Sunday, 11 January 2015

Random Question Generator: STB Records Vs Goya & Wounded Giant

Alex - Wounded Giant Drummer
Bobby - Wounded Giant Singer
Jeff - Goya Singer
Nik - Goya Drummer

When STB contacted you about the release, what was your initial reaction about a split EP and the band he suggested you do the split with?

Alex - We were like Goya?? Who the fuck is that......hahaha nahhh we were

Bobby - Well, I've lived under a rock for a few years now, and didn't know my
ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to labels. so I had to do some
research. I liked what I saw, and found out our buds in Ancient Warlocks had
turned you onto us. The stars aligned, the rest is history, hah!

Jeff - Man, we were stoked! Honestly, we hadn't heard Wounded Giant
before this, and it was great to get exposed to them. Thematically, we seem
to go very well together, and we are different enough to really compliment
each other.

Nik - I wasn't contacted, but when I was informed about the situation my
immediate reaction was excitement. I tend to be kinda late to the party with
a lot of bands and had no prior knowledge of Wounded Giant but after
checking them out I was definitely stoked. 

You recently did a short tour together, how was the tour and give me your top highlight?

Alex - Yeah we did a short Northwest stretch together. Super fun but not long
enough. It usually takes a few shows to start warming up and get to know
each other. Highlight would be the Shirts Off after party at the Victory in
Seattle. It was the STB showcase show with Ancient Warlocks, so good smoke
filled times.

Bobby - Fun shows, good people, too short. I dig 'em, man. Goya are the shit.
We were just getting into fighting shape, and then had to part ways. I'd like to
do it again soon! 

My personal highlight was being heckled by a super old drunk guy at the spot
we played in Tacoma. He was yelling shit like "no one likes your band." And
"you're gonna play something with melody this time, right?" I thrive on that. 

Jeff - Tour was awesome, and as you said, short. Way too short. The highlight
(aside from Day Of The Shred!) was probably playing in Salem, OR the same
day they legalized weed there.

Nik - Tour was rad. It was also my first time touring in any band so the highlight
was truly the entire experience. It sounds like a cop out, but it's the truth.
Feeling completely unplugged from my life at home and getting to play in
front of both relatively large and very small crowds alike... Also, touring states
with a much more progressive attitude towards cannabis was a definite

Who has influenced you the most, music and non music?

Alex - My Father is my biggest musical inspiration, taught me everything.

Bobby - Oh jeez. I'd say other than on music angles, which are soooo many I
hesitate to say them, just living the weird life we live. I think we've all seen
some crazy things, and that shows. Horror movies and books are cool, too.

Jeff - Richard Ramirez

Nik - Jay Randall

Inspiration behind the song(s) for the split?

Alex - Thats probably more of a Bobby James question, so I'm sure he would
say wizards and Conan and HP Lovecraft and witchy shit, hahaha. Dylan & I
are more just Road Dawgin' it Shirts Off style with some Del Taco & tasty Bud'z.

Bobby - The Room of the Torch is a love song about how beautiful babes are
when they dance, and how weak men are for that power...loosely based
around the story of Salome dancing for king Herod in the Bible. Dystheist is
inspired by my absolute hatred for billionaires who leech off of all of us. It's a
murder/revolution  fantasy. Hahahaha.

Jeff - Richard Ramirez and all of the sheep.

Nik - Jeff is a riff machine.

Give us your take on how the art work came out for the album?

Alex - Really stoked on David Paul Seymour's work, super talented dude.

Bobby - I'd like to think me and the Angel of Death are at least good
acquaintances by now. Digging the nice portrait by DP Seymour, and would
like to shake his hand. Not the Angel of Death, he can wait.

Jeff - Haha, man, what a crazy process we went through for the art! I think
there were 3 or 4 iterations of the cover before DPS was hired on. We love the
art! David is great.

Nik - . I have very little to do with the visual concepts behind Goya. I have
even less to do with the visual concepts behind a Goya/Wounded Giant split.
I saw some different versions of stuff and it changed dramatically. The finished
image is fantastic!

Where did the band name (s) come from?

Alex - Wounded Giant came from an obscure Groomer dude in Denver
Colorado the year 2000 High5 with Tom Denney on a Dudefuckinhellyeah!
Tour. After we shot fire works into a cave thinking we killed a bear, but was
really just and old tunnel groomer. He spoke of ancient groom bands (Infinite
Monolith of Slavery, Impaled Circle of Psychosis, Hollowed Log, Wounded
Giant....ect.. ect.. ect....)

Bobby - A crazy old wizard cornered Alex once and laid down some serious
paranoid knowledge. He said to "beware the wounded giant." So, beware the
Wounded Giant my friend.

Jeff - The Spanish painter, Francisco Goya.

Nik - A painting entitled "Saturn Devouring His Son" by Francisco Goya, which is
from series of sorts that Goya did near the end of his life, referred to as The
Black Paintings.

What is your music background, punk, Metal, hardcore, etc and tell us the path you took to end up where you are now?

Alex - We all have pretty different but similar backgrounds. I'd say Blues, Jazz,
Country, Rock, HC, Grind, Metal .

Bobby - All of the above, except band geek. I can only speak for myself, but I
only started playing shows because my old band was put on a flyer, so me
and some friends figured we better write a set. Many years and hard lessons
later, I'm playing with my favorite musicians ever. Thanks random dude who
put me on a bill!

Jeff - All of the above! Haha. In grade school I played organ, then saxophone,
then clarinet, then when I turned 12, I discovered Metallica, and it was all
downhill from there! Kurt Cobain was the musician that made me pick up a
guitar. From there I started playing in punk bands, and that slowly evolved into

Nik - Obsessed with music as a kid. Grew up with a dad that was into metal
and a mom that was into all kinds of stuff. I started playing in metal bands on
Guitar and Bass really early and they were all terrible bands. I've done vocals
in some Powerviolence and Hardcore bands as well but I found my natural
habitat behind a drum kit and cut my teeth on Grindcore, and DM. I love
metal of nearly all kinds but Goya is my first venture into "Doom" territory as far
as playing goes.

First Favorite album, BE HONEST?

Alex - I'd have to say Motorhead

Bobby - Weird Al, Dare to be Stupid. I had that thing memorized. To this day
when a MJ or Madonna song comes on I hear his lyrics instead of the original.
He's a fucking genius, bless him.

Jeff - That's a tough one, but it's probably Ride The Lightning.

Nik - The first two that I remember blowing my mind were actually Paranoid by
Black Sabbath which was my dads record. The second was Ride The Lightning
by Metallica and I had that on Cassette and pretty much wore the thing out.
It was the first cassette I ever purchased... with money from a birthday card.

When you die, one word to describe your life?

Alex - Amazing!

Bobby - "Inconceivable!" Does a Princess Bride quote work?

Jeff - Fucked.

Nik - Indulgent

2015 wish list?

Alex - A wish / Dream for 2015 would be to have some backing. We tour a lot,
crank out tons of merch, and set things up 100% DIY style, which get super
expensive when its all out of pocket.

Bobby - Free time to write songs, money for new gear, record a new record
and have a big tour on a train from town to town. I think Willie Nelson did that...

Jeff - Weed.

Nik - My wish list for 2015 is, for Goya to garner great interest and support from
as many people as possible...  For the upcoming split to do well... For cannabis
to be legalized for recreational use across the US... or for the world to just end

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