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Well I have been asked by a number of you to do a Best of 2011 List. Well this is what this article is about. So here it is. I couldn’t do a Top 10 list as I had too many great albums to include. So this is the following list that I feel are the best albums I have listened to this year. Or the ones that I enjoyed most.

There is a mixture of both albums I have published on this blog and ones that I haven’t.

So here goes. All in the correct order as well. Apologies to bands that I have missed out. All the bands that have been published on this blog have a link attached to them.

Mastodon - The Hunter
VYGR – Hypersleep
All The Empires of The World – Return
Zonderhoof – HAKKEN
Ramesses - Possessed By The Rise Of Magik
Sorry For Nothing – Psycho Monster Resurrection
Borracho - Splitting Sky
1000mods – Super Van Vacation
Sigiriya - Return To Earth
Stone Angels - Within The Witch
SLEESTAK - The Fall of Altrusia
Ancient VVisdom - A Godlike Inferno
Huldra - Signals From The Void
Deterior – Men Like Gods
Traitors Return To Earth – Smokescreen
Cosmonauts Day – Paths Of The Restless
Breag Noafa – S/T
Skeleton Gong - Eskimo Wizards and The Louisiana Swamp Priests
Battle Path - Storm & Stress
Weedsnake - S/T
Forge Of Clouds - S/T

Roll on 2012 and see what Stoner/Sludge/Post-Metal/Doom greatness comes our way.




Temples are a 3 Piece Stoner-Metal/Psychedelic/Jam/Doom Rock Band from Finland

Temples are a superb band mixing all of the genres mentioned above into something fresh and original that you don’t hear too often.

The band has released 3 brilliant top notch albums so far.

2009 – Temples
2009 – Taajuuksia
2011 – Periplaneta Nova

All available on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. All 3 are brilliant releases full of top-notch Stoner Metal riffs blended with amazing Psych/Jam/Doom Rock vibes.

The instrument work on all these releases are just phenomenal. Especially on their latest and best album yet – Periplaneta Nova. A sprawling odyssey of first rate Stoner Metal riffs blended in with brilliant Psych/Doom Rock all done in a wonderful jamming session.

Each release improves from what has come before it. A true sign of a great band improving on their last album. Things do get heavy and loud at times on various songs from all 3 amazing releases.

The albums are all superb examples on how to blend all the different types of genres to highly original effect.

So if you want something different from your Stoner Metal then I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

All of the albums are full of brilliant tracks to play over and over again. Some are quite lengthy to. You have tracks ranging from 5 mins, 10 mins and two tracks that run past the 20 mins mark.

The band really do have a superb talent for writing epic brilliant tracks that the time just flies by.

So what you have hear is a band that definitely deserves your attention as they are a superb Stoner Metal band doing something different in the genre. Mixing Jam Rock/Psych Rock/Doom to great effect to give the listener a truly wonderful experience of listening to all 3 albums.

3 brilliant albums from a ground-breaking band that I had the pleasure of listening to time and time again. Simply Unmissable stuff.

So what you waiting for. Get downloading now. You have almost 3 hours of music to check out. So do yourself a favour headover to BandCamp and get these brilliant albums now.

As this one is one band I am more than happy to worship at. TEMPLES are simply a brilliant and wonderful band at the top of their game.

Highly Recommended.

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2011 - EP Cover Art

Rings Of Rhea are an Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Ukraine

The members are

Dima - guitar
Zhenya - guitar
Anton - bass
Sasha - drums
Vova - vocal

Rings Of Rhea are a superb Sludge/Post-Metal band blending intense hardcore vocals with aggressive Post-Metal riffs. If your into the top bands of Sludge/Post-Metal then you know what to expect here.

A superb band playing awesome Sludge/Post-Metal riffs to brilliant effect. Their new S/T EP is a 3 song bruising encounter on for a pulsating 33 mins or so.

All 3 songs are brilliant lengthy epics to head-bang to. Full of crunching riffs with top-notch vocals to match. These guys know how to play a hard hitting riff to perfection. Especially on the two part brilliant track Darkness Pt 1 and Darkness Pt 2 which runs for about 24 mins of the sublime 33 mins on show.

Brilliantly produced and played by all involved. These guys are another brilliant example of a great band demanding your attention amongst the other great bands out there.

So if you want a hard-hitting Sludge/Post-Metal release to awaken your senses to then get downloading now. As you can download this brilliant release for free from BandCamp.

All in all a heavy, loud, pounding and brilliant release from a hugely talented band

Highly Recommended!!!

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Portrait of Dope Flood

Dopeflood are a Stoner Rock/Heavy Rock Band from Greece

Dopeflood  are a superb Stoner Rock/Heavy Rock Band mixing modern rock/metal influences superbly into their music. Their bio should tell you what this hugely talented band have accomplished so far:

"The Band was formed in the Spring of 2010.Band members are : Manos - Vocals, Cris - Guitar , Asterios - Bass And Bill Drums.The band plays live shows regulary around Greece and has supported many known Artist such as Innerwish and Planet Of Zeus.In March 2011 the first official release of the band came out,the EP "A Planet On Four Legs" ,which received positive response from music fans and critics(Metal Hammer and many more), has been played and being played by radios and tv shows around Europe, USA And Australia."

Their debut EP – “A Planet On Four Legs” is heavy rocking blast of top notch grooves and brilliant Stoner Rock riffs. It contains 3 songs and runs for a brilliant 18 mins or so.

But 18 mins is all this band needs to throw some damn fine mighty impressive Stoner Riffs. The EP is a total blast from start to finish incorporating some mighty fine Grunge riffs as well.

The vocals are a standout as well. Showing the right amount of gusto and passion. For a band only going for a short amount of time they do have the songs to back up their undeniable talent.

The best track on the EP is the 7 minute epic – Shades which shows the band in a top-notch stoner-rocking creative mood. Blending the many genres of rock they are true experts at.

This EP really takes me back to my youth in the mid 90’s when all these brilliant bands started coming through blending Stoner Rock with other influences of Rock Music.

But  Dopeflood  are very much a modern band in their own right. The EP is superbly produced and its not hard to see why it’s getting acclaimed from the Metal Community. Because it’s an absolute blast of an EP for everyone to check out.

I cant wait to see what the guys will deliver as their next release. If it’s an EP, Split Release or full length then these guys could have a very bright future indeed.

Another outstanding example of Greek Stoner Rock. Brilliant stuff.

Well what’s even more special is the band have given me a download link where everyone can download this brilliant album for free.

So what you waiting for. That is your cue to get downloading now and become immerse of the might riff of  Dopeflood.

Highly Recommended.

Check this great band from the links below.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Super Van Vacation Cover Art

1000mods are a 4 Piece Desert-Rock/Stoner Metal band Chiliomodi, Greece

The members are:

Dani / Bass & Vox
Giannis / Guitars
George / Guitars
Lab / Drums

1000mods play a suped up version of high energy Stoner Metal mixed with top-notch Stoner Rock/Desert Rock thrown in for great measure.

Their new album Super Van Vacation is a 10 song 65 minute thrill ride of top-notch action-packed Stoner-Metal riffs. Taking influence from a whole range of top notch bands but still adding their own blend of Hard-Rock/Blues Rock vibes to proceedings.

