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Witchthroat Serpent - S/T Album Review


Album Type:Album
Date Released: March 21st 2014
Label: Deadlight Entertainment

S/T Album track listing:

1. Cursed Tongue of The Naga
2. Have You Never Seen The Substitute?
3. Serpenta Ritual
4. The Next Black Moon
5. Gospel of The Witches
6. Ranks Up There With The Devil
7. Priestess of Old Ghosts


3 piece stoner/doom act from Toulouse, France.

The trio were formed at the end of 2011 by Fredrik Bolzann, leader of the avant garde black metal band Davulia and the former bassist of Fornication and Malhkebre, who recruited bassist Lo Klav and drummer Niko Lass to help him realise his doom laden dreams. Mining a very similar territory to Witchsorrow, or the first Electric Wizard album, Witchthroat Serpent sound at once refreshingly distinct and instantly familiar. We have a feeling their eerie, heavy-as-balls sound is going to make doom fanatics across the globe very happy indeed…

The Band Members

Fredrik Bolzann - Fuzz Guitar & Vocals
Niko Lass - Haze Drums
Lo Klav - Rat Bass


Witchthroat Serpent play heavy down-tempo fuzz based Doom/Stoner Metal that harks back to the earlier days of Electric Wizard. As this band feels, it was home-schooled in the riffs of that legendary band and that ain’t a bad thing. Witchthroat Serpent play at a more aggressive and faster pace on their excellent S/T debut album which should find them a dedicated following within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene.

First track - Cursed Tongue of The Naga - starts with a dark demonic chant like being played against a whirling guitar solo that has been down-tuned into painful territory. It is only a short 3 minute song and it sets the scene superbly well with the bleak occult undertones being played to a loud level. This will send chills down your spine.

2nd track starts with a pummelling bass-line before the violent fuzz based guitar takes centre stage adding to the delicious dark vibes the album possesses. Lead vocalist Fredrik vocals have a distinct mad-man like quality to them as he spins tales of the dark arts. The fuzz on this album has been amped upto volume 666 never mind 11. It has slight Black Sabbath jamming with Electric Wizard feel to it but it is a pulsating ride you cannot help enjoying. My fave part of the song has to be the drumming, as it is the constant driving force in this song. The guitars fade in and out at different times but it is the creepy drums that give this song its violent energetic soul.

Witchthroat Serpent’s sound is mainly a mammoth cocktail of heavy fuzz Doom/Stoner Metal riffs drenched in Occult Rock mythology that will make you feel that it was Halloween all year long as this is the perfect soundtrack to Halloween. Nothing much changes for the remainder of the album as Witchthroat Serpent do not experiment with their sound for the rest of the album. Why should they? – They have created a more aggressive style of Doom/Stoner Metal that will have you coming back for more punishment.

Check out excellent tracks – Serpenta Ritual, The Next Black Moon, Gospel Of The Witches and Priestess Of Old Ghosts. As the band have captured the true essence of Doom Metal on each of the epic tracks. They all have a seductive quality about them that you will find very hard to resist. Things get very loud indeed as the band deal in epic, loud and heavy riffs that will leave you in a dark hypnotic trance.

Another highlight of the album is the lyrical content as the band have written some truly creepy lyrics that make you feel your watching a long lost classic horror movie. The album oozes quality from start to finish. It took me a few listens to actually feel the full effect of the album. With each passing moment, I fell under its dark spell of majestic riffs. And if you decide to buy or listen to this album then you will be under its hypnotic spell as well.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Alex at Deadlight Entertainment for sending me a promo to review. S/T album is now available to buy from BandCamp now.

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Written by Steve Howe

Ones To Watch - OHHMS

Untitled cover art

Album Type:Single
Date Released: March 16th 2014
Label: Self Released

Untitled - track listing:

1.Punishment – 5:23


Now here is something I haven't done in a long time. Telling you all about a band that haven't even played their first gig yet. Though they have a few shows coming up in the UK over the next few months or so. Their first ever gig is supporting the brilliant Holy Mountain. Talk about pressure guys!!!

I am talking about OHHMS who are currently hard at work recording their debut EP. But for now we have this superb psych based progressive stoner metal offering by the name of PUNISHMENT. And it's a great track which shows that OHHMS may have something special about them as their riffs are very loud with a lot of groove as well.

