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MEDIOCRACY are a 5 Piece Sludge/Stoner/Punk/Hardcore Metal Band from Bucharest.

The members are;


MEDIOCRACY are a band who take influence from many genres mainly the ones mentioned above and give them all a unique and brilliant modern spin. They don't fall into any category but take the best from each ones and make it something hard-hitting brutal and brilliant.

These guys are heavy as fuck. I have heard these guys described as Nachtmystium gone full Sludge/Stoner. That is one part of their music. But these guys are more than that. They are their own band. Crafting their own indentity in the world of underground extreme metal.

The band have released 2 brilliant albums so far.

2010 - "Human Progress – Endless Regress" - 9 songs - 38 mins
2011 - "Asoma" - 8 songs - 35 mins

Both of releases are available for free download from the excellent website mentioned in ROADKILLSODA post before.

Now both of these albums are brilliant in their own right. Heavy, Loud and as Angry I have heard from anybody this year.

Both of these albums are superbly produced and shows a band with hopefully a very long and bright future ahead of them. I can't recommend these albums highly. They are both fucking epic. Both full of heavy, sludgy guitar riffs to pummel the senses into submission.

Check these guys out now. You won't be sorry. Simply unmissable stuff. Both releases are highly recommended.

Brilliant work guys.

Check out these brilliant sludge rockers below.

Check Out the superb "On The Outside" from the brilliant "Asoma".

Check out the superb "Suffocation" from the outstanding "Human Progress – Endless Regress"



ROADKILLSODA are a 4 Piece Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Bucharest.

The members are:

Mihnea Blidariu - vocals
Mihnea Mic - guitar and ground noise
Vava - bass and basic fashion
Para - rhythmic pattern

ROADKILLSODA play a fast and furious blend of Sludge/Stoner Metal. These guys are just fucking brilliant. No question about it.

They have released their superb new album - A Fucked Up Trip Gone Bad. 7 songs on for 22 mins or so.

Dont let the short running time fool you. This album is full of heavy Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs from the word go. And it's action packed from start to finish.

These guys know how to write and play a top-notch Sludge/Stoner Metal riff. Throw in pulsating drumming and top notch vocals and you have a brilliant release.

Listen to this album over and over again and listen to the crunching riffs and talent on show. Top tracks include "Absolution", "Hide and Sick" and "War".

Superbly played and produced from the word go. I urge everyone to download this release now for free. Available for free on the brilliant website (Check Out The other brilliant artists they have there. This website is a fucking gold mine. Get checking now. All available for free).

So get downloading now as this is some brilliant fast and furious top notch Stoner/Sludge metal that everyone should be checking out.

Check Out The Guys Here:

TWiNGiANT - Band To Check Out

TWiNGiANT are a "loud as fuck" Sludge/Doom Metal Band from Arizona.

The members are:

Jarrod - Vocals
Jeff - Drums
Nikos - Guitar
Dave - Guitar
Chris - Bass

TWiNGiANT play a brutal blend of Sludge, Stoner and Doom Metal to brutal and devastating effect.

Influenced by a whole range of bands in the various scenes but TWiNGiANT add their own unique brutal angry, heavy and loud spin on today's Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal genres.

Here is what their Facebook bio says.

"TWiNGiANT: formed in the spring of 2010 to fulfill the band members' desire to play loud-as-shit, droney music. They are from the lost desert planet of Phoenix, Arizona. :TWiNGiANT: have played numerous local shows include locals and bands from outer systems, most notably with Thrones (Joe Preston of Melvins/High on Fire/SunnO))) fame).

TWiNGiANT: recently released a two song demo that includes a studio version of Pale Blue Dot and a partial live show recorded at the Ice House Tavern in Phoenix, AZ. :TWiNGiANT: will record their first full-length album in December of 2011. :TWiNGiANT: hopes to tour in another galaxy during the summer of 2012."

I have listened to their two songs on Facebook a number of times now. And these guys know how to rock in a brilliant demonic way. Check out the vocals by Jarrod. Heavy and brutal as fuck.

If their soon to be released new album shows the same intensity and originality as the demo then we are in for one helluva ride into the depths of hell!!! - And I for one can't wait to check these guys out.

Superb Stuff. Download the two songs on show from their Superb Facebook Page superbly called - Space Hobo Port

Check these top notch Sludge Rockers on their Facebook Page.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


KILLED THE FIXTION is a 4 Piece Heavy Metal band from New Jersey.

The members are:

Vocals: Nelson Ceron
Guitar: Kevin Izquierdo
Bass: Robert Asencio
Drums: Abbad Ibn Townsend

The guys superb in-depth bio should tell you all you need to know about this superb band.

"Killed the Fixtion (KTF) is a heavy metal act from Hillside/Newark NJ. Formed in 2009. Killed the Fixtion started as a few local kids who shared a love for heavy metal, punk rock, & all things music. Their love for aggressive yet emotionally driven music served as their outlet. This was a drastic change from hanging out with gangs and causing trouble on the streets of Newark New Jersey.

After forming, the four members of KTF wanted to convey their mission and message of positivity.

Being that members were involved with gangs as troubled youths, the band of brothers knew what it felt like to be a lost cause. The message outlined in much of Killed the Fixtion's music is designed to get rid of the negative, false sense of self identity, or fiction in ones life through the medium of music. It is no surprise that we all strive to be like somebody else in our lives whether it be our idols, peers, or sometimes even family members. The truth is that you need to find out what is good about yourself. KTF has gotten rid of their “fixtion” now it's time to get rid of yours.

Killed the Fixtion recorded and released a three song demo in June of 2010. Following the huge local success of the demo, energetic in your face regional shows, & a successful supporting show for UK thrash metal band Evile, KTF set out to write & record new music. The writing would exemplify their new sound. The new approach to song writing came to fruition when the band realized that the bond they share as a group can never be broken. Killed the Fixtion's commitment to each other and their music transcends any trends, image, or genre specific sound."

KILLED THE FIXTION take influence from a whole range of bands across a wide spectrum of genres. And they add their own heavy unique spin on their superb new single - "PULSE" - Which is up for free download on their superb Facebook Page.

All I can say about PULSE - Is WOW. Pure proper balls-to-the-wall Heavy Metal. No flash guitar metal riffs. Just plain brutal Heavy Metal music the way it used to be played.

These guys are super talented and deserve as much success they can possibly get. This is a band that could have a huge career ahead of them. Definitely to keep an eye out for. Superb stuff.

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LEAFMULCH are finally back!!!

LEAFMULCH are a 3 Piece Stoner Rock/Metal Band from Cheltenham, UK.

The members are:

Stephan Carter - Bass
James Crozier - Guitar
Darren Anthony - Drums

I originally posted about these superb Stoners way back in May 2011. At the time it was a free download of their debut single "I'm Dead". The song as I described it back then as 

"What you get is 4 mins of great Stoner Rock Vibes. If this shows what these guys can do then their demo could be something special. Its loud and heavy in the best possible Stoner/Rock Way. So get downloading and show your support to this talented band."

