Thursday 19 January 2012


MOTHER CORONA is a 4 Piece Grunge/Stoner Metal Band from Didcot, Oxfordshire England

The members are

Lee Cressey: Guitar
Daveo: Vocals/ Drums
Rob Glen: Bass 

MOTHER CORONA bio should tell you all you need to know about this superb band.

"Originaly formed as Nable in 2006, but after a few small recordings and line up changes the band changed its name to MOTHER CORONA in 2008.Formed by friends David Oglesby and Lee Cressey in the small Oxfordshire town of Didcot. The bands music is "a melting pot of Heavy- Distorded- Sludged out raw Grooves, Melodic Psychedelia and Spaced out Landscapes". 

They were joined by bass player Robert Glen that following summer.The band released its self titled debut EP on there own Button Mushroom label in the summer of 2010 to positive reviews from local rock press. Devolution mag said that "mother corona are one of those secret bands that everyone love's, well know this dirty little secret is out! 

While Heavy planet said "With sleazy grinding basslines, a fuzzy guitar tone and chunky rhythms, UK band Mother Corona have created an impeccable slice of psychedelic stoner rock madness! The band started to gig locally and make themselves a name on the local underground rock scene sharing stages with bands like Desert Storm, K-lacura, Undersmile, and many other local names.
In 2011 the band continued to gig up and around the country, and in may 2011 started recording there debut album "Out Of The Dust", due to be released in early 2012".

Well this is a superb band to check out. If you want to know how Alice In Chains and Soundgarden would sound like playing Stoner Metal then MOTHER CORONA is the answer.

As their music is a brilliant take of Stoner Metal mixed with early 90’s Grunge. The guys are offering their debut EP for free download from their Facebook Music Page.

What you get is 6 outstanding songs on for 31 mins or so. Not all songs are downloadable so here is a list of the songs you need to download.

These guys are superbly talented and these songs show what this band does so well. Play high energy Grunge/Stoner Metal riffs from start to finish. The vocals match the vocals superbly. Especially on “Dead Space” and Fifteen Minutes”. Amazing tracks for you all to check out.

Superbly played and produced by all this is another great band coming from the UK Underground Scene. This should keep everyone entertained until the guys release their long-awaited debut album due for release in early 2012.

I for one cannot wait. I will be buying a copy and reviewing their debut album as soon as it’s available. Brilliant work guys.

Check Out This Superb Band Below: