Monday, 2 February 2015

Godhunter & Amigo The Devil - The Outer Dark Split 7inch (Review)

Album Type: 7inch
Date Released: 14/2/2015
Label: The Compound/Battelground Records

‘The Outer Dark’ tracklisting

1). Willow
2). Something in the Way (Nirvana Cover)


Up on the chopping block is the new.... collaboration between Godhunter and Amigo the Devil. I can't in all technicality label this a split, as there aren't two bands contributing two different anything to this album. Amigo has teamed up with Godhunter to bring this epic doom western soundtrack to our lacking aural orifices, and it's nothing but impressive. Amigo landed the vocal role for both ‘Willow’ and ‘Something in the Way’, and also supplies the very subtle theramin effects and it takes a couple of listens to fully pickup. The whole affair is very different from Godhunter's normal output, in that it’s acoustic, without the normal doom/sludge approach they execute so well. Amigo brings a soulful singing to the mix, absolutely chilling and touching with lyrics and delivery, respectively. Enough description, here's how it breaks down:

‘Willow’ starts off with a lovely, simple strum pattern that makes me think of sadder westerns, or western styled movies, Its a melancholic sound, and blends perfectly with Amigo's mellifluous vocal delivery. It has an odd rhythm, it starts slow, and then adds a little speed, and then in time with the vocals, almost stumbles up faster, then right back down while a lonely melody strikes up with the rhythm. I keep wanting it to start galloping and break the tension! Again, this is very stripped down musically, with a weird bass drum effect going on in the background, a dark parody of a human heart beating. It follows along with the tempos, slightly. The sound is incredibly full, and it feels like a soundtrack, something to fill a huge space of a world its created in your mind. The lyrics fit the mood well, as they are quite dark. I always feel, with Godhunter and their projects, that it’s a running theme of restrained violence and passion, almost the romantic side of psychosis. This album is no different, as there is an undercurrent of death, just under the heavy perfume of the song. It's striking me right where my own darkness sleeps, and it’s a wonderful lullaby.

The second song, ‘Something in the Way’, is a different beast, starting with just the music. Where Willow had a strum base, ‘Something…’ has the picked melody at its root, with a biting lead in the middle of the mix, balanced well with within the other instruments and effects. ‘SITW’ is also different in that it takes the bass and makes a doomy vibe on this track. It's rumbling on the bottom thewhole way though, and leads a sinister tone. The tiny little sub I have for my computer, playing this as I review, is just cutting in and out so bad, sounds like maxed out 15s in a honda civic from outside the car. Again, that evil vibe is on display, this from someone under their bridge, who has made pets of what they have captured. It’s a brutal song, without the normal hallmarks of brutal songs. Its deep, it’s dark, and it leaves a greasy feeling in the mind. It's Johnny Cash listening to Tool on heroin. It's not too brutal to make it through, but you'll not be the same afterwards.

Hope to see more of this unholy union from Amigo the Devil & Godhunter

Words By: Hunter Young

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