crafting a sonic tome worthy of their name, as well as split releases of all varieties (and hopefully a re-release of their lone testament to their ultra-violent roots, The Art of Communication via Concentric in the near future)."

I have to thank Corey for sending me their excellent new EP – Sea of Green. An 18 minute epic EP. Full of brilliant Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal riffs all blended together with a great experimental vibe to them.

The EP includes slow and fast heavy Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal riffs through out. One minute it could be slow and the next all hell breaks loose with the fast paced Stoner Metal riffs kicking in.

You can hear the band’s influences shining through but the guys do it in their own unique and brilliant way. Taking influence from Electric Wizard, THOU, Ramesses and many other modern great Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal bands.

The EP has a great Punk DIY feel to it. Riffs sound a bit under-produced at times but this adds to the EP’s overall wonderful effect. This is a band that can make their music sound different to other bands. And they do for the majority of this outstanding EP.

Full of outstanding guitar riffs and bombastic drumming make this a brilliant EP to check out time and time again. The EP feels like it is on twice as long especially going through all the genres that it does.

This is Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal at its most experimental best. So if you want an EP that is an experimental kaleidoscope of original sounds then these guys are in the driving seat. Simply an outstanding EP that everyone can download for free.

I am going to post the links from the excellent blogspot Stoner Rock Is Here To Stay as they have done all the hard work. This has the band’s approval to host them. Plus you can download it from the bands blogspot as well.

So all in all a top notch Experimental Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal EP. If these guys release a full-length album then that could be something special as this EP shows this band are something special. No question about that.

An amazing EP for everyone to check out now.

Check Out The Guys From Here


THE HEAVY CO. are a 3 Piece Stoner Rock Band from

The members are

Ian Daniel - Guitars
Jeff Kaleth - Drums
Ryan Strawsma - Bass

The Heavy Co. are a Stoner Rock Band that play good-old-fashioned Stoner Rock music taking influence from great Stoner Rock bands past and present. They add a great Blues Rock feel to proceedings as well. Reminiscent of Stoner Metal heavyweights CLUTCH in some parts.

They have released their superb EP – The Heavy (Please Tune In…) – 6 tracks on for 25 mins or so.

 If you like Blues Based Stoner Rock Music then you will find much to enjoy here. Full of laid-back stoner riffs and laid back vocals as well. This EP is an absolute winner from start to finish.

This is an EP you can chill out to especially with the winter months coming in. This EP can be listened to anytime of year and will still give you a great warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Superbly played and produced. This is an EP that demands multiple listenings. Check out tracks like The Heavy and Black Tuesday and Wormweed, which have a great 70’s Stoner Rock vibe to them.

So if you like what you hear then you can download this superb EP for free from their BandCamp page. Another highly recommended Stoner Rock Band to check out for. So get downloading now and join in with cool vibe of The Heavy Co.

Check Out These Superb Stoner Rockers Here:


Monday, 19 September 2011

CAST IRON CROW - First Edition Review

CAST IRON CROW are a 4 Piece Alt-Metal/Grunge/Stoner Rock Band from Hayward, CA.

The members are:

Jake Navarra
Sam Gouveia
Ryan Long
Joseph Evans

The following should tell you about this truly talented band.

"How does shattering your collar bone twice impact your musical career if you're a guitarist? For most this would be the end. For Jake Navarra, singer of Cast Iron Crow, it was one of the best things that happened to him.

Cast Iron Crow is a four piece grunge / alt metal Bay Area band that channels the sounds of their childhood. When Alice in Chains released their debut record "Facelift" in Aug of 1990, Cast Iron Crow held an average age of less than a year old. However, their early exposure to Grunge has perhaps lent itself to giving their music an effortless authenticity.

The band's sound transports the listener to a time when MTV and the radio airwaves were dominated by the relevant and timeless music that the grunge era provided. Having consumed and digested the best rock music had to offer in the last 20 years, Cast Iron Crow has the benefit of a perspective that allows them to tastefully blend elements of their favorite sub genres of the 90's and on. A cup of Alice in Chains a pinch of Soundgarden a dash of Tool a sprinkle of a Perfect Circle... is that a hint of Motorhead?

