Wednesday 19 October 2016

TRACK PREMIERE: Seattle's A Province of Thay return darker, more intense, and harder­-hitting with "Thaymount"

Seattle's critically acclaimed A Province of Thay are back and set to release their latest release “Atonement” via Carrion Choir on October 28th 2016.  For those people new to the band, they play a unique blend of post-­metal that balances aggression with ambience, coupled with melody and pure sonic muscle. With musical backgrounds ranging from hardcore, doom metal, indie rock, and electronic music, the band has created an inimitable blend of darkness and light.

The band's debut album “The Grieving” was self­-released in 2013, comprised of 5 songs that juxtapose melodic vocals and narrative lyrics with intricate extended song structures. In fact, the album was lauded upon on these very pages, referring to it as a “truly magical and mysterious album you won't forget in a long time.”

Atonement” which will be released on October 28 2016 finds the group honing their style: They have expanded the atmospheric elements that help them stand apart from their more metal­-influenced peers, without  weakening the heavy backbone of their compositions. If anything, “Atonement” is darker, more intense, and harder­-hitting than its predecessor and today you can check out a brand new track entitled “Thaymount” below

Band info: bandcamp || facebook