The track is purely instrumental but I don't know if the guys will be recording vocals on their debut EP. Only time will tell but for now this track pushes all the right buttons. If you're a fan of heavy down-tempo riffs then you need to check these guys now.

OHHMS have their debut single up for Buy Now Download on BandCamp now. Check em out as I feel we will be hearing a lot more from these heavy doped up rockers in the next few months or so.

Highly Recommended.

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Hyperwülff - S/T - EP Review

Hyperwülff cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: March 26th 2014
Label: Self Released

Hyperwülff - track listing:

1.March for Erion 02:03
2.Hyperwülff 01:44
3.Robogoat 04:30
4.Raging Hunger 06:30
5.Glandula 01:59

Band Members

The Wülff: drums, fists & drones
The Sarge: strings, nerves & throats


OH HELL FUCKING YES – Let me introduce you to the brilliant – Hyperwülff – The awesome Sludge/Stoner Metal band from Bologna, Italy who play a brutal blend of Space Rock, Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal for one intense ride packed full of riffs.

This is what they say about their debut EP - “The tracks in this EP are to be considered a promo recording. A preview to the full record we will complete after summer at the Giulietta studio in Stanghella (PD) supervised by the ever so precious Alessandro and Enrico. We don’t know yet how many tracks it will consist of, but for sure the ones you can find here will be in it too, albeit with some changes in mixing or vocal parts.

This promo record will be printed in 150 copies, which will be available at our live shows, or you can request them to us directly. All this is available for free download, you are welcome to share it as much as you want. If there are record labels among you that are interested in the final record, please contact us at

Thank you for reading this, we hope you enjoy our music.”

So this is a work in progress until the final record is released later this year. Well if that is the case I can't wait to hear the final version as these songs are superb the way they are. Full of actioned packed riffs that reminds me on early High On Fire meets Motorhead. So if that appeals to you then download this excellent EP now.

This EP is a blast of brilliant riffs from start to finish. The two best tracks to check out are Robogoat and Raging Hunger. As they fully show what Hyperwülff is all about. Riffs, Riffs and even more louder and angry based RIFFS.

Check out the awesome album cover as it gives a great impression on what awaits you on the EP. Do yourself a favour and download this now as it's available on BandCamp Buy Now Download. This is a band I want to hear more of and I want to hear it now.

I think I will be hitting these guys up for an interview in the future to see what they are all about as I am a big fan just from this excellent EP and you will be too.

Just download it now. Plain and simple. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe


Album Type:Album
Date Released: April 7th 2014
Label: Chemikal Underground Records

Ancient Astronauts - track listing:

1. LV-42666
2. Luftwizard
3. Ancient Astronauts
4. Star Kings
5. Tokyo
6. Gift Giver
7. 100 Years A Day
8. Hollow Hill


Fast as fuck, fleein' all the time, Running through the forest, traveling through time.

The Band Members

Andy McGlone - riffs and solos
Pete Flett - drums and gurns
Allan Stewart - Bass and cockney rhyming slang


Scottish Stoner Rockers – Holy Mountain – are back with their eagerly awaited debut album – Ancient Astronauts. Following 2 years after their mini debut album – Earth Measures back in 2012, we now see this hard-rocking power-trio leaving their earthly bodies behind and venture far out into the cosmos. As Holy Mountain have turned into a Psychedelic Riff-Slaying Space Rockers.

Well obviously, the album title gives it away. I mean, come on – Ancient Astronauts. That is quite a big clue on where this album is heading. Psychedelic Space/Stoner Riffs that will have you hooked from the very first riff.

Opening track – LV-42666 – is a hard-rocking track that is very big on ideas and riffs in equal measure. Obviously, the title of the song will be a sly wink to the science fiction fans amongst you all mixed with the sign of the devil as well.. This is great opening track to open the album with. Spacey Stoner Rock riffs played at a frantic pace, which will have you hooked from the start.

2nd track – Luftwizard – is where the band shows their true colours by venturing into gigantic Space Rock territory, which adds huge layers of riffs with ambient based noises and vocals playing in the background. It may sound like one gigantic chaotic mess but Holy Mountain is made of sterner stuff and it shows how talented this band actually is. It is a noise rock-space rock-stoner rock extravaganza as Holy Mountain leave no stoner or meteorite unturned for your listening pleasure. You ever wonder what an – sounds like in space. Well this is about as close you will probably get to that feeling. This is an intense blast of different noises and sounds that will have you hooked for days.

