Tuesday 10 December 2019

ALBUM REVIEW: Pist, "Hailz"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 08/11/2019
Label: APF Records

“Hailz” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Ex-Nihilo
2. Wreck
3. Mind Rotter
4. Fools Gave Chase
5. If I Was You.....
6. Strangle The Sun (feat. Elephant Tree)
7. Skin Your God

The Review:

It was with high expectations that I pressed play on this sophomore effort from Pist, the North West's finest purveyors of... metal/blackened-stoner/sludge/what-have-you. With its respectful nod to a Manchester underground legend for the title and the contents herein only glimpsed via watching them support Orange Goblin back in January, I thought this would be a cracker. I wasn't wrong.

This lands somewhere between Raging Speedhorn, Bast, Orange Goblin and Sabbath. It's not really categorisable and all the more appealing for it. Pist have carved out their own niche. They are a brutal proposition live and on record they have not disappointed. Opener “Ex-Nihilo” has pretty much all elements present and correct- big riffs, rolling blast sections, vocals of several types and it all works wonderfully.

As the album progresses on via “Wreck” (ATG and Swe-Death influence present), “Mind Rotter” with dynamic sections and more unusual rhythms combined with very catchy riffing and onwards, it's clear that the record doesn't stick with any one genre for long and is best summed up as quality metal- there is some fire forged blood running through the very veins of this album.

The aggro-metal of “Fools Gave Chase” gives way to spooky atmospherics and black metal type progressions thereafter. “If I was You” is a dark journey through extremity and with only “Strangle The Sun” and “Skin Your God” to go, the record has shown itself to be richly varied and unique.

The former of the aforementioned pairing is dark and dreamy- imagine Tricky doing a metal track, perhaps? “Skin Your God”, meanwhile, is a riff heavy beast of grooves, a dreamlike mellower and a fetid blast of extreme metal by turns. Overall, this album has a lot of parts and somehow manages to be more than the sum of them. Where Pist will go from here is anyone's guess, but hopefully it will be out of Bury on a regular basis to pulverise more stages. The British metal underground is alive and well, with Pist making their claim as the best of the lot.

“Hailz” is available HERE

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