Saturday 21 April 2012


Heavy Ukulele EP Cover Art

RUKE is a Progressive Doom/Folk Metal Solo Artist from the UK.

RUKE is a hugely talented Progressive Doom/Folk Metal Solo Artist who plays his music on an ukulele. And that is it. You may think I am losing the plot but I am not.

RUKE is the work of one slightly insane and highly talented individual and blog reader Morgan.

I will let his bio tell you more.

"At the start of 2009, Gareth Nicholas started up an Acoustic Night at his local pub. Morgan was mainly on board helping out with poster design and moral support, and a little drunken singing! That changed a few months later, when taking a harmonica along, and started playing as well as singing… and became a lot better playing with other musicians, and started enjoying it too.

At the end of 2009, a cheap ukulele was bought. Thinking that it didn’t cost much, and if it doesn’t work out, not too much money was wasted. Starting out as most musicians do, playing covers, gained a lot of confidence, and being the ‘oddball’ in a little group of mostly guitar players.

2010, he started to write his own material and performing live. Saw the year out performing an original song live at The Open Mic event at The Great British Folk Festival at Butlins, Skegness. Also the first time seeing She Makes War and realising the potential of live solo performing, and also how ukuleles can work in rock music. It was a pivotal time…

2011 brought the real change. After a year of learning, the time was right to buy a ‘proper’ Ukulele, so bought a lovely little Ovation Applause… and it could be plugged in too! Spending the rest of the year gathering up amps and microphones, more harmonicas, and most importantly, a Dictaphone… recording beckoned.

Tastes in music got back to their heavier roots, and the dream (nightmare?) of creating heavy, dark music with a ukulele started. Saw out the year performing at The Great British Folk Festival again, but with a twist, with an improvised ukulele and harmonica piece live, inspired by Matt Stevens.

2012. After uploading demos to Soundcloud, the last piece of the puzzle was iRig Amplitube, which finally gave the sounds and effects wanted. After favourable responses to these demos, the recording process proper started … the fruits of which are the ‘Heavy Ukulele’ EP."

RUKE has just released his excellent new EP - Heavy Ukulele’. A 4 song EP which is actually a great listen. Full of haunting ambient noises that does get heavy from time to time.

I will admit I was thinking WHAT THE FUCK is this at first but you know what. Its some seriously great music which I have not heard in the Progressive Doom/Folk Field.

So top marks to Morgan aka RUKE for standing out from the crowd and releasing something original.

Give this EP a try you might be pleasantly surprised. Check out the great tracks "Under The Sunn" and "Anung Un Rama"

So get over to BandCamp now and download this great EP right now on pay anything you want type deal.

Highly Recommended.