Monday, 5 February 2018

ALBUM REVIEW: Verheerer - "Maltrér"

By: Ernesto Aguilar

Album Type: Full length
Date Released: 19/01/2018
Label: Vendetta

"Maltrér" CD//DD//LP track listing

1. Oratio
2. Kultyst
3. Vertigo
4. Maltrér
5. Anima Sola
6. Nachtfall
7. Heimgang

The Review:

With black metal experiencing so much growth in the last decade, it is probably impossible for a band to make a particularly big splash in the subgenre. Such is easily the case for German black metal crew Verheerer, back after a brief hiatus with the follow-up to its 2015 EP, "Archar." This new seven-song outing is filled with classic-sounding black metal that is sturdy and good, but not particularly remarkable. The solid quality alone may be just enough to impress, however, since the band offers just enough for the music to speak for itself.

As a duo, Verheerer presents a great deal of promise in soundscapes that are atramentous as the lyrical content, which is dismal as it gets. Its traditionalist approach comes across without reserverations in "Oratio," with its epic crescendo, flailing headfirst into "Kultyst," where agonized vocals crash into monster riffs and thunderous drums. The song selection is immaculate, as "Vertigo" matches the preceding cut, then emerges with a new rhythm a minute in, shapeshifting into a beast all of its own. By the title track, the listener is halfway in, but the music is far from arduous, as Verheerer makes this at points complicated songs seem far simpler than they most assuredly are.

That title cut stands out because of its unique musicianship, marrying black metal style growls with a heavy backdrop that is informed by legendary performers seemingly. Definitely an old-school metal vibe there. However, the latter part of the album showcases Verheerer's heavier side, with the final three songs going in hard. "Anima Sola" and "Nachtfall" crank up the volume, speed and intensity, as the vocals match that rising temperature with grisly imagery and a snarl that is sure to sit with you for a long time. With the final track, Verheerer goes far more adventurous, blending samples, guitars, heavy rhythm and vocals that stretch beyond what the rest of the album features. It is perhaps the band's most promising song, because it gives the listener a feeling like this is a band that could take some risks and make something quite imaginative.

When you first fire up "Maltrér," you may not be blown away by anything in particular. As a work, however, there is a lot to look out for in Verheerer, a group with potentially their best music ahead of them.

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