Well the guys are finally back with their superb debut EP - S.C.I.D. - As the band says - "It has three songs: Wizard's Shoes, an updated version of I'm Dead and a cover of Sleep's Dragonaut."

The guys have kindly decided to give this EP away for free. And it's a fantastic release from a hugely talented band to keep an eye out for. Their cover of Sleep's Dragonaut is purely superb and worth it for the download alone. But their original material is excellent as well.

So get checking these talented Stoners now and let them know via Facebook what you think.

Superb work guys.

Check out the guys below.


Check out their awesome Dragonaut cover below.


Carriers Cover Art

FIRE WALK WITH US are a 5 Piece Sludge/Post-Rock/Post-Metal/Hardcore Band from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The members are:

Herman Wilken
Geert van der Beek
Ralph Van Reijendam
Nico Nijland
Peter Maurits

FIRE WALK WITH US are a superb Instrumental Sludge/Post-Metal/Hardcore Metal band with added cool Post-Rock vibes added to their music.

The band have just released their superb debut album - "CARRIERS" - A brilliant 7 song 42 minute epic of instrumental sludge greatness which you can download from BandCamp on pay anything you want type deal.

If your into Russian Circles, Pelican, Envy and Mono. Then you will find much to enjoy here as I did.

As the album is full of brilliant epic sludge/post-metal riffs from start to finish. This album came out of nowhere for me. I just came about it by chance. And I am glad I did.

This is one of the best Instrumental Sludge/Post-Metal releases there is currently out there for people to check out for free.

Superbly produced and played. This is heavy and loud from the word go. This reminds me of early Pelican in so many ways. As it has the perfect blend of Heavy Doom Riffs with cool ambient Post-Rock passages before going into a loud Sludge/Post-Metal Riff.

Now if that doesn't get your attention then I dont know what will. This album deserves to be checked out by a bigger audience as possible. All in all a brilliant album that everyone should own in their record collection.

Highly recommended for all Sludge/Post-Metal fans. Brilliant stuff.

Check out these brilliant rockers below:

Check out the brilliant "This Lake In Flames" from their outstanding debut album "Carriers".


At Dark

AT DARK are a 5 Piece Sludge/Post-Metal/Drone Metal Band from Sydney, Australia.

The members are:

Jarrod Krafczyk – Vocals
Adam Preston – Guitar
Nathaniel D'Ugo – Drums
Mark Owen – Guitar
Carl Whitbread – Bass

AT DARK play a brutal blend of Sludge/Hardcore/Post-Metal with Drone Metal overtones.

AT DARK are another brilliant Aussie band that I have had the pleasure of discovering and publishing on this blog. (ADRIFT FOR DAYS, THE MATADOR, HYDROMEDUSA, HAWKMOTH to name but a few).

AT DARK are offering their new EP "Beyond the Black Hills" for free download from their Wordpress page.

And it's a superb EP for everyone to check out. Full of hard-hitting Sludge/Post-Metal/Hardcore riffs with brutal vocals to match as well.

This is more top-notch bleak music for all of us dark souls to check out. These guys have an ace up their sleeve. The superb 16 minute track -"The Alive". Full of amazing Sludge, Post-Metal Riffs with an amazing Drone Metal overtone running through out the epic run time.

Superbly produced and played by all concerned. This EP deserves to be played at full blast over and over gain.

I can't rate this EP highly from these superb Sludge Rockers from Down Under.

I have said this before but Australia is becoming my fave country for Sludge/Post-Metal music. The amount of brilliant bands coming up with superb albums and given away free is just amazing. With the list of the bands mentioned above you can now add "AT DARK" to this top-notch list.

So get downloading this brilliant EP now.

Check Out The Guys Here:

Wordpress Page


Zombies & Diamonds - Walk With Me!

ZOMBIES & DIAMONDS are a 4 Piece Stoner/Sludge/Punk Band from Vega Baja, Spain.

ZOMBIES & DIAMONDS play a fast and furious blend of Stoner, Sludge, Metal and Anger Filled Hardcore Punk.

Their new album "Walk WIth Me" is a 31 minute thrill ride from start to finish. All of the songs have the perfect blend of Stoner, Punk, Sludge Metal music.

Superbly produced from start to finish. This album is a pure blast of hardcore based riffs from a truly talented band doing something different from the norm.

Check out tracks like "Fire Walk With Me", "The Broken Glass Theory" and "Praying Mantis". All superb tracks that show what this brilliant band can do.

A brilliant album. No question that everyone should be checking out.

You can download this brilliant release from Jamendo or Mediafire.

Tell the guys what you think on their Facebook Page. They will appreciate all comments.

Check out these brilliant Punk Stoner Rockers Here:


UNFOLD are a 6 Piece Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Switzerland.

The members are:

Alain : Guitars & Keys
Bastien : Bass
Danek : Vocals
Elie : Guitars & Keys
Laurent : Drums
Simon : Guitars & Keys

UNFOLD play a brutal blend of Hardcore, Sludge and Post-Metal to loud and heavy effect. They have been around a while. Their bio should tell you need to know.

"UNFOLD is a Swiss Metal band from Yverdon, formed in 1996. Their first album, Pure, came out in 2000 on Division Records. It was produced by Daniel Bergstrand.

They then recorded Aeon Aony in 2003, an album they self produced but which was mixed by Pelle Henricsson and Magnus Lindberg. This album is also licensed in the USA by Earache Records.

UNFOLD’s third album Cosmogon will be released on September 27, 2011 on Division Records."

I am a long-time fan of UNFOLD from their superb 2000 debut album "Pure". Right up to their last superb album 2003's "Aeon Aony". But then the guys fell off the radar. I heard they split up for a while. But the guys are back. And I am a happy man as I didn't know they released a new album. "COSMOGON".

COSMOGON is 6 tracks and 38 mins in length. The album is full of heavy and loud Sludge/Post-Metal riffs aided along by top-notch Hardcore based vocals. I am surprised Danek has a voice left after recording this superb album. The amount of aggression and tones he goes through on this album has to be heard. He really puts his heart and soul into it.

This is UNFOLD's best release yet. The 8 years passed since their last album has helped them a great deal. The riffs are heavier, angrier and louder than before. This is UNFOLD's heaviest release so far. This isn't for the faint-hearted.

There are no radio-friendly songs. Just brutal onslaught after brutal onslaught. All of the 6 tracks on show are just some of the brutal riffs I have heard this year.

If your into ISIS, Neurosis and CULT OF LUNA then you will love these guys. UNFOLD add brutal hardcore metal to the mix as well. To give the listener a true haunting experience.

I fucking rate this album highly. Check out the first track "Erebe" to get a true feel of how this album starts and how it will end. Full of heavy monolithic guitar riffs and heavy pounding drumming.

This album will not let go of your senses until the dying seconds. Then you will want to go through this brilliant journey over and over again.