1000mods really stand out from the crowd due to the passionate vocals of lead vocalist Dani who has the energy and vibes of a young Roger Daltery. He really sings with passion from the heart. There are no loud hardcore growls just superb vocals to match the brilliant stoner riffs on show.

Before this I hadn’t heard of 1000mods and I am glad the guys emailed me to review their masterpiece of an album. And that’s what it is.

The lengthy epic album just flies by as it makes sure your having the time of your life. Brilliantly produced and played by all involved. I just love this album. This had me rocking with a huge smile on my face

1000mods just play straight-forward up-tempo high-energy Stoner Metal music that will go down a storm in the summer months or any season for that matter.

The album is a pure joy from start to finish. Full of stand-out tracks showcasing the bands talent for playing amazing top-notch riffs and writing superb sing-along lyrics that will have you singing in no time.

I could do a song-by-song review but I wouldn’t do this brilliant album justice. There are too many highlights to mention. Super Van Vacation is one of the finest debut Stoner Metal albums I have had the pleasure to listen to this year.

Greece have some brilliant Stoner Metal bands in their midst. But for me 1000mods are the best and the ones to beat.

All in all a brilliant album for everyone to check out.

What is even better the band have given me permission to hold a link where people can download this brilliant album. So thanks to the guys for doing this. Much appreciated. So download it here now.

Head over to their BandCamp page and buy some merch from them.

Not much more I can say about this outstanding album. This will definitely be in my top albums of the year. It’s simply that brilliant. Highly recommended.

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Check Out The Awesome title track from the brilliant "Super Van Vacation".


Stone Angels are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from ChristChurch, New Zealand

The members are:

SB - Guitar / Vocals
GE - Drums
MC - Bass
KS - Live Guitar

Stone Angels are a brilliant and brutal experimental Sludge Metal Band playing top-notch ambient down-tempo Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs to chill your bleak soul to.

Read their thought-provoking bio on how this great band got together. Intriguing Stuff on how this band got together.

"The band is not stylistically bound to any tag, fusing elements of doom, rock, metal all into a lo-fi and aggressive melting pot. It was formed in the ruins of Christchurch New Zealand after two devastating earthquakes hit the city a 7.1 and 6.3 respectively, not to mention 10s of thousands of aftershocks. Although not conscious of it at the time, the band sought to expell the frustration and emotion of such an environment through musical liberation. Stone Angels writes most of its material off the cuff, without pre conceptions in an effort to best capture the feeling of the times in this city. To capture in an almost 'abstract expressionist' way how it is to live through turmoil of this nature. This has been the focus until now, however the direction is not limited by anything other than those creating the music.

In the bands short history they have self recorded and released this full length debut, and shared the stage with Creeping (akl) Thrall (australia) and Ulcerate (akl) who have recently been added to the Relapse Records roster. The band is comprised of members with playing experience in bands such as Sinistrous Diabolus, Diocletian, Witchrist, Odiusembowel and Second Gear Grind."

Well the band mix their different genres of Doom., Lo-Fi, Rock, Stoner and Sludge music to superb effect. Their debut album “Within The Witch” is a 7 song 35 minute pulsating thrill ride fro m start to finish.

Full of heavy-pounding Sludge Metal riffs but played at a great Punk Lo-Fi levels to make this band a true standout in the realm of Sludge Metal.

Since what has happened to the band recently they really do paint a bleak atmosphere with their superb experimental Sludge Metal music.

The guys show their brilliant experimental roots to great effect especially on the sublime “White Light, White Noise”. The song has a truly haunting ambient noise effect played matched with brilliant lo-fi Doom/Sludge riffage. Imagine if SunnO))) went proper Sludge Metal. This superb song would be the end result.

If your not in the mood for experimental sludge metal music then I urge for you to move on. These guys play their own rules and  no one is going to tell them different.

The album does have great Stoner Metal riffs showing every now and again. Especially on the awesome “Bleeding Black”. A 3.40 fast and furious Punk Driven Sludge/Stoner Metal masterclass in heavy riffage.

The guys are all superb musicians with superb drumming to match the great guitar work on show. Credit must also goto vocalist as his vocals really drive this top-notch album from start to finish.

Throw in great ambient lo-fi noise effects and you definitely have a weird and wonderful album to check out.

If you want something different in your Sludge/Stoner Metal music then I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. This is music to make you think while punishing the senses to. A brilliant album by a truly outstanding band to keep an eye out for.

I can’t compare this band to anyone else at the moment which is always a good sign to me. As it’s a sign of a band that have a truly original sound on their hands who will hopefully release more brilliant albums in the years to come.

Within The Witch is simply an amazing release by one of the most original bands I have heard in years. This album has astounded me with its vision, creativity and it’s originality. Within The Witch has the potential to be considered a classic in years to come. It’s simply that amazing.

Highly recommended!!!

What is even more Stone Angels are allowing me to provide a link so everyone can download this brilliant release for free. And since StonerRobixxx has already done this. Download this masterpiece from his brilliant blog here.

If you want to own this brilliant release in a physical format then email this great band here. International Orders are more than welcome.

Let the band know what you think for their brilliant album from the links below.



Demo Cover Art

A God Or An Other are a Sludge/Black-Metal Band from Seattle, Washington.

The members are

Sam Pickel: Drums/Vocals
Trent Boyd: Guitars/Vocals

A God Or An Other play bleak down-tempo Sludge Metal with a Black Metal influence to stand out from the crowd. Imagine if Wolves In The Throne Room/Nachtmystium went full on Sludge Metal then this would be the outstanding result.

The band have just released their S/T Demo. 3 tracks that run for a soul-shattering 31 mins or so.

This Demo is one of those demos that pop out of nowhere and astound you in what your hearing. As the demo is superbly produced and the 3 songs on show are all played brilliantly well.

The vocals have an eerie feel to them that will send a shiver down your spine.

The 3 tracks on show are all brilliant epics that you have to listen to time and time again. Especially the 12 minute epic “Synesthesia”. Full of bone-crunching riffs to get stuck into

So if your into WIITR & Nachtmystium then your going to love these guys. As they play the same type of new breed of BM riff with a great psychedelic edge. Only in this case it’s a superb Psych Sludge Metal edge.

A God Or An Other have crafted a truly outstanding release they should rightly be proud of. It’s hard to believe this is a demo release as this can easily pass for a professional record release.

These guys have some superb ideas on show to backup their undeniable talent. I will definitely keep an eye on these talented Sludge Rockers.

You can download this brilliant release for free from BandCamp and I urge you all to download this now. Highly recommended!!!

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Cult Of Occult Cover Art

CULT OF OCCULT are a 4 Piece Sludge Metal Band from France.

This band play sublime bleak down-tempo Sludge Metal to devastating effect. Their new S/T album is a 4 song 33 minute beast of an album. Full of bleak down-tempo Sludge Metal riffs to pound you with over and over again.

Throw in brilliant and impressive hardcore based Sludge Metal vocals. Then this band have released a truly superb album with a great hardcore edge to it.

This album will hopefully be getting picked up by the other top-notch blogs as this album is just simply a masterclass in Sludge Metal that deserves to be heard by a bigger audience as possible.

Taking influence from a whole range of bands but adding their own bleak hardcore take to proceedings. If your into EHG or Corrosion of Conformity then your going to love this band like I did.

