Monday 31 October 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Fistula - "The Shape of Doom to Cumm)))"

By: Hunter Young

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 01/11/2016
Label: Totem Cat Records

“The Shape of Doom to Cumm)))” is dripping with sardonic hatred for scenesters and fad chasers, scrapping rusty barbed wire across the speakers as if to wound those who listen. They bring the noise, the hate, and will tell you to your face if there’s even a hint at being a douchebag.

“The Shape of Doom to Cumm))) LP track listing:

1). Serial Vapist
2). Promiscuity Ingenuity
3). Goat Brothel
4). Sabbath Wants To Do A Split with Me
5). Tough Guy
6). Black Maggot
7). Negative

The Review:

There is the sludge genre, and then there are bands that are sludge. One such band, and the only redeeming quality outside sports, is Ohio based Fistula. Known less for coming from the gutter than just simply crashing on its couch all the time, Fistula simply drips with the scuzziest noise outside a grindcore club. They bring the noise, the hate, and will tell you to your face if there’s even a hint at being a douchebag (oh track one, "Serial Vapist", you scamp!); and to make matters worse, they just dropped a huge slab of greasy, queasy fuzz onto the scene: 'The Shape Of Doom To Cumm)))'!

Laden with everything they have come to purvey, 'The Shape Of Doom To Cumm)))' is an ode to all those bands and "artists" who seem to think an Orange amp and some gain make you something to give two rats asses about; hint: you matter not to the Void. “The Shape...” is dripping with sardonic hatred for scenesters and fad chasers, scrapping rusty barbed wire across the speakers as if to wound those who listen. Fistula deliver punk energy and some (heavily shop-soiled) bluesy riffage to bear, as on "Sabbath Wants to Do a Split with Me". They pull some truly Sabbathian riffs and tones out of their bag of tricks and rampage all over traditional Doom, while paying some heavy respects to the Iommi. The whole album just reeks of Doom, alongside their more signature scuzzy sound, and it's definitely at the forefront of tracks like "Sabbath..." and "Tough Guy", the middle siblings of the album. Classic Fistula fans (and there must be millions) don't be down trodden, as they still keep their fast paced, gritty sound throughout the album (tracks "Goat Brothel", "Black Maggot", and "Negative", which will have you in a pit in no time), interwoven with that heavy, fuzz-filled doom that they swear will CUMM))) ("Promiscuous Ingenuity", definite blankets of fleas, slow and fast). They haven't lost any edge in delving into the lo and slo, it's just simply a slower drag of their jagged knives across your wrists. Fistula has created a maelstrom of binge-fueled hell, and by god you need to bring more beer.

Along the lines of lyric content, Fistula makes Metal Hate Again with just about every track. They pick apart whatever and who/whomever they wish, like on "Serial Vapist" as they eviscerate the whole vaping phenomenon and the Hipster trends; and "Tough Guy", where they tackle internet tough guys who want to talk bigger than their britches fit. They call them out and tell them to come on or fuck off. And they even tackle the recent popularity of splits and the bands who hang off the undercarriage of the aforementioned band. Overall, they pretty much swing a whisky bottle (empty, of course) at everything popular and current, leaving no room for argument or misinterpretation as to where they can shove all those trends. The closing track, "Negative", also provides another Fistula toe tag: sound clips taken from outside sources, highlighting the barb-filled philippics like marbling in a good steak. 

Fistula has absolutely nailed it home with “The Shape of Doom to Cumm)))”, bringing with them an outlet for the stupidity running rampant nowadays. This album just further cements them as a band to be reckoned with, and one you should actively seek out and support, if they are spreading their filth, filthy sound out near you; They are currently on an European tour (as of this writing), so go check to see if the outbreak is stopping near you."

