Monday, 2 July 2018

ALBUM PREMIERE: Brighton's Herd Mover deliver a thousand fists of hate on “Vol. 3: Section 59's”

Following up last year's “Vol. 2: Rural Banishment”, Herd Mover return with Vol. 3: Section 59, a polished take on their rough around the edges noise-rock/doom.  Merging the grindcore of Pig Destroyer and Famine with the noise rock of acts such as Shellac and The Jesus Lizard, Herd Mover's unrelenting flurry is intentionally demanding yet direct and very much to the point. Adding a further layer of grit, Zak Duffield's primal vocalisations add a complimentary mid-tone to the low end of Jake Burgess and Sam Evans, rounding off the trio's bastardised sound.

No nonsense and to the point, “Vol. 3: Section 59's” 5 tracks sit at just over 10 minutes, with riffs scattered throughout in handfuls, either in developed sections or at 90mph – nothing is done in half measures. Herd Mover's take on genre bending doesn't waste any time. Set for release on Friday 6th July 2018 via Astral Noize Records, the label that brought us the stunning debut from new SLUDGELORD favourites Aerosol Jesus, now we can add Herd Mover that list and today we’re debuting their gnarly a fuck new EP in full.  You can check  it out below.  

Band info: facebook || bandcamp