These guys add a more bleak edge to their music. This isnt for the faint hearted but genuine committed down-tempo Sludge Metal fans.

It has been a while since I have heard a band this bleak but thank our lucky stars this band came on the scene. These guys really do know how to play a top-notch Sludge Metal riff to impress the listener with. So it’s not all bleakness and no-light. The guys throw in great riff after great riff to show they can truly play with the best of them.

The 4 tracks on show are all brilliant individual tracks but if I have to pick the best tracks to check out then I would definitely recommend the title track and Blurry and Muzzy. Both superb songs that show what this hugely talented band does brilliantly well. Playing heavy-pounding riffs from start to finish.

All I can say this is a brilliant release for you all to check out and download for free from BandCamp, Facebook and their SoundCloud Pages

Highly Recommended!!! – As this is a brilliant release I urge you all to check out now.

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Check out the brilliant "Blurry and Muzzy" from their awesome S/T debut release. Fucking Brilliant.


Live at Klas Cover Art

Lines and Terminals is a Anthemic-Rock/Stoner-Metal Band from Chicago, USA.

Lines and Terminals play an intriguing blend Instrumental/Ambient/Anthemic Rock with a great blend of Stoner Metal added to proceedings.

Feeling more like a more out there version of fellow Chicago residents PELICAN this band are just a brilliantly talented band in their own right.

Blending the different sounds of Post-Rock and Stoner-Metal with ambient soundscapes this band truly standout in a world of their own. They do add vocals to some of the tracks but they are mostly instrumental based songs.

The band don’t fall into any one unique category but rather a brilliant blend of all the genres concerned.

Yes some riffs might sound like Pelican but Lines and Terminals do add some great experimental sounds and vibes to their music. This gives Lines and Terminals a truly hypnotic psych-edge to stand out from the crowd.

Their latest release is a brilliant live album. Live At Klas is a 6 song 35 minute opus which shows a truly talented band at the top of their game performing to an enthusiastic audience.

The songs on show are played superbly and to brilliant effect. The album is brilliantly produced for a live release. Not one note is played out of place.

The sound is great. Every note is played loud and thick which is what a live album should be. These guys deserve top-marks for releasing a live album as their next release. As they easily could of released an EP of some sort. But this release shows these guys are an outstanding live act with a great stage presence to match.

I have seen this posted on this other blogs but I was weary about checking them out but I finally did and I am glad that I did. As otherwise I would of missed out on a top-notch Experimental Post-Rock/Stoner Metal band.

This is a brilliant live album I urge everyone to check out. Superbly played and produced by all involved.

You can own this brilliant release for free from BandCamp. Simply superb and definitely recommended.

Check out this great band below:


Check out the superb "French Press" from their outstanding new release.

OCOAI - The Electric Hand Review

OCOAI are a Instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal Band from East Tennessee, USA

The members are:

Travis Kammeyer - Guitar
Joe Armstrong - Guitar
Cody Ledford - Cello & Keys
Bo Dugger - Bass
Joe Metcalf - Drums

OCOAI play a great blend of Instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal music to great effect. Their 2011 release – The Electric Hand is a 7-song 49 minute blast of bombastic Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffs.

Taking influence from the top bands of both genres OCOAI are masters of playing the non-aggressive Post-Rock melodies matched with the angrier and more aggressive Post-Metal riffs to great effect.

The new album highlights their talent brilliantly. One minute everything is in an organized Post-Rock fashion and the next all hell breaks through when the angrier riffs kick in.

The album’s sole purpose is to take the listener on a journey they will not forget in a long while. And it succeeds big time.

The songs on show have the perfect blend of light and dark riffs. The light is guided by the Post-Rock dreamy riffs before being dominated by the dark aggressive Post-Metal riffs.

Sometimes this album feels like a duel between the two genres and at times I felt breathless listening to it. Especially on track “Grimpeur”. A 13 minute epic that starts off quietly and slowly before the listener is pounded into submission by the aggressive Post-Metal riffs on show.

OCOAI have crafted a thing of beauty that portrays the sides of Post Rock/Post-Metal to superb effect. Never dominating one genre over the other but a great blend of both played to superb effect.

OCOAI are widely thought of in the underground community and its not exactly rocket science to see why. They are a superb band that you should all check out.

This album is full of brilliant songs to listen to time and time again and I thank the band personally for letting me review this excellent album.

If your into Pelican, Russian Circles or any band of that genre then these guys deserve your maximum attention now. These guys are getting a lot of publicity from all of the top-notch blogspots. So you know these guys are definitely worth checking out.

The Electric Hand proves OCOAI are one of the best Instrumental Post-Metal Bands out there delivering top-notch Sludge based Post-Rock/Post-Metal Riffs.

I recommend all of you to check this top notch band now. An outstanding album the band should rightly be proud of. Simply Unmissable. Great work guys.

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Plöw - Bicentennial Picnic EP Review

Bicentennial Picnic Cover Art

Plöw are a Stoner Metal band from Denmark.

Plöw play fast and furious Stoner Metal with in your face attitude to match. Taking influence from PANTERA, CROWBAR, DOWN, Corrosion of Conformity and other bands of that ilk.

The band have just released their superb 2nd EP – “Bicentennial Picnic”. A 4 song EP on for a fast and furious 23 mins or so. The guys released their debut S/T EP a while back to much acclaim within the Stoner Metal community.

Well the guys asked me to check out their debut EP before listening to their new great release. Which I did. Their debut EP is a great collection of songs that sets out a winning formula which Plöw deliver with great results. Mainly top-notch hard hitting Stoner Metal riffs.

Well I am glad to say their newest release is even better than their debut release. The riffs are more heavier and the vocals have more passion to them.

Plöw don’t add anything new to the genre but what they do bring a mean angry Stoner Metal riff to proceedings. And the riffs do have a more confident feel to them.

The 23 mins just flies by. The release feels like its on twice as long. All the 4 songs are great examples of how this band can write top-notch riffs with hard-hitting vocals & lyrics to match.

None more so on the sublime song Spring Tide which is definitely the best song the guys have written so far. A superb 9:23 minute epic full of heavy pounding riffs to head-bang which will go down a storm in the live arena.

Plöw have proved with “Bicentennial Picnic” they can play with the best of them. They have the talent and songs to really go far in the Stoner Metal scene. I hope their next release is their debut full length.

As Plöw are ready for a shot at the big time. A superb release from a truly talented band with hopefully a bright future ahead of them.

You can buy this release from Plöw's bandcamp page. You can also check out their debut superb release from the same page as well.

All in all a great release to that shows Plöw are now a force to be reckoned with. Brilliant stuff.

Highly recommended!!!

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Brighter Cover Art

Spook The Horses are a 5 Piece Progressive/Post-Rock/Post-Metal Band from Wellington, New Zealand.

The members are

Ben Dentice: Guitar
Donnie Cuzens: Guitar
Callum Gay: Guitar, Electronics, Vocals
Alex Ross: Bass Guitar
Zach Meech: Drums

Sppok The Horses play a superb blend of Post-Rock/Post-Metal with Progressive Rock to superb effect. The band have just released their briliant new album “Brighter”. It’s a 6 song – 60 minute blast of heavy anthemic Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffs with superb Hardcore based vocals to match.

