Monday 2 July 2012

Adrift - Black Heart Bleeds Black Review

ADRIFT. Black Heart Bleeds Black CD

Adrift are a Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from Spain

The members are:

Jaime Adrift - Drums
Macon Adrift - Guitar
Jorge Adrift - Vocals and Guitar
Dani Adrift - Bass

Adrift play a hard-hitting blend of Sludge Metal fused with Hardcore and hints of unsettling Black Metal creeping in at times.

They have just released their outstanding new album – Black Heart Bleeds Black. A great unsettling title for a vastly superior unsettling album with great vocals & riffs to match.

Imagine if Baroness, Neurosis or Mastodon went into the darker side of metal then this would be the unsettling result. What you get is 8 brilliant tracks on for a heavy pounding 53 minutes or so.

I was sold on this band from the first song of the online stream the guys kindly given me. So much so I bought the digital version of the album right away so I could have my own copy.

Anyway back to the review. This album is full of bone-crunching riffs that will take over your soul in no time at all. The band are experts at painting a bleak picture for all of us sludge metallers to get are teeth stuck into.

The album starts off with the excellent 9:43 minute track – The Soldier Of My Words – which starts off with a sublime riff that sets the scene brilliantly well and harks back to the days of early Mastodon. – Leviathan era.

Then the bleak hardcore based vocals of talented vocalist kicks in to show you that this band means business. The 10 mins just files by and you will now be sold on this great band.

A great start to a fantastic album with more top-notch Sludge Riffage to follow. Next up is the awesome title track and probably my fave track of this outstanding album. - Black Hearts Bleeds Black

This is where the band take this album onto another level from their competitors. Cue a riff that Mastodon/Baroness would be proud to call their own kicks in. Blending bleak hardcore growls with despairing lyrics to fend off all clean living rock fans. This is music that only Sludge Metal fans will truly worship.

Adrift pitch out their plan for Sludge Domination on this track alone. Signalling a very important band has arrived in Sludge Metal that cannot be ignored.

Like fellow Spanish Sludge Bruisers – Horn Of The Rhino. These guys are experts at blending their different genres into something unflinching and unforgiving.

Tracks like Mallet Man, Erich Zann Environment, Fury Roof and Long Nails just reinforce that mission of intent. Just sublime haunting bleak riffs to pulverize the soul to. This album has some of the finest bleak based hardcore vocals I have heard this year. Vocalist Jorge sings with passion and makes you care about what he is singing about even if the lyrics are on the more bleak side of life.

The guys are amazing musicians and would be ideal touring partners for some of the biggest Sludge Metal bands on the planet. Hopefully this album will put them there. As they have delivered a masterclass of Sludge metal music which deserves to be heard by the biggest audience possible.

Though it will probably fly under the radar unnoticed. People are truly missing out on an amazing album. Spain has another excellent Sludge Metal Band they can rightly proud call their own.

Adrift know how to play a mighty fine riff with a hard hitting message attached and these 53 minutes will just re-inforce my belief they are a band that are near impossible to ignore. A truly outstanding album that the guys should be proud of.

It’s expertly produced and is played loud from the word go. If you buy a copy of this brilliant album – My Advice is- Plug in and turn up to the loudest volume you can possibly get and join the world of these hugely talented Sludge Rockers. You won’t be disappointed.

Highly Recommended. You can buy “Black Heart Bleeds Black” from all good stockists now. I urge you get buying now!!!!

Check This Great Band Below: