Thursday, 25 July 2019

TRACK PREMIERE: Canadian heavyweights Cruickshank debut "Coma Blue"

Featuring a plethora of talent from the Canadian heavy music scene, Cruickshank’s eponymous debut seethes with a sludgy yet lean energy that speaks of many garage rehearsals to dial in this level of chemistry.  Every element, from the exploratory tone of the guitars to the turn-on-a-dime drum work, feels casual yet calculated. Some tendrils of sludge, doom, hardcore, and grindcore creep in, but the very notion of ‘genre’ plays second fiddle to such great musicianship.

The ultimate takeaway from Cruickshank is that this group have a phenomenal debut on their hands, spectacularly executed, and ready for fans of heavy, sludgy yet technical music to jump onboard. Today at THE SLUDGELORD were pleased to debut a new track “Coma Blue” which you can check out below.

Band info: facebook