I was asked by a Facebook Friend a cool guy called Ben via Facebook to review his mate’s band who had just released their debut album. That band is Spook The Horses. Ironically I had come across this band before when trawling through the Bandcamp articles for you good people. And I did enjoyed what I listened to.

So I said to Ben I would review the band’s album. So here is the review.

Spook The Horses are another brilliant band coming from Australia in the realm of Post-Rock/Post-Metal. I have lost count the number of great bands I have had the pleasure in publishing on this blog. But Spook The Horses can be added to that very big and hugely talented list.

Brighter is an absolute stormer of an album. Epic, Majestic, Powerful are some of the words to describe Spook The Horses brilliant music and new album.

The album has the right amount of sublime heavenly Post-Rock Passages matched against the more aggressive Sludge/Post-Metal angry loud superb riffs. Especially on the 13 minute epic track – “Ashen Smiles and Backlit Clouds”. A perfect example that shows what this superb band is great at doing. Mixing the lightness of their Post-Rock vibes with the dark aggressive Post-Metal riffs lurking in the background.

Even though their debut album is called Brighter it still has it’s moments of heavy progressive riffs.

All of the tracks are perfectly constructed together. Everything just flows brilliantly. The band has definitely spent a lot of time making sure the songs go in the perfect order.

This album is definitely an album to listen to time and time again. As it’s very multi-layered especially with both the Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffs on show.

Superbly produced and impeccably played by the band. This album really does stand out from the rest of the Post-Rock/Post-Metal hybrid crowd and definitely deserves your attention.

A brilliant release from a superb band. Absolutely Superb.

You can buy this release from the Band’s BandCamp Page.

This album will be getting a lot of praise from the usual top-notch blogspots and it’s not hard to see why. 

Highly Recommended.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


IV Cover Art

Breag Naofa is an Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Seattle.

The members are


Breag Naofo is an outstanding Sludge/Post-Metal Band blending hard hitting riffs and vocals in equal brilliant measure. If your into ISIS, Cult Of Luna, VYGR and Neurosis then these guys are for you.

Their debut album “Untitled” is epic in every sense of the word. A 4 song 40 minute brilliant opus of heavy pounding riffs that paints a bleak and unsettling story which really adds to this brilliant album.

All of the songs are untitled and are mainly called Tracks 1 to 4. This gives this album a brilliant air of mystery to it.

This is some of the hardest hitting Sludge/Post-metal riffs I have heard this year. Breag Naofo are truly an outstanding band that will be making a name for themselves when their brilliant debut is released on Vinyl LP on Valentines Day 2012 by Panic Records.

But you can download this album for free from the band’s blogspot. You can also donate on the band's blogspot if you want to as well.

Let me say again that “Untitled” is one of the most startling debuts I have heard in the realm of Sludge/Post-Metal. The album never lets up for one second. It’s full of heavy monolithic riffs that will have you astounded with the amount of ideas on show.

You want heavy pounding drumming, amazing sludge/post-metal guitar riffs and bleak vocals to match. Then Breag Naofo are for you. This album will blow your world apart and will still have you begging for more.

This album is simply superb. Full of brilliant ideas and hard hitting riffs to match. This is one Sludge/Post-Metal album you must not ignore. Just download this brilliant album now as it’s one of the best Sludge/Post-Metal debuts I have heard this year.

As this album along with HULDRA, Cosmonauts Day, Deterior and VYGR is one of the best Atmospheric Sludge/Post Metal albums released this year. Or in 2012 when its released on Vinyl.

Simply an outstanding release of the genre. I recommend you download this brilliant release now without hesitation. Don't even think about it. Just do it. NOW!!! - Highly Recommended.

Download this brilliant album from this link now!!!

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Prophecy Cover Art

Sabrewulf are a Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from El Paso, Texas.

Sabrewulf emailed about their great band. They play an aggressive mix of Hardcore, Crust Punk and Sludge Metal to brilliant and hard hitting effect.

If you like your music loud, mean, angry and undeniably heavy. Well these brilliant metallers are for you.

Their new release “Prophecy” is a 5 song 20 minute blast of top-notch Hardcore/Crust-Punk/Sludge Metal that feels like your being hit with by a hammer.

The riffs are heavy, loud and mean. This is music to pulverize the soul to. It’s full of heavy top-notch Sludge Metal riffs that will blow you away.

For a Demo Release this is superbly produced. You can hear every loud mean note played to Sludge metal perfection. What is even more surprising is this band has only been going since March 2011.

Highly impressive indeed given this superb release. This release definitely showcases this band’s talent to outstanding and devastating effect. They have a real talent in writing top-notch hard-hitting Hardcore/Sludge Metal riffs with added superb angry vocals to match.

I can’t praise this release highly enough. Sabrewulf have released a powerful and quite frankly brilliant release they should rightly be proud of.

Hopefully this is the first of many releases from this hugely talented band. I will wait happily for their next release. As this EP feels like a stepping stone onto bigger and better things for this great band.

You can download this brilliant EP for free from BandCamp. Highly Recommended. So get downloading now!!!

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Book of Dead Cover Art

Madam Trashy is a 3 Piece Progressive Stoner/Grunge/Metal Band from Brooklyn, NY

The members are:

Jake Bloomfield-Misrach - Guitar, Vocals
Brian Murphey - Bass, Vocals
Garth MacAleavey - Drums, Vocals

Madam Trashy play a great hybrid of Progressive Stoner Metal mixed in with early 90’s grunge influences. The guys released their brilliant debut release earlier this year – “Book Of The Dead”.

A sublime 7 song album on for 30 mins or so. The album was produced by legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, High on Fire). So this album has got a great producer behind them and it’s no wonder as this superb album goes through the different genres with relative ease.

I have to thank regular blog viewer PJ Sludge again for this top-notch tip as this album was a truly pleasant surprise. As I was expecting some 80’s Glam Metal/LA Strip Rock Band not a bunch of hugely talented Stoner Metallers.

The band do pay homage to Alice In Chains and Soundgarden at times but they add a great modern Stoner metal twist with a superb progressive edge.

You don’t get many bands like Madam Trashy blending Progressive Rock, Stoner Metal and Grunge with apparent ease. But Madam Trashy pull this off superbly.

The album has a brilliant collection of riffs and vocals to suit any mood. How the heck these guys aren’t signed is beyond me. As they have written some top-notch tracks. Especially the title track and my fave track – “Weary Breath”.

Full of passionate vocals and even more passionate Stoner riffs. This is one band that definitely needs adding to your record collection. It’s a superb album waiting to be discovered by everyone.

Superbly Played and Produced by all involved. This is a brilliant album that I urge you all to check out now.

You can download this outstanding release from BandCamp pay anything you want type deal..

In my mind this album is an absolute steal. A great band with hopefully a great future. Highly Recommended!!!

Check out these great rockers below:


Check out the awesome "Book of Dead". Great Stuff!!!


Cerber are a Hardcore/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Poland.

I was contacted by the band themselves to help spread the word of their excellent debut EP. Cerber play a great blend of Hardcore Based Stoner/Sludge Metal. Never truly staying in one genre but a perfect balance of all genres.

If your into Crowbar, Down, Corrosion Of Conformity then these guys will definitely be up your street. As Cerber play the same kind of top-notch Sludge Metal but with added superb stoner metal riffage for good measure.

