Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Carcass - Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 14/11/2014
Label: Nuclear Blast

Surgical Remission/Surplus SteelCD//LP//DD track listing:

1). A Wraith In The Apparatus (3:31)
2). Intensive Battery Brooding (4:44)
3). Zochrot (3:22)
4). Livestock Marketplace (4:15)
5). 1985 (Reprise) (1:48)

Carcass is:

Jeff Walker | lead vocals, bass
Bill Steer | lead guitar, vocals 
Daniel Wilding | drums
Ben Ash | guitar


Well, Carcass made a very welcome return to these ears last year and they offer yet more aural pleasure with this EP of extras. ‘Wraith in The Apparatus’ is catchy and with those patented Steer-leads. A solid opener, perhaps more in the vein of ‘Heartwork’ than many of the tracks on ‘Surgical Steel’ and  Intensive Battery Brooding’ will be familiar to those of us who shelled out for the special edition digipack (yep, me too). It's a good track- again it is slower of pace and weightier of riff than much of ‘Surgical Steel:” a theme seems to be developing...

‘Zochrot’ is positively groove ridden. Great vocals from Walker and the deep growls of Steer answering, just like on ‘Necroticism’! So far, so good!! There are some twists and turns to keep the lead work interesting and allow that sense of melody to creep in. Nice syncopated rhythms on the kit, too.

‘Livestock Marketplace’ is a rough and ready track with familiar themes. The opening vocal is bizarrely reminiscent of Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers. Not a bad thing! The EP is closed with ‘1985 (Reprise)’ which will again be familiar (in a way), but it is a cool piece of music with some nice production tricks.

So... is this EP essential? The answer is, of course, no. It is an EP of off cuts and bonus tracks. Is it good? Yes. It's Carcass, so it is better than the vast majority of metal. Much better, in fact. That alone should get you to check it out. If you liked ‘Surgical Steel.’ you'll like this.  It’s that Simple, really.

Words by: Richard Maw

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