Tuesday 14 June 2016

Churchburn & Opium Lord - "Churchburn/Opium Lord" Split (Review)

By: Chris Bull

Album Type: Split 7inch
Date Released: 25/05/2016
Label: FHED |
Domestic Genocide Records

“Churchburn/Opium Lord” Split listing

A). Churchburn – “Before The Inferno”
B). Opium Lord – “Control”

The Review:

Like a swift punch to the throat, this split by Pawtucket, Rhode Island crushers Churchburn and Midlands filth mongers Opium Lord is both unexpected and completely disabling. Released in Europe through the fantastic F H E D and on the other side of the Atlantic by DG Records, this release packs enough of a wallop to take down a herd of elephants.

Churchburn take Side A with their song 'Before The Inferno' which starts with a dark, distant melody which melts into the acrid swamp brought in by the crushing malevolent riffs, the guitars crunchy, warm and abrasive in equal measure. There's not much in the way of alteration, Churchburn instead choosing to relentlessly pummel you.

Opium Lord's contribution 'Control' has more of an upbeat drum beat (if you can call it that) than some of their previous offerings; still maintaining that 'final hour of a 48 hour crack binge' vibe they've always had; the dissonant, disharmonies of the lead guitars crawl into the back of your head while the bass paces back and forth, grinding teeth and flailing arms. Vocals from Nathan Coyle are at their acid spitting best, barking like an overdosing terrier crying out for help. A devastating spilt from 2 hugely underrated bands.

This release is available here (USA) and here (UK & Europe)