Cerber have released their excellent debut EP – “Z Prochu” which means “From Dust” in English. The guys recorded everything at home.

And for a first time demo release the EP has been produced rather well. So much so it stands with more professionally recorded demos I have heard a lot recently.

Just this time Cerber have the talent to backup with their hugely impressive EP. From Dust is a 4 song 20 minute blast of top notch Hardcore Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs.

The vocals are great as well. They strike the perfect balance between Hardcore Growls and Clean Vocals so the listener feels fully immersed with the vocals as well as the top notch music on show.

Taking influence from a whole range of bands but staying true to their own blend of hardcore based riffs. This EP is definitely recommended for everyone to check out. Especially since they guys have made it free to download from their SoundCloud Page.

The 4 songs on offer really do have the right amount of Sludge/Stoner Metal Riffs blended with the intensity that Hardcore Metal offers.

The guys are extremely talented and they do know how to play a top-notch metal riff. Especially on tracks like “Pierdole” and “The Heavy Hand”.

This is one band that I want to hear more of in the future. If it’s by another EP, split release or full length. As their debut EP has made me a fan of these hugely talented Stoner Metallers.

Simply a superb EP to check out time & time again. Without a doubt - Highly recommended. Great stuff guys.

Check out this great below.



The Sun Distortion Sessions Cover Art

Acid Snake are a Hardcore/Crust Punk/Doom Metal Band from Brisbane, Australia

The members are:

Harry Acid - Vocals
Darcy O'Connor - Guitar
Dan Young - Guitar
Todd Herriott - Bass
Sko - Drums

Acid Snake play a brutal blend of Hardcore/Crust Punk/Doom Metal that is very hard to pull off but Acid Snake do this with relative ease.

There music is simply a brutal onslaught on the senses that once takes hold of you is very hard to let go. They are simply one of the best and most brutal Hardcore/Crust Punk bands I have heard this year.

The band have released 2 short but equally brilliant releases both available on BandCamp

Pariah – A hard hitting 6 song 15 minute onslaught of heavy pounding Crust Punk/Doom Metal riffs to leave you begging for more. Don’t let the short running time put you off. By the time the 15 mins are up you will be shaken and stirred by the top notch riffs on show. With the added bonus of top notch Hardcore/Crust Punk based vocals to awaken your soul.

Superbly played and produced. This EP packs many great ideas that most bands don’t pull off in a release that is on twice or three times as long. This is bleak as it gets in the realm of Hardcore/Crust Punk.

You can download this brilliant EP from BandCamp Pay Anything You Want.

Their 2nd release is a Live Sessions release which costs a few Australian Dollars. The Sun Distortion Sessions is a live recording which catches the band at the most raw and honest.

This is a 10 minute bleak masterclass of live music for the tormented soul in us all. There are no flashy overdubs but the bands talent in creating a bleak and turbo charged atmosphere with their brilliant loud and angry music.

Production is not perfect but when has anything been perfect in Hardcore/Crust Punk/Doom Metal circles when playing live. This is about the atmosphere .And this EP is full of it.

These guys have got quite the reputation when performing live in their native land. The Youtube videos give you a glimpse into this band’s ferocious talent on the live arena.

They have performed with some big hitters in their respective genres. They have played alongside bands such as The Chariot (USA), AYS (GER), Cyberne (JAP), Sex Wizard (AUS), No Anchor (AUS) and I Exist (AUS).

Imagine if Dillinger Escape Plan went full-on Crust Punk. Well this is what the carnage would sound like. And I loved every absolutely deranged moment of it.

Acid Snake’s music isn’t pretty. But it never was meant to be. And I for one am glad it isn’t. I loved every absolute deranged minute of both releases.

I cant wait for these guys to release a full length album. As they have the talent, vision and attitude to back up their brilliant songs with.

Highly Recommended. Check out these top-notch metallers below:


Check out the full live set of their brilliant new EP - "The Sun Distortion Sessions".


Axxicorn is a Stoner Metal Band from Portland, OR.

The members are:

Kerr Mahnke
Mike Mcdonnell
Jeremy Hansen

Axxicorn play an upbeat tempo blast of Stoner Metal to superb effect. Their new album “War Of The Giants” is a superb album that is full of top notch Stoner-Metal riffs.

The album is a 7 song 35 minute blast of fast and furious old-school Stoner Metal riffs that will have you begging for more in no time.

Taking influence from a whole range bands such as Clutch, Sleep, Kyuss and Monster Magnet. Axxicorn throw in a great punk vibe to proceedings as well. 

This band feels like they have seen it all. Like a bandof  grizzled veterans getting ready for battle. They know what to do. It aint pretty but these guys are going to make sure they rock the fuck out. And they do. Big time.

These guys play like they have been around for years. Their music is simply sublime. Full of heavy pounding riffs with a great rhythm section driving things along. Especially on the title track, Poseidon and Prometheus.

These tracks that get the album off to a superb high voltage start. The music doesn’t disappoint in any way shape or form. These guys mean business in just rocking out from start to finish.

If you’re a fan of the bands mentioned earlier then you will find much to enjoy here. You can even here hints of Mastodon here and there. These guys still manage to create their own sound amongst the heavy pounding riffs on show.

The album does have a great DIY edge to it which makes it less polished than other genre releases. But this works in the band’s favour as you can hear every note played to hard hitting perfection compared to a more professionally produced release. This is real Stoner Metal played the way it was supposed to be. Fast, Loud, Heavy and Raw.

The DIY feel of it is what give this album it’s brilliant edge to stand out from the crowd.

Axxicorn have created a great album to listen to time and time again.

All in all a superb blast of Old-School Stoner Metal riffs with a great Punk edge to them.

You can buy this great release from BandCamp now. This is one release that is definitely recommended.

Check out these great Stoner Rockers below:


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Merdarahta "Snake Charmer / Towers"

snake charmer / towers Cover Art
Merdarahta is an Ambient/Doom/Drone//Noise Metal Band from Canada.

The members are:

t. das
m. mongeon
l. newton
m. bourgon
m. vilandré
m. das

Merdarahta play a brilliant hybrid of Ambient/Doom/Drone/Noise Metal that I can't recommend highly enough. This is quite frankly a brilliant band for everyone to check out.

Merdarahta have just released their amazing new album "snake charmer / towers". This is a split release with amazing Grindcore pioneers FUCK THE FACTS. (One of my fave bands ever in the Grindcore Scene)

Well if you can tell by Merdarahta members, some of them are members of FUCK THE FACTS also.

Topon Das (FTF guitarist and all round genius producer) emailed me about this great album for everyone to check out.

His words will tell you what this album is all about:

"This project mostly consists of members of Fuck The Facts, but the approach is quite different. Merdarahta’s first release “Snake Charmer/Towers” (which also features Leigh Newton from The Sun Through A Telescope) is subdued and minimalist, simply creating a dark and haunting atmosphere with heavy droning guitars driven through noise and simply touching on other instrumentation and vocals."

I have listened to this release non-stop this week. And its a superb piece of work that everyone should check out.

You can download it on BandCamp pay anything you want type deal. I highly recommend you do this now. As it's a Drone/Doom masterpiece. All I can say. Plus it's got member of FUCK THE FACTS..

So get downloading people. Highly Recommended.

