Sunday, 1 February 2015

Summit - Remnants (EP Review)

Remnants cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 09th January 2015
Label: Drown Within Records

Remnants – Track Listing

1.Adrift, Sideral Abysm 06:56
2.Fields of Tulips on Pluto 08:01
3.Remembrance is a Celestial Path 03:46
4.Remnants 06:00


Gabri: Guitars, Keys, Bass, Post-production.
Red: Bass, Keys, Post-production, Graphics.


Italian Post-Metallers – Summit – have released a stunning debut EP that is filled with emotional post-metal riffs and ambient post-rock interludes that combine for one intelligent offering of heavy music. Fans of Pelican, Neurosis and Mogwai will get a kick out of Summit's music as they play intelligent music with a hefty sideline in ambient space sounds that takes you to the far reaches of space itself.

Opening track – Adrift, Sideral Abysm – captures a band lost in the wilderness of space and trying to find their way home. The music has a very tragic quality to it as it firmly lies in the more sombre and depressive side of Post-Rock/Post-Metal. For a duo, Summit, have created some stunning sounds that you would expect from a much bigger band. It ends with a gloomy ambient feedback noise getting louder and louder by the second before it finally ends devouring everything in it's wake.

Second track – Fields of Tulips on Pluto – carries on the cosmic theme with a haunting post-rock sound adding different layers of noises and soundclips for another sombre tale of wonder and regret. The drums finally start to appear around the 1:45 minute mark with the song becoming ever more heavier by the second. Summit can be called an experimental band as they a lot of different sounds to give their music added depth and dimension.

Third Track – Remembrance Is A Celestial Path – is more of casual post-rock affair for the first 90 seconds or so before Summit explode into life with sounds that remind me of ISIS created back in the day. Summit wisely add vocals to the mix as this song stands out as one of the EP's strongest tracks. A highly intelligent and thought provoking style of post-metal to get your teeth stuck into.

Finally we have the last track – Remnants – and it's where Summit unleash their heavy arsenal of riffs upon to the masses as the EP comes to a crashing end. Remnants features a more lo-fi style of post-metal riffs compared to the other EP's tracks and it allows Summit to build upon heavy layers of doom and gloom style noises. It's the perfect way to end the EP as Summit have crafted a stunning musical odyssey with a beginning, middle and end. And what a way to end the EP with.

Remnants is an excellent EP that will hopefully lead to bigger things for Summit. As they have a huge world of ideas to impress you with. I'm quite excited of what Summit can achieve in the future.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Chris at Drown Within Records and Summit for the promo. Remnants is available to buy now.

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