To quote Henry Rollins "Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on." After suffering his second broken collar bone in 2009, Jake was forced to quit guitar and thought his musical career might come to an end. Undeterred, he took up singing and was surprised at how naturally it came. Shortly thereafter Jake teamed up with lifelong musical co-conspirators Sam Gouveia (guitar), Joey Evans (bass), Ryan Long (drums) to form Cast Iron Crow.

Out of the gate the band marveled their native East Bay community with a surge of successful shows and by destroying a Bay Area battle of the bands competition. Praise by Tim Sult of "Clutch", Eddie Hernandez of "All Shall Parish", and a mass of new fans further propelled the band to record their debut full length record "First Edition" at legendary San Francisco institution Hyde St. Studios."

One of the band's rep a great dude called John Flores has kindly me sent a copy of this fantastic album to check out and comment on.

Well First Edition is not out until Nov 8th 2011. But all I can say this album is fucking brilliant. Only one thing I can say about it. If you get praise from Tim Sult of Clutch and Eddie Hernandez of All Shall Perish then you know these dudes you have to check out.

Their new album is pat grunge, part alt-metal and throw in a few groovy modern Stoner Metal riffs and you have a kick-ass album that could be defined as one of 2011 best debut albums.

Full of great alt/grunge metals you can throw a bong-pipe or stick at. This album just rocks out from start to finish. This is a 10 song 45 minute masterclass in alt/grunge metal. 

Taking influence from a whole range of bands TOOL, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden but adding their own unique modern take on the respective genres. These guys are talented musicians who have taken a lot of care in recording this brilliant debut album.

Tracks like Mindlapse, ScrewEye, Ash bath and the epic Wise Evil show a band with a bright future.

These are sounds of my youth done brilliantly with a great modern metal twist as they throw in some cool Stoner riffs now and again to highlight their modern day influences.

Production is superb. All the vocals and instruments are handled brilliantly. Each note is played great and loud to perfection.

When this album is released in November 2011 I implore you all to hunt this brilliant album down. You wont be sorry.

If you want to check out what these guys sound like. Check out the article on the excellent website Heavy Planet where you can download 2 free tracks from the album.

Check Out These Guys Here.

Reverb Nation

Sunday, 18 September 2011


TELEPATHY are a 4 Piece Experimental/Math/Post-Metal Band from Colchester and Rewa from UK.

The members are:

Piotr Turek
Albert Turek
Richard Powley
Krystian Turek

TELEPATHY play a great blend of Math Rock/Post-Metal music with a hint of Experimental Rock thrown in for good measure. So if your into PELICAN, Russian Circles and MONO then you will find much to enjoy here.

They released their debut EP - Fracture in July 2011 for free download from BandCamp. It's 5 songs on for 21 mins or so.

And it's an excellent release for a talented band who have only been active since 2010. They have some brilliant Post-Metal riffs lurking in the backgrounds of their superb music.

Superbly produced from the start. This is a band who know how to command a mighty damn fine Post-Metal riff who throw in some great Post-Rock/Math-Rock vibes.

One minute peaceful and the next pure chaos. The guys are hugely talented musicians. I can't fault this EP one bit. Plus I owe these guys an apology as they emailed me a while back and I forgot all about them. Till I opened my PC's folder. And there was a folder called Fracture.

Damn - If I knew that these guys were that great I would of publish their talents to the world sooner. So apologies guys. If you have any more future releases let me know and I will post straight away.

This is highly recommended if your into Experimental Post-Metal Music. Another great band from the UK Underground to keep an eye on. Highly recommended. So get downloading now.

All of the tracks are simply awesome. No question about it.

Check out these great Post-Metallers here.

Check Out The Superb Track "Glaciers" from their brilliant debut EP- Fracture.


Câimbra are a Sludge/Experimental Metal Band from São Paulo, BRASIL.

The members are:

Gustavo McNair . VOX /
Alexandre Pereira . GUITAR /
Piettro Torchio . GUITAR /
Manoel Junqueira . BASS /
Caio Casemiro da Rocha . DRUMS

Câimbra play fast and furious experimental Sludge/Hardcore Metal to brilliant effect.

They have released their superb 2011 EP - É Tudo Uma Mentira - A 5 song 17 minute blast into the dark unknown of Sludge/Hardcore Metal with a touch of grindcore thrown in for good measure as well.

