Monday, 30 July 2018

ALBUM REVIEW: Ravens Creed, "Get Killed or Try Dying"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 02/08/2018
Label: Xtreem Music

Total misanthropy. That's what sums up Ravens Creed. This is masterful thrash/death metal for people who hate everything and/or like Venom

“Get Killed or Try Dying” CD//DD track listing:

1). Intro – Unrelenting Extremity
2). Dead Bird on Winchester Street
3). Death on a Rival
4). Get Killed or Try Dying
5). Hymn or Hearse
6). Off with their Legs
7). Treacherous Rector
8). Rats Beneath Our Feet
9). Remember the Hammer
10). Sound of Sirens
11). When a Deaf Man Goes Blind
12). The Trauma of Being Haunted
13). Outro

The Review:

Ravens Creed have always been a feral and vicious beast, but this album sees them return with a new level of aggression and power. After the knockout one-two combination of “Albion Thunder” and then “The Power”, their third record “Ravens Krieg” suffered a little in terms of songs. No such issue here: once again it is just wall to wall riffs from Iron Monkey's Steve Watson. The songs all clock in short and are tightly wound.

Rod Boston and Jay Graham supply a lock tight rhythm section and Al Osta's sandpaper growl compliments this full metal racket perfectly. You get thirteen tracks, all around the two or three minute mark, non stop thrash/death metal with no pretensions whatsoever.

What are Ravens Creed in this for? World domination? No. They hardly play any gigs, aren't interested in promoting themselves and are unlikely to trouble the promoters of Download any time soon. Extremity, then? Pushing the musical boundaries? Not really- there are really catchy elements to most tracks here and the riffs are the work of a true master craftsman. I can only conclude that it's just pure hatred keeps them going.

Total misanthropy. That's what sums up Ravens Creed. That and pun ridden song titles, of course. Masterful thrash/death from the East Midlands by way of West Yorkshire. For people who hate everything and/or like Venom.

“Get Killed or Try Dying” is available to pre-order/buy here

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