Tuesday, 30 July 2019

ALBUM REVIEW: Roadsaw, “Tinnitus The Night”

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 07/06/2019
Label: Ripple Music

This is definitely one of the best albums of the  year and its vitality is astounding for a band of this vintage. Superlative heavy rock for 2019.

“Tinnitus The Night” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Along For The Ride
2. Shake
3. Fat Rats
4. Final Phase
5. Peel
6. Knock Em All Down
7. Find What You Need
8. Under The Devil’s Thumb
9. Midazolam
10. Silence

The Review:

Roadsaw return after an eight year break from releasing full length records and boy does this just JUMP out of the speakers! Kind of like an US East Coast Orange Goblin, these noise purveyors deal in the finest and heaviest stoner rock. Massive riffs, drums, bass and sounds coalesce to turn in powerhouse performances on opener “Along For The Ride” and “Shake”, The band slows to a greasy groove on “Fat Rats” and don't put a foot wrong from there.

With ten tracks and neatly fitting onto one side of a TDK 90min cassette (should that be your preferred medium) this feels like a throwback to the band's first heyday (95-2000) and channels the power of their 2007 release “Rawk N Roll”. I am ashamed to say that I missed out on their self titled 2011 effort, but in my defence I did catch them live at Desertfest a few years ago- and they ripped the Underworld a new one with a tight and energetic set of all-American rock and roll- and gave away a three track EP on CD which I still have.

“Final Phase” is a speedball of energy with “Peel” then dropping the pace back down to a laid back cruise. It's a fairly extended loose track that marks the mid point of this deadly record. For side two, you get “Knock Em All Down” first, with a big groove and grunge like feel. “Find What You Need” is pure rock and roll enjoyment- killer riffs and hooks.

“Under The Devil's Thumb” is just as good- grooves for days- with swagger like Monster Magnet in their prime. For a band with 25 years under their belt, Roadsaw sound hungry and hopefully this album will see another flurry of activity from them and lead to more releases and shows. The albums second languid set piece is “Midazolam”; a longer playing time and the band spreads their wings to take in some epic riffage and quiet loud dynamics. As the band close things with “Silence”, they utilise acoustic guitars for a rather melancholy ending to this excellent record.

This is definitely one of the best albums I've heard this year and its vitality is astounding for a band of this vintage. Superlative heavy rock for 2019. Welcome back!

“Tinnitus The Night” is available HERE

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