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The Fitton Inquisition w/ Dusty Peterson

When this interview series began to take shape, apart from a witty name (cheers Aaron!) what I really wanted was for it to cover the wider community involved in the music we adore. It's not just bands, its label people, engineers, and very importantly its artists and illustrators too.
I loves me some Six Feet Under these days, and one thing that has made their last two albums REALLY pop is the truly badass artwork that they sport on the front. Working in a record store made me notice album covers even more than I had before, and those ones practically leapt off the shelf at you. I needed to find out who dreamt up these dark images, and I discovered that the man responsible for those pieces was Dusty Peterson, a truly gifted individual with an insane eye for detail in his work. And I am beyond pleased that he has accepted an invitation to the Inquisition! I truly hope you all enjoy.

FI) Hey Dusty, thank you so much for answering some questions for us. I suppose we should start at the start - where are you from and when did you realise you wanted to be an Illustrator?

DP) I grew up in the Midwest, but now reside around the Seattle area.
I’ve had a huge interest in art my entire life but I knew that I wanted to make it a living when I started looking at art books around age 13. I flipped through all of them daily and was mesmerized at all of these science fiction, horror, and fantasy artists that spent all of their time getting paid to make art. I knew at that point that I wanted to work towards making it my life.
FI) Who are some of your biggest influences within your field?

DP) I have a lot, but the biggest ones who have actually influenced my style would be Michael Whelan, Wayne D. Barlowe, and H.R. Giger. I also like a lot of artists that I didn’t pull a lot from artistically, but they kept me interested in drawing like Jim Lee, Barry Windsor-Smith and Jim Starlin.
FI) You specialise in Horror / Dark Fantasy style work. Have you always been into that kind of thing? Do you ever toy with other styles?
DP) I have always been into it, yeah. I have these old stories that I wrote when I was 7 years old that involved aliens coming to earth and hacking out peoples’ eyeballs with machetes (because it was the 80’s and everything was cooler with machetes). Then there was another one about a kid who gets miniaturized and falls into a bowl of oatmeal where his flesh boils off and he’s devoured by creatures known as “Soggies”. I dunno, man. I’ve always been a little off with that kinda stuff. I always had to have meetings with teachers that thought I was going to be a serial killer or something, but I just had a never-ending supply of ideas that needed to get out. That’s all it was.

As for other styles, I love making bizarre cartoons and comics. If your readers are interested, they can check out to see my little dumping ground for absurdity. It’s all very random, weird stuff. I use that style to sort of cleanse my palette between more serious works.
Dawn Under Eclipse - Universus

FI) You're quite obviously a big metal fan. Was album artwork always an aspiration for you? What were some of your favourite covers growing up, and do you have a favourite from your own portfolio of work at all?
DP) It wasn’t directly an inspiration early on, but once I got Michael Whelan’s art book and saw his work for Sepultura and Obituary that quickly changed. I always noticed Ed Repka’s work for Megadeth back then, though.

As for my own favourite, “Universus” for the band “Dawn Under Eclipse” is my personal favourite.
FI) You're possibly best known for your work on the last two Six Feet Under albums, that's what brought me to the dance at least. How did that come about?

DP) After I had finished up on my work for Bloodbath, I figured I’d start trying to find some more clients. So I just went on sites like BNRmetal or Metal Archives and look for bands that I liked or was familiar with and started sending them my portfolio. I would say I sent off 50-75 emails, got 5 replies, and Barnes was one of the ones that actually wrote back. I remember thinking, “wow…out of all of these, I never expected the guy that I’m actually a massive fan of to write back”. From there, he said that he just wanted a simple, cheap T-shirt and so I did the angel skeleton that he ended up using for Graveyard Classics 3. He liked it so much that he said it needed to be on a cover and not just a shirt, and the rest is history. We’ve been working together on albums and various merchandise ever since.

I feel very lucky to be a part of it all.

FI) So when a label or artist commissions you to start a fresh piece of work, what is the process for you? Do they come to you with pre-conceived ideas at all?

Six Feet Under - Unborn
DP) It really depends. Some bands have a VERY specific idea in mind complete with bullet points for exact details that they want to see. Some simply say “We like what you do, so take free reign! We trust you!”. After getting a taste of the latter option, I tend to decline bands that are more specific with what they want. Some might think that’s a good way to not get any work, but the way I see it I am already pretty busy between the day job (video game artist) and family time that I can afford to be choosey. This is why lately I have been doing a lot more surreal work because that’s the kind of artwork I like to see on heavy metal album covers and that’s the kind of artwork that I naturally gravitate towards when someone says “have at it!”.

As far as the specific process, it could almost be an entire article itself. In general, though, it starts with a sketch (either in pencil or watercolor) and then I send them my idea. Once they sign off on it, I move forward with the rest of the piece.

