Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Six of Swords - ‘Polar Vortex’ EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 23/2/2015
Label: Sorrow Carrier Records

‘Polar Vortex’ DD//LP track listing

1). Separation at the Seams
2). Polar Vortex
3). Lock the Cell
4). Secular World


Death metal from the frozen North (Canada)! This EP brings the old school death metal with live drum sounds, thick and sludgy sections and a good healthy dose of brutality and misanthropy. ‘Separation at the Seams’ is a nasty violent maelstrom of deathly delight, while the riffing of ‘Polar Vortex’ itself recalls Deicide at their best- excellent slower rolling grooves and vocals alternating from low to high.

‘Lock The Cell’ has doom to go with the death (again a sludge element is present too) but presses to the medal impressively as well, shifting through the gears smoothly. It is heavy stuff with the right amount of brutality (not too much being the right amount in my humble view). ‘Secular World’ finishes this nasty little shock of an EP with a feral bass sound at the fore and a slow build up to a grinding riff guaranteed to induce head banging fervour. Again, the gears are shifted impressively and the EP is finished in grand style. This is top drawer stuff. Cool artwork too! What's not to like?

For fans of Deicide, early Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Asphyx. One for the old school!

Words by: Richard Maw

You can pick up a DD copy here from 23/2/2015 and LP here

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