You can tell this is a different band from their last release – Earth Measures. As Holy Mountain have added more sonic experimentation to their music. It’s a beautiful surreal journey come to life that becomes stranger with each passing moment and I mean that as a compliment as it shows Holy Mountain are a band with a unique vision of their own.
3rd track – Ancient Astronauts – is where the band bring the heaviness to the party with blistering fast paced riffs that come out of nowhere to rock your entire galaxy. Holy Mountain infuse Stoner Rock riffage with out-of-this world Space Rock and it is a joy to listen to as it turns into an intergalactic jamming session.

That vibe is carried onto the next track – Star King – which is potentially one of the albums standout tracks as Holy Mountain have created a more weirder atmosphere compared to earlier tracks. Hazy sentinel like vocals give this track a SLEEP and OM like quality with pulsating Stoner/Space/Psych riffage to match. My advice is to play this track as loud as you can and chill out with the spacey riffs as this track will take you to the further reaches of space without leaving the comfort of your own home.

As you can tell, Ancient Astronauts is going to appeal to all fans of Psychedelic Stoner Rock. Holy Mountain have delivered a stunning album that will surely see them win acclaim as one of Scotland’s best upcoming Stoner Rock bands that you have to check out.

If you need another reason to buy this album then I will say to check out the epic last track – Hollow Hill – that is worth it for the purchase of the album alone. As it feels like a spiritual successor to Sleep’s classic album – Dopesmoker. It carries the same vibe as that legendary album. It’s a Space Opera come to life as when the band let loose with some heavy riffs it feels like a gigantic explosion in space signalling the end of all civilisation everywhere.

Ancient Astronauts is such a superb album that I cannot recommend highly enough. The album is expertly played and produced by all involved, as it is such a massive sounding album that you will need many listens to get the full effect of this bands epic sound.

Brilliant. End Of.

Thanks to Holy Mountain and Chemikal Underground Records for sending us a promo to review. Ancient Astronauts will be available to buy from April 7th 2014 on CD/DD/Vinyl.

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Written by Steve Howe

MARS RED SKY - Stranded In Arcadia - Album Review

Mars Red Sky
Stranded In Arcadia
Listenable Records
28th April 2014 (EU) / 10th June 2014 (USA)

The band:

Julien Praz - vocals, guitar
Jimmy Kinast - bass guitar, vocals
Matgaz - drums

The songs:

1. The Light Beyond 8:04
2. Hovering Satellites 5:35
3. Holy Mondays 4:54
4. Join The Race 5:19
5. Arcadia 5:57
6. Circles 4:59
7. Seen A Ghost 7:17
8. Beyond The Light 2:34

France's Mars Red Sky approaches me differently than most albums does. Usually I dig it immediately, or I hear potential and keep listening while it grows on me or I don't like it, simple as that. 'Stranded In Arcadia' is a release I love from the get-go but it's a grower and a shape-shifter. Every time I put it on it's obviously them but a new angle has been brought to the table and this constant change within their own boundaries is extremely appealing to me. So when this Bordeaux-trio embrace me with their mix of desert rock, psych, groove and 60's rock they are heading for unchartered territory.

Slow and meandering 'The Light Beyond' is an elegant opener with a take-off feel to it. The pounding, rolling drums courtset of Matgaz is the jet engine while Jimmy's the thumping, deep bass guitar is the gas pedal and Julien's spaced out guitar playing and most distinct vocals act as the pilot. 'Hovering Satellites' picks up the pace piledrivering through asteroid fields expertly avoiding devastating crashes. Again, Julien's perculiar voice mesmerizes me as it does throughout the entire album. There's a strong resemblance to Snake from Voivod but maybe it's just the French connection that brings this out, I don't know. However, his voice is perfect for the band adding a lot to the dreamy, psychedelic stances. Retaining the faster aspects of their sound, 'Holy Mondays' is heavily influenced by the 60's especially in the song structure that is until the song really kicks in. Then organs and Kyuss enters the fold spicing things up and this unholy mix really comes to the fore in the choruses. 'Join The Race' is a different beast all together. Slow, fuzzed out for the most part while Julien's voice is almost sacral. All of a sudden everything changes when the choruses takes over. Beatles-esque harmonies floats over the music only to be over within a few seconds. King's X comes to mind as well.

