Friday 30 March 2012

ODYSSEY - Band To Check Out

ODYSSEY is a 3 Piece Stoner/Pysch/Garage Rock Band from Hellsingborg, Sweden.

The members are:

Witold Östensson
Jesper Karlsson
Jonas Pedersen

ODYSSEY are a brilliant kick-ass Stoner Rock Band from Sweden. (Thats all we need. Another brilliant rock band coming from Sweden. How many great bands can one country produce). 

Anyway they contacted me recently to check out their band out. I am going to let their bio do all the talking.

"Odyssey is a trio consisting of Jonas Pedersen on vocals, Jesper Karlsson on drums and Marcus Östensson on guitar. The band came about after many discussions between the guys about creating a band that possesed a heavy sound and a driving energy. In spring 2010, it took shape. Already on day one Odyssey knew what to do, after only two rehearsals the first demo was recorded and the first gig booked.

And that pace has continued ...

After recording numerous demo tapes and an EP in true DIY spirit Odyssey will release their first full-length album on Transubstans this spring.

Odyssey is difficult to determine in genre, but think of Sleep, Converge and Pink Floyd and you have an idea of what is Odyssey. Over time, it has in several occasions been called garage-stoner.
With the chaotic gigs and a personal stage presence Odyssey have been able to travel around on Sweden's club scene and festivals. Shit goes down, people get hurt ... This is the Odyssey."

Recently they have released a 7* vinyl split with Black Pyramid, and this is the Music Video for the track Wicked Witch that is on the b side on the split. On May 15th 2012 they will be releasing their debut album "Abysmal Despair" on Transubstans Records.

The video for Wicked Witch is shown below. And its a fucking brilliant tune. This is one debut album that I am definitely going to lay my hands on and do a feature on. Sublime work guys. Can't wait for the debut album.

Check These Brilliant Rockers On the Links Below:

Soundcloud - Wicked Witch