FI) Are you able to tell us at all what you might be working on at present, or is that all top secret stuff?
DP) I don’t have a lot of projects going on at the moment because my wife is pregnant and I have been stepping back a little bit to make time for her. But I am currently working on a piece for a band called HOTH. They are local to Seattle area and they are black metal so that sounded like a fun project to me. I’ve never actually worked on a black metal cover, surprisingly. Once we get past the newborn stage, I’m sure I’ll be a little more active again.
FI) Some of our readers may have dreams of stepping into your profession. Do you have any advice or recommendations for them?
DP) Getting paid as an artist is kind of like asking a girl out. You have to have immense confidence in your abilities when trying to find work. If you are always worried that you aren’t good enough, you will never “get the girl” so to speak. So when you are ready, don’t ever second guess yourself and say “Nah, they are too big for me…I won’t bother writing them and sending them my portfolio”. That’s bullshit. You should send your portfolio to the smallest band and the biggest band equally. So what if they don’t write you back? You need to learn and embrace rejection early so that your own ego doesn’t get in the way of getting better as an artist and finding more work. As I said, I send TONS of emails out and hardly anyone ever replies. It’s a constant struggle, but you just keep pushing forward.

As for ego, it’s natural to have a little bit of ego as an artist. I think it’s actually essential for that confidence I was talking about earlier, but it’s a fine line. Always be humble. Don’t be a prick to people. You’d be surprised at just how far being nice to other people goes. 

Finally, and this is a big one…get critique. You can’t get better as an artist if you think you have peaked out. I see SO MANY ARTISTS that think they are the best on the planet and when someone says “I think it’d be better if…”, they flip out. It’s a gut reaction that every artist has faced, including me. You just want to say “You know what, man? What do you know about art anyway?”, but you need to push all of that aside and take what they have to say as a possibility that your work isn’t perfect. It might not be good critique, but it is always feedback that you should consider and try to remember the next time you create.

FI) Do you still have anything left that you want to achieve in your chosen art form? Maybe a group you would like to do a cover for, or another artist that you would love to collaborate with?

DP) Oh yeah, this list is never-ending. I’d love to do a cover for Gwar just because they are so over-the-top. I think I could do a crazy cover for them. It’d also be nice to work for a classic metal band like Judas Priest. Just to be a part of a legacy of a band like that would be such a massive accomplishment.

I’d like to collaborate with a LOT of people, but the problem is that most of the people I respect are so busy so it’ll likely never happen. That’s the downside of being a good artist. At some point your free time just vaporizes because everyone wants you for their project. So far, I haven’t hit that point. I still find time to do personal art just for myself. I guess I should consider that a luxury.

Six Feet Under - Undead

FI) Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us man. I always save the last space for shout outs; is there anything that you would like to tell our readers? Any links to share or work to promote?

DP) Just my website at and possibly my facebook page at  Between the two of those, that is where I spend most of my time.  Thanks to everyone who read this! Horns up!

Interview by : Matt Fitton

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  Thanks to Dusty for being cool and taking part in the interview. 

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Luder - Adephophagia (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 08/10/2013
Label : Small Stone Recordings

Adelphophagia, album track listing :
1). Never Liked You
2). Astrolabe
3). One Eye
4). Heartfelt
5). Ask The Sky
6). You Try It
7). Dirge
8). I'm Afraid Of Americans
9). Remember What I Said

Bio :
Adelphophagia is their second album.

The title of Luder’s 2009 debut, Sonoluminescence, referred to sound waves reacting on passing through a substance to create light -- sort of a long way around to expressing the illumination the four players felt came through their collaborating, but fitting.

Progressive, psychedelic, stylistically intricate, the album was recorded and mixed by Eric Hoegemeyer at Rustbelt Studios and mastered by Chris Gooseman. Comprising 10 songs that effectively blended Luder’s diverse influences, tracks flowed seamlessly from driving dark prog to languid shoegazing, bassist Sue Lott’s vocals tying pieces together with the apparent effortlessness of a virtuoso.

So it is four years later, on Luder’s follow-up, Adelphophagia. Another research-worthy title – this one relating to the phenomenon of one embryo consuming another in utero – and another deeply varied collection of textural, smooth, frequently heavy rock and roll that has as much in common with Portishead as it does with Black Sabbath.

Sue, Phil, Scott and Eric once again recorded with Hoegemeyer (who also contributes piano, backing vocals, percussion, etc.), and as well as boldly taking on David Bowie’s 1997 single, “I’m Afraid of Americans,” the album pushes Luder’s creative breadth further; new, dominant ideas and methods consuming others over a years-long writing period to become the expansive scope of “Dirge” or the grunge-y attitude-drenched kissoff “Never Liked You.” Luder find room to balance their love of classic prog in “KrautJam” with an organic song writing sensibility – the sweet melodies of its chorus are as memorable as they are exploding with color.

Shows are sporadic, but Luder has shared the stage with Kyuss Lives!, Fu Manchu, Lo-Pan, Freedom Hawk, Lord Fowl, Suplecs, Dixie Witch, House of Broken Promises, Gozu and many others. As Luder come into their own on Adelphophagia, look to catch them on stage periodically and expect to be consumed by their warm and eerily welcome wash

Band :
Sue Lott: bass and vox
Eric Miller: drums and percussion
Phil Dürr: guitar and leads
Scott Hamilton: guitar and effects

Additional Players:
Eric Hoegemeyer: piano, backing vox, percussion, sounds
Matthew Richards: backing vocals and other noises

Review :
One of my favourite things about writing about music is that I get the chance to listen to and review music that I have never heard of before. Some albums simply don’t move you, but once in a while, an album finds its way to you and smacks you square in the face. Luckily, the latest album from Luder falls into the latter of the aforementioned categories.

