Thursday 22 March 2012


Mediocracy are a Hardcore/Crust/Sludge Metal Band From Bucharest.

The members are

Viez - lead vocals
Costin Chioreanu - guitars
Radu Ionascu - guitars
Stefan "Fane" Panea - bass
Alex Ghita "Para" - drums 

This brilliant band has been on this blog before with their last two great releases which I rated highly back the. Well the guys are back with their superb new EP – Memory Hole.

I will let the press bio all you need to know about this great release.

MEDIOCRACY: 'Memory Hole' EP available for free download

Memory Hole, the new EP from the Bucharest, Romania sludge metallers Mediocracy it is available for free download here(

The EP have been recorded with the Romanian producer Marius Costache
(White Walls, Coins As Portraits, Avatar, Satanochio), and it will be
released on 22 March 2012 through Asiluum Net Label (
and Metalfan Records Division ( The artwork have
been designed by the lead vocalist, Viez.

Below you can see the video for the song Your Reflection that comes of

Memory Hole EP:

For more details regarding Mediocracy, you can check their official
Facebook ( page.

The band have shared stages so far with such bands as Venom (UK), Misery
Index (USA) and Napalm Death (UK), to name just a few."

OK it has 3 songs in total and runs for a brisk 10 minutes. But what a 10 mins it is. Full of head-banging riffs and great hard vocals to match.

Mediocracy have lost none of their anger or playing a hard hitting sludge metal riff. Another great release from this great band which you can download for free right now. Awesome stuff.

Check This Great Band Below