“The Shape of Doom to Cumm)))” is available on vinyl from tomorrow here

Band info: official || facebook

FFO: Iron Monkey, Primitive Man, Goatsblood, Fister

VIDEO PREMIERE: "Dead Burning Christ" by Kratornas

"The long awaited new track from kvlt blackened death metal band KRATORNAS has arrived! We are pleased to present to you the lyric video for the band's new single "Dead Burning Christ" which is from the band's upcoming new album which will be released in December. "

Band info: official || facebook

Wednesday 26 October 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Vermin Womb - "Decline"

By: Charlie Butler

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 28/10/2016
Label: Throatruiner | Translation Loss |
Hibernation Releases | Sentient Ruin

Vermin Womb succinctly distill the essence of their sound into one word: “Violence”.  It is a grimly exhilarating ride, but an oppressive racket that is hard to resist.

“Decline” CD//CS//DD//LP track listing:

1). Entomb
2). Industrialist
3). Disrepair
4). Present Day
5). Rank & File
6). Pitiless
7). Age of Neglect
8). Inner World
9). Slave Money
10). Cancer

The Review:

iTunes genre tags are generally pretty useless. Denver wrecking crew Vermin Womb provide an exception to this rule by using the tag to succinctly distill the essence of their sound into one word: “Violence”.

New album “Decline” packs an almost unbearable amount of venom and fury into its sub-25 minute duration. The trio rip through ten tracks of relentless horror, an ugly fusion of the gnarliest elements of death metal and grindcore. Vocalist/guitarist Ethan McCarthy also plays in the mighty Primitive Man, a band whose bleak onslaught is echoed here albeit with the tempo cranked up into the red.

The whole record seems filtered through a sickly haze which lends a hint of black metal atmosphere to proceedings. This influence really comes to the fore during the wailing riffs that usher in “Industrialist”.

Vermin Womb maintain a constant high tempo barrage for the majority of “Decline” but throw in a few curve balls to keep things interesting. The crushing slow-motion intro of “Age of Neglect” hits even harder in amongst a sea of blastbeats and the stop-start sludge riffing in “Slave Money” is a welcome addition. When the band break into pummelling Disfear style crust-punk during closer “Cancer”  it sounds almost optimistic in contrast to the surrounding drudgery. The mood does not last though as the track is dragged back into the dirt for a slow, 
punishing finale.

Decline” is a grimly exhilarating ride. It’s not pretty but Vermin Womb’s oppressive racket is hard to resist.

“Decline” is available in Europe here and overseas here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

FFO: Primitive Man, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Fuck The Facts, Dead in the Dirt

TRACK PREMIERE: Austrian grinders Six-Score destroy all with "Contracts"

Austrian grind band SIX-SCORE will release their stunning new album 'Lebensräume' on November 11th 2016The band's seamless blend of d-beat, hardcore punk and metal makes for a stunning listen.   'Lebensräume' will be released on LP, CD, MC, Digital as a co-release by WOOAAARGHHecatombe Records  and a few other awesome record labels.

After releasing their first full-length album 'Drudge', the band played shows both locally and around the world, culminating in an appearance at the prestigious Obscene Extreme Festival in 2013.  Now in 2016, the band has catapulted itself to the forefront of the grind community with “Lebensräume”, a modern day masterpiece of visceral  grindcore in the vein of Human Cull, Nasum, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Fuck the Facts and Rotten Sound.

Today we are exclusively debuting a stunning new song ahead of the album release in 2 weeks, you can check out “Contracts” below. The album is available for preorder here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Tuesday 25 October 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Witchthroat Serpent - "Sang-Dragon"

By: Jake Wallace

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 30/04/2016
Label: Hellas Records |
Deadlight Entertainment

This is a dominating record and something which the band can be sure will appeal to all kinds of fans of stoner doom and sludge. Witchthroat Serpent have left a deep scar in the genre and it will take a long time to heal with a record so devastatingly heavy.