From the off, the album is a groove laden feast for the ears. The bass tone is awesome. It rolls around and simmers throughout the whole record. Match these up with some stunning guitar work that veers between sludge, stoner, doom and psyche rock, and the concoction is lethally good. Driving the album on is the drumming that switches tempo throughout with aplomb. It really is tremendous. The mix of male and female vocals are dreamy throughout which heighten the predominantly stoner vibe, although the band definitely cannot be pigeon holed as a stoner rock band.

Of the tracks, I'd struggle to find fault with any of them. ‘Never Liked You’ has some glorious open riffs with driving drums which whet the pallet perfectly for the rest of the record. ‘One Eye’ is a sprawling beast that festers anxiously before exploding with cymbals crashing and a euphoric guitar melody. ‘Heartfelt’ plays with many tempos and allows the guitars to build to a climax of ‘wah-wah’ effects. One of the album’s many high points is the expansive ‘Dirge.’ The track is a near ten minute psychedelic delight. The rolling bass and crashing drums again possess the track with untameable groove, whilst the guitars and vocals add some stunning colour to the picture. An ambitious take of David Bowie’s ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ pays off in abundance. Some of the riffs at the start of the track and throughout are reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine. Album closer, ‘Remember What I Said’ is another slab of pure groove and goodness.

‘Adephophagia’ is a triumphant record. When there is so much dross around in the music world, Luder can help restore your faith. Whilst being riff laden, and heavy, the album is certainly a record that could appeal to a wider audience. If you’re a fan of Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Sleep or Fu Manchu, this album will certainly not let you down.

Words by : Dominic Walsh

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links. You can buy the DD here now and record will be available from 8/10/2013. Thanks to Scott @ Small Small Recordings.

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Thursday 29 August 2013

Dark Tranquillity - Contruct (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 27/5/2013
Label : Century Media

Construct, album track listing :
1.      For Broken Words
2.      The Science Of Noise
3.      Uniformity
4.      The Silence In Between
5.      Apathetic
6.      What Only You Know
7.      Endtime Hearts
8.      State Of Trust
9.      Weight Of The End
10.  None Becoming

Bio :
Twenty years since Dark Tranquillity burst onto the metal scene with ”Skydancer”, the Gothenburg quintet prepares to release studio album number ten. ”Construct” is the sound of perseverance. It’s also proof of the band’s ability to reinvent itself and stay relevant. This record is quintessential Dark Tranquillity while giving a fresh spin to the trademark sound.

After four albums – ”Damage done” (2002), ”Character” (2005), ”Fiction” (2007) and ”We are the void”(2010) – that have walked a similar path, ”Construct” marks the beginning of a new era for the band.  It was recorded at Rogue Music, owned by keyboardist Martin Brändström, and was given more time to take shape than previous Dark Tranquillity records. Extra fat was trimmed – songs were sharpened. The ten compositions that make up”Construct” are the most well-crafted and striking collection of songs the band has ever produced.

The writing process has changed, as has the musical approach. These tunes offer an urgency that comes from melody and emotional depth rather than intricate riffing – while still conjuring up killer guitar work.

Dark Tranquillity have been around for more than two decades. The new album shows that the death metal pioneers are more vital than ever and continues to push the boundaries of the genre. Vocalist/lyricist Mikael Stanne and guitar player/songwriter Niklas Sundin sits down to discuss the vital aspects of ”Construct”.

Band :
Mikael Stanne – vocals
Niklas Sundin - guitar
Martin Henriksson - guitar
Martin Brändström - keyboards, programming
Anders Jivarp - drums

Review :

Arguably pioneers of the melodic death metal style, Gothenburg’s Dark Tranquillity have released their tenth studio album ‘Construct’. Implementing a more experimental sound, with hefty doses of melody and sombre rhythms, Dark Tranquillity demonstrate their versatility as a metal band. Whilst being noticeably less ferocious than what you would expect from a Dark Tranquillity album, brutal death metal elements still thankfully remain.

Diversity is the overwhelming factor of this album; each track almost reflects a different musical direction. Opening track For Broken Words showcases Dark Tranquillity’s incredible use of guitar work, alternating between tremolo picking and chugging riffs alongside front man Mikael Stanne’s sinister growl. While Uniformity exudes a distinct emotional atmosphere, significantly emphasised by the stunning clean vocals in the chorus and haunting elements which permeate through the track. The Silence in Between sounds startlingly un-metal in the opening instance, however that’s soon corrected by the unmistakable vocals of Stanne, and the pummelling chorus that makes this track one of the most memorable of the album.

Apathetic immerses thrashy influences, with fast paced riff heavy verses, then slowing down for a dark, gothic style chorus. The unpredictable tempo changes interject a real sense of intensity into the music. An ambient feel pervades the album throughout, predominantly through the keyboard along with smatterings of chilling sound effects, particularly in tracks Endtime Hearts and State Of Trust, which are noticeably keyboard based.