Everyone needs to check this album out now. As UNFOLD are back and better than ever. We all need UNFOLD's music in our lives as this album will make you feel alive.

Simply astonishing work from everyone involved. Brilliant album. Enough Said.

Check Out UNFOLD from the links below.



ZIPPO are a 5 Piece Progressive Stoner/Psych/Post-Metal/Sludge Metal Band from Italy.

The members are:

Dave - Vocals
Sergente - Guitar
Franz - Guitar
Stonino - Bass
Ferico - Drums

 ZIPPO's bio should tell you all you need to know about this superb and brilliant band.

"Italia based ZIPPO have been able to forge within few years a unique musical creature. Active since 2004, three albums under their belt, several European tours and concerts all over Italy; this hiperactivity makes ZIPPO one of the leading bands in the Italian heavy psychedelic scene. Their live shows are bursting and mesmeric, a massive electric ritual that will petrify you.

After the surprising self-produced debut "Ode To Maximum" (2006), the following "The Road To Knowledge" (2009) shows a band in its phase of natural development, combining progressive approaches and post metal landscapes with the classic stoner rock and doom backgrounds.

ZIPPO's third son comes out in April 2011 once again through Subsound Records and its title is "Maktub". The 7 Tracks have been shaped by Victor Love at Subsound Studio while mastering duties have been handled by James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O))), Isis). Intense, daring, and twisting; with very special guests such as Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) and Luca T. Mai (Zu)."

Well I am here to review their superb 3rd album - "Maktub" - A 7 song 37 minute blast of pure sonic brilliance. Taking infleunce from ISIS, TOOL, Mastodon, Baroness and many other top notch Sludge/Post-Metal Bands.

ZIPPO bring a truly fresh spin on the genre adding some cool psych metal vibes. I haven't heard of ZIPPO before Dave contacted me. But I am glad he did.

As this album is something truly special. How the fuck these guys aren't more well known is beyond me.

Parts Stoner, Sludge, Post-Metal and Prog Metal all blended superbly to make the unique sound that only ZIPPO can deliver. This album is just flat out rocks from start to finish.

Full of brutal riffs after brutal riffs. Heavy pulsating pounding drumming and top notch vocals from Dave. Which are full of passion and belief from the word go.

This album has been causing quite a stir in the underground scene and it's not hard to see why. Tracks like "Caravan To Your Destiny", "The Omens" and my fave track "The Treasure" show what this band does so superbly well.

Blending hard-hitting riffs with top-notch emotional lyrics driven along by Dave's amazing vocals. Each song has the right blend of Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metal aggression that will have you begging for more.

The whole album has been put together superbly. Not surprising considering the talent behind. Victor Love and James Plotkin are masters at this sort of thing. But the real stars are ZIPPO themselves.

This album is a fucking masterpiece. No doubt about it. This album has made me a confirmed fan of these top-notch Sludge Rockers. Their previous 2 albums are worth checking out as well. Both superb releases in their own right. But MAKTUB is the true standout in the bands work.

MAKTUB will now be considered their landmark release and what their future works will be judged by.

So get buying this brilliant album now. Highly Recommended!!!

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Soundcloud - Check this page where you can download a few songs from their past albums for free.

Check out the superb "Caravan To Your Destiny" from the brilliant MAKTUB.

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IVY GARDEN OF THE DESERT are a 3 Piece Stoner Rock/Metal Band from Italy

The members are

Diego - Guitar & Vocals
Paul - Bass Guitar
Andrew - Drums

IVY GARDEN OF THE DESERT are an outstanding and out-there Experimental Stoner Metal Band.

Their in-depth bio should tell you what these cool stoner rockers are about.

The Ivy Garden Of The Desert was formed in December 2008.

"Paul (bass), Andrew (drums), Diego (guitar / vocals) to be created immediately its own music, music that best expresses their personalities, influenced by the world in which they live, with dreams and desires, and the music that has won their hearts.

The idea is to write songs by referring to those models that in p Assata gave life to the Stoner and still reaffirm their greatness. Of course the Ivy Garden Of The Desert does not denigrate the present, and remain far from uniform mass, directed to the continuous search for an identity away from patterns and restrictions. 

Against all this must be said that after a year of stoner, the band began to cross the threshold of such keeping, it is true, a warm, seductive and biting, however, ranging from structures and melodies that belong to the music that marked epochs or depopulated today among those who listen to the music and not consume it. 

Desert Sessions, Kyuss, Nebula, Fu Manchu, Motorpsycho, Monster Magnet, are just a few names (the most famous and most popular) which may shed light on where the music of Ivy Garden Of The Desert has taken nourishment to the day when made their voices heard.The band's lyrics generally deal with an issue that is particularly dear to the singer: freedom.
The voice is not the leader of the project Ivy Garden Of The Desert: a few words are sealed lyrics that characterize, in turn, each composition was born until now , allowing the music to hold even hegemony."

I have to thank Diego for sending me a physical copy of their brilliant debut EP – Docile. 4 songs of superb experimental Stoner Rock/Metal music. That incorporates other genres of music such as – Desert Rock, Fuzz, Grunge and even a slight hint of Post Metal.

This EP is superbly produced. The album cover is a picture that would not go a miss on a Black Metal album. And that I was truly expecting until I finally heard this beautiful piece of music.

All of the songs are superbly played and each have their own distinct identity to truly stand out from the crowd.

The first track “Ivy” starts with a quiet Post-Metal riff before venturing into Stoner Metal territory. This song has heavy riff after heavy Stoner Metal great riff that will have you head banging in no time. This song is a superb instrumental stoner metal track to listen to time and time again.

If you think this album is going to be Instrumental from what you have just heard then you will be in for a major shock. As the next track – “Enchanting Odyssey” adds some haunting and truly mesmerizing vocals to the mix.

This is an 11:13 minute epic and probably my fave track on the EP. Full of Stoner Metal riffs but the band now adds more genres to the mix. Mainly Fuzz Rock, Desert Rock along with a huge dose of Grunge in the middle.

This is song is undeniably heavy from start to finish. This captures the band at their most experimental best. The best way to describe this song is Alice in Chains jamming with KYUSS. However, being fronted by Maynard James Keenan from his A Perfect Circle days. As the vocals do have, an eerie A Perfect Circle feel to them.

But this song is entirely original and undeniably their own work. An outstanding track that could be featured as a future “greatest hit” for this band. The song is that good.

Next up is the semi acoustic 7 minute track “Hang Glider”. Starting with a beautiful acoustic guitar played a slow delicate mid-tempo pace. With more superb vocals driving the song along. You can imagine listening to this song any time of year and thinking about good summer vibes you once experienced.

This is the quietest track on the album put by no less powerful than the others are. This song shows these guys can write and perform superb quiet acoustic tracks like their loud and heavier counterparts. Extremely rare thing to do in the realm of Stoner Metal.