“Sang-Dragon” CD//DD track listing:

1). Hydra’s Bewitchment
2). A Caw Cries From my Gut
3). Siberian Mist
4). Lady Sally
5). Into the Black Rock
6). Behind Green Eyes
7). Mystical Devotee

The Review:

As the French stoner rock/doom scene steadily grows, Toulouse's Witchthroat Serpent have released their new album 'Sang-Dragon' and it is nothing short of colossal. Interestingly, 'Sang-Dragon' translates as 'Dragon's Blood' and there is plenty of dragon fire wrapped up in these deliciously devastating riff attacks. Many have made the comparison to Electric Wizard and although it is plain to hear, I think these guys are almost worthy of Electric Wizard sounding like THEM. With 7 tracks clocking in at around 40 mins, it is a thoroughly solid display of gargantuan riff-play.  

 The opening track 'Hydra's Bewitchment' is a mellow introduction to the death & destruction that lies ahead. It consists of just over 2 mins of very ominous wah pedal work that grips you in from the get-go and you just know it will be followed by something very powerful... which it is. Track 2, 'A Caw Rises From My Guts', is absolutely soaked in fuzz and the down-tuned guitar work is immensely satisfying. The vocals are probably the reason many people liken the band to Electric Wizard, they are very similar styles but these guys bring much more finesse to their songs. The main riff is extremely catchy and is guaranteed to get stuck within the depths of doom tunes in your brain for at least the rest of the week. Around the 3:40 mark the tempo slows down even more and the weight of the riffs increase. The last minute of the song includes some subtle lead work which sears through the thick walls of low-end rumble, and bends your mind as the track winds to a close. 

'Siberian Mist' is the third track on the album and begins with a filth-laden bass line which provides a canvas for the bluesy guitar licks that follow. This style of fusing both sounds reminds me a lot of London's Orange Goblin and you can see there is a lot of influence from England's premier league of doom heavyweights. There are also parts of this song that remind me of
Gothenburg’s sonic titans Monolord. As the years go by and the number of bands playing this style of music multiply, it should become a lot harder to reinvent the wheel but Witchthroat Serpent know exactly how to craft such a thing.  

'Lady Sally' begins with a riff that would break the Richter scale. This is probably one of my favourite songs on the album and it's not hard to see why. The huge riffs rumble on like a huge prehistoric beast marching across baron wastelands and the chorus vocals are superbly powerful and catchy. This is most certainly a song that would be mind-blowing to witness live and I will definitely be looking out for these guys touring near me in the near future just to hear this track up close. 

The fifth track on the album 'Into the Black Wood' starts with some more of the wah-doom sound they have going on before exploding into a molten onslaught of heaviness. It is a relentless beast that can't be tamed and then just over halfway through, the tempo blasts up and the sludge takes off into the sky. The sheer number of riffs these guys can produce and deliver is astounding and after a couple listens they become ingrained into your mind. The ending is very powerful as well as they slowly bring the speed down until the headbanging becomes a slow, rhythmic nod as the track closes. 

The penultimate track ‘Behind Green Eyes’ is the longest song on the record clocking in at 8:46. It is a behemoth of more solid doom riffs. There are some great vocal harmonies on this track which really add an extra level of depth to the lyrics and create a strangely eerie vibe. The riffs chug along slowly and powerfully and there are some elements of Saint Vitus present throughout. The track breaks down around the 5 min mark and the deep bass line keeps the slow train rolling down the track. The added lead parts are patient and delivered well as a perfect complement to the bass line and the subtle keys in the backdrop.  

The final track ‘Mystical Devotee’ wraps up the album with a powerful, pummeling display of rhythm and riffs. There is no slowing down from the onslaught of power that has been present throughout the entire album. There is a great change just after the 4 min mark and Witchthroat Serpent give birth to yet another dark passage of doom. The whole record is completely steeped in darkness and the mental imagery that goes with the music is completely on the money.  

The cauldron of sludge is overflowing and every ingredient of the potion has been carefully considered. This is a dominating record and something which the band can be sure will appeal to all kinds of fans of stoner doom and sludge. Witchthroat Serpent have left a deep scar in the genre and it will take a long time to heal with a record so devastatingly heavy.  