While I 100% appreciate the progression that ‘Construct’ offers, the balance between melody and metal at time weighs a little too heavy on the melodic side. As aforementioned, death metal elements are still very much present but I would personally prefer this aspect to be more prominent. Where this album does truly excel is the vocals, which never falter at any point and transform this album into a metal must have.

Words by : Heather Blewett 

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the record here. This record is available now. Thanks to Nina@ The Noise Cartel

Black Tusk - Tend No Wounds EP (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 23/7/2013
Label : Relapse Records

Tend No Wounds, album track listing :
1. The Weak and The Wise
2.  Internal/Eternal
3.  Truth Untold
4.  In Days of Woe
5.  A Cold Embrace
6. Enemy of Reason
Bio :
Savannah, Georgia’s heavy-rockin road dogs return to the fold with a stop-gap EP to hold us over between their raging last full length and their next.  ‘Tend No Wounds’ is a 6 song/20 minute blast of high octane raging Southern rock/metal that merges the classic original backwoods metallic hardcore Black Tusk sound with the newer more polished rock based tunes the band has honed after years on the road on the road with bands like Baroness, Skeletonwitch, Mastodon, Kvelertak and more
Band :

Johnathon Athon - Drums, Vocals
James May -  Bass, Vocals
Andrew Fiddler - Guitar, Vocals

Review :
In 1991, four individuals from the barren, sweltering,
California Desert strived to, and succeeded in creating a whole new breed of rock and roll. They were Kyuss and the beast they created became known as Stoner Rock. Like a bolder tossed into the ocean, their sound had a rippling effect. It inspired countless bands that would soon follow suit. Today, those ripples are still very much in motion. As time has progressed however, bands have had time to reflect on, mature and evolve the stoner sound. While it may not be the greatest stoner record you’ll ever, Black Tusk’s Tend No Wounds EP proves epitomises the genres natural evolution. Their experimenting and thinking outside of the box has proved that there’s so much more to the scene than just fuzzy guitars and hallucinogenics.

The mere fact that this band hail from
Savanah, Georgia, over 2000 miles away from the California Desert is credence to just how far the ripples have travelled. It’s not the birth place that really matters, it’s what you take from the music, how it resonates with you. Here, we have a story similar to that of the founding fathers: A group of bored mates – and in this case neighbours - form a band and before they know it, 8 years have passed and they’re releasing their second EP, which accompanies their 5 album strong discography.

As much as this is a record built around that familiar swinging groove, they manage to keep things fresh and original. At just under two minutes, the cavalry charge of opener A Cold Embrace settles you into the stoner vibe perfectly but it is the hook-laden stomp of Enemy of Reason that really flaunts what this band are capable of. Manic drum fills battle against dirty guitars and vocalist Andrew Fiddler’s low-end holler, it is a barrage of merciless brilliance. What the song may lack in technicality is made up for in their ferocious vigour.

Plucked from the EP for single release, the wah-coated Truth Untold adds another different flavour to the record’s pallet. While it remains planted in that stoner vibe, it still seems different. It tries its utmost to standout amongst the other tracks. But, give the album a few listens however and The Weak and the Wise will always be the one that impresses you the most. Its mournful strings catch you off guard; the evolution of the genre unfolding right before you. A bass line soon protrudes through, building to the inevitable drop. Yet, when it happens, it still manages to surprise you. It hits you like a freight train to the chest. And that, when push comes to shove, is what is truly joyous about stoner music. Its unpredictability, eccentricity and diversity are what make it such a sonically and musically profound beast.

It is, in all, a release that succeeds in both maintaining what is great about stoner rock while also tinkering with invention and ingenuity. How different it is from the rest of the pack boils down to personal opinion, but it is a strong EP that stand proudly on its own two feet.

Words by : Philip Weller

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the record here. This record is available now. Thanks to Becky @ PioneerMusicPress

Vinyl Corner : Strikes Back!!!

Ready? I'm fixin' to go all instrumental on that ass after I get nasty and rub a little American sludge on it first. We'll also stoner-doom it up some in Poland and Russia. I have a new heavy-hitting 7" record for ya right off the bat, but then I'm switching gears to a more laid-back vibe and a pre-order from a new Canadian rock band, and finally, shaking things up with couple of heavy underground releases from eastern Europe. Cool? Bear the fuck with me please because these are all great tunes dammit.

SUNBURSTER - SolarBipolar (Indian Teeth Records)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this IS called the SLUDGElord blog. Right? I'd better include some of that for you guys more than once in a while then. Ya think? Here's the newest foul, putrid sludge outta Philly, which appears to be developing quite the underground scene as of late. Or maybe it's always been there and I'm only noticing now. This record is tiny in size but it's huge riff-wise, featuring three tracks from a splendidly earth-shaking quartet who list Eyehategod and Cavity among their influences. That's what I, and hopefully you, like to read. From the label: "contact highs and crushing lows.." There's a limited pressing of 420 copies on 7" lime green or black vinyl. Get. On. It.

