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Cosmic Plunge - Wanderers On The Face Of The Earth (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 17th November 2014
Label: Self Released
Wanderers On The Face Of The Earth – Track Listing

1.Wanderers on the Face of the Earth
3.A Tribe Full of Fear
4.The Curse (Lava Song)
5.Dead Man's
6.Love Stands Beneath the Hurricane
7.Some, They Drown to the Sea


Cosmic Plunge were formed in May of 2010 in Heraklion Crete. Sharing a common vision about what the Band would sound like they immediately started working on their own material, inspired by the last (3) three decades of Rock , specifically Doom/Heavy Rock sound and similar influences.

Their priority is performing live and sharing their music and feelings and for this reason they begun playing live soon after the formation of the band mostly in their hometown but also in various gigs across the country. They have shared the stage with many acknowledged bands of both the Greek and international scene such as Nightstalker, Lucky Funeral, 1000mods , Universe 217, Vibravoid, Shattered Hope etc .

After gathering enough experience they decided it was the right time to record their debut album in February 2014. The recordings took place in various locations. Drums were recorded at John Mor's, all guitars were recorded at Groove Studio, mixing and mastering was done by Dimitris Kakoulakis and Cosmic Plunge the artwork was created by Mick Alex and Cosmic Plunge.

The album titled ”Wanderers On The Face Of The Earth” will be released in late November 2014 containing 7 songs.


Jim: vocals
Mick: guitar
Fucking Wizard: bass guitar
Panos: drums


Cosmic Plunge is another great band from Greece to check out though these guys focus on Groove/Doom Metal compared to other Greek bands we have featured on the blog over the years. Cosmic Plunge debut album is a strange offering as it combines Groove Metal, Doom Metal, Hard Rock with hints of Stoner influences now and again. The album is on for 43 mins and it features 7 excellent tracks to impress you with.

Opening title track - Wanderers on the Face of the Earth – sees the band venture into Black Sabbath territory with heavy bass heavy riffs and lead vocalist Jim capturing the true essence of 70s based doom with impressive vocals. The thing that stands out the most is the heavy and pounding bass from the brilliantly title band member – FUCKING WIZARD. And believe me that dude is a fucking monster on the bass. You can hear the violent tones coming at you from all directions. Add the other great riffs from Mick and pounding drums from Panos and Cosmic Plunge have more than enough firepower to impress you with.

Second track – Doctrine – opens itself up to other legendary bands of the classic Doom Metal scene as the band do pay homage to their heroes though still maintaining a great and heavy sound of their own. Fans of Saint Vitus may get a kick out of this track. The main draw is the riffs and kick-ass vocals which also sees the band add elements of groove and classic rock to the mix.

Third Track – A Tribe Full Of Fear – instantly draws you in with more Sabbathian inspired riffs with a dark and gloomy style of FUZZ that will make your stereo speakers/headphones crackle with excitement. You can feel the menace in the air as the band expertly prove their Doom Metal credentials. The music is played at a leisurely pace that gives the music time to breathe and impress you with. It becomes very occult-ish towards the end which was a nice touch.

The rest of the album carries on the same tone from the earlier tracks as Cosmic Plunge become ever more confident with each passing moment. The lyrics become ever more darker and the mood firmly stays rooted in Doom Metal territory which will leave many fans impressed on what is on offer here. My fave track has to be 4th track – The Curse (Lava Song) – as it shows you what Cosmic Plunge are all about. Heavy inventive riffs with fantastic vocals to match.

The production on the album is superb as you can feel the intensity of Cosmic Plunge's music with every listen. If you're a fan of Old School Doom Metal with a hint of modern Stoner Metal then you need to check these guys out now.

Excellent stuff and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Cosmic Plunge for the promo. The album is available to buy on CD directly from the band.

Words by Steve Howe

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