Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Sludgelord Presents: Steve Howe's Top 25 Records of 2014

25). Servers – “Leave With Us”

UK Sludge/Stoner Rock Band who impressed me with their Stadium Sized riffs. Fans of Mastodon, Baroness and Foo Fighters need to check this out now.

24).  Prosperina – “Harness-Minus”

Welsh Rock/Metal Collective who are very hard to describe. Parts Kyuss, Parts Isis and Parts Tool for one hard-rocking mix.

23). Witchrider – “Unmountable Stairs”

Newly signed to Truckfighters record label. These guys have it all. Passion, drive and a blistering debut album that will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

22). “Space Fisters - Vol 1”

Another fantastic band from France to check out. If you're into Sabbath, Sleep, Mars Red Sky and Kyuss. Then venture into the world of Space Fisters. Heavy Psych/Stoner/Fuzz of the highest order.

21). Horsehunter – “Caged In Flesh”

A new name in total brutality. Australia's Horsehunter is a band to keep an eye on. Newly signed to Magnetic Eye Records. Listen to this record if you're feeling brave enough.

20). Karma To Burn – “Arch Stanton

Karma To Burn return with their best album in years. Arch Stanton proves why Karma To Burn are the Kings of Instrumental Stoner Rock/Metal.

19). OHHMS – “Bloom”

OHHMS debut album is 32 minutes of fantastic Sludge/Doom/Stoner/Hard Rock grooves with great vocals to match.

18). Aleph Null – “Nocturnal”

Aleph Null finally release their debut album. It's a brilliant mix of Grunge, Stoner and Sludge with swarms of Psych Rock. These guys are going places.

17). Sigiriya – “Darkness Died Today”

Sigiriya return with their 2nd album. With a new vocalist, these guys sound better than ever. This album is packed full of excellent sing-along anthems.

16). Steak – “Slab City”

Steak - One of the UK's finest upcoming Stoner Rock bands. An excellent debut album that will appeal to fans of Kyuss, Orange Goblin and Clutch.

15). Monolord – “Empress Rising”

Monolord. What more needs to be said about this album. One of the standout debut Doom Metal albums you need to hear.

14). Conan – “Blood Eagle”

Conan's 3rd opus continues their epic journey to become the world's heaviest Doom Metal Band. Accept no substitute.

13). Sloath – “Deep Mountain

Sloath return after a lengthy absence to release an album full of mysterious droned out Fuzz, Smoke and Noise. Play this one loud.

12). Lotus Ash – “The Word Of God”

Lotus Ash. A band that came out of nowhere to impress me. Stirring mix of Drone, Doom, Stoner, Ambient and Sludge. Someone release this on Vinyl.

11). Mastodon – “Once More ‘Round The Sun”

Mastodon always release great albums that get people talking. If it's their music or insane music videos. These guys never disappoint me.

10). Wo Fat – “The Conjuring”

Their 5th album and possibly their best album to date. Swampadelic Rock at it's best.

9). Tilts – “Cuatro Hombres”

Tilts release their 2nd album. A thrilling blend of old-school hard rock anthems and high voltage Stoner riffs.

8). Floor – “Oblation”

Floor return with their own brand of Doom-Pop. It's a heavy dose of blissful and crazy doomedelic poppy riffs.

7). Brant Bjork and The Low Desert Punk Band – “Black Power Flower”

Brant Bjork returns with a stunning album. This is what Vista Chino should have released in 2013. Pure Genius

6). Monster Magnet – “Milking The Stars”

Only Monster Magnet could release a re-imagination of last year's “Last Patrol” and return with an even better album.

5). L'Ira Del Baccano – “Terra 42”

This year's best Instrumental Rock album with an album that ventures into the far reaches of Space. 6 years in the making. It was worth the long epic wait.

4). Hark – “Crystalline”

From the ashes of TAINT, comes HARK with their intense Sludge/Stoner Metal hybrid sound packed full of groove.

3). Pallbearer – “Foundations of Burden”

Pallbearer release a weary and emotional album that will bring tears to your eyes.

2). Bast – “Spectres”

Blackened Sludge Metal from one of the UK's most creative bands

1). Yob – “Clearing The Path To Ascend”

The Best Doom Metal Band return with another gloomy and even uplifting offering.


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peepeethesailor said...

have u listened to the new albums by earth, godflesh, nate hall, tuarus, lumbar, electric wizard or boris' the thing which solomon overlooked extra.. i didnt like the other ttwso series by boris but this one was really good with repeated listens.. i know its your list but for anyone who hsnt listened to any of these i highly recommend u do