“Sang Dragon” is available here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

FFO:  Electric Wizard, Windhand, Sleep, With The Dead

Monday 24 October 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Order of the Owl - “We Are Here To Collect Our Crown”

By: Hunter Young

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 14/10/2016
Label: Domestic Genocide

“We Are Here To Collect Our Crown” DD//LP Track listing:

1). Brought Below
2). Wolves of True Diamond Hate
3). Hell Rider
4). Wood Valley
5). Resurrection
6). Golden Dawn

The Review:

Fans of doom, stoner, and desert rock, ululate in delight! Order of the Owl have dropped a new slab of metallic glory into our laps, titled “We Are Here to Collect Our Crown”, and it's pretty damn interesting! Mixing doom and stoner genres into what would become dark desert rock/metal, we have so many genres so you can't call me wrong, Order of the Owl freshen up the clone sounds with an album full of groove, fuzz, and acousticness. Sit back and let the purple acid hit as the stars unfold above...

The Atlanta stalwarts like to keep their grooves simple and uncluttered, offering a sound that has been done a couple times but doesn't offend the ear at all. It's close to a traditional doom, but really bleeds a Desert vibe, owing to the feel of the rhythm strumming and vibe (“Brought Below”). And, weirdly enough, there's a dbeat (almost textbook) streak through the track “Hell Ride”, harkening to a wide reservoir of influences that these peeps may have hiding. And to broach the acoustic remark, they threw in “Golden Dawn” to just confuse the hell out of you, but more on that at the end. With styles really ranging many different places, from trad doom to drone, desert rock to crusted punk/dbeat, there's quite a bit to be found in this record.

Now, not all was rose tinted lenses with this album, with the way they kind of jump around with their sound and styles, many fans may have a hard time digesting this one and be turned off by the lack of consistency. There's quite a bit for a listener to like, but it may be a small part or just a single song, and that's perfectly fine. The whole album is a fun trip to many different places, and one worth taking to see the sights; that being said, “Golden Dawn” is my least favourite cut, simply because the song, in my honest opinion, isn't well done., It's not overly pleasing to my ear and doesn't sound well articulated or performed, and just isn't my thing.

All the whole check out Order of the Owl yourself, and see where the journey takes you. You might be surprised what you find.

“We Are Here To Collect Our Crown” is available on vinyl here and digitally here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

ALBUM REVIEW: Black Tomb - "Black Tomb"

By: Stiq

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 31/10/2016
Label: Graven Earth Records |
Hellas Records

“Black Tomb” CS//DD//LP track listing:

1). Under the Pine
2). Eyes at Midnight
3). Swine
4). Mortuary Rites
5). Draped in Flesh
6). Lust and Saturn
7). Turning Worm
8). Church on the Hill

The Review:

Black Tomb will bring the darkness out of you. Stomping though the muck of an empty soul. A once innocent Doom/Stoner child left rotting in a sludgy old church basement with his warped Electric Wizard records and beaten mercilessly with raw electric power from an old musty amp caked in depravity.
The mind can’t help but get lost in powerful riffs drenched in the fumes of hatred and despair while the fuzz shakes your core and vibrates the cavity causing all vital organs to hit the floor with a splat, while you bang your head against the wall from sheer madness. This is certainly something you’re going to want to listen to very very loud and with little regard to your own mental stability.

Hailing from New England, Black Tomb has brought to the table their debut self titled release just in time for the Halloween season. Now you can keep all the candy for yourself by scaring away all
those pesky trick-or-treaters, while leaving a bad taste in your neighbors mouth.
This album is going to be a staple for your record collection and will be released on double disc vinyl for your listening pleasure soon enough. Until then, feel free to rot what’s left of your already decaying brains by listening to them here

p.s. Drug use is highly recommended while ingesting this noise.

“Black Tomb” is available digitally here and on cassette here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

FFO: Graves at Sea, Cough, Electric Wizard, Fistula

Sunday 23 October 2016

ALBUM PREMIERE: Self styled ‘American Weed Rockers’ Wasted Theory return with "Defenders of the Riff"

Delaware/Maryland stoner rock heavyweights Wasted Theory will release their long awaited follow up to 2014’s “Death & Taxes” album on October 30th 2016. The self-proclaimed ‘American Weed Rockers’ have chosen “Defenders of the Riff” as the title to their second full-length effort, recorded over the summer of 2016 at Ken-Del and Clay Creek Recording Studios in Delaware.