TUMBLEWEED DEALER - s/t (Mind Control Records)

Easy there, big fella. We don't always have to be so aggressive. This is the kind of intoxicating, instrumental record you can listen to while sitting around visiting with friends and enjoying good food, drink and conversation with each other. It's also great for relaxing and kicking back on your own. Or maybe during a loud Sunday drive in the country - if you get the digital version. To me, there's a strong 70's, bluesy feel tugging at my imagination. That's what I love about instrumental music sometimes: it becomes part of my own little world in my large head, often being the catalyst for my thoughts and emotions. I was surprised to learn this new Canadian rock band includes the drummer from Dopethrone. Like it? Need your vinyl fix from Tumbleweed Dealer? It's up for pre-order right now with a projected Sept. 18 release date. No pressing info.

DOPELORD - Magick Rytes (Heavy Metal Vomit Party)

Sometimes a band's name is more than a hint of what type of music they play. Such is the case with the following two underground groups from Poland who tear it up with THC-infused riffage. Definitely something wicked happening over there; maybe it's in the water. Dopelord's Magick Rytes came out digitally over a year ago and we hungrily gobbled up all the fulfilling, 70's-sprinkled heaviness there was to be had. I'm SO glad it's finally getting the wax treatment it deserves and you probably are too. Vinyl is out NOW from a new DIY label in Slovakia.

This is the first release for Heavy Metal Vomit Party and it's a stellar one. A one-time pressing on a sweet olive-green/black color blend to match the album artwork and is limited to 300 copies on heavyweight 180-gram wax. Hand-numbered. Unfortunately, the only way to get it is by contacting the label or the band. I have a feeling that they're all gonna be real busy with mail in the coming weeks.

BELZEBONG - Dungeon Vultures (Instant Classic) single

I need a full-length album outta these instrumental riff-slingers from Poland. Love them, but an e.p. and a single totaling five tracks just don't cut it for me. Fucking teases. What the hell have these guys been doing the past couple years? Oh yeah. All I have to do is read the last four letters of their name. Really wish Belzebong would put the water pipe down long enough to maybe focus on a full-length length double lp for fans like me. I know they can do it; I have faith in them. Their 14-minute, 12" single that came out earlier this spring, Dungeon Vultures, is limited to 350 copies (45 rpm). Who knows? Maybe you'll get one of the 42 custom Ouija paper inserts. I didn't. The main drawback for me concerning the record, aside from outrageous shipping to the U.S., is the blank side. That's just wrong - and a damn waste of vinyl.

THE MOON MISTRESS - Silent Voice Inside (Demonized Records)

Russian Federation's answer to Electric Wizard, with one helluva strong, fuzzy vintage vibe. This is really HEAVY lo-fi doom. The songs are very catchy and memorable with great vocals. Silent Voice inside is the first and only vinyl output for the DIY label located in Sweden. I've loved the Moscow-based, 3-piece band for good while, including their splits with Old One and Snakerider, but I'm just now getting around to buying their awesome full-length debut 2 lp record that came out last summer. Sorry guys. Classic black vinyl is fitting and I think it's also available on cd/cassette from Pestis Insaniae Records and Nomos Dei Productions, respectively. Check it out please. If you love it as much as me and want the vinyl, contact the label's social media page because there isn't an online store to visit. Talk about underground.

Whew. Get enough riffs there? Hope so. I'll try to keep digging up the heavy underground and finding more treasures for ya to hear. Until the next vinyl corner...a few more records I'll be watching for - and most likely, talking about - in the coming months.

TOMBSTONES - Red Skies And Dead Eyes (Soulseller Records)
STEAK - Disastronaught, Corned Beef Colossus (Spinning Goblin/Napalm)
UZALA - Tales Of Blood & Fire (King Of The Monsters Records)
TRUCKFIGHTERS - The Chairman ep (Last Hurrah Records)
FROM BEYOND - One Year ep (Totem Cat Records)
STONEHELM - s/t (Totem Cat Records)

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Arcade Eyes - S/T Album Review

Arcade Eyes is an Industrial/Sludge Metal Band from Sweden, France and Germany.

The members are

Stephane Adam – Vocals – (From the band Crown)
Jan Oberg – Guitars, Programming and Additional Vocals – (From the band Earthship)
Andre Klein – Drums – (From the band The Smokin 44’s)

Arcade Eyes is a new band who recently came to our attention at Sludgelord. Mainly because of the excellent talent involved. Check out the members and which bands they are from. Crown, Earthship and The Smokin 44’s. What sort of band have they formed? Well it is a wonderful sounding Groove/Industrial/Sludge Metal battering ram by the name of Arcade Eyes.

Arcade Eyes takes elements from each of the member’s main bands and adds huge layers of heavy distorted groove metal riffs to entertain you with over the next 29 mins or so.

Their S/T debut album is such a fast-paced affair it feels like an illegal adrenaline rush taking over your entire body. First track – Circles of Black Shadows – will show you what to expect on this heavy pounding and thundering album. Industrial based Sludge Metal riffs with excellent distorted vocals from Steph. At fist I felt this was a more funkier track from Crown as it has their Industrial style but that soon changes when the fast paced riffs kick in which add a whole lot of groove to the mix. Arcade Eyes have added excellent noises to their music and it gives them a dangerous experimental vibe I was not expecting at all.

