Saturday, 8 October 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Truckfighters - "V"

By: Kat Hilton

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 30/09/2016
Label: Fuzzorama Records |
Century Media Records

All in all, a solid offering; a sound that is current; one that rocks effortlessly and one that proves regardless of line-up changes Truckfighters continue to be strong.

“V” CD//DD//LP Track listing

01. Calm Before The Storm
02. Hawkshaw
03. The 1
04. Gehenna
05. The Contract
06. Fiend
07. Storyline

The Review:

With just 7 tracks lasting a smudge over 47 minutes and fresh drummer blood; Truckfighters offer their fifth studio album, “V” (I see what you did there you sneaky sods), a journey on their evolutionary path towards maturity that requires one to switch off pre conceptions, ideas and judgement and requires the plugging in of headphones and a nice chilled beverage of choice.

Having said that in all honesty “Calm Before the Storm” left me underwhelmed, I still cannot pinpoint why, it shouldn’t have done. With its Tool-esque intro, swarthy attitude and an ending which is fuzzier than a tumble dryer’s lint trap I should have loved it but it wobbled me a little. Fear ye not! “Hawkshaw” is the second little ditty and quite frankly knocks the spots of the previous number. A powerful bass and drum intro eases the lugholes to an immense fuzz injection that hits the spot superbly. With ever flowing peaks and troughs of 0-100 mph in seconds it is Truckfighers mastery.    

As track 3, “The 1”, makes its way through there is another line-up change with Peter Damin taking the drums; although subtle, there is a difference- believe it or not more cymbals…who knew that was possible! “The 1” is a classic Truckfigthers number; slightly distorted vocals, smooth riffs and an ear blowing assault of a chorus make it so. For the energy alone it is a clear contender for stand out song of the album. “Gehenna” the fuzz gives way to possibly the most satisfying drum roll in existence making this a veritable time warp of a tune; turning back time it is akin to listening to “Gravity X” all over again. Ok so not as prog like, but the mesmerising vocals and pacey guitar stand it proud.

As “The Contract” makes its debut with its thundering bass/drum play off building the track to the properly heavy levels needed; the thick and fuzzy strings crawl over the senses entwining with the chaotic drums, it kinda shouldn’t work but it does. It be prog/sludge/fudge/aceballness.

“Fiend” is the penultimate track; cheeky, pacey and even more drum rolling perfection make this a fantastic number. Off all the superbly vocalised songs Ozo has done, this is the one that demonstrates the incredible range and versatility he has. The ending can only be described as a co-ordinated pissing contest as the sound increases, the drums hammer more, the vocals step up, the guitars get beefier. Everything makes this a superb ending.

Last but no means least “Storyline” has an instant shift in style and sound; the vocals are the dominant force here. Melodious, gravelly and solid. On one hand an easy, relaxed and somewhat calm offering, on the other a hard core Truckfighters number that shakes the listener to the core. What a delicious juxtaposition.  All in all, a solid offering; a sound that is current; one that rocks effortlessly and one that proves regardless of line-up changes Truckfighters continue to be strong.

V” is available here

Band info: official || facebook

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