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WAINGRO - S/T (Album Review)

WAINGRO cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 30th November 2014
Label: Self Released

WAINGRO – S/T – Track Listing

1.Firebird 02:58
2.Bathed In Tongues 02:38
3.Tailwind 03:43
4.Matador 01:04
5.Ride 04:33
6.REKALL 03:42
7.Force Fed 02:57
8.St. Regis 00:36
9.Black Dawn 04:54
10.Arboria 00:45
11.True North 03:05


Brian Sepanzyk – Guitar/Vox
Nate Pennell – Bass
Benjie Nesdoly – Drums


Waingro class themselves as a Loud Stoner Rock Band. Though to label them under that genre, you will be missing the point, as there is so much more to Waingro’s music. Named after a character from 1995 Michael Mann crime thriller – HEAT. Waingro are a band who offer a more violent and bombastic approach to Stoner Rock with the emphasis on noise and destruction. Their S/T debut album is 31 mins of pure chaos from start to finish as they blast their way through tales of Punk and Sludge based fury that sees Waingro as future stars of the Canadian Heavy Rock/Stoner Rock scene.

Opening track – Firebird – is a snarling beast of track waiting to rip everything to shreds. The band is primed for action and fly out of the traps with fast-paced, loud and angry riffs that will pound you into submission. The punk drenched fury of lead vocalist adds a more hardcore edge with Waingro showing early on that these guys are not to be messed with. Sounding like a more Stoner Rock orientated version of Cancer Bats as these guys seriously know how to write a mean hard-rocking tune you will be singing from the rooftops.

Second track – Bathed In Tongues – is more of the same chaotic battering ram style of Stoner Rock to cause damage to your hearing to. It is packed full of vibrant and violent energy that is dangerous as it is addictive. The Stoner Vibe takes a more a disturbing turn as the vocals and lyrics are a bit more sinister. Though you cannot help enjoying, the huge riffs Waingro have written here. It maybe just me but I can start to hear a slight Clutch influence though played at a faster pace. Could be just me as I am feeling the after-effects from the musical beating that Waingro are putting me through.

Third track – Tailwind – sees Waingro slowing down some of the punk based aggression from the previous two tracks. It is still one mean and loud affair you cannot hide from. With Waingro slowing things right down, you start to notice other things such as melody and lyrical content. The riffs are spectacular on a loud and noisy scale. This song will soon get your heart pumping, as Waingro take no prisoners with their own brand of Stoner Rock Justice.

Fourth track – Matador – is a 60-second instrumental Sludge/Stoner Rock burst of Punk Rock aggression that has tons of melody and heavy riffs despite the short run time. Shame this track was not extended by another minute or so. The first four tracks should give you a good impression what this album is all about. Waingro. The remaining seven tracks will leave you breathless through out as the band unleash a heavy storm of brutal based Stoner Rock riffs. You will be floored by the heavy dangerous riffs of REKALL, Force Fed and Black Dawn.

Waingro have delivered an album packed full of great ideas and where the Stoner Rock is summed up as BRUTAL. There is no escaping from the fact that Waingro have something special about them. As they have the sound and vision to turn some heads within the Hard Rock/Stoner Rock scene.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Waingro S/T debut album is available to buy on DD/CD/Vinyl from BandCamp now.

Words by Steve Howe

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