Yeah you can tell from the first track that this album is going to be one seriously heavy hard-rocking affair. It goes into overdrive with the heart-pumping second track – Tales of Greed – another winning track where the band show off their creative geniuses by blending Sludge, Industrial and Groove Metal into something wholly original.

The album follows this ingenious path of crunching Industrial Sludge Metal carnage for the remaining six songs or so. The band still has plenty of tricks to surprise you with. The album is one of the most creative I have heard this year. Arcade Eyes have excelled themselves here and deserve praise for the amount of creativity that has gone into this excellent album.

Third track – Waves of Flesh – is probably the best track on the album as each of the band members drive and vision combine into something powerful and with enough force to destroy anything in its path. You can feel the industrial beats coming at you with full force with screeching heavy guitars adding an extra layer of power for good measure. Steph’s vocals are probably the heaviest I have they have ever been. Credit also has to go to Andre, as he is a one-man wrecking machine here. His drumming is immense.

The next two tracks Iron Tongue and Into the Veil last about two mins each and have a thunderous hardcore edge to them. Arcade Eyes do not mess about here. They play brilliant riffs right from the start with the Industrial based Sludge carnage waiting to cause destruction once again. Fasten your seatbelts here folks, as this is the fastest part of the album. It will leave you breathless.

The last three tracks – Fragments, Soundtrack for Salvation and Embrace the Fire will prove finally, what a great band Arcade Eyes actually are. They throw sonic waves of epic riffs at the listener to rock out to. Arcade Eyes embrace their groove side a lot more here especially on Fragments but still maintaining their hypnotic earlier Industrial Sludge metal vibe.

I think I have gone on long enough here folks. Arcade Eyes is an album you cannot ignore. It is a brilliant and powerful ride into the realm of Sludge Metal that will have you begging for more. I hope we see more from Arcade Eyes in the future as the have made a lasting impression with the Sludgelord team. Though I know, the band will be busy with their other respective bands as well.

The album is brilliantly produced and played by all involved. The sound is heavy, crisp and clear right from the start. It has more than enough punch to cause some much-needed damage to your sound system. Arcade Eyes is a band who definitely deserves your attention now and this album is an essential purchase when it is released in October 2013.

Amazing. End Of.

Thanks to the guys for sending us a copy to review. Arcade Eyes will be out to buy October 2013 via DD on BandCamp and CD from Raddatz Records

Check the Band from Links Below


Beelzefuzz - S/T Album Review

Beelzefuzz is a Hard Rock/Doom Metal Band from Maryland, USA

The members are:

Darin McCloskey- Drums
Pug - Bass
Ortt - Guitar/Vocals

Beelzefuzz have been gathering momentum within the Doom Metal scene since they released their acclaimed demo release back in 2012. Soon after, they signed to The Church Within Records. Now they have released their eagerly awaited debut S/T album.

Beelzefuzz sound is a mixture of Space Rock, Stoner Rock and Hard Rock all held together by a superb Progressive Doom Metal vibe to give the band an epic hard edged sound. Ortt’s vocals have a distinct Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson vibe to them. Equally powerful as the riffs that are on the album.

First track – Reborn – may have shades of Black Sabbath running through out but give these excellent cosmic prog-rockers a chance as they have plenty of cool tricks of their own to slay you with. The lyrics have a dark twisted feel to them matching the excellent fast-paced instrumental work the band is laying down.

Second track – Lotus Jam – is where the band starts adding layers of fuzz and space rock to build upon the Doom Metal riffage coming at you at full force. Beelzefuzz have written a great riff that gives this song a huge likeability factor. The lyrics tell an action packed story that makes the 3:43 minute running time feel twice as long and that is no bad thing. Definitely one of the album’s standout tracks.

The next track – All The Feeling Returns – is where Beelzefuzz lay claim to being a superb band in there own right. A brilliantly written track will appeal to both Stoner Rock and Doom Metal fans. 60s Psych Rock matched 70’s Hard Rock riffs with the band on top form through out. If this song were written in the 70s, it would have been labelled a classic track of the era. Sabbath, Zepplin and Deep Purple fans will be in their element here, as this track will take them back to their younger days.

Beelzefuzz push the 70s Hard Rock vibe upto maximum level and the album is simply better for it. Check out the excellent track – Sirens Song – that sounds like a lost Sabbath track being discovered 30 years later. It still sounds so fresh and original and it is to the bands credit they do not complicate things by including loud harsh vocals. This is good old-fashioned Hard Rock we all know and love.

Beelzefuzz do add elements of Space Rock to the album as things take a very cosmic vibe. On the other hand, that could be my own misconceptions. Nevertheless, I feel their track – Hypnotize – is a 7:08 minute epic that is starts with a trippy space rock vibe. It actually does have the power to hypnotize you. The song feels that it will take over your mind and do some very bad things indeed. Then the band snaps you out of this deep state and propels you into the land of Doom/Hard Rock. However, there is still something dangerous lurking in the background. Beelzefuzz maybe do have the power to hypnotize you.

