Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Sludgelord - Paralysis Volume 2 (Free Download Compilation)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 11th February 2015
Label: Self Released/Compilation

The Sludgelord – Paralysis Vol 2 – Track Listing

1.The Midnight Ghost Train - BC Trucker 04:05
2.STEAK - PISSER 06:57
3.Black Pussy - For The Sake Of Argument 05:23
4.Conan - Horns For Teeth 05:45
5.Greenhorn - Witch's Bridle 07:53
6.Shepherd - Bog Slime 04:28
7.GURT - Sludge Puppies 04:20
8.Alunah - Awakening The Forest 07:48
9.Ichabod - Squall 09:38
10.Jackpine Snag - Brother Eve 02:24
11.Mother Corona - Wax 06:24
12.Brant Bjork - Ain't No Runnin' 02:57
13.Last Minute To Jaffna - Chapter XV 06:29
14.RODHA - Adrenaline 04:50
15.The Graviators - Leifs Last Breath 05:46
16.Deathkings - When You Were Mine 07:25
17.Thorr-Axe - Gates Of Winter 06:48
18.Bloodmoon - Voidbound 17:51
19.Blackwitch Pudding - Gods Of Grungus 05:14
20.High Fighter - 2Steps Blueskill 05:08
21.MAGI - A Million Questions 06:27
22.Judd Madden - Radio & Tone 06:38
23.Pet The Preacher - The Web 08:37
24.Lockersludge - The Beard Of Doom 03:42
25.Buzzherd - Abuse Of Despair 06:50
26.Nauseahtake - Nautilus-Artifact 12:40
27.PIST - Wither 04:33
28.Astralnaut - Dethroned 07:46
29.BARABBAS - Judas est une femme 08:22
30.Formes - I Am Nothing 06:50
31.The Asound - Throne Of Compulsion 03:22
32.Ordus - The Lost 05:40


So here it is folks, our gift to you. The Sludgelord Download Compilation. It's been 2 years since we released the last one. Now it's time for Paralysis Vol 2 that features 32 tracks of some of the finest Sludge, Doom, Stoner, Fuzz and Post-Metal tracks around. It's available for FREE!!!!

So headover to BandCamp right now and worship the mighty riff!!!

Artwork by : Bvrzerk Iam visit

Special thanks to Bvrzerk Lam for the incredible artwork. I want to thank the bands, labels and PR Reps for allowing The Sludgelord to share their music. Legendary thanks goes to Aaron for helping me run The Sludgelord on a daily basis. Our amazing writers (you know who you are) and anybody else who has contributed to this crazy as hell ride. Finally thanks to the readers of The Sludgelord. We are nothing without you!!!


Wild Thing said...

Thanks guys! I don't take the time to read every stuff you put on line and post a comment but I discover great bands on a regular basis, your interviews are fucking awesome and damn interesting, your gigs review excellent, well you're a hell of job and I hope you won't stop 'till death!!!!

John Fadden said...

So many great bands on this I can't even pick a favorite. Ichabod is thankful and honored to be included among so many great artists. Cheers!