Plus Topon Das is a great producer, mixer and masterer in his own right. Some bands like Alaskan, Collider and Biipiigwan who have all been featured on this blog. So I am big fan of this guy's talents. Check out his Facebook page he has setup for productions & recordings.

Anyway back to Merdarahta . Get downloading now. Great Stuff.

Check Out The Band Here:



Ghost Of Wem Cover Art

Ghost Of Wem are a Sludge Metal Band from Germany

The members are:

S. Guitar
D. Vocals
J. Guitar
J. Drums
S. Bass

Ghost Of Wem play superb down-tempo Sludge Metal the way it should be played. Loud, Heavy and very thick Sludge Metal riffs to immerse the listener with.

Throw in proper Sludge/Hardcore Based vocals and you have a band that truly deserves your maximum attention.

Their S/T record is a full on assault on the senses. A 6 song 33 minute brutal epic blast of an album. There are no uplifting moments on this release. Just Heavy Pounding Riffs all the way through with bleak vocals to match.

If you like your Sludge Metal bleak, full of heavy sludge based angry riffs then Ghost Of Wem is the band for you.

Superbly Produced and played by all involved. The 6 songs on this album are superb. Especially the 10:41 minute epic “The Secret Weapon Of Comprehension”. A sludge filled epic with amazing riffs to get stuck into.

Quite simply a brilliant album to check out now. You can download this from BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Check these great Sludge Metallers Here:


Dopefiend Demo Cover Art

Woodrue are a 4 Piece Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Helsinki, Finland.

The members are

Aleksi: Right Guitar, Vocals
Ali: Left Guitar
Lare: Bass
Z: Drums

Woodrue play brilliant Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal music with a great dark psych edge. If you’re a fan of Church Of Misery then your going to love these guys like I did.

As Woodrue play the same sort of superb Sludge/Stoner Metal music with the added bonus of some great voice effects to give their music a very creepy feel.

Woodrue have been posted on other blogs with their debut release – The awesome Dopefiend Demo.

A superb demo that showcases the bands talent for righting and playing a damn fine mighty Sludge/Stoner Metal riff. This got quite a lot of praise and attention from other blogs when it was first released. Its simply a great release that blew me away the first time I heard it. I apologise for not posting this brilliant release sooner.

Simply unmissable stuff. Well Woodrue are back with another outstanding release. If you loved their first release your going to dig this one even more. Bones, Bile and Black Blood Full of more top-notch Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs than ever before. This is another great release for everyone to check out.

Both releases are absolutely superb and I can’t recommend these brilliant releases anymore.

Definitely a brilliant band to keep an eye on. Woodrue are a superb Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal band in their own right.

Both releases are available for free download from BandCamp.

Definitely highly recommended.

Check out these superb rockers here:


Rusty Gears Cover Art

Stoner Train are a 4 Piece Southern-Rock/Stoner-Rock Band from Russia.

The members are

Serj Gdanian (Burning Beard) - guitars/vocals
Johnny Palchikov (Johnny Basstard) - harmonica/banjo
Vladimir Teterin (Cowboy "Old Face") - drums/sodomy

Stoner Train are just a brilliant Stoner Rock band that everyone needs to check out.

The band have been published on other blogs and it’s not hard to see why. As these Blues Tinged Southern Rock/Stoner-Rockers have released two superb Stoner Rock releases this year.

Rusty Gears
Sluts For The Rebels

Both brilliant releases. Rusty Gears has a brilliant cover of Monster Magnet classic Spacelord like you have never heard before. Both available for free download from Bandcamp.

Rusty Gears is more of an Acoustic album. But it still has top-notch Southern/Stoner Rock Riffs to get stuck into. Cool guitars and even banjos in a Bluegrass Folk Rock kind of way.

The vocals are highly impressive on both releases. It’s hard to believe these guys are not from the Deep South or NOLA as they sing about Southern Rock/Stoner Rock way of life so well. Remember these guys are from Russia.

Sluts For The Rebels is more a traditional studio album compared to their first brilliant release.

But the guys are equally at home doing this type of album as well. As it has some brilliant Stoner Rock riffs. Check out the track “Big Lebowski” named after the classic film and everyone’s all-time favourite slacker. A superb track.

Well both these albums are absolutely superb. You will be amazed how much you will be enjoying yourself with these fantastic releases. Both superbly produced and played through out.

Highly Recommended

Check Out These Brilliant Rockers Here


Check Out their brilliant cover of Monster Magnet classic - Space Lord


Live at Home Vol.1 Cover Art
Budget are a 3 Piece Progressive-Fusion-Stoner Rock Band from Monterrey, Nuevo León Mexico.

The members are

Alekz - guitar, vocals
Théo - keys, vocals
Santi - drums
Diego - bass

Budget play an original blend of Prog-Fusion-Stoner Rock that is a refreshing change in the world of Stoner Rock. Imagine if The Mars Volta decide to release as Stoner Rock album. Well these guys would be the end result.

They both have the great Prog-Rock vision but Budget add a great blend of Stoner Rock with a hint of jazz thrown in for good measure. Their 2010 EP- Live at Home Vol 1 is a great 13 minute blast of highly original Stoner Rock. The songs on offer highlight the band’s talent and vision to great effect.

I never imagined a Piano would fit into Stoner Rock so well but Budget do this superbly. Throw in some great vocals then you have a great EP for everyone to check out.

Superbly played and produced. This is what I call Experimental Stoner Rock of the highest order. Budget blend their genres so well that this is another release that demands multiple listenings.

So if you want try something a little bit different with your Stoner Rock then give Budget a chance. You will be very surprised how much you will enjoy this great EP.

A little different – Yes. Original – Most Definitely. This is another great band coming from Mexico alongside Weedsnake and Stonefront.

Highly Recommended. You can download this release for free from BandCamp.

Check this great band below.


GORSE - Old Certainties Album Review

Gorse- Old certainties Cover Art

GORSE is a Progressive Sludge Metal Band from Brighton, England

The members are:

Guitar/Vocalist - James Parker
Bassist - Olly Thomas
Drums - Jennie Howell

GORSE play a superb blend of Prog/Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal to highly original effect. The band have been going for a while and I became a fan of these guys with their 2008/9 debut release. Slumber of Artemis. - A release that gained much praise through out the underground musical press.

Well after 3 years band is back with their excellent new album – Old Certainties. A 7 song – 54 minute masterclass of extreme metal.

Taking influence from a whole range of bands but still adding their own spin on the genre. GORSE add a superb DIY Punk feel to their sublime music.

Old Certainties has been a long time coming but is definitely worth the wait. This album should finally put GORSE on the Sludge Metal Map as a band to be reckoned with. As it’s full of brilliant top-notch Sludge Metal riffs you can shake a stick at. What makes this album stand out is the honest and passionate vocals of lead singer James.

He sings with such conviction all the way through. Showing heartfelt emotion you don’t normally get in the Sludge Metal genre. This 3 Piece band are at top of their game on this superb album.

The 7 songs on show build upon from their previous great release. But the riffs are heavier, louder and angrier at times. Doommantia give this a superb review here. And I almost agree with every part of it. I think this is the bands best work to date.

Full of brilliant and lengthy tracks that will have you listening to over and over again Especially on the tracks – “Stallions at the Cross”, “Ramifications” and the superb S/T track which is a 12 minute blast of pure Sludge Metal greatness.

