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Before The Eyewall - S/T (Album Review)

Before the Eyewall cover art

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 4/6/2013
Label : Self Released

Skyrises/Skyfalls, album track listing:
2). Path of Ash & Desperation
3). Tome of the Concentric Eye


Before the Eyewall is a heavy, psychedelic, instrumental trio based in Columbus, Ohio. BTE was brought to life on January... 26th, 2010 and is comprised of 2 former members of Kenoma

Garrett - Guitars, Scapes and Scrapes
Aaron  - Percussion, Sounds and Smoke
Scott Hyatt - Bass and Good Life Decisions

Rating: 9/10
If Red Sparrowes were to drunkenly have casual intercourse with the members of Yob, the unplanned result would sound something like Columbus, OH’s Before the Eyewall.  And praise be to Jesus! for allowing such a union to procreate, the bastard offspring brought to full term. If not for this, I would be forced to rethink my pro-choice stance. There should be laws against hasty decisions not to let something this good come to fruition.

On their Self - Titled record, the first full length album that the three-piece have crafted, we see stripped down walls of sheer octave-dropped power, as expansive and grand as any mountain range, and with all of the subtlety and patience of tectonic plates shifting between continents. Just as easily, the band weave psychedelic clean interludes… catchy guitar-based melodies that expand into richly orchestrated textures, building the groundwork for further sonically devastating outbursts of lower register earthquakes that leave the listener pummeled one minute and pacified the next.

Did I mention that these guys are instrumental? The lack of vocals (which can sometimes detract from the hypnotic qualities bands like this are going for) are not missed. This record goes through an evolution and the arrangements are varied enough to keep the listener engaged without the need for vocal clutter.

Overall, this record serves as a journey, building in intensity to the point of crescendo. Themes reoccur; reimagined and refreshed, serving as reminders of the more powerful and thought-provoking sections of the record. Some three piece bands without vocals could probably find it difficult to keep things interesting, but this is not the case with Before The Eyewall. Before The Eyewall is definitely worth picking up, and reveals a band that demand to be paid attention to.

Words by : Clayton Bartholomew

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the CD here and you can stream it here with some free downloads on offer too.

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