Finally but by no means least is “I” – A 10:41 minute ride into various layers of sounds coming from this hugely talented band. Full of more heavy stoner based riffs as shown in “Ivy” and “Enchanting Odyssey” but taken to another level. Especially with the riffs coming more thick and fast.

The riffs are played at different levels as they are in a duel with each other. This song has probably the best instrumental work on show here. Just the way the band mix the different layers of the riffs of the different guitars needs to be heard.

Simply a top-notch track to end such an outstanding EP. This could be classed as a full-length as it is almost on for 40 mins.

If this is the first planned EP of 3 then the guys will be releasing their debut EP. Then we are in for a very long and fulfilling long wait. As this EP is simply a masterclass in Stoner Metal.

If these guys can keep up the same skill and originality shown on this EP then they have a very bright future indeed. And I cannot wait to hear the second instalment of these guys well planned evolution and journey. Going to be one hell of a ride.

One of the best Stoner Metal releases of 2011. You can buy this superb release from here.
Check out these superb Stoner Metallers Below


Check out my fave track otn this superb release. "Enchanting Odyssey".


Lands is a 5 Piece Post-Metal/Experimental Band from Reigate England.

The members are:

Alex Hooton (vocals)
Phil Bashford (Guitar)
Steve Gush Richards (Guitar)
Stew Gush (Bass)

LANDS have been on this blogspot before here. And their previous release was an absolute blast.

Well the guys are back with their latest EP – Emperor – 4 Tracks at 27 mins in length.

This takes off from where their previous release left off. Just that the riffs and vocals are heavier, harsher and a lot more leaner.

This is leaps and bounds from their last release. Superbly produced and better than before. This EP is full of top notch Sludge/Post-Metal riffs with a great Post-Hardcore edge to them.

The first track “Emperor” is a “7:31” minute blast of pure loud and heavy Sludge/Post-metal gigantic riffs from start to finish. This song really sets the tone of things to come.

The EP never lets rip from the word go. It grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the final seconds.

Next up is “King Of Nothing” – Another epic track that starts off slowly and quietly before ending into a huge wall of brutal Sludge/Post-Metal riffs. This song really does take its time building up its ambient atmosphere before all hell and chaos break loose with the loud Sludge/Post-metal riffs. Superb Stuff.

The 3rd track “Never Look Back” is a 54 second cool ambient noise landscape of sounds. More of a breather before the last epic standout track kicks off.

The epic 9:54 mintue “Love Is The Devil” is simply a masterclass in Post-Harcore/Post-Metal. It takes it time to pulvarize the listener into submission. Full of heavy pounding riff after more heavy pounding riff. The vocals are simply a pleasure to listen to. It has the right balance of melody and aggression to make this the standout track of this superb EP.

Lands have truly arrived on the UK Sludge/Post-Metal scene. They can be classed alongside Nasian, At The Empires Of The World, Pet Slimmers Of The Year, WIHT and Zonderhoof as one of the finest Sludge/Post-Metal bands UK underground scene have to offer.

And hopefully like all those bands the public will start to take notice. Superb work guys.

You can download this brilliant EP by popping over to for free digital download for exchange of your email.

Where you can check out their other superb release as well.

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Doom Messiah Cover Art

ORM are a Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Denver

ORM play down and dirty bleak Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal that few bands dare to tread. If your into Electric Wizard and Ramesses then you will seriously dig these bleak but brilliant Sludge Rockers.

Their new release “Doom Messiah” is just plain brutal from the word go. Full of demonic Sludge/Doom Metal riffs and bleak vocals to match.

What you get is 3 tracks on for 30 mins in length. If your not into down-tempo bleak Sludge/Doom Metal then I urge you to move on. The riffs here are thick, heavy, loud and played at mid-tempo pace.

And I loved every bleak second of it. I havent heard anything this bleak since ….. well it’s been a long while.

This record just blew my mind wide open. The album does throw the odd superb Stoner Metal riff that should be out of place on a record like this. But it’s to the band’s credit they make everything work brilliantly. This makes the album so much better as well.

The 3 tracks on offer are superb examples of how Bleak Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal should be done. The tone is ptiched superbly to send chills down your spine. Especially on the 2nd track – “Tomb Of The Sun”

Superbly proudced and played by all concerned. This is a top-notch release that everyone should be checking out.

You can download this release from BandCamp pay-anything-you want type deal. And for the bleak soul in us all then I recommend you to do this now.

Check Out These Brutal Guys Here


MEMEST are a Stoner/Sludge Metal band from Spain

The members are

Carlos Matheu - guitar and vocals
Daniel Audí - drums
Jaume Estupinyà - guitar
Anselm Horta - bass 

I have to thank one of my fave blogs for this superb release. A Distant Rumble – I salute you again. As this is a top notch release.

MEMEST play some damn fine Sludge/Stoner Metal in the vein of KYUSS, High On Fire, Clutch and Monster Magnet.

Their 2010/2011 album “Lucky Dead Man” is just pure Stoner Metal brilliance. 9 tracks on for 37 mins or so.

Full of top-notch Stoner Metal riffs with heavy pounding drumming all the way through. Throw in top notch vocals and you have a true “balls-to-the-wall” brilliant Stoner Rock/Metal album.

So if your into the bands mentioned above then you will need to check this superb album. I can’t recommend this album highly enough.

Just play this superb album on full volume. Kick back and drown yourself with the power of the mighty MEMEST Stoner Metal Riff. As this album is full of them.

The album is full of superb tracks to listen to time and time again. I am not going to do a track by track review. As they are all equallly superb as each other.

You need to listen to this album now. No question about it. This album just plain flat out rocks from start to finish. Absolutely Superb.

What is more you can download this album for free from their Jamendo Page and here. So get downloading now.



The Southern Sessions #3 Cover Art

StarTruckers are a Stoner Rock Band from France

The members are

Sodarunk: Vocals
Flo: Guitars
Jez: Guitars
Chris: Bass
Ranko: Drums

StarTruckers are back. They have been featured on this blog before with their 2 superb previous EP’s. Well the guys are back with their 3d installment of brilliant EP’s – The Southern Sessions. 3 superb Stoner Rock Tracks at 14 mins in length.

This time the tracks are heavier, more riffs have been added. And the vocals have gone up a notch since their last release.

This is their best release yet and only confirms as StarTruckers as one of the best upcoming Stoner Rock Bands out there. 

The 3 songs on show here are simply superb Stoner/Fuzz Rock songs that need to be heard by a bigger audience as possible.
This is probably StarTruckers best material yet. Superbly produced yet again and brilliantly played by all involved.

StarTruckers don’t add anything new to their already winning formula. Why should they. As like their prevous two EP’s you get top notch Stoner/Fuzz Rock tracks that everyone should now have in their record collection.

I think the guys should ditch the EP route and start working on their debut full length. As they have now proved they are accomplished song-writers and musicians. As they are one of the best Stoner Rock Bands out there releasing superb material time and time again.