I can’t praise this superb album highly enough. It’s great to see a band take strides in their evolution of their music and GORSE have proved this with this outstanding release.

Quite simply a brilliant release from one of the UK’s best Sludge Metal bands.

You can buy this release here (digital) and here (physical) which is in some great packaging. Highly recommended for everyone to check out.

Check this superb band below:



Brut Cover Art

BRUT are a 4 Piece Hardcore/Crust Punk/Sludge Metal Band from Montreal, Canada

The members are:

Nick - Drums
Alex - Guitar
Pat - Vocals
Charles - Bass

BRUT are a superb Sludge Metal band combining Hardcore and Crust Punk vibes to their brilliant music. The band have just released their amazing new S/T album.

A 12 song brooding masterpiece that runs for a pulsating 32 mins or so. This album is one of the best, heaviest and hard hitting debuts I have heard this year.

Full of heavy monolithic Sludge Metal riffs that will have you crying out for. Throw in top-notch hardcore based bleak vocals and you have an album that is rightly receiving a lot of praise for this hugely talented band.

Production is superb. Everything is played loud, mean and anger with a sense of purpose. Even though the album is on for a brisk 32 mins by the end of it BRUT will have you breathless with their endless supply of top-notch riffs, vocals and brutal top-class drumming.

The album is full of superb tracks that any well-known Sludge Metal band would be proud to call their own. You have the perfect mix of short length songs to the lengthier 4 to 5 minute tracks.

BRUT play fast and furious sludge metal that takes no prisoners only leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

All in all a brilliant release from a brilliant band. Standout tracks include Cameron Was Right, Enemies Of Reasons and Le Misanthrope. These tracks show what BRUT is all about. Play heavy-pounding Sludge/Hardcore/Crust Punk Metal to brilliant effect. This album will blow your fragile world apart. Simply and outstanding release of the genre.

You can buy this brilliant album from BandCamp now.

Check Out The Guys Here:



Place Of The Hidden God is a 3 Piece Experimental Metal Band from Leeds, England

The members are:

Ryan M - Guitars
Ste L - Drums
Tom G - Bass

I have to thank member Tom G for sending me an advanced copy his band’s brilliant’s outstanding debut album – "In Liberating The Conscious We Free Ourselves From Restraint". Due for release in 2012 this could be a contender for one of next year’s best albums in the realm of Experimental Metal.

Tom G also runs the excellent blog – Big Spaceship. And he does an excellent job there.

I will let the band themselves describe their superb album and influences.

"We are PLACE OF THE HIDDEN GOD from Leeds. We are an unsigned band and we play heavy polyrythmic metal akin to our influences such as; THE OCEAN, INTRONAUT, MESHUGGAH, VILDHJARTA, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and LAMB OF GOD to name but a few, but we are very much open to anything that inspires us; heavy or not."

There is a more in-depth analysis on their excellent Facebook bio that makes for superb reading.

Well the album is a brilliant hybrid of many genres and ideas that will demand multiple listenings as one enough just wont do. Superbly played and produced. This is one album that doesn’t fit into any category but goes through a whole range of different genres to brilliant effect.

The album is full of epic Experimental Tracks that will have the listener feeling breathless at times. Well it did for me. This is one of the most strangest and unique debut albums I have heard in a long while.

The album title itself will tell you what to expect. This might not be an easy listen for some but for people that stick with it will find a truly diverse album to listen to time and time again.

These guys have created some of the most original and intense riffs of this year. Well in 2012 when this brilliant album is finally released.

When this album is finally released I urge you all to grab a copy. You can hear four tracks from their BandCamp Page. And the 5th one from their Soundcloud Page.

A brilliant album from another superb experimental band coming out of the UK. Highly Recommended.

Check out these talented rockers below:


Check out the superb track "Misery" from their soon to be released brilliant album.


Kill The Rabbit - demo Cover Art

HOBOKEN DIVISION is a Blues-Rock/Garage-Rock Band from France.

The members are

Mathieu Cazanave: Guitars, organ, harmonica, Kick, vocals
Marie Rieffly: Vocals, organ, tchikatchika, drums

HOBOKEN DIVISION play the same sort of top notch music as The Locomotive Sound Collection who have been on here previously.

The band are going to release their S/T EP in early 2012 which the band have kindly let me listen to pass judgement on.

Well their new EP is a superb blend of Blues Rock, Garage Rock with top notch vocals to match. The EP is only on for 13 mins or so but shows this a great band to look out for.

Full of great high energy Blues-Rock/Garage Rock to get stuck into. The band call there blend of music as Dirty Garage Rock. And that is quite a great description to describe their music. Throw in wonderful vocals from vocalist Marie. Who has a truly distinctive and beautiful voice to stand out from the crowd. She is definitely a talented vocalist who sings with such passion it’s hard not to be amazed by her sultry vocals.

Mathieu deserve a mention as well playing some great tunes along the way.

This S/T EP is a true delight. Not usually the kind of stuff I post on Sludgelord. But when the music is this great HOBOKEN DIVISION deserve a bigger audience as possible.

The 4 tracks on show highlight this band’s amazing talent especially vocalist Marie.

It seems like The Locomotive Sound Collection have competition to match their own superb laid-back cool Blues-Rock/Garage-Rock vibes. And this band like TSLC will have me watching with baited breath into what they will be producing next.

Simply Superb. You can check this great band from the links below.



Abandon Monsters EP

ABANDON is a Slow-Core/Ambient/Post-Rock band from the UK.

The members are:

Umair - Vocals, guitar, bass, beats
Simon - Guitar
Chris - Bass

ABANDON play an original blend of Slow-Core/Post-Rock music mixing in Ambient Music to superb effect.

ABANDON have just released their latest superb release – Monsters. A 7 song 50 minute release which has new tracks and tracks remixed by different artists.

This album is a truly wonderful experience to listen to. An album full of haunting Slow-Core/Post-Rock tunes with some top-notch ambient sounds thrown in for great measure.

ABANDON is a band I knew very little about before this outstanding release. The S/T track is simply of one of the finest Post-Rock tracks I have listened to this year. An 8 minute epic that will have you begging for more. There is also an outstanding remix of this track included as well that blew me away. Same track but with a slightly different vibe to set it apart from its predecessor.

But because of this release I have checked their previous two releases which you buy for anything price you like from the following link. Highly recommended as both releases are superb as well.

ABANDON are masters of blending the different genres. Yes the music is slow and some might feel it never goes anywhere. But that is not the point. The music is there to tell part of a story with the haunting vocals and lyrics providing a truly unique listening experience.

These guys do follow the same path as ISIS but ABANDON are more based in Post-Rock than Post-Metal. Both playing top-notch lengthy epic tracks that make you think to what you’re listening to.

Production is superb on this great release. You can hear every note played and sung brilliantly.

You can buy this outstanding release here: If you like what you hear you can check out ABANDON’s other great releases from the label’s pay anything you want type deal.

Simply Unmissable. Highly Recommended!!!

Check Out This Great Band Here:

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Men Like Gods Cover Art

DETERIOR is a One Man Sludge/Post-Metal Artist from Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Deterior is the Sludge/Post-Metal alter ego of Andrew Arnold. A highly talented individual who releases music from a whole range of genres. Grindcore, Ambient, Noise, Sludge and Post-Metal.