This EP is fast and furious from the word go to truly punish the listener into submitting into their brilliant blend of Hardcore, Sludge and Grind.

This is a superb EP for everyone to check out. Especially since it's free to download from BandCamp.

Highly Recommended. Full of fast vocals and fast riffs you can throw your fist at. Superbly produced. You will listen to this superb EP over and over again.

Check out these talented sludge rockers here.



ABERRANT PHASE are a 4 Piece Hardcore/Experimental/Rock/Metal Band from San Francisco.

The members are:

Jeremy Atkins
the benevolent
Mani Vafaei

ABERRANT PHASE play a brutal style of Experimental Rock/Metal which takes influences from a whole range of metal. These guys play the same style of music as Dillinger Escape Plan.

I was contacted by the drummer of this excellent band. Carlos. Who is the guitarist in the superb band The Illness who were shown on this blogspot just recently.

Now these guys are a different beast altogether. Heavier, Meaner and Louder than their Prog-Metal Counterparts in The Illness.

Well you can download their brilliant new S/T EP from BandCamp on anything you want type deal.

What you get is 7 songs on for 24 mins or so. And it's brutal as fuck from the get go until the dying seconds.

Full of harsh brutal vocals, amazing guitar riffs and heavy pounding drumming make this EP an absolute winner  in my book.

Check out tracks like "Corset", "Alienwick" and "Return To Sender".

So if your into brutal, heavy and loud experimental Punk/Metal music then these guys are for you. Highly recommended.

Check these guys out here:


I DECLINE are a 5 Piece Stoner/Punk/Doom Metal Band from Chicago.

The members are:

Pat McLaughlin - Bass, Vocals
John "Dole" Doyle - Drums, Vocals, production
Mike "Pez" Pesavento - Guitar, Smokes
Dustin Decline - Vocals, Percussion
Dan Dominiak - Lead Guitars

It's probably best to read the bands excellent and in-depth bio from their website to see their full history of one of USA's best underground bands.

I have been a fan of I DECLINE for a number of years. So much so I still listen to their superb 2 previous albums 2000's "Soundtrackfortherestofyourlife" and 2003's "The Ides Of Riffdom".

So it't too my delight and surprise that these brilliant Stoner Rockers have a great new album out now - Time To Shine.

This is an honour for me to review this superb album as I am such a long time fan of these guys. No dis-respect to the guys but I thought they split up. As it has been 8 years since their last album. But these guys have been biding their time as this is their best album yet.

Time To Shine is a 12 song 40 minute thrill ride into some amazing Stoner/Punk/Doom Metal riffs.

The band describe this album as "In reaction to the events of 9/11 and on the brink of the band’s own 10 year anniversary, I Decline embarked on the creation of a concept record. The album touches on death, broken relationships, and desolation in the aftermath of 9/11 as a metaphor to the personal struggles we all face as humans in this insane world. The forthcoming album, “Time To Shine” is a bombastic onslaught of “fist in the air” anthems for a blue-collar society, stricken with desolation and in search of new hope."

This album is truly an anthemic epic album full of truly brilliant choruses and great Stoner Metal riffs that will have your heart pumping for more.

These guys have been called Thin Lizzy gone Stoner Metal in the past. But that tag doesn't stick in my book anymore. Sure they have the dual guitar riffs that Phil Lynott and co made famous. 

But these guys add a truly haunting social theme to their music. Especially on tracks like "The Administration",  "A New Nation" and "Grand Ruin". And the haunting track "Jericho". A cool laid-back chilling track that sends chills up your spine. A sign of a talented band that can write a slow-burning track while pushing the boundaries of their own blend of music.

This is Stoner/Doom Metal with social meaning. This band makes you think what your listening to.

The vocals and guitar riffs are simply amazing to listen to. Production is top notch. This is definitely I DECLINE's best album to date.

I can't fault this superb album one bit. This album's a calling card to the Stoner/Doom Metal Community that I DECLINE's time to shine has came now. 

One of 2011 best album's is upon us and I recommend everyone check this out. This is truly a hard-rocking stoner-riff loving head-banging masterpiece that will destroy everything in it's path.

Check out these brilliant Stoner-Metallers here.