Highly impressive as usual guys. I am definitely a confirmed fan of these hugely talented Stoner Rockers and in time you will to. You can download this brilliant release and their other material from their superb BandCamp Page. All available either free or pay anything you want. And I recommend you all do this now.

Check These Stoners Here:



THE WISDOOM are a Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Italy

The members are: 

Dario Iocca - Guitar
Francesco Pucci - Guitar, Vocals
Alessandro Commisso - Drums
Fabrizio Fraja - Bass 
THE WISDOOM are a superb Stoner/Doom Metal band who have just released their superb S/T release. 3 songs on for 37 mins or so.

These guys take infleunce from many Stoner/Doom Metal Bands but they add a superb psych rock vibe into their epic tracks.

So if your into long epic Stoner/Doom Metal tracks then THE WISDOOM are the band for you.

Full of top-notch Stoner/Doom Metal riffs from a hugely talented band. Superbly produced from the offset. This release has a superb Instrumental track that Karma To Burn would be mighty proud to call their own.

If you were disappointed with KTB’s latest opus check these guys 10 minute S/T epic “THE WISDOOM” – It has the perfect balance of Loud as bleep Stoner Metal and quieter Stoner Rock passages. And shows what KTB should of done with their latest album.

Their music does include some impressive vocals along the way which adds to the effect of this superb album.

THE WISDOOM do show their dark roots on the amazing 16:35 minute epic track. Starting off with a spooky ambient effect before the Stoner/Doom guitars creek in to drive this chilling track along.

This is the darkest song on this superb release and it’s full of bleak passages and bleak lyrics as well. Old School Doom Metal with modern Stoner Metal riffs. A hard combination to pull off but these guys do it brilliantly.

This is a superb and very different Doom/Stoner Metal album that everyone should be checking out. Highly recommended. 

The EP is available to buy here and here :

Check Out The Guys Here:


Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Locomotive Sound Corporation New Song

The Locomotive Sound Corporation are a superb 4 Piece Grarge Rock/Blues/Punk Band from Paris, France. Who have featured on this blog before.

Well the band are back with a storming and brilliant new single - Western.

"Between the sound and the fury, The Locomotive Sound Corporation (dirty mechanical/alternative rock from Paris) is proud to reveal its brand new single entitled "Western", available right now for streaming and "pay what you want" digital download.

"Western" is a new track which combines the electric & dirty noise-garage rock'n'roll with burning groove, powerful mechanical riffs andintense vocals.

By the way, the debut EP from The LSC, acclaimed by the critics (in Europe and overseas), is also and still available at the same places, on the band's website, Bandcamp, Noomiz...

for fans of The Dead Weather, White Stripes, Sonic Youth, The Kills...."

Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Noomiz

My original review of their superb EP is shown below.

"A great release from a very promising band. If their full length is anything like this then these guys could be onto something special in the world of Garage Punk-Rock. A highly promising and excellent debut EP". (SludgeLord / USA)

This track is just as great as their debut EP. Top stuff guys. So get checking these brilliant and cool rockers now!!!

New Borracho vinyl and DC show Friday Oct. 21


DC Heavy Groove Rockers BORRACHO Offer Rock, New Vinyl, at Comet Ping Pong This Friday
Washington, DC – October 19, 2011

Local DC stonerrockers, Borracho, have added multiple vinyl releases to their offerings. As of today, Borracho’s debut full-length album, Splitting Sky is available on 180g blue-splatter-on-clear vinyl produced in limited quantities by Germany’s No Balls Records. The release— dubbed an “Instant Classic” by—will be accompanied by hand screened and numbered sleeves.

Adding another number to stable, Spain’s Ghost Highway Recordings and DC’s own Fandango Records have come together to release the first single off of Splitting Sky in both English and Spanish. Concentric Circles/Círculos Concéntricos is being released today on 180g gold vinyl in both the US and Spain and is accompanied by alternate English or Spanish sleeves.

These along with the full length CD and other releases will be available Friday as the band brings their dirty and hypnotic brand of stoner rock to Comet Ping Pong in NW DC. “It’s always great to see a new viable venue in town. We’re looking forward to rocking it,” reports bassist Tim Martin, “…and chowing some ‘za.” Borracho will be joined by DC legendary thrash and speed metal hounds Deceased and Richmond fuzz and doomslingers Windhand. It’s metal for the whole family.

All releases are available through the band’s website, Comet Ping Pong is located at 5037 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, (202) 364-0404. Show starts at10:00pm this Friday, October 21st.

For more details contact Noah Greenberg at or by phone at 202-230-1288.

THOT - Spellbound Fields (In Motion) Video

Latest from amazing Heavy Industrial Post-Rockers -THOT. Been mentioned here before

Dear Vegetal Noise Lovers, I hope you're all doing great.

Many of you have often asked about the videos we use onstage. Now, for the first time, we offer you the possibility to watch those animations, with this video of Spellbound Fields.

It has been shooted during a show at B52 Club in Eernegem, Belgium, a few months ago, and recently edited. Spellbound Fields is one of the song we love the most playing at our gigs. It narrates the story of The field tuner, and many conversations between the fields and the sky. Holy presence within? The nature speaks itself. I hope you're gonna like it and post it on your facebook, twitter, blogs and share it with your friends.

Last but not least, here's a reminder about our next gigs:

29.11.11: support act for Aucan (it) at Magasin4 (Brussels, Belgium) lastfm |songkick
20.01.12: Brin de Zinc (Chambery, France) TBC
10.02.12 to 19.02.11: Vegetal Winter Tour (Europe) TBA

Thank you for your support, take care.

Grégoire Fray //

Monday, 17 October 2011


NIGHTSLUG are a 3 Piece Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Germany

The members are:

P.Slug - Bass
F.Slug - Drums
J.Slug - Guitar/Vocals 
NIGHTSLUG is the new side project of Jens of Brilliant Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metallers Union Of Sleep.

Jens contacted me to check out his new band. Since I am a huge fan of Union Of Sleep reviewed here recently. I kindly accepted this request.

Their new demo is just plain brutal from start to finish. Full of down-tempo Sludge/Doom Metal Riffs and bleak hardcore singing.

If your into Union Of Sleep then you will seriously dig these guys. I have only heard the 3 song demo which runs for about 16 mins or so. But what I have heard so far means this will go down a storm with the underground scene.

NIGHTSLUG do have a few things in common with their more well known counterparts. But the riffs are somewhat heavier in some cases. Especially on the track – “Roars Of Rage” – A 4.18 minute blast of pure primal sludge fury that deserves to be played loud as you can possibly get. The guitar riff after the 3rd minute mark had me spellbound at how heavy and dynamic they can be at the same time.

Next up is “The Curse Reborn” – A 3.45 minute song that features more of the same superb Sludge/Stoner Metal Riffs but with added brutal drumming. The drums are pounded to death on this superb song. With more top-notch bleak hardcore based vocals to send chills down your spine to. A truly haunting Doom/Sludge Metal track.