Beelzefuzz sound maybe very hard to describe especially with the different genres they combine to great effect. It is too the bands credit they have a huge likeability factor running through out. Some of the lyrics maybe dark but you are still having way too much fun head banging to the riffs.

The album is expertly produced. The sound is clean and crisp which projects Beelzefuzz’s sound to maximum levels. The album maybe on an a brisk 36 minutes but it’s a fast paced 36 minutes you can listen to over and over again. You are never bored for a second as the album keeps you entertained through out.

Beelzefuzz have delivered an excellent album that should win them a huge following within the Stoner/Doom Metal scene. I expect big things from the band in the years to come. However, for now let us enjoy their superb debut album. They deserve all the rewards and praise coming their way.

Highly Recommended.

Beelzefuzz S/T Debut album is now available to buy on The Church Within Records. Thanks to the label for sending ourselves a promo to review. Much appreciated.

Check The Band From Links Below


Check out the excellent video for - All The Feeling Returns.

STB Records Profile / Exclusive Vinyl News

I think it is safe to say that 2013 has been an incredible year for music and as we enter the final 3rd, we perhaps start to think about end of year lists and personal highlights.   For me, besides the incredible music I have discovered, a personal highlight has been my rediscovery of vinyl and subsequent purchases of many great vinyl releases.  Arguably the best of the bunch, has come from a relative new comer on the scene, STB Records.

Anyone who hasn’t heard of this label and is reading this article, must have been hibernating or living under a rock for the last 6 months, because we here at The Sludgelord, have taken it upon ourselves to show our unequivocal support to this label since their very first release.  In anticipation, of further incredible releases, I'm incredibly proud that Steve and STB have decided to grant us and you, with some exclusive info about their forthcoming releases.   Before we get onto the good stuff, here is a bit of background behind the label, in case you didn’t already know.

STB Records

This is what Steve had to say, when we talked a few months back.
“Honestly my biggest motivation is the amount of FUN it is for me.. I have met some of the best people along this journey. I love to learn as I go and there are plenty of people willing to help out. So my drive is just to keep people engaged with what I'm doing. It’s my way to give back to the DIY scene. A scene that shaped me as a kid to who I am now. It’s the LEAST I could do. Hardcore, Doom, Punk, Stoner, Metal.. it all goes hand in hand. Were all in this together. That’s my true motivation.. I'm a collector making collector’s items..for people just like me… It’s fun..”

Current STB releases include:
• Dopethrone: Demonsmoke LP - Die Hard Edition Ltd 50 / Standard Edition 200

• Spelljammer: Vol 2 LP Die Hard Edition 75 / Standard Edition 175

• Spelljammer: Vol 2/Inches from the Sun Die Hard Edition Cassette Tape 100

"Steve is probably the most enthusiastic music lover out there trying to spread music to the die hard fans. Working with him on the release of our Vol 2 was great. It was clear from the start that he really liked our music and he never let us forget that. We're extremely happy with the way the vinyl turned out, we've gotten a lot of positive response, and a lot of the credit goes to him for doing a fantastic job. I oversaw the creation of all the artwork for the vinyl and Steve was constantly coming up with ideas for different way of packaging it or telling me which designs he liked. Because of the time difference I'm kind of glad I'm a night person. But seriously, it was a thrill and I really hope we can do another release on STB." Niklas Olsson (Spelljammer)

• Traitors Return To Earth: Betting On A Full Collapse Die Hard Edition 37
“We knew he wanted to make a STB Die hard package we did not know what exactly what that would entail. Steve took the diehard package and ran with the idea. We are very pleased with what he came up with. It seems like a the fans approved of the diehard package as well. Judging by how quickly STB ran out of them.” Traitors Return To Earth

Just like ourselves, Steve and STB Records are music fans first and foremost.  As result, due to his love of slow heavy music, he has taken it upon himself to release the very best vinyl packages money can buy.  That dedication to riff heavy music and his attention to detail, has resulted in nearly every unit  of his vinyl and tapes packages selling out, which is no mean feat. 
Anyway, you’re probably thinking! Hey asshole,  (That’s Mr. Asshole, to you) where’s this exclusive news.  So here goes, next in line of badass vinyl releases, is Doctor DooM.


What you need to Know
Straight from France, S.T.B. Records brings you DoctoR DooM's debut EP on Limited Edition
Vinyl!  DoctoR DooM are purveyors of 60's/70's stoner-psych with its own unique feel. It's Stoner
Rock, it's Doom, it's Psychedelic! At the same time, its none of the above. Prepare yourself
to purchase an instant classic!

Pressing Info:

Extremely limited to 100 pieces! Clear Vinyl, ‘A’ side only, no labels. Hand screened ‘B’ side
with custom art work created by the great Barla Horn, then inserted into a high quality
hand-screened, hand-numbered clear sleeve.

Glass was the inspiration!

Die Hard version will be an unspecified number, they will be sold on a first-come, first served
basis. The Die Hard will be semi-clear glow in the dark ink and the art work on the bags will be in same ink. Less is more. Standard Edition will be sparkly black and same art work as Die Hard version.