“Defenders of the Riff” takes the bands sole brand of sonic assault to the next level and sees them build and develop their unique southern-esque stoner rock flare with more intensity than ever before. That ferocity also caught the attention of Robert Pilson head honcho of No Slip Records, with the band signing up with the label for the vinyl release of the album and is expected to released in April of 2017.

Wasted Theory will embark on a two-week tour of the U.S. in May of 2017 in support of the album including stops in Atlanta, Louisiana, Texas, and Indiana, as well as numerous one-offs throughout the year on the East Coast.  With the world wide release just a week away, today we present Wasted Theory’s stunning album “Defenders of the Riff” in full which you can check out below. It can be pre-ordered here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Thursday 20 October 2016

TRACK PREMIERE: Belgian stoner rockers King Hiss deal a "Killer Hand"

I don’t know about you but when you’re searching for new music, often there are key words you’re looking for, “riffs, sabbath, crushing” come to mind.  Moreover when a band is sold as sounding like this or that band, much like today’s featured band King Hiss, who were recommended for fans of Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch, Alice In Chains & Down, immediately your interests piques.

King Hiss have a mission “to write earth shaking songs with attitude and a desire to conquer the world” and since their formation in 2011 and with two solid releases under their belts which were met with overwhelming positive reviews, these Belgian stoner rockers hope to make quite stir and make their dream a reality with the release of their sophomore long-player titled “Mastosaurus”, a concept album portraying the epic adventures of a doomed antihero.

Recorded at Oceanside Studio by producer/drummer Ace Zec (Death Before Disco, Customs & Nailpin), mixed in Austin (USA) by Machine (Clutch, Crobot, Fall Out Boy, Lamb Of God) and mastered by Paul Logus (Anthrax, Clutch, Steel Panther), “Mastosaurus” is schedule for release on October 31st. Today you can judge for yourselves whether those tags are appropriate, as we stream a brilliant new track entitled “Killer Hand” which you can stream below

Band info: facebook || bandcamp

Wednesday 19 October 2016


By: Nikos Mixas

Welcome to The Sludgelord’s initial installment of the 666 Pack Review!  Each and every month we handpick 6 review submissions and critique them by only using 6 words, and then we rate them on a scale from 1 to 666! 

See our rating scale below: 

1 - WTF are you doing???  Go get your money back from Guitar Center!
2 - You might be tone deaf.  Or perhaps your friends are lying to you?  Keep working at it. 
3 - There’s some potential...start listening to and watching Manowar to see how the metals is done. 
4 - Not too shabby!  Upgrade your amps from Crate to Orange now!!!
5 - I was tapping my foot and/or bobbing my head.  You’re definitely worthy enough to pack dive bars.
666! - The Sludgelord brands you with his pentagram of approval!!!  Hails!!!

Check out our first victims for the month of October.  Even if a band gets a low score, we strongly encourage you to check them out anyways because you might actually dig them!  The Sludgelord is a picky listener…

BrainscannerTrilobita” – (Sao Paulo, Brazil)    Rating: 2

 “Music is ok, vocals are awful.” 

Band info: bandcamp

Crimson Tusk (EP) – (Oxford, UK)     Rating: 3

“Boogie with Danzig all liquored up.”

Band info: facebook || bandcamp

Se7en Miles WestForever Decade” – (Plattsburgh, NY) Rating: 2

“This is not stoner nor doom…”

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Grogus - “Intuitive Readers and Metaphysical Artisans” – (Minneapolis, MN)   Rating: 5

“For fans of early Mastodon.  Sick!”

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Black Bone Exorcism Crack the Bone, Break the Heart” – (Seattle, WA)    Rating: 666

“Well written, groovy sludge.  Nice job!”

Band info: facebook

Troll – (Portland, OR)     Rating: 5

“Haunting, long jams with doomy overtones.” 

Band info: bandcamp || facebook