Mars Red Sky takes us out into other galaxies on the instrumental 'Arcadia'. Trippy and spacey doesn't do this excellent song justice but the words fail me. Instead, listen and let yourself be embraced by this beautiful piece. A shroom trip if there ever was one! Upping the ante, 'Circles' stay trippy but more rockier as well. Almost sludgy in parts 'Seen A Ghost' brings hints of Voivod and King's X with the music pulsing and vibrating sending chills through my body. The journey is drawing to a close as we finally enter new undiscovered galaxies and 'Beyond The Light' is the perfect soundtrack as we venture off into unknown territories. Trippy beyond words this instrumental releases all the ballast our space rocket carries and drifts away..........

By the way, check out the word play within the song titles. 'Stranded In Arcadia' starts with 'The Light Beyond' and ends with 'Beyond The Light'. Ties it up real good doesn't? Personally I love such things but then again I'm an anorak, alright! So let's focus on the music again. Totally unknown to me until the album dropped down in my mailbox Mars Red Sky is a band I need to investigate and explore. As damned fantastic as 'Stranded In Arcadia' is I can only imagine what their previous releases sound like. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy or ten of this amazing album and set off out into outer space, you hear!!

Written by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for sending us a promo to review. Stranded In Arcadia will be available to buy from Listenable Records on CD/DD/Vinyl from April 28th 2014 in Europe and June 10th 2014 in USA.

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Interview with DRAWERS

Drawers cover art

2013 was a great year for French Sludge/Stoner Metal in general. A lot of great bands impressed us here at Sludgelord – Blaak Heat Shujaa, Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel, Crown, Wheelfall, Doctor Doom, Abrahma and Wheelfall.

Well you get the idea. 2014 has got off to a great start for French Sludge/Stoner Metallers – DRAWERS – who are about to release their highly anticipated 2nd S/T album. And believe me folks when I say it's an album you all need to hear.

I recently described it as - “ Drawers are back with their 2nd S/T album. 3 years after their excellent début album - All Is One - we see a different band compared to their début album. Their new album is 25 minutes shorter than their début at 31 minutes in length. But the guys are more focused than ever before. Fans of Baroness, Mastodon and Torche will rejoice as Drawers are ready to lay claim to their crown!!!

Now in 2014 we have Drawers to start things with a bang. Drawers is the first essential album you need to own in 2014. It's a brilliant album packed full of great songs you can listen to over and over again.”

2014 sees Drawers harder and louder than ever before. There has been a shift in their sound to be more direct compared to their début album. I wanted to find out the reason behind this. So I am about interview these awesome sonic riff-warriors.

Ladies and Gentleman - DRAWERS

Q1 – Hi guys. Thanks for doing this. How are things with you today.

Hi, we are quite busy these days. Our new album has just been released (February 11th), we made new stuff for the merch and we are currently working on our next tour and on a video clip.

Q2 – For people not in the know, can you tell us how the band came about and where it is today.

We started to play together in 2006 with Alex (guitar) and Olivier (drums) and our goal was just to play some heavy dirty loud things. Then this side project became more serious with a singer and a second guitarist. We recorded a first EP (5 tracks) and Niko (singer) came to replace our former singer. He put his voice on our first album “All is One” in 2011 and we started to tour as soon as we could. We had an opportunity to share a split with french band Hangman’s Chair in 2012 and we decided to wrote a new album that we recorded in 2013. This new album called “drawers” has been released last week and we are now rehearsing for playing a whole new set on our next tour in March.

Q3 – So, where did the name DRAWERS come from.

There is no amazing story behind this name. We couldn’t agree on a name and one day one of us came with this one. We though the sound of this name was good so we kept it. Of course it could mean several (and strange) things but we just like it because it sounds well to us. It is a short and simple word to remember, no other meaning…

Q4 – What bands and artists influenced you as musicians. Any particular band or album made you decide to become musicians.

As a band, we were strongly influenced at the beginning by bands like, Es la Guerrilla, Hangman’s chair or Crowbar for all these down tempo tracks and their low tuning. Beside we are still influenced by Mastodon, Torche, Baroness or Kvelertak for the bright side of their music.

