Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Cult Of Occult Cover Art

CULT OF OCCULT are a 4 Piece Sludge Metal Band from France.

This band play sublime bleak down-tempo Sludge Metal to devastating effect. Their new S/T album is a 4 song 33 minute beast of an album. Full of bleak down-tempo Sludge Metal riffs to pound you with over and over again.

Throw in brilliant and impressive hardcore based Sludge Metal vocals. Then this band have released a truly superb album with a great hardcore edge to it.

This album will hopefully be getting picked up by the other top-notch blogs as this album is just simply a masterclass in Sludge Metal that deserves to be heard by a bigger audience as possible.

Taking influence from a whole range of bands but adding their own bleak hardcore take to proceedings. If your into EHG or Corrosion of Conformity then your going to love this band like I did.

These guys add a more bleak edge to their music. This isnt for the faint hearted but genuine committed down-tempo Sludge Metal fans.

It has been a while since I have heard a band this bleak but thank our lucky stars this band came on the scene. These guys really do know how to play a top-notch Sludge Metal riff to impress the listener with. So it’s not all bleakness and no-light. The guys throw in great riff after great riff to show they can truly play with the best of them.

The 4 tracks on show are all brilliant individual tracks but if I have to pick the best tracks to check out then I would definitely recommend the title track and Blurry and Muzzy. Both superb songs that show what this hugely talented band does brilliantly well. Playing heavy-pounding riffs from start to finish.

All I can say this is a brilliant release for you all to check out and download for free from BandCamp, Facebook and their SoundCloud Pages

Highly Recommended!!! – As this is a brilliant release I urge you all to check out now.

Check out these great Sludge Rockers Below:


Check out the brilliant "Blurry and Muzzy" from their awesome S/T debut release. Fucking Brilliant.


TheGratt said...

This is one hell of a band! I have had the chance to meet the band and assist the mastering process! These guys are the real deal!!

TheGratt said...
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The Sludgelord said...

Hi dude. Yeah these guys fucking rock. If you mastered the album then congrats to you. Did a great job.