Check Out The Superb "Face Of Death"

And the brilliant laid back Stoner Rock vibes of "Jericho".

Friday, 16 September 2011

Latest News from BORRACHO

Hi all. Latest News from Brilliant Stoner Metallers - BORRACHO


Two new vinyl releases!

That's right boys and girls. Borracho will bring in October with not one, but TWO new vinyl releases. First, the much anticipated release of Splitting Sky on blue-splatter wax with hand-screened sleeves of all original art from STE will hit the shores of the US next week. While a firm release date is not being promised, there may be copies on-hand for the band's September 21 appearance with Karma to Burn at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC. Fans in Europe can order directly from No Balls Records starting around September 26, and the LP will be available directly from the band on their website. Contact us at

And, as a treat to our Latin American and Spanish fans, a limited edition 7" release of "Círculos Concéntricos" — the Spanish version of the album track Concentric Circles — is being released jointly on Fandango Records in the US and Ghost Highway Recordings in Spain, and will be available through both labels and on or around September 30. Grab a copy while you can. For you collectors, 150 copies will have sleeves in Spanish, and 150 will have sleeves in English. Grab one of each!


Live in DC September 21 with Karma to Burn

Don't miss Borracho laying waste to DC's Rock & Roll Hotel next Wednesday September 21 with bringers-of-the-riff Karma to Burn. This show will be sure to get you high, if you ain't already.

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 9 PM — Rock and Roll Hotel — 1353 H St. NE, DC — $10

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Bevar Sea are a 5 Piece Stoner Metal Band from Bangalore, India.

The members are:

Ganesh - Vocals, lyrics
Srikanth - Guitars, songs
Chacko - Guitars, art
JP - Bass
Deepak - Drums, designs

Bevar Sea are an excellent Stoner Metal Band with influences taking from the usual masters of KYUSS, Black Sabbath and the mighty Sleep. This is just as well as these guys play 3 excellent covers of the above bands on their superb EP’s.

KYUSS - Green Machine
Sabbath - Into The Void
Sleep - Dragonaut

But that doesn’t mean Bevar Sea are mere copycats. These guys can write their own lengthy Stoner/Doom Metal classic songs.

And they do. Their two EP’s on offer for free download are superb works in their own right.

The EP’s are called

Sessions Of Chaos (Live Demos)
Translaughter Sessions (Live Demos)

As you can tell both of these EP’s have been recorded live. Some of the quality is a bit grainy but you cant deny these guys are super-talented at what they do.

I know bands in India don’t get much publicity especially if they are a metal band. Makes it even harder if your a Stoner Metal band. But these guys are seriously brilliant musicians and the vocalist just kick’s ass. So if you have your own blog. Post these guys material and lets give our fellow Stoner Brothers some serious praise and respect. As they totally deserve it.

These guys deserve as much publicity they can get. They are great at performing their own material as well as covering the Black Sabbath, KYUSS and Sleep tracks.

So everyone should be checking out these top-notch Stoner Metallers as hopefully they will release more top-notch material in the near future.

The EP’s Artwork deserves a mention as well. As there is much to admire. Very striking artwork for both releases.

Anyway this is a highly recommended release for everyone to check out. Download their awesome EP’s free from their excellent BandCamp Page.

Check Out The Guys Here:



ORWELL are a 5 Piece Progressive Sludge/Stoner/Doom/Post-Metal Band.

The members are:

Logan Hauser-Vox
Tim Bradley-Guitar
Erik Bolstad-Guitar
Cris Bissell-Drums
Will Strickland-Bass

ORWELL play fast and furious Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metal Music with a great progressive edge. Part Mastodon, ISIS, High On Fire and other bands in the respected genres.

ORWELL bring their own style of Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metal to the table. Throw in great intensive Hardcore/Death-Metal vocals then you have a band that are definitely one to keep an eye out for.

ORWELL have just released their stunning debut album – AVOHFASIH. – A 6 song 44 minute epic stormer of an album.

Full of high intense Stoner/Sludge/Post-Metal Riffs that will have you begging for more. These guys write superior Sludge/Post-Metal tracks that any band would be proud to call their own.

The vocals are superb and fit the music brilliantly from start to finish. Songs last from 5 mins upto 9 mins in length.