Q5 – Let's talk about your brilliant new album. Awesome album. Was it an easy or hard album to write and record for.

At first it was a bit difficult to change our way of writing songs. It was particularly challenging to try new tones and make shorter songs. But after the second song, we found some new automatism in our writing process and the rest of the album was easy to write.

The recording was also a new way of working for us. Half of the instruments were recorded live (guitars and drums) to keep a fresh and roomy sound.

All Is One cover art

Q6 – I have to ask this question. Your new album is totally different to your début album. Your sound is more direct and more diverse than ever before. Why did you feel the need to change your sound and was that an easy decision to make.

It was great to write and to record “All Is One” but we wanted something different for the new album. There was no point to have a second “All Is One”. We wanted a shorter, more compact and more efficient album. We thought there are too many long tracks in All Is One. And this album is definitely too long (about 50 minutes). That is why “Drawers” has been written to contain few songs, and to be short enough to be listened several times in a row.

This decision was quite easy to make, we needed to play something more enlightened. There was this necessity to try new ideas, and to include new influences to our music.

Q7 – As much as I love your début album, your new album is so much more powerful and packed full of better riffs. Despite being 25 mins shorter. Are you pleased with the final version of the album. Would you change anything about it.

As I said before, it was our goal to record a compact / straight to the point album. There are all the new things we wanted in this new record: short songs, no interludes, live recording, bright and shiny ambiance, it is spontaneous and looks like us. I think I wouldn’t change anything on this album.

Q8 – Were you afraid that your new sound may alienate some of your long-time fans. Or was it a risk worth taking.

Changes were made from “All Is One” to “Drawers”, especially on the album’s ambiance. But some “old” elements are still here. I am thinking of the guitars and bass sound, Niko’s voice and many other things. Sure there was a risk to see long-time fans disappointed but for us it is just a natural evolution of our music. Our influences have changed a bit and we need to play fresh new bright songs on stage.

Q9 – The album is starting to receive some stunning reviews already. So you guys definitely made the right decision. Have you been pleased with the reviews so far.

Of course, we are very pleased to read those reviews. We were a bit nervous about how people would react, especially outside France where the previous album was not so much appreciated.

It is a great stimulation to have such good reviews.

Q10 – What is your favourite song off the album and why.

Shadow dancers has been chosen as the single because it is catchy and easy to remember, but I think mourning is my favourite one. There is a very particular ambiance on this track. It is a catchy song and I am satisfied of all the riffs but there is something more with Niko’s voice on this one. The lyrics are about a very personal and sad moment. Voice recording on this song was a rough time for him and we can feel it at the track’s end. It gives me goose bumps each time I hear it…

Q11 – Do you guys tour a lot in your local hometown or do you have to travel further afield to perform regularly.

We use to play a lot in Toulouse few years ago, but now we try to limit our shows there once or twice a year. Our goal is to play outside our hometown, discover some new places and meet some new people, but it is not that simple to play everywhere we want yet.

Q12 – The album is being released on Kaotoxin Records. A very cool record label indeed. How did you guys become involved with them.

We already knew Kaotoxin because our friends from Nolentia (Toulouse) signed on this label. We met Nico before one of our show in Lille for an interview and we thought it could be great to work with him some day. He was one of the first to propose to sign us while we were searching for a label.

Q13 – I am huge fan of the French Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal scene. As you could possibly tell with the start of this interview. Lots of great bands coming from France. What is the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal scene currently like in France. Do you guys sell lots of merchandise and perform a lot of gigs there or do you have to rely on foreign markets to get your music more well known.

Actually we're not really into the Stoner/Doom scene, despite it's quite big here. And there are not so much of Sludge bands in France. So the Stoner/Doom/Sludge scene is really into...Stoner. Also we come from the Hardcore/Punk scene and we play Sludge Metal music, so it's a bit hard to find a lot of gigs. But things are going better and better, Sludge music is going bigger than before. We sell a lot of merch and albums on foreign markets, even North America which is really far from us. It's really cool to see that our music is being enjoyed even in countries we never been to.

Q14 – Can you recommend any other bands for our readers to check out.

There are a lot of very good bands we have played with, in France and in Europe.