Last but by no means least is the title track from this superb EP – NIGHTSLUG. And the best track on the EP. 7.18 minutes of down-tempo Sludge/Stoner Metal Greatness. Heavy, brutal, loud and angry are the best words to describe this superb song.

Full of more angry drum riffs and vocals to impress or haunt the listener with. This track is the anthem for NIGHTSLUG. The song every band needs their fans to go crazy for. All the top bands have them. And this track is it for NIGHTSLUG.

This song would go down a storm in the live arena. Either as an opener or as an encore. Simply sublime.

The EP is a little rough around the edges but other than that it’s still superbly produced. All in all Jens has another top-notch Sludge/Doom/Metal Band he should be proud to be apart of.

And when they do release this EP or their debut full length. The world of Sludge/Stoner Metal will have a new band to admire.

If your into YOB, Union Of Sleep, High On Fire then you will need to check these guys out.

Jens has kindly given me permission to provide a free download link for everyone to check out.

Superbly done and definitely a band to keep an eye one.

Check their MySpace Page.

An Idol's Plague - Band To Check Out

An Idol's Plague are a 2 Man Experimental Grindcore Metal Band from Oakland.

The members are:

Scooby BaNachos bass vocals guitar
Billy Jo-Girlaque all things hittin it

An Idol's Plague are simply a brutal combo that deserve as much praise they can get. Doing something truly special in their specialized field. Their ReverbNation Description shall tell you what this superb band is all about.

"Based out of Oakland California... A creation inspired by the negligence and frustration of sitting still...By complacent ,unchallenged ears and minds that provoke an excuse for us to explode frantically, spiritually,aggressively,without a second thought of tomorrow ..."

Full of sublime riffs with the songs on show. These guys just kick-ass. No question about it. Some of the strongest Grindcore riffs you will hear this year. Plus some intense vocals to match as well.

The guys are currently working on their debut EP. "Angels to Some ....Demons to Others". The guys are planning making this a free download.

Plus the guys are hard at work on there new album. 12 tracks are already in the can. So if its like the 3 tracks on show then we all have to keep an eye on these guys. Simply awesome tunes and grindcore head-banging riffs.

When the guys send me the EP I will gladly publish and promote on here. As I am a big fan already. No doubt you will be too. Fucking Superb Stuff Guys!!!

Highly Recommended.

Check Out These Superb Grind Rockers Here:


Check Out The Awesome Track "Dead Eyes" performed live.

Le Scimmie

Le Scimmie are an Instrumental/Fuzz-Rock/Stoner-Metal Band From Italy.

The members are:

Angelo Xunah Mirolli - Guitars
Mario Serrecchia - Drums

Their bio should tell you what this excellent band is all about.

"Hello, we are Le Scimmie, an Italian stoner/doom/noise duo. We released a few months ago our first record. The album has received excellent support from the Italian and Intrernational press." 

Le Scimmie play some intense up-tempo Fuzz Rock/Stoner Metal music. Taking influence from KYUSS, Karma To Burn, Monster Magnet and Clutch. These guys are superb musicians who know how to write a brilliant riff.

The guys released their new album “Dromomania” earlier this year to critical acclaim in the underground scene. And it’s hard not to see why. Its 10 songs on for 24 mins or so.

Don’t let the short running time put you off. This has mighty damn fine riffs as an album twice its length. Plus it has some truly original haunting guitar riffs lurking in some of the shorter songs.

Imagine if Torche and KYUSS got together and started doing a jam session. Well this would probably be the result. If albeit a little spooky as well. With some of the truly original song titles on offer.

As stated this is all-instrumental and is better because of it .I think Vocals would feel out of place on this superb album.

Everything is handled superbly. Production wise it’s spot-on. Every note is played clear, crisp, heavy and loud. The musicianship I can’t praise highly enough. These guys are a super tight unit.

All of the tracks play brilliantly together. One song leads superbly into the next one. Like a well-crafted story everything all fits into place.

So if you want try something different in your Instrumental Stoner Metal then I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. This also has a huge dose of extra-added Fuzz Rock for great measure as well.

All in all a truly brilliant Stoner Metal album to check out. And I hope the guys don’t mind but you can download this brilliant album here. As it’s been posted on other blogs with the band’s permission of course.

If you want a physical release then please go here.

Highly Recommended. A brilliant Short Album that feels like it’s on twice as long. So get downloading now.

Check Out These Brilliant Stoner Metallers Here:


Check out their cool video for "Dromomania". Great Stuff.


TOWERS are a 3 Piece Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Portalnd, Oregon

The members are


TOWERS play a great blend of psych based Sludge/Stoner Metal Music. Taking influence from the usual crowd of top notch Sludge/Stoner Metal Bands. TOWERS bring their own style and brand of Sludge/Stoner Metal to the table.

Their new release – “The Fields” is simply a superb release. A 5 Song – 31 Minute blast of top notch Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with top notch drumming driving the tracks along. Throw in some superb Psych Rock vibes and you have a top notch release you will be checking out time and time again.

The 5 tracks on show are simply a masterclass in Sludge/Stoner Metal guitar riffs blending great psych rock riffs. Especially on the 8:25 minute epic 2nd track – “Serpent”. A track that Baroness would be proud to be called their own.

Serpent is full of sublime Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that had me from the word go. It has top notch cool lyrics and vocals as well to make it the true standout on this awesome album.

Superbly produced and loud as anything from the word go. This will definitely have you begging for more.

And good job to. As you have 4 other great tracks to accompany this amazing track. Well to tell you the truth. They are all great. The guys have took a lot of time and care to create these superb tracks. As they take their time to build up the pace and atmosphere before letting rip with the high voltage top notch Sludge/Stoner Metal Riff.

None more so on "Lost Missiles”. A 5.45 beast of a track. This album takes it’s time to deliver some mighty fine Stoner/Sludge Metal Riffs.

The vocals are another thing that grabs you with this album. There are no loud bleak hardcore vocals. Just clean despair based vocals that adds to the albums tone and atmosphere.

If you were impressed by Traitors Return To Earth posted here recently then these guys play the same brilliant Stoner/Sludge Metal Music.

Maybe those two bands could do a split release with each other .As they would compliment each other brilliantly.

So to sum up what we have here is an album that deserves your attention from the word go. As these talented rockers have proved with their sublime music that the Underground Scene will always be one step ahead musically and creatively against their major league counterparts.

This album is full of so many grand scale ideas that like all multi-layered albums this deserves as many listens that you can.

Simply outstanding. Highly recommended.

You can download this brilliant release on BandCamp for free.

Check out these brilliant sludge rockers here:


Progenie Terrestre Pura

Progenie Terrestre Pura are an Experimental Electronic Industrial Black Metal Band from Italy.

Here is their excellent bio. Should tell you all you need to know.

"Progenie Terrestre Pura - q[T]p - is a project born at the end of 2009 by the mental collision between Eon[0] and Nex[1].