So if you want high intensity Hardcore/Death-Metal vocals with top-notch Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metal riffs than look no further. Especially on top tracks like “In Dust I Stand” and “A New Awakening”.

This is an album to enjoy time and time again. These guys crank up the Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metal riffs from start to finish. So if you miss the first brilliant riff there will be another one to amaze you in no time at all.

Production is absolutely brilliant on this release. Every note is played loud, clear and angry as hell. These guys deserve as much success as they can possibly get as this is an outstanding release to check out and buy. Highly recommended.

You can own this brilliant release on BandCamp anything you want type deal. But if you want to buy a CD or any merch then you can do from the same page.

So check out these superb Sludge Rockers Here.


Check Out The Awesome "In Crude I Remain." from their outstanding debut album.


WARCHIEF are a 4 Piece Stoner/Sludge/Psych Metal Band from Finland.

I have to thank the best Stoner/Sludge Metal Blog – StonerRobixxx for pointing out these guys to me as I never knew they would have existed.

WARCHIEF are an amazing Psych/Stoner/Sludge Metal Band who play some damn fine impressive Stoner/Sludge Metal riffs along with some of the best vocals I have heard this year.

The guys have just released their new 1 song 20-minute epic release – “For Heavy Damage”.

Like I said it’s only 1 epic song at 20 minutes. But what an epic track it is. This is without a doubt one of the best Sludge/Stoner Metal Songs I have heard this year.

As it’s pure poetry in motion at times. Especially with the huge laden Sludge/Stoner Metal Riffs and the outstanding vocals make this a true classic of the genre.

These guys are extremely talented and this release shows off their talents in a big way. You want some thing different that sounds like Mastodon, ISIS, Baroness, KYUSS and even System Of A Down at times but still so damn original you won’t hear anything like it this year. Then check out this great release from a band that could become the next big thing alongside Borracho and a few others as well.

This EP/Release shows that this band will most definitely have a classic album in them when they release their first proper full length album.

This is indeed something special and I implore all of you to download this amazing release now. You can download this brilliant release for free from their BandCamp Page. You won’t be sorry.

This is truly an outstanding EP that I can’t recommend highly enough. If you’re into L’IRA DEL BACCONO then you will definitely love these guys like I did.

Production is top notch. I have no complaints about this great release at all. As you can tell this is highly recommended by myself. Simply Brilliant!!!

Check Out These Guys Here:



BEAR BRAWLER are a Psych/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Bassie, Normandie

The members are:

Basse et Chant - David Bonnet (Jez)
Drums - Martin Mabire
Guitare - Bertrand Lefetz (Pfffut)

BEAR BRAWLER play typical hard hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal which takes influence from the usual suspects of the genres.

But BEAR BRAWLER have an ace up their sleeve. They can write a hard hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal riff along with some top notch grizzled vocals thrown in for great measure.

They have released the brilliantly titled EP – Tales From The Putrid Swamp. 4 songs on for 28 mins or so. The EP’s cover should tell you what to expect. Something angry this goes straight for the jugular. Or in other words. Gets down straight to business of rocking out from start to finish.

The songs are epic and have a great story to tell. Especially the first track – “The Art Of Fighting Grizzly Bears Bare-Handed”. A 7.30 minute epic track.

This isn’t sophisticated Sludge/Stoner Metal music but more akin to great bands like Behold The Monolith, Weedeater and their ilk.

So if you like your Sludge/Stoner Metal hard hitting with thick and heavy riffs then this superb monster is for you.

Brutal at times with both the riffs and vocals but a great album to head-bang to with plenty of riffs to get your teeth stuck into. We all need Sludge/Stoner Metal music like this to show that the world is still a brutal place to live in at times.

The band are all great musicians and they have superb song writing skills to match the heavy pounding Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs. Check Out the superb epic “Swamp Thing” to back this up.

Production is great. You can hear every note played loudly and superbly. This is a great EP for everyone to check out. Highly Recommended for the Primal Metaller in us all. Top notch stuff.

You can download this EP for free from Bandcamp and I urge everyone to check them out.

Check Out These Superb Sludge/Stoner Metallers Here


Check out the excellent "Creepy Old Man" from their superb new EP.