I recommend to listen to Hangman’s chair from Paris. They are some of our early influence and their last album has a very particular powerful and depressive ambiance.

I also have to mention our good friends Your Highness from Antwerp, Belgium. We played several times with them and each time they perform a very groovy and energic show.

Q15 – What albums are currently rocking your world. Old or new. Any recommendations you like to tell us to check out.

We all listen to many kind of music, so different. Check the Winterfylleth stuff, it's UK black metal, Conan - english perfect doom, De Mysteriis dom Sathanas of Mayhem, Steve Moore and Zombie, The Prodigy, old Mastodon stuff, the new Ringworm, Hangman's Chair from Paris, all the Torche albums, Nails, Black Breath...

Q16 – In 5 words or less, describe the live DRAWERS experience.

Spontaneous. loud. hairy. heavy, groovy.

Q17 – What is your verdict on the Crowd-Funding Scene that bands and musicians are currently doing asking fans to fund their latest release. Are you a fan and would you consider doing that yourselves.

Great question, we're actually talking about it. Some of us think it's cool, some of us don't care, some us are really against this. Before, bands had to work hard to record a disc and pay for it. Now, the disc industry and internet change everything. But for me, asking people to pay for something you can hardly get by yourself, it’s too easy. And in this kind of music everything is totally hard to set up : merch, shows, communicate, instruments, recording, find a label, getting a van, gasoline, ... When the album is out, it must be a result of a hard teamwork. That’s my opinion (Olivier).

Q18 - If you could give advice to someone wanting to start a band. What advice would you give them.

Don’t do music like a hobbie. It’s not only an afterwork amusement, practice more than once in a week, work hard. get on stage and play it loud.

Q19 – So apart from your new album being released, what other cool plans do you have in 2014. Any plans to tour overseas.

We were on tour two weeks ago and there we met Corrosion of Conformity in Paris ! We had 2 releases parties, one in our hometown (Toulouse) and one in Lille a few days after.

We will be sharing the stage with almighty Crowbar in june, and doing a couple of gigs in the summer.

We’re working on new plans to play outside of France, and the recording of the music video.

Q20 – Finally guys, Thanks for talking to us. Good luck with the album in 2014. Do you want anything to say to your fans here at Sludgelord.

Listen to what you like and not what it’s cool to like, and don’t lie to yourself even if you’re an asshole ! LOVE.

Thanks to DRAWERS for taking the time to talk to us here at Sludgelord HQ. If you haven't checked out their new album. Then do yourself a favour and check it out now. It's a stunning and brilliant album.

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BandCamp - You can download All Is One from BandCamp Buy Now Deal. An excellent debut album.

Written by Steve Howe

TARPAN - Legend EP

Tarpan - Legend EP cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: March 25th 2014
Label: Self Released

Legend EP - track listing:

1.Legend 05:49
2.Lost Paradise 08:24


I can't find much info about TARPAN. But they are an incredible band you need to check out as they have released a truly stunning début EP – Legend. Two tracks running for about 15 mins or so. But what a brilliant ride this is. Heavy Sludge Metal riffs with a bit of Groove Metal thrown in.

Opening Track – Legend – starts off with a scary and creepy organ intro before the intense Sludge Metal riffs kick in and wait another minute or so to check out for a brilliant psychedelic riff which comes out of nowhere. The vocals are intense from the start as they venture from Sludge based growls to grizzled clean vocals with relevant ease.

TARPAN have a dangerous edge to their music. This isn't a band you can fuck with as the riffs are killer. The EP's main selling point is the epic 8:24 minute track – Lost Paradise – which starts off really slowly before TARPAN say FUCK THIS and unleash hell on earth.

This is intense!!! - Strap yourselves in as your in for a wild ride of brutal Sludge Metal riffs. Yeah I loved this EP. It shows a band with their own style of Sludge Metal music that is one of the heaviest débuts I have heard this year. As it plays out like the bastard offspring of PANTERA, High On Fire and Mastodon. If that doesn't get you interested I don't know what will as you're seriously missing out.

Take my word for it. Headover to BandCamp and download this now. It's available for Buy Now Download. You're going to love this like I did.

Absolutely brilliant. End Of.