Deterior is my fave work of Andrews as I fit more into the Sludge/Post-Metal category of his superb music. He is one of my fave Sludge/Post-Metal artists of the last few years as he has released some superb releases with top-notch Sludge/Post-Metal riffs.

Deterior has been mentioned on this blog a couple of times before. Well Deterior has released their 4th album – The brilliant and epic 10 song – 46 minute “Men Like Gods”.

This is Deterior’s best work to date. If your into ISIS, CULT OF LUNA, TOOL and bands of that ilk then you will find much to admire here. I know JUDD MADDEN who featured on here a while ago was popular with viewers of this blog. Well if you like JUDD MADDEN your going to love DETERIOR even more.

Men Like Gods has more top-notch Sludge/Post-Metal riffs than before. The riffs are heavier, louder and more intense. Andrew’s vocals are superb as ever. Seemingly blending through Hardcore based vocals to normal clean vocals.

If you liked Deterior’s last album – Primitive Circuitry then you will enjoy this release even more. Andrew’s work on this album is simply immense. Production, vocals, instruments etc …

And to do everything in such a short space of time is simply amazing as well. It has only been 16 months since Deterior’s last album release.

Anyway, back to the album. All of the songs are superb and flow brilliantly together. I know there are many one-man metal artists around now like JUDD MADDEN and CLOUDKICKER. Both great artists in their own right. But Deterior is the best one out there in my opinion.

His music just relates to me more than the others. I have been a fan of Andrew/Deterior since 2008. I have always admired his creativity, his work-rate and his dedication to his music from the start.

Deterior’s albums have just got better and better. With “Men Like Gods” everything is Louder, Heavier and has more Progressive Sludge/Post-Metal riffs than ever before make this album an outstanding release that everyone should definitely check out now.

Standout tracks include – Replicant, (The Leviathan Is Moving), Behind Red and the sublime epic title track – Men Like Gods.

All in all a brilliant album that Deterior/Andrew should rightly be proud of. This is Deterior’s most career-defining work to date. Brilliant and highly recommended!!!

So please give Deterior a chance. You wont be sorry. What is even more Andrew gives all his music for free/pay-anything-you want on BandCamp and free downloads on Jamendo.

So you have no excuse for not checking this brilliant artist. I recommend you do this now!!!

Check out this Sludge/Post-Metal Virtuoso Here


Hard Light EP Cover Art

SHIT HAPPINESS is a superb Grunge/Noise-Rock/Sludge Metal Band from Russia.

I have to thank Eugene from the band for sending this to me. Wouldn't of known of this great bands existence if he didn't contact me. So Thanks Eugene.

They have released a few EP's all available for free download from BandCamp.

Their description should tell you all you need to know about this brilliant band.

"Undeground band from middle of Russia. Heavy riffs, noisy beats and groovy basslines"

All superb releases. Full of heavy Sludge filled riffs to get your head-banging down to. These guys are a talented bunch of musicians and I hope they release some more of the top-notch tunes as they have made a lasting impression on me.

Their Hard Light EP is just heavy as fuck. A fitting dedication to their drummer Igor Garshin who recently passed away. My condolences guys. This was his last work. The drumming is absolutely superb. And this is a fitting tribute to Igor's talents.

Check out this superb Sludge Metal Band Below:


Check out these brilliant Sludge Rockers in the video below. Great tunes all the way. Highly Recommended!!!


Real Pain Supernova (Digital Edition) Cover Art

NO ANCHOR is a Hardcore/Crust-Punk/Doom/Sludge-Metal band from Australia.

No Anchor have been on a whole number of blogs recently due to their brutal blend of Hardcore based Crust-Punk/Sludge-Metal music. Well now, it is my turn to join the No Anchor growing fan base.

Guitarist contacted me as he recently recorded Dreamtime’s brilliant debut album and asked me to look at his band’s 3rd album – Real Pain Supernova.

Before I checked out their recent much-lauded 3rd album, I decided to check out their other releases. Well to be honest I was not impressed with their debut album – “Fire Flood And Acid Mud”.

I did really try to like the album but I could not get away with it. Too many ideas that do not come off and the drone effects put me off a bit. I listened to it a few times but each time I could not find any attachment to it.

But their 2nd album “Steam” is a whole different affair altogether. Still full of the Crust-Punk/Sludge Metal their debut had. But better produced, more refined and more of a great structure in place. This is the album that got me interested in a band as a whole. Full of superb tracks to get your teeth stuck into. Especially if you into Crust-Punk/Sludge Metal with a great blast of Hardcore metal as well.

Now I was really looking forward to their 3rd album. And this is the album where No Anchor’s blend of Crust-Punk/Sludge-Metal comes of age.

Full of hard-hitting Crust-Punk/Sludge Metal riffs with a dark underbelly lurking in their music. The vocals are based in the hardcore side of metal and really add a sense of purpose to their music.

The band does add some cool experimental touches to their music. These guys remind me of an early Neurosis when they transformed from Crust-Punk upstarts to Sludge Metal warriors they were destined to become.

As No Anchor falls in-between the two genres of music brilliantly. I am not saying they are Neurosis copycats. They are not. Far from it. They are their own brilliant band who has their own unique style of brutal based Sludge Metal Riffs.

Real Pain Supernova is a well-oiled Sludge-Driven Monster. Full of superb songs to get stuck into.

The album has a few bass-driven tracks that deserve to be played as loud as you can. As you can feel every shredding note coming out of your speakers.

The album is superbly produced for what it is. A brilliant, raw and angry filled Crust-Punk/Sludge Metal thrill ride. The album has a true down and dirty DIY feel to it. This is great for this type of album. As this is the type of atmosphere, you need for a down-tempo Sludge Metal album like this.

So Real Pain Supernova is a brilliant record the guys should be rightly proud of. You can own this from BandCamp pay anything you want-type deal.

If you like, what you hear then check out their earlier material. As this is another top-notch Aussie Sludge Metal Band to check out.

Highly Recommended.

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See no evil Hear no evil Speak no evil Cover Art

MIDNIGHT ZOMBIE ALLIGATOR is a Progressive/Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Barcelona, Spain

The members are:

Alejandro Moreno
David Trillo
Toni Pérez

MIDNIGHT ZOMBIE ALLIGATOR are a superb and highly-original Experimental Prog-Doom-Stoner Metal Band who blend their mix of genres to great effect.

The guys have just released their superb album – “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil”. A 9-song almost 80 mins of epic Prog Stoner Metal greatness.

The album is an album that you need your wits about you. This album has complex prog stoner metal riffs and insightful lyrics to match as well.

The album does have superb Stoner-Metal riffs and the guys are brilliant musicians, which they prove time and time again with this epic album.

The band takes influence from a whole range of bands across a whole range of genres. In addition, this album is the Stoner Metal equivalent if all the bands got together to release something original, crazy and wonderful.

I cannot compare this band to any other band at the moment. The album is a superb example of Progressive Based Stoner Metal, which a lot of bands have tried to do recently but have not succeeded. However, these guys have.

The vocals might take a while to get used to. But once you are you are hooked until the dying seconds of this superb album.

If you are into epic songs with huge amounts of Prog based Doom/Stoner-Metal music then this album is for you.

You can own this great album for free from BandCamp,

Highly Recommended.

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