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The Moth - And Then Rise (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 04th April 2015
Label: This Charming Man Records

And Then Rise – Track Listing

Travel Light
Fade Away
Battle Is Over
To Rise (In Wino Veritas)
Last Times
Slowly To Die
Seek And Burn
Fire + Pressure Of Time


THE MOTH were founded in autumn 2012. Their debut "THEY FALL" was self-released in May 2013. A few weeks later they were signed by THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS who released their album on vinyl in September. Additionally to the classic black vinyl, the LP has been released in white and red since. In December the booking agency SOUND OF LIBERATION added THE MOTH to their rooster.

The threesome have performed amongst others at
Droneburg-Festival 2014
Desertfest Berlin 2014
European Tour with Conan and Belzebong 2014 (Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Geneva…)
shows with Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, Kadavar, Black Tusk, Jucifer …
Svart October Festival, Oslo (NOR) etc.

Their second album will be out in spring 2015 on THIS CHARMING MAN RECORDS


FREDEN - guitar & vocals /
CÉCILE - bass & vocals /
TIFFY - drums


The Moth came to my attention back in 2013 when they released their debut album - They Fall. It was a stirring mix of sludge/stoner metal driven tunes with superb dual vocals courtesy of Cécile and Freden. The album slowly started winning The Moth a whole range of fans and support slots with some high profile bands such as Conan who are huge fans of the band as well. It's time for The Moth to return with their 2nd album - And Then Rise.

This album was one of my top albums to look out for in 2015. Does it live up to expectations? You betcha. The Moth has delivered an album that outclasses the debut album in every respect. It seems The Moth have upped their game for this release as the album ventures into more progressive territory with elements of Thrash Metal appearing now and then. Opening track - Awaiting - opens the album with the familiar sounds of Cécile's frantic bass guitar work with able support provided by Tiffy on Drums and Freden on lead guitar respectively.

Fans of Kylesa and High On Fire will get a kick out of this track with the band flexing their musical creativity with some fine progressive riffs of their own. The album has a similar feel to their debut album but it also sees The Moth explore new musical directions which gives their music a more epic and atmospheric feel. 2nd track - Travel Light - is a fast-paced song with traces of Thrash Metal appearing towards the end with the usual mix of Sludge/Stoner Metal brutality to impress you with. The drumming is one of the highlights on this song as Freden gives this song a more primal feel.

Third Track - Fade Away - sees The Moth venture into a more slow-paced and reflective mood as the song has a sombre atmosphere which gives the band time to deliver haunting vocals with Cécile being on fine form throughout. Though Freden's vocals add a more menacing mood to give the album a rather claustrophobic feel. Fourth track - Battle Is Over - is one of the standout songs on the album as it contains a dangerous combination of heavy riffs and dark lyrics to match.
The Moth is starting to grow ever more confident with each passing second as the music slowly starts to twist and turn into your subconscious. It's a powerful album with its fair share of hard-hitting moments with the band exploring dark lyrical themes compared to their debut album. The album has a vast amount of violent FUZZ crackling in the background as The Moth create different layers of noise for you to survive from.

By the time the 5th track - To Rise (In Wino Veritas) appears, you're now ready for whatever sludge/stoner metal punishment The Moth throws your way. This song has some of the best music on the album as it's the perfect blend of slow and fast paced riffs. The last 4 tracks sees The Moth venture further into murky fuzz laden territory as the music becomes a hypnotic whirlwind of emotion and violent moods. Especially on the track - Slowly To Die - a slow burning and chilling doom based track where Freden takes centre stage in the vocals dept. Cécile takes a more subdued role and it's a great approach as Freden’s vocals have a darker edge to them. The Moth unleashes some more heavy riffs to crank up the tension with epic doom and gloom riffs proving a dangerous threat.

The next track - Seek And Burn - is a more fast-paced affair that starts with a thumping bass solo by Cécile before Freden unleashes more heavy sonic warfare with pounding drums to match. It verges more on the thrash side of things but it still has traces of Sludge Metal to keep you all happy. It's good to see The Moth exploring into more faster and chaotic territory. The final song - Fire + Pressure Of Time.

I originally thought this was a 20 minute plus epic but I was slightly disappointed by the fact its two tracks put together. Though there's an 8 minute silent gap between both songs. I'm not a fan of this method with bands using epic periods of silences before the next song appears. OK, time to stop complaining and get back to reviewing the final song(s) on the album. Fire + Pressure Of Time are possibly the two finest tracks on the album as The Moth impress you for the next 11 minutes with heavy, dark and gloomy riffs. It's a mixture of slow and fast paced riffs that The Moth excels at. The Moth have created an album that is going to end up on a few Best of 2015 album lists. It's already grabbed a place on mine. And Then Rise is simply unmissable on every level.

Thanks to Chris at This Charming Man Records and The Moth for the promo. And Then Rise will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from March 29th 2015.

Words by Steve Howe

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