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Written by Steve Howe

Startruckers - The Southern Sessions #4 - EP Review

The Southern Sessions #4 cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: March 23rd 2014
Label: Self Released

The Southern Sessions #4 - track listing:

1.Deserter 06:08
2.Black & Blue Soul 04:23
3.Northern Tusk 05:42


A heavy riff, a rock’n roll pulse, a warm wind dry as a burning stone under the Texan sun. This is the sound of Startruckers: dirty Southern Rock music, emerged from the 90’s. Here, it’s not about tight jeans, spikes or emo fringes: it’s just a good old powerful sound, fed with Stoner, Grunge and Jack Daniel’s. With members from the coolest bands on the French Riviera (Dismo, Artefact, Ghostfather, and The Cactus Rodeo) who were fed up with making concessions, and who wanted to do just one thing: play their own music, together, old school style, to prove to everyone that the 90’s rock hard! Startruckers will kick your ass, dude!

The Band Members

Sodarunk: Vocals
Flo: Guitars
Jez: Guitars
Chris: Bass
Ranko: Drums


OH FUCK!!! - Look who's back to cause more trouble with their heavy desert rock/stoner rock riffs. It's those damn Startruckers with their newest EP – The Southern Sessions #4.

Well it's been 2.5 years since they released Volume 3. Now they return with their best release to date. The Southern Sessions #4 is here to kick your ass to kingdom come as this is fan-freakin-tastic. Wait till you hear the opening riffs from Deserter. A brilliant Desert/Stoner Rock song with riffs to die for. And just wait until you hear the vocals.

This will transport you back to the 1990's when Stoner Rock was king. This is a hard-rocking EP that shows why I rate these French Stoner Rockers so highly. They add a healthy dose of Grunge and Southern Rock into the mix as well. Their sound has became more heavier since their last EP and it means you will be rocking out for the entire EP's 16 minute run time.

2nd track – Black & Blue Soul – is a Southern Based Rock track with Vocalist Sodarunk on fine form once again. This is addictive stuff indeed. Startruckers are one of my fave bands from the French Stoner Rock scene and this song proves why. It's an action packed tale you won't be able to stop singing along to from start to finish. This will leave you with a nice warm fuzzy glow inside. Trust me!!!

3rd track – Northern Tusk – starts rather slowly and sees Startruckers in a more sombre mood but you know it won't last long as laid-back grooves isn't their style. And in true – Startrucker fashion the heavy as fuck Stoner Rock riffs kick this EP into life for one last time. And it's a heavy thunderous journey which leaves you begging for more once again.

Startruckers have done it again. They have released another excellent EP to check out. Come on guys. Enough with the EP's, release the début full length now. Or some nice small indie label – Give these guys a deal now. You have 4 brilliant EP's to check out how seriously talented this band really is.

Look – Headover to BandCamp now and download this now as it's available for free download. You won't be sorry. This is as good as it gets for Stoner Rock fans.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe

WOVOKA - Sleep Eater - Single Review

Sleep Eater cover art

Album Type: Single
Date Released: Feb 28th 2014
Label: Self Released

Sleep Eater track listing:

1.Sleep Eater – 8:43


Sludge/Post-Metal From The Deserts of Los Angeles

The Band Members

Eric Kniss - Guitar
Cody Schnieders - Guitar & Vocals
Troy Schoenbaum - Drums
Kyle Thompson - Bass & Vocals


Sleep Eater is the debut single from hard-hitting Sludge/Post-Metellars – WOVOKA who have released a stunning single that will speak volumes to fans of Isis, The Ocean and Neurosis. If your life is missing some brutal Sludge/Post-Metal riffs then this is the band for you.

As Sleep Eater is a brilliant single which has a dark and dangerous edge to it. This is an excellent introduction to this band as they have captured the raw essence of some truly emotional Post-Metal riffs. It's a 9 minute epic you will be playing over and over again.

The band are in their element when mixing the quiet post-rock ambient vibes with the delicate quiet dual vocals of Cody and Kyle. Wovoka are a band with a lot to say and 9 minutes is not enough. We need a full length album from these guys now. And I have heard it will be released over the Summer. I can't wait as this song could be the sign of great things to come from WOVOKA.

Wovoka have delivered some crunching brutal riffs that will leave you in a daze for a long time to come. Check this excellent track now as I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from these guys. Headover to BandCamp and download this track now. You won't regret it.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe