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Slowjoint - Up Shit Creek (Vinyl Review/Album Review)

Slowjoint - Up Shit Creek cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 01st November 2014
Label: Self Released

Up Shit Creek – Track Listing

1.Pocket Wool 07:52
2.Brown Cheese 04:07
3.Pull My Finger 05:10
4.Beer for Bongwater 03:27
5.Cheap Red Wine 03:06
6.Up Shit Creek 03:11
7.Which Hunt? 05:00
8.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. High 04:14


"Pocket full of nothing, head full of weed"

Slowjoint is an American inspired sludge metal trio from South Jutland in Denmark. They're all about loud amps, beer, bourbon and not giving a fuck! Simple blues driven sludge with a sense of humor and a lot of riffs.... and weed!

After only four months of existing, the band recorded the three track demo "Retarded Blues Anthems" live in the studio with Christian Bonde @ CBstudios (DK). It was recorded in only one day on May 3rd, 2012 and was released on cheap ass secondhand tapes in a very limited edition, all copies recorded by the band itself. In 2013 they once again visited Christian at his studio to record their first full length "Up Shit Creek" .


Stinky Pete I Patrick Lazy I Sticky Ricky


So it's my turn to review Slowjoint's dirty and down-tempo offering – 'Up Shit Creek',  although technically I reviewed this back in November 2013 when the guys let me review an unfinished version which I rated very highly. I know the album has been released for a few months and Stinky Pete has not only convinced me to review the album again but also to buy the FUCKING VINYL as well. Good psychological tactics my dope-smoking/guitar riffing friend.

So I bought the vinyl and HOLY SHIT – How great does this album sound on vinyl. The first thing that smacks you in the face with the power of 1000's bongs being used as deadly weapons is how clear and loud it all sounds. You can hear this album on BandCamp but trust me, it sounds way better on vinyl. The riffs are heavy and I mean HEAVY!!! - Wait until you hear the heavy bass from opening track – Pocket Wool. Fans of Weedeater, Bongzilla and every other Weeidan based band are gonna get a kick out of this record.

I've featured Slowjoint on the blog on multiple occasions as we're huge fans of them here at Sludgelord HQ. Up Shit Creek is one of the best undiscovered Sludge/Stoner Metal Albums waiting to be discovered within the Sludge/Stoner Metal world.

The heavy as hell riffs of – Brown Cheese, Beer For Bongwater, Up Shit Creek and Which Hunt? - matched with Stinky Pete's pissed off as hell, grizzled dope-fuelled vocals only add to the great atmosphere. Yeah it can be bleak at times but you will be laughing your ass off at times as Slowjoint know how to have fun and write some humorous lyrics to match the great music.

I've already reviewed this album. I just want to promote Slowjoint's vinyl as it's an exceptional sounding slab of wax. I don't have the most advanced vinyl system but damn it sounded so good. It's heavy and brooding with murky hints of Sludge/Stoner Metal.

Whatever you do, hunt this album down. Buy it on BandCamp Buy Now DD, cassettetape or Vinyl

Awesome Stuff.

Words by Steve Howe

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