Friday 20 January 2017

TERRIFIER ALBUM PREMIERE: Canadian Thrash Titans debut 'Weapons of Thrash Destruction’ & front man Chase Thibodeau picks his Top 5 Thrash Albums

The terrifically titled Terrifier brings their thrash metal apocalypse straight outta Vancouver BC. As the Metal God himself Rob Halford memorably sang: ‘fast and furious/we ride the universe’, that very much sums up Terrifier’s dedication to the glory of thrash!

Originally known as Skullhammer, Terrifier released their debut album ‘Destroyers of the Faith’ back in 2012 and the “Metal Or Death” EP in 2013, so this is no flash-in-the-pan thrash band!  
Incorporating jackhammer drums, bulldozing bass-lines, a twin-lead attack that leaves posers pulped in its wake, and vocals that can level mountains, Terrifier’s motto could well be ‘thrashing is our business…and business is good’ . Terrifier taken the blueprint from the old gods, Metallica, Slayer, and used that template to birth new sounds, indeed the old gods maybe eternal but must embrace the new flesh too!  Vocalist, bassist and founder member Chase Thibodeau explains Terrifier’s reason for being. ‘We formed this band because we love thrash and play what we think sounds cool…our music is fast, technical, heavy and melodic and shredding.’ Indeed, this is a band that truly puts the shred inside your head!

Chase sums up Terrifier’s new music: ‘We think people will enjoy this album and use our music to get pumped up for whatever life throws at them. It would be our honour to inspire others into thrash metal…the world needs more thrash!’  So with Terrifier’s new album ‘Weapons of Thrash Destruction’ is slated for release on January, 20 2017 via Test Your Metal Records you can exclusively stream the album here first below.  Not only that we invited Chase to give us the low down on his top 5 thrash albums, so for the second time in a week, we crack the dial to 11, because “11 is one Louder

Hey guys this is Chase from Terrifier and here's my top 5 thrash albums.

Metallica'sKill Em' All” was the first CD I ever owned. The first time I listened to it I wasn't sure that I liked it cause of the quality of the recording. I soon became obsessed with it and would listen to Metallica religiously throughout my teenage years. It has a real sharp mid range sound with blaring solos and the vocals sound so 80's! I always liked that fast upbeat sound. I think this is what really inspired me to play thrash. “Four horsemen”, “Metal Militia” and “Phantom Lord” are really bad ass songs from that CD.
“Show No Mercy” by Slayer was huge for me. I really think this is one of Slayers best albums. It's different than the rest and holds a special place in my influences. “Die by the sword”,Fight till' Death” and “Evil has no boundaries” are my picks.

“Reign in Blood” by Slayer has always got my adrenaline flying through the roof. I think we take influence from Slayers aggression, speed and attitude. Lyrically I'm very inspired by them. I don't think anyone writes lyrics like old school Slayer. “Altar of Sacrifice” and “Angel of Death” are killer!

Testament’sThe Legacy” is so bad ass!!! Chuck Billy's vocals really inspire me in this album. His mix of low, mid and high vocals on this one paved the way for my style. After hearing this I wanted to expand my vocal range and do more with voice. “Curse of the legions of death” and “The Haunting” are both killer songs off that one.

Megadeth'sPeace Sells…” was another CD I've always thought is one of the best thrash albums ever. Dave Mustaine and Chris Poland were a wicked duo on the guitars. “Wake up dead” and “Devils Island are two songs that stand out to me on that one

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