STB Steve recalls, “As soon as I heard this EP I was hooked, it kind of carves its own path.
It’s classically styled yet unique. It instantly grabbed my attention. After a few days of
continuous rotation I knew I had to own it on vinyl! That is when I contacted Jean-Laurent
and the rest of DoctoR DooM and expressed my interest. They immediately responded with
a yes and have been awesome to work with. I am VERY excited to see this release come out.
This will be the most unique release to date.”

Band Bio :

Based in Ariège (Midi-Pyrénées, France), formed in 2011.

From a metal background, the guitarists, Jean-Laurent and Jeremie came together through a
shared interest in the legendary rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s. Soon they were joined by
the superb rhythm section of Sebastian (bass) and M. Marcq (drums) and put together a set
comprised of covers and originals that straddled the boundaries between blues and hard

After a series of gigs in 2012, DoctoR DooM finished their 1st EP, DoomO, featuring the
first 3 originals by the band. Available for streaming and free download on the band’s
Bandcamp page.

Greatly inspired by the recent wave of Scandinavian Stoner/Rock bands (Graveyard,
Witchcraft, Spiders, Asteroid …) and the foundational bands of this genre (Black Sabbath,
Deep Purple, Coven …), DoctoR DooM’s music is firmly rooted in rock culture, combining vintage sound and heavy riffs while using song structures more typical of progressive rock.

In anticipation of the imminent release of the exclusive vinyl, you can listen to DoctoR DooM below.  What's more, you can download the release for free over at their bandcamp page here


If that wasn’t enough, here is details of other forthcoming releases
• Brimstone Coven: LP (coming soon) Limited Edition of 250 (Die Hard Edition 50 / Edition 75 / Standard Edition 125)
• Geezer: Gage EP (coming soon) Limited edition of 100
• Druglord: Brand New Album recorded by Garrett Morris of Windhand due out winter

For more information on these upcoming releases, head over to STB Records Facebook, Twitter and big cartel for up to date information.  For more information on DoctoR DooM, check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp.  Watch this space for exclusive reviews and interviews with DoctoR DooM record over the forthcoming weeks ahead.  Until then, support DIY.  You can read my interview with STB Steve here.  DooM on!!

Words by : Aaron Pickford

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Night Demon - S/T EP (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 23/4/2013
Label : Shadow Kingdom Records


Album track listing :

1. Night Demon 3:41
2. The Chalice 3:09
3. Ancient Evil 3:23
4. Ritual 3:38

Bio :

Night Demon is a young trio from California who literally fell out of the sky from now where. They’ve gone from just creating a bandcamp page to being invited to play KIT festival in Europe before their debut EP is even officially out! Fans that love old heavy metal from the N.W.O.B.H.M. are going to absolutely love this! Angel Witch, Raven, Iron Maiden, all that British styled heavy metal that started it all is feathered throughout their music. Think back to that time period and if you add harder punch to it all, that’s what Night Demon is all about. It’s a heavier/harder/grittier version of those bands with an American spice on top of it all. This 4 song EP will surely blow you away. The songs on their bandcamp page do not (I repeat) do NOT sound as good as the re-mastered versions that you’ll hear unless you buy the CD

Band :

Jarvis Leatherby - Bass/Vocals
Brent Woodward - Guitar
John Crerar - Drums

Review :

Night Demon are a trio of Californians who worship at the altar of all things NWOBHM. On this, a four track eponymous EP, you know what you are getting if I reference: Angel Witch, Witchfinder General, Iron Maiden (debut only) and even a little Venom (not too much though).

Night Demon open up the Night Demon EP with “Night Demon” (!). Out of the gate you get the Priest speed riffing of the late seventies (above Sabbath, below Motorhead in terms of tempo) and the metal references come thick and fast from that point. You can certainly detect the earnest sound of Kevin Heybourne in the vocals (if not the lyrical content), the riffing of Priest, the bass runs of Steve Harris and so on.

“The Chalice” will have you reaching for a pint of bitter in a beer mug, such is the late seventies/early 80's British vibe. Featuring a shuffling riff and a straightforward groove the band hit their mid paced stride well and the vocals are particularly well delivered.

“Ancient Evil” features Maiden-esque urgency in the opening riff and indeed in the vocals, too. There is a detectable vibe of melancholy again, but do not think that this is doom in any way- this is pure trad metal worship.

“Ritual” rounds things off with some very fleet of foot guitar work as the tempo is pushed up to around-Motorhead-speed of the first few albums. Lyrically, it is more of the same pseudo-occult nonsense. Therein lies the appeal of this EP: it is pure unabashed fun, harking back to a time when metal was exciting, naïve and fresh. That this is by three Americans makes no difference; it is escapism just as this type of metal was for the downtrodden inhabitants of England over thirty years ago. I can't remember the NWOBHM from the first time around- I had only just been born, but I can certainly remember what growing up in (Northern) England was like in the 80's and it was shit. Therefore, anything which makes life seem a little more exciting and, dare I say it, fun gets my vote.

Words by : Richard Maw

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the record here. This record is available now. Thanks to Clawhammer PR