Our purpose from the beginning was to combine Black Metal with electronic sounds and Ambient without stopping at the classic Black/Ambient combination, but
trying to extend it by including more elaborate and layered electronic elements (an IDM approach and Psybient landscapes) capable of creating a new, different atmosphere in Black Metal music. 

Our musical vision leads us to pursue a constant evolution without losing sight of the
root from which we come, but, however, avoiding to impose limitations
on the composition and assembly of ideas.
NOTE: we do not have "official" pictures because we live in different towns and we have not met yet! We create songs by assembling the files that we record in our homestudios and exchanging them between ourselves. 

This is a self-paid work, realized into our small homestudios about the recording and mixing aspects; mastering, instead, was realized by WLFMastering. The 2 tracks present here were composed and
registered between the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2011, and those will be part of our debut album, logically re-recorded. 

Progenie Terrestre Pura play a unique blend of Electronic, Industrial, Black Metal, Post-Rock music with haunting vocals."

I can’t compare these guys to anyone right now. They are a highly original band operating on their own un-compromising terms.

They are a superb and highly original band that everyone should be checking out. The way they blend their genres to superb devastating effect needs to be heard by a wider audience as possible.

Their S/T Promo 2011 release is simply spellbinding to listen to. Two tracks which runs for 21 mins in total.

One minute quiet and peaceful and the next it descends into full scale chaos.

Full of superb drumming and guitar riffs. This EP just plain flat out rocks. Driven along by top-notch Black-Metal vocals all sang in the band’s native tongue that really adds to the EP’s atmosphere.

The first track “Progenie Terrestia Pura “ is a 10 minute opus into the bleaks of light and darkness which goes through so many genres. Like the ones listed above. But you do get a rather simple and brilliant haunting synthesizer score.

The second track is another epic track that runs for a superb 11 mins or so. Following the same brilliant formula of the first track. “Sinapsi Divelte” shows this is a band with big ideas and that have the courage to pull them off. Especially in the world/realm of Black Metal.

This is experimental music with a truly original and dynamic edge. These guys must be an experience to see live.

The closest band I can think of comparing them to be Genghis Tron. Though they are from different genres. They both do the same superb mash-up of different genres within the electronic scene.

Think Parts Genghis Tron and Parts Nachtmystium/Wolves In The Throne Room. Then this is about as close I can get into describing their music.

The EP is superbly produced. Every note is played loud, heavy and to maximum effect.

Quite simply one of the best releases I have heard this year in Experimental-Black Metal. Highly recommended.

You can download this brilliant release here from BandCamp pay anything you want.

You can check these guys out below:

Check Out Their Awesome Music Below:

And Here


SWAMP CORPSE are a 4 Piece Sludge Metal band from Germany

The members are:

Dennis – Grinding Noise (Bass)
Timo – Contorted Pulse (Drums)
Mirko – Gloomy Tunes (Guitar)
Markus – Misery and Agression (Vocals)

SWAMP CORPSE play Sludge Metal music the way it should be played. Loud, Heavy and full of thick Sludge Metal Riffs to shatter the senses to.

Their music is played at a slow down-beat tempo with added bleak hardcore based metal vocals. This is bleak down-tempo Sludge Music that old school Sludge Metal Bands used to play.

So if your looking for something light. This ain’t it. This is for the bleak sludge metallers out there. Well if that has got your attention you will find much to admire or despair here.

The guitars are played slow and at a dirge ridden down-tempo level.

Their newly released Demo is 3 songs long at about 28 mins in length. The EP is not the best produced but it does showcase what the band does so well. Bleak Sludge Metal with pounding riffs from start to finish.

Definitely another great band to keep an eye on. Full of bleak sludge metal riffs and vocals to match. I hope these guys release more quality songs like this as this really does get the heart flow pumping. Especially on the 11 minute epic track “Death”

If your into THOU then you will seriously dig these guys. Get downloading here.

Great Work Guys. Highly Recommended.

Check Out The Guys Here:

WRATH OF TYPHON - Album Review

WRATH OF TYPHON are a Stoner/Doom Metal Band from YORK, Pennsylvania, US.

The members are:

DAVID!!: drums
deuce: guitars
reese 44: bass and backing howls
crazy j: howls

Wrath Of Typhon have been on this blog before when they kindly give a free EP away to showcase their new album. And it was a superb EP, which has received high praise all over the web.

Well the record label Eleventh Key they are on kindly send me a copy of their new album. The superb - Speak From The Fire. 11 tracks long and on for 50 mins or so.

How come I haven’t heard of this band before this I don’t know. As their new album is one of the most freshest Old School Doom Metals I have heard in a long time. These guys wisely throw in Modern Stoner/Sludge/Thrash Metal riffs with added top notch Metal Vocals as well to stand out from the crowd.

These guys play fast and furious guitar riffs from start to finish. Crossing through the many genres mentioned above. This album will become a firm favourite amongst the Stoner/Doom/Sludge Underground.

11 songs of brutal onslaught after brutal onslaught of pure metal mayhem and carnage.

The album cover will tell you what to expect from hugely talented band. Loud, Doom Laden music of the highest order sent from the Doom Gods themselves.

This is definitely inspired old-school Doom Metal from the 70’s and 80’s with a more modern twist. Especially on the tracks Avenger, Loaded Dice, Give Us Back The Eye and GraveRobber.

How come these guys are not more known is beyond me. These guys deserve to be huge as this album has some of the best riffs and lyrics I have heard this year.

The album is superbly produced. And has more genre style riffs you will listen to this year.

So if you want to find a band to truly stand out from the Doom/Stoner/Sludge Metal crowd then check out Wrath Of Typhon. As these guys have released a true and brutal masterpiece of modern metal music.

These guys can write both the long complex epics such as Avenger but they can also write the fast and furious 3 minute Stoner Metal anthem such as GraveRobber.

This is quite hard to pull of at times. As you don’t know if the band are too progressive or they haven’t added enough riffs to satisfy any jaded listener.

But Wrath Of Typhon pull this off with great success time and time again.

I can’t rate this album or band highly enough. These guys have huge potential. And all we need now is for the Stoner/Doom/Sludge Metal community to wake up to this fact. As these guys could go all the way to the top.

This album blasts all the major league competition away. No denying that this is a classic album that any band would be proud to call their own.

You can buy this brilliant album here.

Check Out The Guys Here:



B-TOON is a One Man Stoner/Grunge/Doom Metal Band from Poland.

The member is: B-toon - guitars, vocals, bass and other stuff

B-TOON is not a name for a rubbish kids TV show but a rather cool and highly original Stoner/Grunge/Doom Metal Band.

I have to thank the excellent website Heavy Planet for pointing this superb band out to me. Top find people.

Now B-TOON plays a blend of Stoner/Grunge/Doom to great effect. Their new EP – “Wasteland” is a 5 song 22 minute blast into the dark realms of Stoner Metal music.

