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Sadgiqacea - False Prism - Review

False Prism cover art

Sadgiqacea is an Ambient/Sludge/Post-Metal Band from USA

The members are


Sadgiqacea are a band who I have featured before and they feature two highly talented individual members who know how to write & perform a bone-crunching riff. Band Member – Evan is also a member of ace Sludge Meteallers – Ominous Black who I reviewed here as well.

However, this is about Sadgiqacea and their blend of hard-hitting Sludge/Post-Metal while adding Gloom and Doom style theatrics to the mix. They have just signed to Candlelight Records and are about to release their debut album – False Prism. A 4 song and 40 minute assault on the senses.

Sadgiqacea harness the power of legendary bands such as Isis and Neurosis but match it with the sludgy progressive genius riffs that would make Mastodon and Baroness proud to call their own. That is only half the story as Sadgiqacea adds ambient style noises to the mix along with a dose of gloomy reality to the mix.

False Prism shows that Sadgiqacea finally arrived in a big way. After a string of acclaimed EP’s and live performances, Sadgiqacea are ready to announce their arrival to the world. In addition, False Prism will leave you no doubt a truly important band has arrived.

First track – False Segments – is an epic beast full of snarling sludge/post-metal riffs that will tear at your very soul. It is unrelenting in it’s brutality but still has quite a groove to it. Some superb psych based riffs come into play to show that Sadgiqacea are a band not afraid to experiment with their own sound.

Second Track – False Cross – is where things start to get heavier!!! – Sadgiqacea throws down the riffs in a big way. Vocals are screamed at a frightening pace to match the loud carnage destroying everything around them. It is loud from the word go and it feels this band have the potential to destroy everything in their wake. Do I hear a Black Metal vibe coming into play? Maybe. However, it does not matter as Sadgiqacea prove with False Cross that this album is something special indeed.

Third Track – False Prism – is the shortest track on the album. A mere 6:06 minute song, which is played at such an intense rate you, will be gasping for breath. This is probably the most accessible track on the album but it still packs an almighty punch. Vocals are screamed at a harsh level to match the intensifying riffs on show. It has a great psychedelic vibe running through its veins. Just close your eyes and be ready to be transported to the harsh world that is Sadgiqacea.

Well all great Sludge/Post-Metal albums need an epic track to end things on and False Prism is no different. Sadgiqacea have now entered the darkness with the brilliant almost 15 minute epic – True Darkness.

True Darkness is where Sadgiqacea throw caution to the wind and blast their way into your subconscious. The track takes what has came before it – sublime gloomy ambient psych based Sludge/Post-Metal riffs – and turns it on its head. The drumming is simply astonishing on this track. Full of hard-hitting power that feel like they could start a war of their own. It feels like the drums and guitars are in a battle with each other. Both vying for supremacy. I have to say on this song the drumming is the overall winner. Though the excellent guitar riffs still have a vital part to play. Fast, loud, angry and all played with a just cause. This is where Sadgiqacea embrace the darkness with relish and its ends this album on a fitting end.

The production is superb through out. The range of emotions and styles of riffs need to be heard on the best possible sound system. OK – They need to be heard on Vinyl. Which I will be buying very soon as this album is such an incredible experience. Just press play and let Sadgiqacea take you to hell and back. A journey will last long in the memory.

Sadgiqacea have matched their full potential. I cannot wait to see where they go from here as they could be on the verge of greatness.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can buy False Prism on Candlelight Records now and on BandCamp.

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