Saturday, 3 August 2013

Purple Suns

YOURS - EP cover art

Purple Suns is a Stoner Rock band from New Jersey, USA

The members are:

Jay Hernandez
Jon Troncone
Tanmay Buch
Andrew Gallagher

So we have a Fuzzed Up Desert Rock/Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band by the name of Purple Suns. They have contacted me a couple of times but I have seemed to ignored them. Apologies guys. My bad.

Don't make the same mistake that I did as these guys fucking RULE!!! - A very cool combination of Hard Rock, Fuzz, Desert Rock, Hard Rock mixed with excellent Stoner Metal riffs make these guys a band defintiely worth checking out.

Their latest EP - Yours - is 4 tracks long and runs for 15 mins or so. If you're a fan of The Melvins and early Torche then your going to dig this. I dare you not to rock out to the brilliant riffs on Concussions and Villain.

Two excellent tracks which show you what this great band is all about. Plus Jay's vocals are fucking killer. Jay means business right from the start. Early shades of Ozzy mixed with a modern rough grunge exterior that gives Purple Suns sound an excellent hard edge.

These guys have already generated some buzz within the scene. Check out the reviews below.

If you have time check out their previous EP - Mines - also up for Buy Now Download. It's another excellent release from this great band.

OK Purple Suns you definitely have my attention now. These crazy riff slaying bastards are definitely a band to check out for and I want to hear more.

So headover to BandCamp and download both excellent releases now. You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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