B-TOON also describes their music as Acoustic Apocalyptic Country and Western. Or as they say below:

"First post-apocalyptic country record ever.
Wasteland EP was recorded by B-toon - last standing man on earth - during the last days of humanity." 

Well you can describe their music as many things. However, you cannot deny their music is superb and very highly addictive.

Superbly played and produced from the offset. I loved every minute of this outstanding EP. Sublime Guitar Riffs, Heavy Pounding Drumming and outstanding vocals. – That has a great blend of Phil Anselmo and Scott Kelly at times.

Each of the songs are superb which will have you head banging in no time at all. Tracks like “Wasteland”, “Empty Grave” and “Nothing Left” show you this band know how to write and perform a top-notch tune. All killer tunes that any band would be proud to call their own.

If this EP is the sign of things to come then I cannot wait to hear their debut full-length release. Simply a superb EP everyone should be checking out.

Especially since it’s free download on their BandCamp. So get Downloading now!!!.

Check out these excellent rockers below:


Friday, 14 October 2011

Cast Iron Crow First Video

The brilliant Cast Iron Crow who were featured last month have released their first video for their awesome new single "Mindlapse" from their forthcoming brilliant debut album "First Edition".

Check it Out.

Check The Guys Here.  One of the best up and coming Alt-Metal/Grunge/Stoner Rock Bands today. Check their brilliant debut album "First Edition" from November 8th 2011.

Reverb Nation


Csab from the excellent StoneRise website sent me the next two bands URANIA and WHOREDIESEL to for people to check and download.


URANIA is an Instrumental Stoner Rock Band from Hungary.

Urania is an instrumental Stoner Rock band from Hungary.

Urania is a one-man project. Aiwass writes and plays the songs alone. But come the new members to form a band to play in concert.

The sound of Urania is mix from stoner, psychedelic, space rock.

Here is their brilliant 2nd new album "Carphatian Woodoo" to download. Here and Here

Let me say this but Carphatian Woodoo is fucking brilliant. 10 tracks and over 51 mins of some damn fine mighty Stoner/Doom/Desert Rock Riffs.

It's seriously that fucking great. So get downloading now.

Check Out The Guys Here


And as an added bonus. Csab sent me WHOREDIESEL. Not much info on them. But they are a brilliant Stoner Metal band from Hungary as well.

More in the realm of KYUSS, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu. But altogether fantastic.

You can download all of their excellent music for free as well. Highly Recommended as well.

So get downloading these guys as well.


OTEHI are a 3 Piece Psych/Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Italy

Their bio will give you a history of this great band.

"The band starts in brand new mood in march 2011 in the Italian stoner/psych music panorama.

The trio (Macej "wildhand" Mikolajczyk; bass/voice, Domenico "mastino" Canino; Guitar/Effects/voice, Vito "vitus" Zito; drum) approaches to a dirty and granitic sound, sometimes clean and amniotic after has been experimenting in different roman undergrounds.

During their lives they have been projecting videos with prevalent object the nature which has been a perfect psychedelic band’s background added to a mantras stoner’s riffs and melodious surroundings notes.

Under the Valle D’Itria’s (south of Italy) burning sun of August 2011, the band locks its self up to give birth to its first low budget self product the EP “Noisy Spirit”, also supported from Cal Scott "Umbah" of the ex “Necrosanct”."

OTEHI play a great blend of Stoner, Doom Metal Music with a great psych vibe to it.
They have just released their awesome new album – Noisy Spirit – A 7 song 33 minute thrill ride into the psychedelic vibe of Experimental Stoner/Doom Metal with a great lying occult feeling.

This album is superbly produced from start of finish and is full of groove based psych Stoner/Doom metal riffs.

All of the tracks are unique and gave a great eerie feeling when listening to this superb album.

So if you want something a little bit different in the realm of Stoner Metal then I highly recommend these guys. Check out their brilliant 8-minute epic “Desert Rider”. Highly Atmospheric and the best track on this superb album.

A highly accomplished and brilliant release from a truly original band. Highly Recommended.

You can download this brilliant album for free here. (Thanks for the link guys and hosted on the brilliant blog stonerheadletgrooveyourbrainstonight).

Check Out These Superb Stoner Rockers Here.


Check out the 8 min epic "Monolith & Monolith".


Lion Splicer are a Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from New York City

The members are

Maximus Splice - Guitars, Bass, Voice
Danny Splice - Drums, Swagger 

Lion Splicer play intense Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Music. Taking influence from a whole range of bands in the respective genres. These guys add some hard hitting drumming and inspired vocals to the mix.

Their new release – Slicer is a 7 song 29 minute thrill ride. And it’s a superb release.

OK the production is a bit ropey at times. But these guys really do have superb songs to back up their talent.

Tracks like Hatchet, The Gnome, Slicer and Weft are all great tracks to headbang and rock out to. Lion Splicer throw in the odd riff that pays homage to Metallica and Iron Maiden.

Full of great riffs and some truly superb ambient noise effects make this album a real blast to listen to time and time again.

The guys are superb musicians. One minute you’re listening to a normal Stoner Metal album and the next the Thrash Metal riff comes in. And you’re thinking where the heck that came from.

And for a free download, you can’t complain too much about the DIY sound. It sort of adds to the album’s atmosphere. Really adds a great feel to the album. Like you’re discovering a lost broadcast for the first time.

The track “Lockheart” is a superb 1.54 acoustic guitar track. It feels out of place on an a chaotic album like this. But you know what. It works when you think about it. You need a moment of peace and calm before the last song “Hatchet” kicks in.

A superb song to end this brilliant EP. All in all, the more I think about this. This EP is a brilliant release to own.

You can download it from here or their Facebook Page.

Just get downloading now and get headbanging with superb experimental Stoner Metal album.

Check out these superb stoner metallers here.


Check out the awesome "The Gnome" from their brilliant new release - Slicer



HATE ENSEMBLE are a Hardcore Metal Band from Philadelphia.

HATE ENSEMBLE are a superb straight talking Hardcore Metal Band who take no prisoners.

Their superb EP shows what these guys do. Reinventing Hatred is a 6 song 20 minute ride into the Hardcore world of this superb and hard hitting band.

These guys don’t do epic or technical guitar riffs. These guys go straight for the jugular until the dying seconds of their superb debut EP. This is old-fashioned Hardcore Metal the way it should be played. Loud, fast, furious, heavy and fuelled by an angry desire to get the job done. Mainly to punish the listener into submission.

And these guys succeed all the way. This is just a top-notch EP from start to finish.

The vocals are another highlight as well. Full of pure rock fury, anger and vengeance rolled into one.

The EP is superbly produced and the tracks show this band hopefully has a bright future ahead of them. This is definitely one of the best hardcore metal releases I have hard this year. And I strongly recommend you check these guys out now.

You won’t be sorry. As this is one of the finest underground Hardcore Metal releases this year. Even with the short running time as well.

You can download this brilliant release for free from BandCamp. So what you waiting for. Get downloading now.

Highly Recommended.